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0.90 1.59     +0.69 (76.67%)
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Date Open Price Target Price Upside/Downside Price Call Source News
28/11/2018 1.01 1.35 +0.34 (33.66%) BUY MIDF Price Target News
28/11/2018 1.01 1.30 +0.29 (28.71%) BUY KENANGA Price Target News
29/10/2018 1.18 1.38 +0.20 (16.95%) BUY MIDF Price Target News
29/10/2018 1.18 1.30 +0.12 (10.17%) BUY KENANGA Price Target News
09/10/2018 1.15 1.32 +0.17 (14.78%) BUY MIDF Price Target News
26/09/2018 1.38 1.72 +0.34 (24.64%) BUY MIDF Price Target News
07/09/2018 1.36 2.13 +0.77 (56.62%) BUY MIDF Price Target News
27/08/2018 1.39 2.13 +0.74 (53.24%) BUY MIDF Price Target News
27/08/2018 1.39 1.95 +0.56 (40.29%) BUY KENANGA Price Target News

Price Target Research Article/News (past 6 months)
28/11/2018  MIDF MMC Corporation Berhad - PTP to Remains as the Main Pillar of Growth
28/11/2018  KENANGA MMC Corporation - 9M18 Above Our Expectations
29/10/2018  MIDF MMC Corporation Berhad - MRT2 Underground Works Back on Track
29/10/2018  KENANGA MMC Corporation Bhd - MRT2 Tunnelling Works Back On
09/10/2018  MIDF MMC Corporation Berhad - Ports Segment to Remain the Main Pillar of MMC’s Earnings
26/09/2018  MIDF MMC Corporation Berhad - Ports Business to Remain as MMC's Crown Jewel
07/09/2018  MIDF MMC Corporation Berhad - Penang Port Joins Forces With Royal Carribean Cruise
27/08/2018  MIDF MMC Corporation Berhad - Sequential Quarter Recovery in Northport Volume
27/08/2018  KENANGA MMC Corporation Bhd - 1H18 Below Expectations

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Bull those buy c8 please be careful

cut lost and change to this

23/06/2018 19:04
JimYeoh short TP 1.80
04/07/2018 15:05
JimYeoh buying momentum picking up!
04/07/2018 15:47
obinam1967 strong rebound. Previously oversold.
04/07/2018 15:51
JimYeoh cheers together!
04/07/2018 17:07
12/07/2018 18:08
cheoky undervalue or company is deteriorating?
13/07/2018 11:44
michaelwong No volume lar........ what to watch ?
17/07/2018 11:54
JimYeoh afternoon session
17/07/2018 14:21
KG1967 tech tech tech
18/07/2018 08:45
JimYeoh 1.45..DING DING
18/07/2018 10:29
michaelwong Still got room to move forward with increased in volume in days to come provided Asian and DJI remain bullish.
18/07/2018 11:37
JimYeoh finally break above 1.47..
18/07/2018 15:41
JimYeoh cheers to those bought it earlier 1.28-1.29
18/07/2018 15:42
JimYeoh 1.52.. better than expected
18/07/2018 16:36
michaelwong At least can reach 1.60 in the near term with holding power since the volume is still low !
18/07/2018 19:54
michaelwong Still can collect as the price is still cheap and wait for volume to increased
25/07/2018 20:16
tomtom why drop??
27/08/2018 13:44
tomtom why drop so much?? any one known
27/08/2018 16:05
michaelwong Latest qr yoy and qr on qr profit loss
29/08/2018 19:19
michaelwong Construction stocks rebounding
14/09/2018 15:50
charles pang kah keet COMING SOON TOUCH RM1.55SEN.
19/09/2018 12:20
longtermvaluegain https://www.nst.com.my/news/nation/2018/09/413200/ag-hundreds-lopsided-contracts-signed-during-bns-time
21/09/2018 18:04
James Ng https://klse.i3investor.com/blogs/general/177051.jsp
[转贴] [MMC CORP BHD:完成收购Penang Port Sdn Bhd的51%股权,预计将增加港口和物流部门的收益] - James的股票投资James Share Investing
06/10/2018 12:57
Najib_bodoh https://www.themalaysianinsight.com/s/101646
07/10/2018 19:03
TKP9966 Goin south very soon based on latest news!
07/10/2018 20:23
wilsonchan87 MMC most untung one is port portion business, construction just smaller portion
08/10/2018 14:16
ov123 The gravy train has come to a screeching halt.
09/10/2018 08:45
stockraider U need to understand these loh....!!

Even if MMC got back their tunnel jobs, it will never be the same again loh...!!

1. There will be substantial discount given to secure jobs, and this will affect its construction margin loh....!!
2. The lost of PDP, means there is a big lost of steady & safe income which affect its bottom line loh....!!
3. The big discount given on elevated MRT for securing the jobs means another big cut in its construction margin mah....!!

The other scenario , If MMC do not get back its tunnel jobs, it will means chaos to its business loh....!!

1. Heavy overheads, subcontractors issue, valuation of half way works etc....!!
2. The use of foreign tunneling contractors will also create competitors to its business loh.....!!

Thus the overall business model of MMC is no longer as lucrative as b4 bcos of govt cost down loh....!!

Overall it is bad news for MMC loh..!!, thats why mkt selldown loh....!!
09/10/2018 08:47
ov123 @stockraider, well said.
09/10/2018 13:08
ivan9511 lucky buy mmcand Star at lowest
easy pocket money for me on buying MMC abd Star
MMC and Star now already paper profit \
Easy money
09/10/2018 16:29
Mar2083 Min rm1.20 tomorrow
09/10/2018 21:18
AllBigWin here is peaceful, not like Gamuda!
10/10/2018 15:23
Dcmh Of course only play the role of pr with ahjib and cronies
10/10/2018 23:02
Gn021 Following the robust reaction from the joint venture (JV) and those who would be affected by its earlier decision to take away the remaining work on the underground portion of the mass rapid transit Line 2 (MRT2) project, the Cabinet yesterday decided that an attempt be made to bridge the divide.

“They will go back to the negotiation table to resolve this,” a source told The Edge Financial Daily. “The door remains open and hopefully a fresh tender can be avoided”.

It is learnt that four ministers led by Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng will be involved in the renegotiation. They are Economic Affairs Minister Datuk Seri Mohamed Azmin Ali, Transport Minister Anthony Loke and Works Minister Baru Bian.
11/10/2018 09:46
Gn021 (吉隆坡11日讯)金务大(Gamuda Bhd)今早交投活络,上涨2.42%,似乎成为了马股一片红海当中的一点绿。


根据《The Edge》财经日报报导,内阁昨天决定重新谈判捷运2号线(MRT2)计划地下工程。

知情人士告诉《The Edge》财经日报:“他们将重新谈判,解决这个问题。这个大门一直都在打开,希望可以避免重新招标。”

11/10/2018 10:44
MoneyAndHoney weak volume
17/10/2018 21:06
speakup https://www.malaysiakini.com/news/447955
19/10/2018 09:34
michaelwong Remember in stock markets no holds bar with no one can predict how low it can continue to drop yet excluding market crash which is currently still unaccounted despite the drastic dropped across the board . Is just the beginning of iceberg and guess what would happen when the real show begins which I have tasted 90% bit by bit dropped that caught you unaware and unexpected .
23/10/2018 17:07
Shines Got some good news kot
26/10/2018 15:52
Sky88 Why gamuda up but this one down
29/10/2018 09:29
Shines Man Man C
31/10/2018 12:43
michaelwong Useless counter sometimes despite with volume no power .
31/10/2018 16:30
Shines Now Man Man Crawl
02/11/2018 12:44
michaelwong Cannot crawl lah.....boh lat liao . Got stuck up in the mud .
02/11/2018 17:24
Shines Aiyoyo crawl also cannot, call an ambulance to bring scretchers
03/11/2018 12:27
csteoh2018 Any info about this counter? Keep dropping.
27/11/2018 12:22
mcmann what happen to this stock always down till so low ? the last time i trade is i buy at 2 and shoot to 3. now its trading below 1 OMG
01/12/2018 09:55
Jaden No low.. caught pakat with Ajib
10/12/2018 14:08
Jaden Drop until you puas hati baru buy sikit.. temporary simpan fd good
10/12/2018 14:10

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