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3.11 4.01     +0.90 (28.94%)
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Date Open Price Target Price Upside/Downside Price Call Source News
07/11/2018 3.10 3.38 +0.28 (9.03%) BUY AmInvest Price Target News
27/08/2018 3.54 4.13 +0.59 (16.67%) BUY MIDF Price Target News
03/08/2018 3.23 4.00 +0.77 (23.84%) BUY UOBKayHian Price Target News
19/06/2018 2.51 4.00 +1.49 (59.36%) BUY UOBKayHian Price Target News
16/05/2018 3.42 4.62 +1.20 (35.09%) BUY MIDF Price Target News
16/05/2018 3.42 3.91 +0.49 (14.33%) BUY AMMB Price Target News

Price Target Research Article/News (past 6 months)
07/11/2018  AmInvest Stocks on Radar - Cahya Mata Sarawak (2852)
27/08/2018  MIDF Cahya Mata Sarawak Berhad - Good Results But Dont Jump the Gun
03/08/2018  UOBKayHian Cahya Mata Sarawak - Outlook Remains Promising
19/06/2018  UOBKayHian Cahya Mata Sarawak - From Strength To Strength
16/05/2018  MIDF Cahya Mata Sarawak - Weak Results From Two Key Segments
16/05/2018  AMMB Cahya Mata Sarawak - 1QFY18 weighed down by lumpy maintenance cost

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Jackynck big holder keep dump the share, epf oso can't help dy ~~ sad case ~~
19/10/2018 15:59
sleang increased holdings pending proj announcements
19/10/2018 16:28
KAQ4468 I love u cahya mata Sarawak

1.50 gua tunggu sama lu
22/10/2018 11:58
KAQ4468 aiyaaaa... only drop 0.01 ka

kanima ...soon soon , this counter sure terjun longkang

1.50 gua tunggu !!!
23/10/2018 15:40
KAQ4468 yeahhhhhh

good good !!

kasi terjun longkang !!!

1.70 kambinggggggggg
25/10/2018 11:15
KAQ4468 2.50

bla bla bla
25/10/2018 12:23
Jackynck why wait at so high price? wait at rm1... hahahaha...
25/10/2018 16:29
KAQ4468 ok la ...I'm wait at 90 cents la ...hihihihih

can happen u know

will be there when our index @ 1200 - 1100

next year sure punya

this is my favourite stock #2

#1 belong to AirAsia
25/10/2018 16:54
zhouxingxing lol the comments so repetitive like troll hihihi 20c pls lul i wait 20c
25/10/2018 17:18
KAQ4468 another dropping

good !!

1.70 kambingggg
26/10/2018 16:27
newbie4444 Sabah & Sarawak to get 30 per cent development expenditure for 2019 Budget
28/10/2018 21:03
KAQ4468 perghhhhhhhhhh
29/10/2018 09:21
KAQ4468 should be this way

Technical Buy with potential get trapped
Buy : RM 2.78
Target: RM 2.00 - RM 1.80
30/10/2018 10:38
Jackynck i believe that cmsb will get some projects from budget 2019 (my prediction only)... so i think price wont drop so much till firday ~~
30/10/2018 12:21
KAQ4468 sure punya la

new government need to allocate more money to Sabah % Sarawak
30/10/2018 12:23
KAQ4468 Sabah & Sarawak helping Tun M to kick out Najib

now mesti balas jasa
30/10/2018 12:24
Sarawakians Where Tun M got balas jasa?
31/10/2018 15:04
Sarawakians Sarawak next to face election. Why must we vote PH when we feel BN under Najib treat us better?
31/10/2018 15:04
Ngo Jeechin 3.00 coming soon
31/10/2018 15:54
KAQ4468 3.0 ka

31/10/2018 16:35
KAQ4468 long neck lagi la mau tunggu 1.70

31/10/2018 16:35
Enemiemannan this kaq is everywhere barking
31/10/2018 16:44
zhouxingxing he just likes to go for 1.5 1.4 1.3 hihihihi
31/10/2018 17:46
Ngo Jeechin Hold till its price reach 3.60
31/10/2018 20:06
zhouxingxing rm4 pls
01/11/2018 09:13
Jackynck who is holding this share for long long time dy? may i know is it volume always low like recently?
01/11/2018 16:36
Ngo Jeechin 3.00 coming
02/11/2018 09:55
Jackynck road block at rm3...
02/11/2018 10:06
Ngo Jeechin hold till Q3 report
02/11/2018 10:33
davidkkw79 Should be something good new to pan Borneo
02/11/2018 10:48
Jackynck those road block need wait epf come to sapu it... hahahaha...
02/11/2018 11:20
Jackynck previously most budget amount used in west msia, since government change dy, guess got more budget will be use in sabah sarawak liao..
02/11/2018 11:22
KAQ4468 aiyaaaaaa

back to RM3

long neck again
02/11/2018 12:04
Ngo Jeechin Heavy traffic jam at 3.00
02/11/2018 16:38
Ngo Jeechin removed road blocked
02/11/2018 16:47
KAQ4468 aiyaaaaa
02/11/2018 16:48
Kawkaw Seeking friends opinion..since sarawak development was approved during budget 2019 recently..any good out vome for cms..
I want to try buying..advice pls.
02/11/2018 22:04
zhouxingxing kawkawkaw no specific mentions for cms la... but majority concerns on cms was the panborneo project (although they only do a smal portion of it apart from the raw materials)... now that the panborneo get green light to cont from the budget.. should be going up this coming week..
04/11/2018 13:43
Kawkaw Thank you..zhouxing..
Hopefully monday can buy a bit..
04/11/2018 15:01
zhouxingxing no volume today.. all genting
05/11/2018 14:50
Kawkaw Haaaa....good n done this morning...
Well buy la...
05/11/2018 15:19
Ngo Jeechin 3.30 coming
05/11/2018 15:32
davidkkw79 Sabah & Sarawak states are big winner in budget 2019
05/11/2018 16:08
davidkkw79 http://www.theedgemarkets.com/article/sarawak-announces-record-budget-rm11914b-2019
05/11/2018 17:57
Investor48 Risk is still there...Musa Aman has been charged..!

06/11/2018 12:45
KAQ4468 aiyaaaaaaa

long neck again
08/11/2018 11:23
davidkkw79 KUALA LUMPUR (Nov 7): Sarawak's record high budget of RM11.914 billion announced for the year 2019, the bulk of which is for development expenditure, is attracting construction engineering firms like Gadang Holdings Bhd, which is now hoping to get a slice of the state's spending.

Of the state's total budget, RM9.073 billion — including a federal fund of RM260 million — will be allocated for development expenditure, while RM2.841 billion will be for operating expenditure.

Gadang's construction division managing director Khew Check Kiet said he expects a lot of projects to be rolled out in Sarawak, some of which the group hopes to secure to drive growth for its order book and revenue.

"There is huge potential in East Malaysia as the state government of Sarawak has just rolled out a 2019 budget of about RM9 billion to be used in development expenditure. Thus, there are a lot of opportunities for us (going forward)," Khew told a press conference after the group's annual general meeting today.

Khew said the group is also participating in the tender of four projects for the Pan Borneo Expressway in Sabah, which he believes will be a positive catalyst for the group.

In all, the group is now bidding for about RM2 billion worth of projects, including the four Pan Borneo Expressway projects, as well as the MARA Science College in Sabah. Its order book now stands at RM1.5 billion.

At 12.30pm, Gadang's share price was trading 1.5 sen or 2.38% higher at 64.5 sen, valuing the group at RM426.8 million.

08/11/2018 13:06
Ngo Jeechin buy ,buy, buy and keep till 3.50
12/11/2018 09:27
Ngo Jeechin R1=3.21 , R2=3.28
14/11/2018 09:15
Ngo Jeechin When is the Q3 report coming out?
14/11/2018 09:27

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