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yungcrystal thanks very much @indon_trader.
03/01/2019 10:59 AM
yungcrystal they take project ?
09/01/2019 3:48 PM
ezmoney @yung already so low, easy up back..at 7 cents this company only worth 57million yet they managed to obtained 200million bond facility..somewhere not right..
09/01/2019 9:05 PM
yungcrystal ya that's y curious of. So in your point of view, they manage to up back to 0.2?
10/01/2019 8:49 AM
ezmoney i think at the moment is undervalued if you compare against other penny stocks which are in the same category..maybe sharks press the price to make retailers panic sell from 15 to 12 to 8 to 5 cents..what’s ur avg cost?
10/01/2019 4:29 PM
14/01/2019 2:23 PM
ezmoney a little painful..could have average a bit when it was 5-6 cents..but I think in time it will hit back 11-12 cents..
15/01/2019 6:26 PM
indon_trader another poor qr incoming, hope you guys can stomach the downside!!
11/02/2019 11:58 PM
DDDD What is your advise @indon_trader?
28/02/2019 6:47 PM
indon_trader @DDDD, with almost no coal business in last 2 quarters as well as the news on termination of acquisition, it seems like it’s game over for indonesia ventures at least in terms of coal sector. Something fishy if you compare Q3 gross profit on trading of coal v Q4 gross profit, same revenue but different profit numbers. The upside is their recent announcement of 200mil bond. It remains to be seen what they are going to do with it.
28/02/2019 7:30 PM
indon_trader for me, it’s wait and see..danajamin wouldn’t guarantee their bond without knowing this group’s potential while there might be hidden t&c that we are unaware of..
28/02/2019 7:38 PM
DDDD Thanks @indon_trader..that's very useful information you had. I am holding some units at 0.090. That's guarantee from danajamin is such a relief and so as their plan to venture into the renewable energy.
28/02/2019 8:50 PM
DDDD But, yes..holding a portfolio in loss is really tough, though!
28/02/2019 8:52 PM
DDDD Just want to add some points, even though their total shares are huge but the floating shares are below 30%. Now, I am going to activate the long term investment mode..haha..btw, are you still holding the shares
28/02/2019 8:54 PM
DDDD I forgot to ask you on the bumiputra allocation through miti..is it still on?
28/02/2019 8:56 PM
indon_trader @DDDD, be careful on your optimism as this counter has been promising for past 2 years yet fail to deliver..I previously mentioned that I would buy when either 4 or 8 but have been recently collecting a little at 5.5 and 6..

Yes the trading shares are really low, more like retailers playing among themselves..only time big boys and their affiliates came out was around last sept when they bought huge shares..
28/02/2019 9:19 PM
indon_trader the bumi allocation is definitely on as it is by law that they have to comply..if I’m not wrong it’s around 110mil new shares that would need to be issued and they keep delaying it..obvious reasons are they know the price right now is too low or they haven’t gotten their people in place..it really wouldn’t take much for them to push it back up to 12/15 cents while gaining millions extra from the allocation..
28/02/2019 9:22 PM
DDDD @indon_trader, thanks again! Really appreciate on your view.
28/02/2019 9:29 PM
ezmoney No major dumping of shares..good sign that it’s already bottomed..
01/03/2019 8:57 PM
indon_trader @ezmoney, seems like you jinxed it..almost 10mil shares dumped in the past week..
09/03/2019 2:29 AM
persie RM40 millions unbilled project still in progress. It is delayed from 4QR2018 to 1QR2019 together with the sale of vessel tu unnamed Spore company.
09/03/2019 4:01 PM
indon_trader @persie, delayed or scrapped altogether? Referring to the coal vessel..since they have also scrapped the power plant as well..
10/03/2019 5:52 PM
indon_trader “They continue to seize growth opportunities by extending their business activities into multiple sectors such as water treatment, food industry, oil and gas as well as chemical industries.”
Danajamin CEO

I don’t remember pasukhas into food industry or O&G..either a hint or something is fishy..
11/03/2019 9:15 PM
persie Collection at 0.050 yesterday and today. Sign of rebound soon.
11/03/2019 10:58 PM
DDDD @indon_trader, yeah..i just notice that..so weird or is it wrongly written.
12/03/2019 7:57 PM
indon_trader @dddd, maybe the hint is at the face ( https://www.thestar.com.my/~/media/online/2018/05/25/00/25/danajamin-nazri-omar.ashx/?w=620&h=413&crop=1&hash=B1BC16E33C811CF90D7EDD4330008E5629FB4F50 )...haha
14/03/2019 1:40 AM
DDDD Oh man.. the face impression be like = "hehehehe, i will approve the loan but..."
14/03/2019 2:26 PM
persie No matter how bad the company is but it is now 0.050 and the company is running well. Just wait and you will be rewarded.
16/03/2019 6:49 PM
ezmoney @persie, good time to collect? Won’t drop further?
17/03/2019 11:51 PM
persie If you scared, just queue at 0.045 and your investment much better than fix deposit for the year.
18/03/2019 23:11
18/03/2019 11:12 PM
DDDD @indon_trader, they just release the new price of 0.0490 for IPO..last year it was 0.120..what do you think? Does it mean, they wont goreng for more than 0.120 anymore..
26/03/2019 8:23 PM
indon_trader @DDDD, my previous post got mention that they either think price is too low or they haven’t gotten their people in place..for me it would be the latter..cause last year their group bought almost 80mil of shares and currently there’s only roughly 3mil shares up till 8.5 cents..even at 10 cents, it only cost 300k which is really peanuts to these people..just my opinion though..

The bigger question is whether they have promising projects lined up in place..since their rights issue, their indonesia project is dead after so much promise..their property development seems to have stalled after the change in government..the bright side is the 200mil facility that is granted to them..
27/03/2019 10:17 AM
persie Low number of shares afloated but share price hard to move...
05/04/2019 6:51 AM
ezmoney Every few weeks move half cent lower, another 9 more cycles before reach half cent
05/04/2019 12:00 PM
persie Re-energised...
09/04/2019 12:51 PM
sandrakkc The special issue placed out yesterday already, waiting for them to announce whom the party is that's appointed by MITI.
09/04/2019 3:33 PM
sandrakkc https://www.klsescreener.com/v2/news/view/494242
09/04/2019 5:45 PM
sandrakkc Now that the special issue has been completed, something must have been brewing for some time. Perhaps some hydro infrastructure and energy projects.
09/04/2019 5:48 PM
sandrakkc Insiders had been buying at 11.5 sen months earlier and at 5.5 sen now, this is a steal of they're embarking on some energy projects.
09/04/2019 5:50 PM
ezmoney Only 2.5% of the total special issue is placed out, still long to go till completion..
09/04/2019 5:51 PM
sandrakkc Thanks for pointing out. Hope that price is slowly inching up that they're placing out the special issue in tranches now.
09/04/2019 6:25 PM
sandrakkc Someone took almost all the 5.5sen queue today in two three blocks.
09/04/2019 6:27 PM
sandrakkc Very soon cannot get 5.5 sen already. Don't forget insiders bout at 11.5 sen last year.
10/04/2019 10:35 AM
ezmoney just go MITI website can get at 4.9 cents
10/04/2019 10:49 AM
sandrakkc Is that only for Bumi parties to be appointed by MITI and in blocks?
10/04/2019 11:30 AM
roykin77 I have 200 share @ 0.105....crying....
10/04/2019 2:39 PM
ezmoney @sandrakkc...yes only for bumiputera investors..from what I know you only need to register with miti and wait for their approval, after that go and apply for the shares..it seems to be a pretty straightforward process..
10/04/2019 2:52 PM
ezmoney @roykin77, could have averaged at 5 and 5.5...I bought some over here
10/04/2019 2:52 PM
indon_trader Q1 not expected to be great..previously temporary spike and drop back lower soon after..be careful if you can’t hold this stock at least another 6 months..
10/04/2019 7:44 PM
indon_trader at the rate it's going, wont be surprise if i can collect at 3 cents next month
08/05/2019 4:38 PM

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