Public Watchlist: The Edge Stock Picks for Year 2020 1H

The start of 2020 was not an encouraging one for the local stock market. Though it closed above the psychological 1,600 level on the first day of trading at 1,602.5, it saw a sharp dip last Wednesday amid growing US-Iran tensions, and ended last Friday at 1,591.46. The general sentiment is definitely cautious, what more after the Malaysian stock exchange ended the previous year being one of the worst-performing bourses in Asia. That, too, was after a near 11% contraction in the local stock market in 2018. Still, there are opportunities to be found — whether they be battered-down stocks that are now at attractive valuations, steady dividend stocks, or potentially strong growth stocks. Here, The Edge Financial Daily has picked 10 stocks — categorised by theme based on one’s investment appetite — that it believes could provide good returns for the first half of the year (1H20).


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Stock Name Ref Date Ref Price Price Diff Last Range Open Change Volume Note
CYPARK 13-Jan-2020 1.53 1.43
SWKPLNT 13-Jan-2020 1.93 1.76
MAYBANK 13-Jan-2020 8.66 8.51
PENTA 13-Jan-2020 4.70 5.36
KPJ 13-Jan-2020 0.95 0.99
SUNCON 13-Jan-2020 1.85 1.84
POS 13-Jan-2020 1.47 1.47
VELESTO 13-Jan-2020 0.395 0.365
DPHARMA 13-Jan-2020 1.61 1.68
SUNREIT 13-Jan-2020 1.84 1.83

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