Public Watchlist: MIDF's Top Buy for Year 2017

• Malaysia’s GDP is expected to slightly rebound in 2017, based on the prospect of a stronger trade activity. But we are wary danger of the possibility of countries with strong purchasing power to lean more towards imports substitution.
• However, at the moment we remain optimistic with the better exports performance and hence economic growth in year 2017. Furthermore, we remain slightly bullish on the expectation that BNM’s measures on Ringgit will give a gradual support to the currency.
• Moving forward, earnings growth is expected to improve going forward in line with increasing construction activities, stabilizing crude oil prices, coupled with favourable macro growth outlook. MIDFR estimates that the forward year aggregate earnings growth of the FBMKLCI 30 constituents will further improve from an estimate of 5.4% yoy growth in 2016 to 7.5%yoy in 2017.

• FBMKLCI valuation is mostly cheaper relative to its regional peers. And its longer-term trend path of is highly dependent on the expected earnings growth performance during the next 12 to 18 months
• Earnings growth in 2017 may yet be stronger than what’s seen so far in 2016, which increases the probability of the equity benchmark to inch up from its current sideways performance.
• Therefore, premised on the rooted behaviour whereby earnings and price are trending broadly hand-in-hand, we reiterate our 2017 FBMKLCI target at 1,830 points which equates to PER17 of 17.1x


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Stock Name Ref Date Ref Price Price Diff Last Range Open Change Volume Note
MRCB 30-Dec-2016 1.34 0.76
TUNEPRO 30-Dec-2016 1.43 0.67
MAYBULK 30-Dec-2016 0.725 0.445
DELEUM 30-Dec-2016 1.01 1.15
MUHIBAH 30-Dec-2016 2.27 2.86
AIRASIA 30-Dec-2016 2.29 2.69
TAANN 30-Dec-2016 3.95 2.45
MYEG 30-Dec-2016 1.50 1.50
KLK 30-Dec-2016 24.16 25.00

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pengembaraalam quite good
19/03/2017 01:56
Mok Henry Not good.
28/05/2017 14:14
lotsofmoney Year end target 1830 ?? More likely to be 1730.
22/12/2017 13:21

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