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1.04 1.26     +0.22 (21.15%)
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Date Open Price Target Price Upside/Downside Price Call Source News
14/11/2018 0.99 1.25 +0.26 (26.26%) BUY MIDF Price Target News
14/11/2018 0.99 1.25 +0.26 (26.26%) BUY KENANGA Price Target News
14/11/2018 0.99 1.27 +0.28 (28.28%) BUY AmInvest Price Target News
09/10/2018 1.00 1.25 +0.25 (25.00%) BUY MIDF Price Target News

Price Target Research Article/News (past 6 months)
14/11/2018  MIDF Malaysia Building Society Bhd - Mainly Driven by Lower Provisions
14/11/2018  KENANGA Malaysia Building Society - Underpinned by Lower Impairments
14/11/2018  AmInvest Malaysia Building Society - Write-back of provisions for personal financing
09/10/2018  MIDF Malaysia Building Society Bhd - Fledged Islamic Bank

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stockmethods Buy some on this stock
30/01/2019 17:31
Ron90 today or tomorrow QR..should be positive ler
31/01/2019 15:33
Nicholasming91 Next month la..
31/01/2019 15:46
factorrumour dumb investor come here comment qr release but never follow mbsb news, mbsb will announce the exact date to publish qr before they announce qr... lol
31/01/2019 15:56
Silent 88888 i think this bank need a few years la
edi said need a few years to clear out all the investment which is not follow or allowed by Syariah Law
not so soon will see the effect
31/01/2019 15:58
smallplayernia 1.05 faster come la....
31/01/2019 18:10
Yippy68 my grandson will be laughing or crying.... @mala, what will be the TP of MBSB in 2039?, <1.00? or >5.00?
01/02/2019 13:49
qps9999 yeee...MBSB try to move but I think someone trying to scare him..hha ha ha..
01/02/2019 17:52
smallplayernia 1.05 faster coem la
04/02/2019 18:00
Bulat What is the good news theannual report is out
07/02/2019 10:42
smallplayernia wtf la , still 1 ringgit....
08/02/2019 14:04
Happykoo Pi mai pi mai tang tu....Sad sad
08/02/2019 19:03
beso have told you early early,mbsb won't go any way until all the call warrants expiry
09/02/2019 18:51
factorrumour LOL, investment firms will keep introducing call warrants periodically, you want to wait all the call warrants expired? you have to wait for your whole life already hahahahahahaha
10/02/2019 23:33
BumbleBee Anytime now will announce date of qr results
13/02/2019 06:57
deMusangking Memang Bagus Sure Buy?
13/02/2019 09:51
Yippy68 lousy bank, up one sen by one sen, but that one sen is 338k for coldeye, i wish i have that volume in hand.
13/02/2019 10:07
Silent 88888 unless really got money to hold for a very long period i guess

why not put these money inside o&g sector more faster ..
13/02/2019 10:10
RainT O&G ? such as PETRONM???
13/02/2019 14:35
Davidl Uptrend now!
14/02/2019 02:28
bahai4453 this is a rich men counter playing at 95 - 100 Sens. F.y.i. call warrant is your guide line. never performed beyond that call warrant set up margins.
14/02/2019 19:55
crash8593970308 unless you can hold for 5 years if not stay away. contra and margin player you play you die
14/02/2019 20:50
mala173318 1 year nothing happen,talking about 5 years,don't dream
14/02/2019 21:55
Myeye ~.~
15/02/2019 09:40
factorrumour We wish to inform that Malaysia Building Society Berhad ("MBSB") has scheduled to release its' financial results for the fourth quarter ended 31 December 2018 on Thursday, 28 February 2019 in accordance with Paragraph 9.22 of the Main Market Listing Requirements of Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad.

wah, why so late? got surprise coming?
16/02/2019 16:37
Frank Tan Last day announcement,takut log...
17/02/2019 16:56
Ron90 price already up few weeks ago..so becare full
17/02/2019 17:36
Ron90 careful
17/02/2019 18:13
mala173318 today will up 1 sent because dow jones up 450 points
18/02/2019 07:42
spygame007 heard QR no good tats why they pull the QR until last day so that insider got time to clear out their stock!
18/02/2019 15:34
spygame007 PE more than 10, small cap bank like MBSB fair PE should below 10! price already continuing up since last month sure will go back below rm1 after QR release
18/02/2019 15:37
Yippy68 QR should be good..MBSB bank offer fd 4.48% per annual, highest and most attractive.
19/02/2019 16:22
yakleng09 Qr should be stable from internal news
19/02/2019 16:31
factorrumour even in my kampung mbsb also opened a new branch
19/02/2019 16:39
monkeyinvestor idiot spygame007!
19/02/2019 16:47
monkeyinvestor heard heard heard , i heard u lost money until crazy at stock market! RIp
19/02/2019 16:49
bahai4453 Whatever the outcome of the F. result on 28th this month, there will no surprise ! Game as usually. Any reward for share holders will come in very very late. Waiting for 1.10 margin and I'm out. Wasting time (time is money) counter. Long term investment ?? How much return MBSB will offer to you ?? There are thousand and one better investment counters than MBSB! I never expect MBSB to perform under par after they became Islamic bank!
20/02/2019 08:33
smallplayernia finally reach 1.05~
20/02/2019 15:13
meistsk3134 too must split. cannot go through 2 3.
20/02/2019 15:45
Jaya 10c dividend
22/02/2019 01:22
Jaya Announcement 28/2
22/02/2019 01:24
spygame007 QR no good la! they purposely delay the report until last day so that their insider big shark got enough time to clear their stock on hand somemore call warrant wouldn't allow the price go further la
22/02/2019 10:18
spygame007 pretty sure price will dive back to square one! they need time to built up their business la. need money to setup both hard n soft facility la! short term their admin expenses will high la!
22/02/2019 10:20
spygame007 long term ok, but short term no good. those thinking tat the coming QR is good are not make sense at all
22/02/2019 10:20
spygame007 u see the chart already know something wrong la. big shark r cleaning their stock while retailer still chasing the price
22/02/2019 10:21
miniminer Appear to be BIG BUY past few days.....may be MBSB still look good for investment. Nature biz dealing with government servants loan lower risks and MY banking future look promising yet shares price is lowest among banks listed in KLCI ...........
22/02/2019 16:01
spygame007 shark will only buy at low price la 2 months ago when the price at bottom they already start accumulated. now is the best time for them to transfer their stock to retailer la
22/02/2019 16:37
spygame007 good or no good the QR also the price will dive back to square one la
22/02/2019 16:38
miniminer Look more to foriegn investors pattent, they have buy in carefully, slowly and steady. Anyway, MBSB as one of the license bank in Malaysia, this price is still consider low.......buying queues are strong at 1.04 and can be back on up trend in no time.
22/02/2019 17:24
spygame007 I'm not saying tat MBSB. long term still pretty sights. but short term or even in tis whole year don't think it will go up
22/02/2019 17:33


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