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Stock Name   Last Price Change Shares Market Value % Average Cost Per Share Unrealized Gain % Day Gain %
What If Analysis   GREATEC MYR 6,600 30,100.04 4.560
What If Analysis   MRDIY MYR 6,400 20,013.97 3.127
What If Analysis   PMETAL MYR 2,400 10,092.10 4.205
What If Analysis   UWC MYR 6,000 29,468.22 4.911
What If Analysis   VS MYR 7,800 10,125.15 1.298
$CASH 451.32
Total 100.00%

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Stock Name   Last Price Change Shares Volume Open High Low Day Gain/Loss %
UWC MYR 6,000
VS MYR 7,800

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Stock Name   Last Price Price Range
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Price Range
(52 Wks)
Market Cap
Avg Volume
(4 Wks)
Price Target
UWC MYR 6,000
VS MYR 7,800

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FCTITAN Hi Mr Shiaw, UWC and Greatec are both twin engines for your success in Stock Pick 2020, may I know why do you still pick both of them for Stock Pick 2021 considering they are unlikely to replicate the explosive growth as last year. Just curious as to what you see in both these stocks in 2021, hope you do share your opinion, thank you :)
03/01/2021 2:09 PM
Shiaw Yeou Yong Hi FC Titan, in 2020, the reason I picked UWC was because of its strong uptrend after its IPO and its pure-play in precision sheet metal fab (SMF). UWC was the most popular and largest SMF in Penang, and had the most "high-tech/industry 4.0" factory (beside JHM's Mace Instrument). It also continuously replenished its strong order book in every Quarterly Reports which is something investors look into.

Greatec on the other hand is a company with an unique business/invention (the only such biz in KLSE). I always love to hear simple words from their CEO, Mr Tan Eng Kee in their AGM/EGM. I love a company with a humble CEO and a lean management operation. To automate a process or even a production line for someone else is very difficult especially when you are not directly involved in the business of manufacturing solar or EV.... It takes only the smartest people to do that and you have it in Greatec. I believe Greatec's potential is not limited to its current biz of automation of solar or EV production. I bet they will invent another automation solutions in 2021.

Greatec share price has been always ahead of UWC since IPO until the last 2 months of 2020 where UWC overtook Greatec. I believe in 2021, Greatec will run much more than UWC. Greatec had its orderbook swell by Rm100mil compared to UWC's RM30mil.

In Stock Pick 2021, I'm not able to predict if I can be the winner. Every year, KLSE will have a sector that is super strong just like Gloves in 2020. But based on the facts above, I believe Greatec and UWC will replicate their explosive growth just as last year.

MrDIY is another stock you should watch out. An average payback period of 2 years for each retail store is very good - somemore is a cash business. If I were to open a retail business now, I couldn't think of any business that can return my capital in 2 years time, don't you? Their e-commerce biz also growing strong (I nicknamed MrDIY as Malaysia's next Amazon.com). As time goes by, we should see more MrDollar and MrToy shops mushrooming (just like MrDIY shops before IPO) and enjoy our fruits by investing in MrDIY.

I do not see PE valuation as a limit for the stocks' share prices. As long as the company can satify investor's lust for profit growth, PE is just a "number or bagde" in your uniform.
03/01/2021 3:24 PM
duitKWSPkita Geng!!! Salute shiaw Yeou Yong
03/01/2021 6:09 PM
FCTITAN Okay, noted, Thank You Mr Shiaw for sharing your knowledge with me. Very much appreciated. Probably will engage more in this forum after I make my own research on MR DIY. Once again, Thank you. :)
03/01/2021 6:40 PM
lcmflily what code is MR DIY . what target price and what price to enter ?
03/01/2021 6:49 PM
deMusangking shiaw Yeou Yong@
tks for sharing! God Bless!
03/01/2021 6:50 PM
Collin Soo Thank you for sharing
03/01/2021 7:02 PM
apolloang I think is consolidation time,conserve cash 1st.just wait and see
03/01/2021 7:21 PM
Shiaw Yeou Yong Guys, I sold MrDIY, Pmetal, and UWC in my actual portfolio to buy glove stocks today. I will get back in when their charts are in better shape.
08/01/2021 5:31 PM
FCTITAN Thanks for updating Mr Shiaw, for reference, which gloves stock did you buy and what is your personal TP for it. I bought Supermax, personal TP at RM10. Any advice for this newbie? hahaha.
09/01/2021 9:06 AM
4444 Any reason why Greatec drop 47% since 2021?
09/01/2021 10:30 AM
Shiaw Yeou Yong I bought Ruberex and Supermx.. Looks like a return of gloves' theme.
09/01/2021 5:25 PM
Shiaw Yeou Yong Hi 4444, Greatec bonus issue 1:1 ex on 7th Jan
09/01/2021 5:25 PM
Tan KW @Shiaw Yeou Yong

You can "Add Transaction" to key in the bonus share


- dividend, stock split, bonus issue, etc.... will be recorded and it will be part of your profit, i will share you the edit access for your portfolio(see the following screenshot), and you can add in the transaction accordingly. Please state the comments on your portfolio after you have included dividends, stock splits, bonus issues, etc.... for updating / tracking purposes. [please don't modify your buy transactions to make sure we follow the buy & hold rule of the game ]

- In the event that you have excess cash in your portfolio (from the dividends based on payment date), you can reinvest and buy more stocks (can be existing or new provided the maximum is 10) based on the closing price. You should able to create a buy transaction once I share you the access). On the same note, please leave comments on your portfolio after you have made further purchases updating /tracking purposes. [Note: I will not able to help to maintain all portfolios. By participating in this competition, you should agree to take care of your own portfolio.]
- How to Add a Transaction? Click the [Add Transaction] button as attached photo in your portfolio and choose the Transaction Type Accordingly.


Shiaw Yeou Yong Hi 4444, Greatec bonus issue 1:1 ex on 7th Jan
09/01/2021 5:25 PM
09/01/2021 8:22 PM