Public Watchlist: TA Securities' Top Buy Stock Picks 2018

2018 is expected to be a mixed bag with the impending 14th GE driving up the FBMKLCI in the 1H18 before ending the year at 1,835, based on 16x CY19 EPS. On the local front, the resilient economy, corporate earnings recovery, crude oil price stability and FBMKLCI’s undemanding valuation vis-à-vis regional peers are valid drivers for the equity market. A BN victory would be another plus factor to hold up market sentiment momentarily on continuity in policy matters. Any rally could fizzle out in the 2H18 without the active participation of foreigners as continued monetary tightening in the US and the beginning of similar measures in Europe will squeeze out liquidity in emerging markets. Geopolitical shock represent a clear and present
danger for financial markets, which can be amplified further if an anti-euro party wins the Italian election next spring.

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Stock Name Ref Date Ref Price Price Diff Last Range Open Change Volume Note
VELESTO 08-Dec-2017 0.305 0.23
GADANG 08-Dec-2017 1.08 0.61
PTRANS 08-Dec-2017 0.275 0.245
GAMUDA 08-Dec-2017 4.65 2.93
AMBANK 08-Dec-2017 4.13 4.47
ANNJOO 08-Dec-2017 3.68 1.40
CARLSBG 08-Dec-2017 15.00 23.14
SIMEPLT 08-Dec-2017 5.30 5.22
TM 08-Dec-2017 6.06 2.90
CIMB 08-Dec-2017 5.97 5.71
NESTLE 08-Dec-2017 102.00 148.00
ASTRO 08-Dec-2017 2.75 1.64
PECCA 08-Dec-2017 1.50 0.935
TENAGA 08-Dec-2017 15.58 13.40

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 SAPNRG-WA 0.105+0.005 
 HSI-H4Y 0.20-0.03 
 HSI-C3W 0.38+0.045 
 HIBISCS 1.07+0.02 
 HSI-H6F 0.42-0.03 
 KNM 0.115+0.01 
 HSI-C3V 0.13+0.01 
 ARMADA 0.22+0.005 
 KAREX 0.455+0.02 


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