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0.245 0.30     +0.055 (22.45%)
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Date Open Price Target Price Upside/Downside Price Call Source News
11/01/2019 0.22 0.30 +0.08 (36.36%) BUY Rakuten Price Target News
07/01/2019 0.345 0.30 -0.045 (13.04%) BUY Rakuten Price Target News

Price Target Research Article/News (past 6 months)
11/01/2019  Rakuten Rakuten Trade Research: Investment Ideas on DPI Holdings Bhd
07/01/2019  Rakuten DPI Holdings Bhd (0205) - A vibrant move

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Audi90 Im stuck at 0.265 also. want to cry also feel useless. Waaaa
11/01/2019 15:04
Buy1sell2 Well you buy at 26.5 sen not sell yet...so consider paper loss. Still got chance a bit if it rebound back to 26.5 sen. For us we already sold and this is really lost. In the drain. Few K just like that. Poof...3 days gone. Without getting anything back. Like donated to DPIH and not getting any aerosols. Few K can get a few hundred cans of aerosols paint . hahahaha..
11/01/2019 15:09
Buy1sell2 This is not right...the sellers kept increasing....sold come back...sold come back...never ending. How long can 21 sen support stand?
11/01/2019 15:12
wintersnow buy1sell2, what do u mean by that?
11/01/2019 15:13
Buy1sell2 Actually nobody knows...only got a bit of chance. It is your own money. You should know how to manage it.
11/01/2019 15:13
Player46 i still holding ..... not sure should throw it or not..... dilemma
11/01/2019 15:21
Buy1sell2 What I mean is currently I monitor the selling kept increasing but the buying is not increasing fast enough. So we got a block of sellers waiting...which means the support of 21 sen is not holding on.
11/01/2019 15:21
ckeonglim90 no more hope on this counter. I rather hope this counter is sleeping rather than moving with lower price.
11/01/2019 15:25
ckeonglim90 Player46, if you want hold, meaning you put hope on this counter. Since you put hope on this counter, you should average down the price. But again, depend on your decision. :)
11/01/2019 15:29
saintambrose I can just wait only, cannot afford lost haiz
11/01/2019 15:35
cmtfly Con stock, DPIH is same as DPS, Malacca stock at last this stock gone bust, bloody conmaster
11/01/2019 15:42
其辉 First time see new ipo drop like non-stop
11/01/2019 16:02
yawteck I thought IB got one month to stablise the price no drop below 10%
11/01/2019 16:06
其辉 Hmm, start to come bck now? Seen like sell volume less than buy
11/01/2019 16:07
cmtfly It has already dropped 16 percent from ipo price
11/01/2019 16:11
其辉 Just a few days,but the price drop so low. Why
11/01/2019 16:14
ionlywanttoearn Director dont wan support.. clearly
11/01/2019 16:18
其辉 Bought at 0.23 and 0.215. Hope that this counter will rise next week
11/01/2019 16:52
joseph1984 I think susah...
11/01/2019 17:17
joseph1984 DPIH And NADIBHD abang adik
11/01/2019 17:18
其辉 I sold my dnonce share yesterday and bought dpih . My heart so pain
11/01/2019 17:40
Thomas loll.... let it sleep ba or hiong hiong cut loss sudah and forget about it
11/01/2019 17:44
joseph1984 Have to le... Another rgb counter
11/01/2019 17:53
其辉 Haizzz,today dnonce rise 30%+
But I sold it yesterday.why
11/01/2019 18:06
其辉 Rakuten target price is 0.3
11/01/2019 18:11
ionlywanttoearn I heard director also throwing , director also wanna self protect, awesome boss. Gg for us
11/01/2019 18:50
ckeonglim90 ionlywanttoearn, you got fried work inside?
11/01/2019 22:19
其辉 Where u heard this news
11/01/2019 23:28
futurehope https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sVhGnet2FDo
12/01/2019 09:58
ampabella Aiyah this spray paint tak boleh pakai
12/01/2019 13:39
其辉 Who still holding this counter with me
12/01/2019 17:10
Cheng HM The purpose of IPO is to raise fund for the business right? Then where got money to sbb to support the price oh. Take the IPO raised fund to expand their company kut, The market price no affect the money the company raised pun why they wan sbb? (Not sure wat i say is correct or not la. Just started investing 1 month ago.)
12/01/2019 20:33
cmtfly I think the fund manager and directors have problem. Fund manager trying to support and push up the price but the directors related parties are too selfish to take care of themselves. One push and one sell, end up fund manager just sell. If not how can ipo from start kept falling until exceed 16% below ipo price. It's a reality case.
12/01/2019 23:30
其辉 Hope that next week will have strong buy
12/01/2019 23:33
ckeonglim90 petrol price already decreased, somehow this counter still no movement like no petrol.
14/01/2019 10:18
其辉 Today market red red red
14/01/2019 10:23
Player46 today look not bad...0.235....hopefully will go higher
14/01/2019 11:51
其辉 Hmm,I sold out all my share since the whole world market so red. Earn abit enough
14/01/2019 14:25
其辉 Seen like drop agn
14/01/2019 14:54
ckeonglim90 push more
14/01/2019 15:05
saintambrose Finally green a bit di
14/01/2019 15:38
ckeonglim90 good support.... keep it
14/01/2019 16:27
Player46 sell it off 0.250.....
14/01/2019 16:46
其辉 I Sold at 0.235, earn some profit and out this counter temporary.
14/01/2019 16:59
Limbeh this is sad...
14/01/2019 17:03
其辉 Not sad lah,at least can earn some profit
Since I saw the market so red, then I temporary out from market better.play safe
14/01/2019 17:19
saintambrose Hello
16/01/2019 12:32
其辉 This counter no ppl ady??
17/01/2019 20:44
JC_Striker Everyone run like shit away from this channel. Syndicate kills everyone here. don't know who will ever play this counter again in the future. I too sell off and lost big time.
17/01/2019 21:44
JC_Striker I have the syndicate is looking at my post and I hope you will loose your last penny in this counter.:) May GOD get you for this. Amen
17/01/2019 21:47


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