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KiraL Be careful, it going drop.. Good luck all!
15/04/2019 11:20 AM
817065 It's still cheaper than Ghlsys by all measures.
15/04/2019 1:57 PM
817065 That's why institutional funds are collecting the mother shares.... institutional investors prefer mother shares for long term investment.
15/04/2019 2:13 PM
KiraL still one day show today,
After one day show, drop back below 1.25.
15/04/2019 2:16 PM
817065 The payments industry is fast growing but untapped in Malaysia and there are only 2 listed and available for public investors.... Ghlsys and Revenue.
15/04/2019 2:16 PM
nckcm As i mentioned before..jusy buy warrant in a growing company...
15/04/2019 2:22 PM
Moc Nokin Gg, drop back again
15/04/2019 3:58 PM
817065 It's definitely institutional funds buying....
15/04/2019 5:04 PM
skyrocket Can be goreng till next QR or 1 day show again? Lol
15/04/2019 6:13 PM
817065 Too bad for those who missed this counter....can only gripe.
15/04/2019 7:15 PM
cmchan11 http://www.theedgemarkets.com/article/revenue-group-looks-beyond-payment-solutions?type=corporate
15/04/2019 7:29 PM
YapJH I just read the edge weekly interview.

Interesting fact/business idea that the CEO share. Now looks like they are trying to build and become a one-stop solution or rather, develop their own Revenue eco-system. If all these execute well, it will be good for the company in my opinion.

The buymall acquisition give them a better marketing point to tackle online website, they are no longer just a typical payment gateway provider. The buymall services can help them to tackle the last mile fulfillment. I kind of like the idea of tackling the tourist on the shopping of duty free products. It reminds me those scene that i saw in Hong Kong/Singapore airport where tourists get those duty free shops to pack and deliver to the gate and the tourists move on to another shop to continue to shop with the limited time. I wonder whether can Malaysian benefit from this, like when I'm returning and my flight passed midnight, majority of the duty free shops are closed. If that is workable i think there will be good for business traveler just pick up the goods and leave the airport.

As mentioned in my previous comment, it is indeed their plan to put the Anypay application into their terminals. Now this will turn normal retail/physical shop into a top out/bill payment outlet. In a short time, they will have like potentially 10k touchpoint. On their merchant point of view, the terminal is already there, i can earn additional income. On revenue point of view, they are maximising profit from one single terminal. In my opinion, with this additional services, they could tackle some key merchants like mynews, 7-11 etc, More marketing point to pitch to them.

It is really interesting to look beyond what they really wanted to do with these acquisition, and now we see a much clearer picture. All these acquisitions in actual fact will bring multiple earnings accretion impact to their business. Looks like the management have analyse and get those strategic acquisition that will help them win business.
16/04/2019 3:43 PM
817065 An excellent analysis by YapJH....thank you !
16/04/2019 3:46 PM
817065 The future of any corporation mainly lies in the vision and capabilities of the management to execute a great business model..... example, Amazon started merely as a online book seller.... today it's a world's giant.
16/04/2019 3:50 PM
YapJH @817065, you are most welcome. Just putting up a simple view from my perspective.

I agreed to what you said. Somehow the management is able to move ahead of the market by at least 1-2 years. Their new smart terminal is a very good validation of their vision. And with the latest acquisitions, they are leverage on their payment and merchants base and build a solid business ecosystem.

Reminds me of Michael porter’s Value Chain Analysis. Creating competitive advantage.
16/04/2019 3:58 PM
817065 I think some fund managers have just started to add Revenue into their portfolio.... that's why they are collecting steadily, especially on price corrections.
16/04/2019 5:35 PM
nckcm Just buy the warrant.
16/04/2019 5:57 PM
skyrocket No more 1 day show. Lol
16/04/2019 11:04 PM
skyrocket Last time when mother above 1.30, warrant was around 0.47 if not mistaken
16/04/2019 11:05 PM
nckcm Yaya just buy cut loss 0.40 very simple !
16/04/2019 11:06 PM
skyrocket I bought at 0.40 leh. Buy low sell high lah
16/04/2019 11:15 PM
nckcm Smart guy ha u, i no buy lah. But i earlier alrdy buy call
16/04/2019 11:19 PM
skyrocket Go buy tmr. Haha
16/04/2019 11:21 PM
Moc Nokin Up up up
17/04/2019 9:09 AM
Moc Nokin Just drop a bit today, don’t one day show.
17/04/2019 9:09 AM
Moc Nokin Drop from 1.34 to 1.33
17/04/2019 9:10 AM
Moc Nokin Gg, drop again 1.32
17/04/2019 9:11 AM
Moc Nokin Don’t drop ah, my money from 1.34 touch the water already. Keep drop then gg
17/04/2019 9:13 AM
Moc Nokin Come come come buy more
17/04/2019 9:13 AM
Moc Nokin Spam buy spam buy
17/04/2019 9:14 AM
Moc Nokin 1.31 jor.. We sink together back original point 1.25 lo, keepdrop like that.
17/04/2019 9:19 AM
Moc Nokin My money keep touch the water
17/04/2019 9:20 AM
RainT please drop more the share price ya

as the PE now is too high

drop more so I can have chance to buy more
17/04/2019 9:31 AM
Moc Nokin 1.30jor, really touch the water.
17/04/2019 9:50 AM
Moc Nokin We sink together back original island lo, eat back coconut
17/04/2019 9:51 AM
YapJH If you are looking for trading (in and out), and you want to trade this counter share, I suggest to trade their warrant. If you have spare cash, then perhaps you can keep this counter mother share. Looking at the trend, the support level has been around 1.18 to 1.20. I believe funds have entered around that range hence the price has been on quite a solid footing.

Typically, if funds come in, they normally won't trade within the first few hours. Because retail investors follow the green and red colour. Panic sell or panic buy. If you look at the trend over the last few days, the price movement came before the lunch break. I believe yesterday afternoon surge maybe due to retail investor chasing and today drop due to profit taking, huge sell volume this morning at 1.34.

This is not a buy or sell call. Everyone has their own investment strategies, so long invest within their own means and do their own research on the counter they want to invest in.
17/04/2019 11:03 AM
YapJH Looking at the volume over the last 2 days, reached about 6.7mil. On average, revenue mother shares reached approximately 1 - 1.5mil daily volume. So over the last two days, someone would have buy in close to 4mil shares.

Funds may have already position themselves and done with whatever they want to take up and no further addition. If today price continue at 1.30 range, there is a possibilty they may add on, but may not be at 1.34 range.
17/04/2019 11:13 AM
Moc Nokin YapJH, dumb to you. Thanks
17/04/2019 12:24 PM
Moc Nokin Today drop until mother ask me back to island stay.
17/04/2019 12:25 PM
nckcm Healthy correction if close 1.30
17/04/2019 12:25 PM
Moc Nokin I’m long term investor, but keep drop like that. Feeling back island eat back coconut
17/04/2019 12:26 PM
Moc Nokin Close 1.30 is ok, quite acceptable.
No drop please.

Add on add on..
17/04/2019 12:34 PM
Moc Nokin Got money spam money, no money keep for long term.
Want sink also sink together
17/04/2019 12:35 PM
Moc Nokin Else back to island 1.25 eat coconut
17/04/2019 12:46 PM
YapJH Long term investor. Your definition of long term must be go by trading session. If you really are a long term investor of revenue, you would have by now know how thiw counter behave and know when to enter and out.

Any savy long term investor, who believe this counter will go higher, would have trade warrants to keep.
17/04/2019 2:46 PM
KiraL RainT, drop until how much will buy?
17/04/2019 4:12 PM
Aries I am still holding my free warrants. No plan to sell.
17/04/2019 8:33 PM
jt18 Is a buy call. TP 1.55. Go go go!
17/04/2019 11:02 PM
Tcs76 Hold tight tight,tp1.50 above
18/04/2019 10:38 PM
817065 Institutional funds collecting on down days.
20/04/2019 4:59 PM

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