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tamp0i This is temporary knee jerk effect. If you have holding power, i see this is an opportunity.
23/05/2019 4:31 PM
bahai4453 听就好,美国对华为的做风 有点知识的人都知道美国佬在搞什么鬼!
24/05/2019 12:50 AM
ZeroCityHunter Post removed. Why?
24/05/2019 1:08 AM
qps999 wow..in one shot book profit...SELL in the end as Money Life Research suggested tgt at 0.391...book profit la..tomorrow will be the last day of trading..this week..
24/05/2019 1:23 AM
swordwa2 @SuperVegetto may i know where did you get the information (your Q
24/05/2019 2:42 PM
swordwa2 "Your Q and A post yesterday in Chinese" :)
24/05/2019 3:59 PM
NoviceInvestor after buying, keep dropping..hopefully next Q result is good
24/05/2019 4:18 PM
swordwa2 @SuperVegetto thanks!
25/05/2019 1:54 PM
RJ87 see if the "key order" materialize...I will jump back in
28/05/2019 2:56 PM
Vincent Soh then depend on next month QR , let's see the details of the QR
28/05/2019 3:18 PM
moon2388 coming QR is expected to be so so only. Good enough if can turn positive.
05/06/2019 8:32 PM
moon2388 maybe that is why the fall from 38 sen on 17 may to 31.5 sen on 23 may.
05/06/2019 8:44 PM
moon2388 do not expect this jun QR big improvement over the mar QR like last year.
05/06/2019 8:51 PM
moon2388 if still negative, then can go below 30 sen.
05/06/2019 9:33 PM
JokerT today will up
10/06/2019 9:31 AM
JokerT good news
10/06/2019 9:31 AM
JokerT today will break 0.40 tp
10/06/2019 9:46 AM
john doe lol.. good jokes, joker. I hope your joke will come true as well by 5pm today
10/06/2019 10:02 AM
JokerT haha good news strong support
10/06/2019 10:10 AM
JokerT after lunch can reach 0.40TP !!!
10/06/2019 12:08 PM
yffou What Good news ???
10/06/2019 1:02 PM
john doe Joker, you got another 2 hours to sapu and push. haha... I sincerely hope you are right. lol
10/06/2019 2:59 PM
KLCI King Last financial year's revenue = RM41.4mil
latest 1st Q revenue = RM2.6mil
first 3 months sales = 6.3% of last year's total sales

Last year's 1st Q revenue = RM7.1mil
Sales dropped 63%

Inventory = RM15.8mil
Inventory over sales = 6 times

Why this suddenly turn out so bad?

The Management never bother to explain such huge drops in Quarterly Report.

Better careful. Invest is not gambling or betting.
10/06/2019 3:13 PM
john doe Hopefully today can close above the big candle drop of 23 May due to panic selling. Normal consolidation price range should be 0.375 - 0.43.
10/06/2019 3:39 PM
JokerT @john, you're cute... talk diff from this morning.. very doggy
10/06/2019 3:42 PM
JokerT today continue 0.40 tp
11/06/2019 8:38 AM
kingcobra what's next?....continue north or just one hit wonder?????????
11/06/2019 9:06 AM
JokerT this week can break 0.40 TP, better collect some
11/06/2019 9:08 AM
john doe @Joker, i strongly support you ma. I thought yesterday was 0.4... Changes today and then this week pula
11/06/2019 9:31 AM
yffou Wake up jor... Slowly best way
11/06/2019 9:42 AM
ktsk88 bullshit or bull really coming to VIS?
11/06/2019 9:43 AM
JokerT watch out, rocket coming :D
11/06/2019 9:50 AM
kingcobra slowly dying away....back to 31 cents!!
11/06/2019 2:33 PM
JokerT going up
11/06/2019 3:00 PM
yffou Today sleep mode
11/06/2019 3:08 PM
ktsk88 going down la.....really joker
11/06/2019 4:12 PM
john doe john doe: Hopefully today can close above the big candle drop of 23 May due to panic selling. Normal consolidation price range should be 0.375 - 0.43.
10/06/2019 3:39 PM

Have to break 0.375 first. Still possible...
12/06/2019 9:34 AM
Winmore88 monitor this counter. Might fly soon
14/06/2019 11:47 AM
SuperVegetto dunno will have bonus issue or not? :)
14/06/2019 3:00 PM
Vincent Soh collapse soon bro, good luck
14/06/2019 4:09 PM
bi0hazard Why collapse??
14/06/2019 4:47 PM
Vincent Soh next week qr release, price diam Siam down instead of up. if u check record, before good qr release, it will diam Siam move up.... hope I am wrong, still holding big vis paper
14/06/2019 5:53 PM
SuperVegetto nothing to collapse, at ground dy
15/06/2019 8:10 PM
JokerT today power up again
18/06/2019 11:57 AM
kingcobra JokerT, u must be a joker!.....mana ada naik? something wrong with u????
18/06/2019 2:34 PM
JokerT ready for fly
19/06/2019 2:39 PM
Vincent Soh Joker u really promote this counter, haha, not sure where it fly, if fly down or fly holland also fly
19/06/2019 7:44 PM
10213460053565287 QR coming out next week
20/06/2019 12:39 PM
kaikai010 If result come out bad say bye bye
20/06/2019 12:49 PM
kaikai010 Penny stock high risk dare to gamble go ahead. Only true investor know value
20/06/2019 12:50 PM

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