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No vaccine passport! No interstate travels! Period!

Posted by nigga1 at Feb 18, 2021 1:25 PM | Report Abuse
5 comment(s). Last comment by icecool at Feb 18, 2021 6:29 PM
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Posted by nigga1 > Feb 18, 2021 1:29 PM | Report Abuse

I already predict Senior Lim shouting screaming and rolling on the floor demanding those who are not willing to be vaccinated to be given vvip treatment and given equal rights to travel interstates in coming months!
Yeah, then the younger monkey LGE would flash victim because he will say that majority of local chinese refuse to be vaccinated!
The usually 'we are vicitm of malay supremacy' card on play here!
My advise, please don't play with rakyat lives! Yes, you are free not to get vaccinated! As long as you remain in your district and have zero intention to travel elsewhere, fair! Getting vaccine is just a redundant exercise!
But if you are meeting many people on daily basis, then it's your responsibility as rakyat to get vaccinated! If you planning to travel regularly, get vaccinated! In short, don't blame the government if you are irresponsible and put the responsibility on others!

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Posted by icecool > Feb 18, 2021 6:24 PM | Report Abuse

welcome to nazi Germany
hail the führer
long live the führer

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Posted by nigga1 > Feb 18, 2021 6:26 PM | Report Abuse

Icecool! Yeah, watch out for the drama! Victim card!

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Posted by MuttsInvestor > Feb 18, 2021 6:29 PM | Report Abuse

New Law introduced to 3 days Quarantine period for "Special and Elites" instead of the normal 14 days quarantine ???? Normal Rakyat are Spreaders of Covid ? Elites and Specials have SUPER antibodies and will NEVER get Covid ??

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Posted by icecool > Feb 18, 2021 6:29 PM | Report Abuse

i am just waiting for the upcoming anal vaccine hahaha
can't imagine the looks on those cattle when they hear that

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