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0.86 1.13     +0.27 (31.40%)
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Date Open Price Target Price Upside/Downside Price Call Source News
03/09/2019 0.85 0.93 +0.08 (9.41%) HOLD MIDF Price Target News
03/09/2019 0.85 1.10 +0.25 (29.41%) BUY KENANGA Price Target News
03/09/2019 0.85 1.02 +0.17 (20.00%) BUY AmInvest Price Target News
01/07/2019 0.91 1.15 +0.24 (26.37%) BUY KENANGA Price Target News
21/05/2019 0.935 1.31 +0.375 (40.11%) BUY Rakuten Price Target News
16/05/2019 0.945 1.25 +0.305 (32.28%) BUY MIDF Price Target News
16/05/2019 0.95 1.15 +0.20 (21.05%) BUY KENANGA Price Target News
16/05/2019 0.945 1.15 +0.205 (21.69%) BUY AmInvest Price Target News

Price Target Research Article/News (past 6 months)
03/09/2019  MIDF Malaysia Building Society Bhd - Higher ECL a Major Drag
03/09/2019  KENANGA Malaysia Building Society - Underperform But Provisions Tapering
03/09/2019  AmInvest Malaysia Building Society - Write-back in provisions for corporate loans in stage 2
01/07/2019  KENANGA Banking - BNM Stats. (May 2019): Same Old, Same Old
21/05/2019  Rakuten Malaysia Building Society - Transition to full-fledged Islamic bank
16/05/2019  MIDF Malaysia Building Society Bhd - Operationally Within Expectations
16/05/2019  KENANGA Malaysia Building Society - Let Down by Higher Impairments
16/05/2019  AmInvest Malaysia Building Society - Provisions likely to improve in quarters ahead

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Bulat After you buy , they are push down again
17/10/2019 10:57 PM
Bulat Useless
17/10/2019 10:58 PM
Johnfatt hilarious, good job!
18/10/2019 5:08 PM
firehawk what happen? launching rocket at the end ....
18/10/2019 5:10 PM
Johnfatt those SKL does not know value investing asked for 50 cents. no money dont stand in front my stall plz, ka ka cau cau.
18/10/2019 5:11 PM
Johnfatt give me 5
18/10/2019 5:32 PM
Pradeep Kumar Something cooking
19/10/2019 12:19 AM
Bulat Well done
19/10/2019 12:24 AM
calvintaneng SUPERB!!

19/10/2019 12:25 AM
calvintaneng SUPERB!!


Calvin congratulates those early buyers at 83 sen

Now grab Mui Prop early


19/10/2019 12:28 AM
Godofgambler Mbsb will reach Rm2.00 in near future
19/10/2019 1:07 AM
KassimBaba7 Siapa last minute buyer? angmoh? Thinking if wanna drop some and get back on correction
19/10/2019 8:58 AM
hksoon i am thinking is share buy back from big-BIG Share holder and institute ? ! Can goreng-goreng ma ?
19/10/2019 4:13 PM
FamousAmos Here comes Tan End claiming credits again
19/10/2019 4:50 PM
ahbah Why suddenly shoot up with giant volume to the sky during last Friday closing ?

Why ? Please give your opinion. Thanks.
19/10/2019 5:03 PM
Godofgambler ATM and Cash deposit machines going to be installed in every branches... New face lifts..
19/10/2019 7:11 PM
ahbah sasword, I oredi told u so, the boat$$$ is coming meh.

So now, faster faster jump into the boat$$$ now n grab easy money.
19/10/2019 9:15 PM
Godofgambler Got dividend every year... So why worries?
19/10/2019 11:10 PM
chkhooju Seeing light at the end of the tunnel.
20/10/2019 9:39 AM
ahbah We got worries about missing the boat$$$ lah.

So what to do now ?
20/10/2019 11:14 AM
Anon Normally MBSB will shot at end of year. Last year, shot from 95sen to 1.10sen. Let's see this round how the price react.
20/10/2019 9:42 PM
Jeffreyteck Est challenging Sep results you, may push up before announcement as like Hai O, then drop after announcement. TP 80-95.
21/10/2019 10:50 AM
June Goh this counter better run , no dividend no future
21/10/2019 12:33 PM
Godofgambler Who said got no dividen? I got twice
21/10/2019 10:13 PM
pradeep Todays volume well absorbed
22/10/2019 12:18 PM
Bulat I think today can up to $1
22/10/2019 5:33 PM
ahbah Ah Goh, Please no post fake fact here to corn us. Every year MBSB got

give div. to us.
22/10/2019 5:40 PM
cicakman So far,I havent get any dividen yet,just inside the boat at 0.84 cts.
22/10/2019 5:53 PM
nhbeen I wonder whether if some really do their homework before posting their messages. MBSB gave dividend for the past many years. One could easily obtain the information by clicking on the Disclosure tab and click the Dividend's tab again. All the information are there for reading. It is transparent.
22/10/2019 7:19 PM
Lk036 What is dividend yield?
They pay in cash or share?
22/10/2019 8:09 PM
cicakman Aporoximately when will be the next dividen?
22/10/2019 9:01 PM
kslim42 Do homework please!
22/10/2019 9:18 PM
AllanTingAS Usually on May. Cash or DRP and i choose both options. This counter difficult to make big money.
23/10/2019 8:59 PM
23/10/2019 11:45 PM
Mabel Clap Clap Clap
24/10/2019 12:13 PM
Bulat Ya lol they are only self buy sell
26/10/2019 11:23 AM
HoldingKing today n tomorrow probably last day to load up. its going up
29/10/2019 9:43 PM
Bulat Ya lol limit up
30/10/2019 10:00 AM
HoldingKing Eh bro bulat, you dont suan siao me la. U watch my word see will up or not. If up means im pro then u r noob. If no up im noob u r pro ok? Hehe
30/10/2019 8:29 PM
Bulat If no up you belanja kfc
31/10/2019 10:06 AM
smissions2 This.
01/11/2019 12:21 PM
Pradeep Kumar Target price
01/11/2019 8:39 PM
futurehope http://www.bursamalaysia.com/market/listed-companies/company-announcements/6329249#
02/11/2019 1:45 PM
yangxi futurehope mean?
04/11/2019 9:42 AM
yongandy Pursuant to Part C of Chapter 9, Paragraph 9.04 of the Main Market Listing Requirements of Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad, the Company wishes to announce that it has accepted a 5-year syndicated term loan facility of USD115 million from MBSB Bank Berhad, Export-Import Bank of Malaysia Berhad, United Overseas Bank (Malaysia) Berhad and Commercial Bank International PSC (the “Facility
04/11/2019 11:19 AM
张晋荣 Watch closely... it will sudden spike up and cross 90 cents....
04/11/2019 3:47 PM
meistsk3134 90cent only
04/11/2019 6:19 PM
sasword EPF counter will go up...only when the sun rises from west.
05/11/2019 1:26 PM
Anon downtrend chart
12/11/2019 5:57 PM
HoldingKing No. Its a washing sideways. Its coming
12/11/2019 6:17 PM

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