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0.965 1.34     +0.375 (38.86%)
* Average Target Price, Price Call and Upside/Downside are derived from Price Targets in the past 6 months.
** Price Targets are adjusted for Bonus Issue, Shares Split & Shares Consolidation (where applicable).
Date Open Price Target Price Upside/Downside Price Call Source News
14/11/2018 0.99 1.25 +0.26 (26.26%) BUY MIDF Price Target News
14/11/2018 0.99 1.25 +0.26 (26.26%) BUY KENANGA Price Target News
14/11/2018 0.99 1.27 +0.28 (28.28%) BUY AmInvest Price Target News
09/10/2018 1.00 1.25 +0.25 (25.00%) BUY MIDF Price Target News
31/07/2018 1.12 1.54 +0.42 (37.50%) BUY MIDF Price Target News
31/07/2018 1.12 1.45 +0.33 (29.46%) BUY KENANGA Price Target News
31/07/2018 1.12 1.27 +0.15 (13.39%) HOLD AmInvest Price Target News

Price Target Research Article/News (past 6 months)
14/11/2018  MIDF Malaysia Building Society Bhd - Mainly Driven by Lower Provisions
14/11/2018  KENANGA Malaysia Building Society - Underpinned by Lower Impairments
14/11/2018  AmInvest Malaysia Building Society - Write-back of provisions for personal financing
09/10/2018  MIDF Malaysia Building Society Bhd - Fledged Islamic Bank
31/07/2018  MIDF Malaysia Building Society Bhd - Adapting to Banking Requirements
31/07/2018  KENANGA Malaysia Building Society - Within Expectations
31/07/2018  AmInvest Malaysia Building Society - 2QFY18 earnings dampened by provisions, higher operating expenses

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Bulat I don't sell lower than 1.07
21/11/2018 08:46
spygame007 suck bank! good QR also can't go up! lousy stock i think will drop back below rm1
21/11/2018 13:51
iamHo Bullish Tri- Star is forming
21/11/2018 15:59
Bulat Don't know what the investor thinking. Petrol / oil price drop only mah . no more new trade war already, bank counter also follow drop. What they were scare?
21/11/2018 17:39
Bulat Us market up up up liaw
22/11/2018 00:25
spygame007 damn! look at the chart sure will drop below 0.90
22/11/2018 09:41
spygame007 lousy bank!
22/11/2018 09:41
dinasdimensi all the GLC's has gone for a shake up on their top management. Im wondering when MBSB will change their top management. MBSB need some major overhauled. Enjin almost rosak already.
23/11/2018 09:18
bahai4453 haha! see what I always worry about! All retailers are bleeding now. Am I right. lousy counter!
23/11/2018 11:08
spygame007 ya. damn fxxking lousy stock! good QR also can't go up! no hope already
23/11/2018 12:17
stonenut2 Oh yeah keep on complaining mbsb. Wait till you see by next year.
26/11/2018 07:38
Bulat I think is not lousy counter. Is lousy investor & lousy poor investor lab.
26/11/2018 09:51
Bulat Begged investor
26/11/2018 12:06
Bahai5354 By next year it will 0.70 ha ha... lousy counter. waiting to collect at 0.70 sen. A below Rm 1.00 banking stock..Wa..ha ha...!
26/11/2018 12:49
Enemiemannan good guy ph leader...few word then company lost billion..where the major shareholder is the epf...they really think twice before speak... the money tat u saved thru epf is in red becasue of this new leader.
26/11/2018 14:08
Bulat Begger investor
26/11/2018 15:11
Chanfang Let see how low this lousy ass can go under manipulation of mahaithir gov.
26/11/2018 16:11
Bahai5354 kena MBSB main bulat bulat sampai mentah darah !
27/11/2018 10:28
Lim Lai Ting Fried Stock , no one want to hold , Dont care how good its result is
27/11/2018 11:06
sasword 政腐的最大黑钱集团epf所持有的烂股,想不亏死都难。
27/11/2018 16:01
spygame007 lousy stock! keep dropping! good QR also no use
27/11/2018 16:13
Bulat Now new gov. good leader or not
27/11/2018 16:42
Bulat @5364 my price buy 925
27/11/2018 16:43
Bulat 5lot only
27/11/2018 16:43
RedEagle Out here In Armada
29/11/2018 22:57
Lim Lai Ting sell or hold ? hold many years also suffer loss , really cant tahan , want to sell and go to other counter
30/11/2018 16:32
spygame007 damn lousy stock! good QR also drop like hell!
30/11/2018 16:45
oranje Our herioc LGE is playing this game
Sell down all GLC in early december causing all hell and highwater panic
When you least expect it.....
LGE will push sky high to pay for ASB and EPF dividend

LGE has learnt from TF how to make money from stock market
(Push up and down)

Just like Musa Aman made public gratitude to a then elderly timber tycoon sitting on a wheel chair some 10 years ago
Musa said he learnt how to make money from timber from that old fart
(monkey business deep in the tropical jungles)
01/12/2018 12:48
oranje The moral of the story above
Everyone is all making a fast buck
at your expense.......

01/12/2018 12:49
bahai4453 tongkang tua kalau sudah pecah, u tampal pun tak guna, air terus masuk sampai tongkang tenggelam
01/12/2018 23:13
Ron90 everything according to plan and projection, once market turn around, I would expect this one sure touch at least $2 in 2 years.
03/12/2018 10:21
Bulat Ya. But now no need be drop like hell
03/12/2018 11:27
Bulat Other counter bank, it drop like the hell, there after up the hell also.hahaha
03/12/2018 11:31
Ask_Check Lower impairment , Islamic bank division,s production services on expending. Hold and see what result for coming future .
03/12/2018 14:41
Lim Lai Ting hold for many years still suffer loss , damn counter..........
03/12/2018 15:14
Lim Lai Ting up today drop tomorrow , goreng counter
03/12/2018 15:18
Beltland window dressing on the way,tomorrow up lol............
03/12/2018 17:07
1oranje Kimmy tan undressing......
03/12/2018 19:58
Beltland Today weather no good,dressing not ready yet.
04/12/2018 11:39
bahai4453 no doubt is a Islamic bank, Just like their players first up and bow down then up . this action will be repeated all the time
04/12/2018 12:09
RedEagle Every year ~~~ dividend reinvestment plan..diluted..unit increase..price going down..uurmm
04/12/2018 20:58
factorrumour isn't this year the first time they offer DRP?

Posted by RedEagle > Dec 4, 2018 08:58 PM | Report Abuse

Every year ~~~ dividend reinvestment plan..diluted..unit increase..price going down..uurmm
04/12/2018 21:05
Beltland Even bad market still holding well is a good showing,window dressing is on the way !!!!!! Kimmy tan undressing ? Sorry, no show here,this is the sky limit showing counter...........
05/12/2018 11:23
spygame007 lousy bank!
05/12/2018 14:56
factorrumour hahahahahahahahaha want say lousy also give some facts larr ting ting ting ting
05/12/2018 15:15
spygame007 better invest other counter! tis counter damn suck
06/12/2018 15:08
ke9999 obviosuly got people wanna keep this shares low to buy more....clue " institution"
06/12/2018 17:37
wayne23 bye bye MBSB
12/12/2018 11:25
oregami play this stock short-term is like playing against computer
13/12/2018 13:54
sasword Bye bye Malaysia which is seriously ruined by dirtiest dog politician mahaithir.
13/12/2018 17:02

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