Public Watchlist: Insider Asia’s Top Picks for 2020 - 2029

Stock picking is hard enough, imagine selecting counters to invest in for a decade.

That is exactly what InsiderAsia has done, in the latest issue of The Edge.

“Ten years is a very long time by most measures, more so in the ever-changing world of business. Multi-billion companies can be made in a decade. Multi-billion companies can and have gone bust before within a decade,” the independent investment research firm says.

Nevertheless, InsiderAsia has proceeded to pick 10 stocks for the 2020s.

While acknowledging that selecting stocks for the long term is extremely difficult, it says there are certain factors in the stock picking exercise that could raise the success rate.

What are these factors?

More importantly, what are the 10 stocks you must have in your portfolio in this new decade?

This issue also features a special report on navigating the 2020s, where ministers, thinkers, industry experts as well as staff writers were asked to consider the trends that will emerge in this decade.

Read all these and more in this week’s issue of The Edge.


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Stock Name Ref Date Ref Price Price Diff Last Range Open Change Volume Note
MUHIBAH 03-Jan-2020 2.45 2.09
NESTLE 03-Jan-2020 147.00 146.10
QL 03-Jan-2020 8.11 8.15
DIALOG 03-Jan-2020 3.49 3.35
SAM 03-Jan-2020 7.91 7.84
HARTA 03-Jan-2020 5.33 5.93
DPHARMA 03-Jan-2020 1.46 1.68
JHM 03-Jan-2020 1.71 1.64
INARI 03-Jan-2020 1.74 1.78
WILLOW 03-Jan-2020 0.545 0.585

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 IMPIANA 0.0250.00 
 DGB 0.135+0.005 
 SUPERMX 1.61+0.09 
 XDL 0.165+0.005 
 HSI-C7K 0.285+0.01 
 XDL-WD 0.02+0.005 
 ALAM-WA 0.0650.00 
 EAH 0.0150.00 
 MYEG-C87 0.055+0.005 
 HSI-H8K 0.175-0.02 


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