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4.51 6.22     +1.71 (37.92%)
* Average Target Price, Price Call and Upside/Downside are derived from Price Targets in the past 6 months.
** Price Targets are adjusted for Bonus Issue, Shares Split & Shares Consolidation (where applicable).
Date Open Price Target Price Upside/Downside Price Call Source News
10/03/2023 4.63 5.86 +1.23 (26.57%) BUY KENANGA Price Target News
24/02/2023 4.57 5.80 +1.23 (26.91%) BUY PUBLIC BANK Price Target News
24/02/2023 4.57 6.75 +2.18 (47.70%) BUY HLG Price Target News
21/02/2023 4.81 5.80 +0.99 (20.58%) BUY PUBLIC BANK Price Target News
21/02/2023 4.81 5.76 +0.95 (19.75%) BUY KENANGA Price Target News
20/12/2022 4.42 6.45 +2.03 (45.93%) BUY HLG Price Target News
01/12/2022 4.46 5.80 +1.34 (30.04%) BUY PUBLIC BANK Price Target News
11/11/2022 4.44 5.86 +1.42 (31.98%) BUY KENANGA Price Target News
08/10/2022 4.49 5.86 +1.37 (30.51%) BUY KENANGA Price Target News
26/08/2022 4.70 5.86 +1.16 (24.68%) BUY KENANGA Price Target News
26/08/2022 4.70 6.55 +1.85 (39.36%) BUY HLG Price Target News
15/08/2022 4.75 5.86 +1.11 (23.37%) BUY KENANGA Price Target News
14/07/2022 4.49 6.37 +1.88 (41.87%) BUY RHB-OSK Price Target News
08/07/2022 4.54 6.50 +1.96 (43.17%) BUY HLG Price Target News
06/07/2022 4.54 6.50 +1.96 (43.17%) BUY HLG Price Target News
13/06/2022 4.79 6.37 +1.58 (32.99%) BUY RHB-OSK Price Target News
09/06/2022 5.27 6.37 +1.10 (20.87%) BUY RHB-OSK Price Target News
02/06/2022 5.20 6.37 +1.17 (22.50%) BUY RHB-OSK Price Target News
01/06/2022 4.87 6.37 +1.50 (30.80%) BUY RHB-OSK Price Target News
27/05/2022 4.80 6.37 +1.57 (32.71%) BUY RHB-OSK Price Target News
27/05/2022 4.80 5.86 +1.06 (22.08%) BUY KENANGA Price Target News
13/05/2022 4.49 6.12 +1.63 (36.30%) BUY KENANGA Price Target News
25/04/2022 4.58 6.39 +1.81 (39.52%) BUY RHB-OSK Price Target News
04/04/2022 4.65 6.12 +1.47 (31.61%) BUY KENANGA Price Target News

Price Target Research Article/News (past 6 months)
10/03/2023  KENANGA Gaming - 4QCY22 Results Review: Recovery on Track
24/02/2023  PUBLIC BANK Genting Berhad - Recovery On Track But At Slower Pace
24/02/2023  HLG Genting - Ending Strong With Record Quarter for RWLV
21/02/2023  PUBLIC BANK Genting Berhad - GENS: Recovery Gaining Momentum
21/02/2023  KENANGA Genting - GENS Dealt a Good Hand
20/12/2022  HLG Gaming - Final Sprint to Normalcy
01/12/2022  PUBLIC BANK PublicInvest Research Headlines - 1 Dec 2022
11/11/2022  KENANGA Genting - A Solid Recovery At GENS
08/10/2022  KENANGA Tourism - A Boost to Domestic Tourism
26/08/2022  KENANGA Genting Bhd - A Reopening and CPO Play
26/08/2022  HLG Genting - Returns to Black
15/08/2022  KENANGA Genting Bhd - Luck Factor Weighs on GENS’s Earnings
14/07/2022  RHB-OSK Gaming - Visitors Are Back, and Yields Are Attractive; O/W
08/07/2022  HLG Gaming - International Visits Pave the Way to Normalcy
06/07/2022  HLG Genting - Anticipating a Broad-based Improvement
13/06/2022  RHB-OSK Genting - Could TauRx be a Potential M&A Target? Keep BUY
09/06/2022  RHB-OSK Gaming - 1Q22 Wrap- Weak Start, But Recovery on Track
02/06/2022  RHB-OSK Genting - Promising Initial Data From TauRx’s LUCIDITY Trial
01/06/2022  RHB-OSK Gaming - NFOs- Higher Number of Special Draws Now; O/W
27/05/2022  RHB-OSK Genting - a Glimpse of An Exciting 2022; Maintain BUY
27/05/2022  KENANGA Genting Bhd - 1QFY22 Missed Expectations
13/05/2022  KENANGA Genting Bhd - Satisfactory GENS’ 1QFY22 Results
25/04/2022  RHB-OSK Gaming - Recovery in Full Swing; Still OVERWEIGHT
04/04/2022  KENANGA Gaming - The Going Gets Better

  34 people like this.
James_Bond Dumb Bob aka STKoay aka AngTayKor, belonging to same one person, using multiple i3 accounts to attack me earning huge in KLSE… pathetic loser act! Not gentleman at all! No wonder you all keep on losing money in KLSE! Serve you right!
17/03/2023 9:12 PM
BobAxelrod33 Oh James, you're blowing a fuse. We are all tickled pink you're trading at levels of 180 million RUPPIAH....maybe you need a new calculator??
17/03/2023 9:14 PM
newbie2019 A forum to release anger? Sigh
18/03/2023 7:22 AM
jjtamG Roti kosong + teh ais satu
18/03/2023 12:45 PM
AngTayKor Posted by MoneyMakers > 34 minutes ago | Report Abuse
Quite tickled see AngTK/Bob ‘furiously’ attack JamesBond just b’coz himself millionaire

Please la we are just laughing at his stooopidity to fake boast abt his Casino Royale Fund until RM90m cash. He has been the attacker la. Go n check who has been the one cursing non-stop at others here
18/03/2023 1:16 PM
RWG monday big discount again
18/03/2023 3:56 PM
Riaz1954 What a load of bollocks!
18/03/2023 4:48 PM
StartOfTheBull Foreigners shun away Bursa due to political bad sentiment.
18/03/2023 4:51 PM
Michael_chan2022 With the ongoing financial panic in the West ..funds are moving back from the West to Asia. Bursa will benefit..too.
18/03/2023 5:17 PM
RWG https://www.bharian.com.my/berita/nasional/2023/03/1078695/kamu-kaya-berbilion-cukai-tak-mahu-bayar-anwar-tegur-tauke-besar?utm_source=bh&utm_medium=terkinitabhp
18/03/2023 5:51 PM
newbie2019 rich men are the law makers….
he is jus saying for the sake of saying….
19/03/2023 7:31 AM
Michael_chan2022 The claim by bank promoters..bank stocks should perform well in high interest rates environment as higher interest rates could lead to higher interest incomes for the banking stocks is wrong/salah
Look at dbs, uob and ocbc ,you will have the answer hor..

It seems... the series of interest rate hikes by ang moh could be tipping global economy into a financial crisis instead..
19/03/2023 8:14 PM
Michael_chan2022 当你意识到即使经过如此多的制裁,俄罗斯还没有一家银行倒闭。

19/03/2023 8:21 PM
Michael_chan2022 https://www.sinchew.com.my/?p=4551698

Holding on to the banking stocks..mana ada peace of mind

Lai..lai buy GenB ..the best recovery stock to hold in 2023, 2024
19/03/2023 8:46 PM
AngTayKor Posted by Michael_chan2022 > 1 month ago | Report Abuse


Hold tight... 我们要發達嘛!

@Michael thanks and nice sharing of good videos. I notice this video was probably recorded 2.5 years ago when GenB was 2.97 zone. This old guy was definitely correct at that time, if bought at 2.97 sure can huat big. Tourism recovery story has been playing since Nov 2020 from the day Pfizer covid vaccine clinical trial good news. Story is getting stale and mouldy by now but strangely this 2.5 years old story still can suck in many JustBorns or Johnny-Come-Late punters buying above rm5.
19/03/2023 10:31 PM
prudentinvestor SINGAPORE, Feb 13 (Reuters) - DBS Group (DBSM.SI), which has seen its net interest margins hit highs for the decade on rising interest rates, expects rates to moderate, its chief executive said, as Southeast Asia's largest bank by assets reported record quarterly and full-year profit.

Singapore lenders, like global peers, are benefiting from higher interest rates, but analysts said that as the cycle peaks and economic growth falters, rising bank profits could be curbed.
DBS has reported record earnings due to rising interest rates.
19/03/2023 11:13 PM
AngTayKor https://www.cnbc.com/2023/03/19/ubs-offers-to-buy-credit-suisse-for-up-to-1-billion-the-financial-times-reports.html

Will such a low offer price for CS cause banks' stock price to collapse more on Monday?
20/03/2023 12:42 AM
Michael_chan2022 https://www.channelnewsasia.com/business/ubs-agrees-buy-credit-suisse-global-regulators-assure-markets-3358511?cid=internal_sharetool_androidphone_20032023_cna

Latest news... UBS will pay 3 billion Swiss francs (US$3.23 billion) and assume up to US$5.4 billion in losses in a deal expected to close by the end of 2023.

From higher interest incomes for the banking stocks to financial panic. Let's see..
20/03/2023 7:24 AM
Michael_chan2022 Kicking the can down... can we trust them?
20/03/2023 7:47 AM
Michael_chan2022 https://finance.yahoo.com/news/study-finds-186-banks-vulnerable-011442518.html


Another financial panic or financial crisis??

Bank promoters claimed these are the growth stocks..
20/03/2023 7:54 AM
AngTayKor So quiet here after discovering price protection Casino Royale Fund is actually 90m rupiah cash.......
20/03/2023 3:07 PM
ClaraChan94 Looks like people dispose Genting and buy AAX... both are recovery theme stocks by the way
20/03/2023 4:13 PM
BobAxelrod33 James darling, didn't I tell you not to use your 180 million RUPPIAH and flush all at once on this??? LOL
20/03/2023 6:48 PM
BobAxelrod33 James is now cutting all losses at MyEg to cover his position at Genting.......later might even cutkuku.......
20/03/2023 6:49 PM
prudentinvestor Those who are scared of bank failures should withdraw all their money from the banks and keep cash at home. I have full faith in our local banks.
21/03/2023 11:04 AM
MoneyMakers US/Switz alrdy show bank deposits safe (gov guarantee/bailout)

Only bank shareholder/bondholder get wiped out
21/03/2023 12:40 PM
neohts No update and news on GenB ?
21/03/2023 1:32 PM
DestinyL So far I only see bad news, RWNY and Catskills reduced gross profit
Need to checkout Gens and GenM performance
21/03/2023 1:37 PM
BILLC Yes bad news everywhere,,,better runnn for your life,,,boh chow siiiiiiiiii,,,,,,
21/03/2023 3:52 PM
choysun Be patient, accumulate :)
21/03/2023 4:30 PM
ClaraChan94 Can wait for 52 weeks low then collect again I guess...
21/03/2023 5:13 PM
Sister stock GM down today.

GB stockist playing pump to dump game again?
21/03/2023 5:19 PM
choysun 52 weeks low is a big ask. Maybe closer to state elections there may be some negative sentiments but Q1 results should be out then and likely to be good.
21/03/2023 6:22 PM
stkoay @choysun, how is the US market tonight?
21/03/2023 9:49 PM
RWG very good
21/03/2023 10:16 PM
stkoay So quiet, many already cut loss ?
22/03/2023 11:07 AM
thurston Genting Singapore share price is now SGD 1.10, 20% above pre-pandemic level.

Genting Berhad owns 52.5% of Genting Singapore. This shall reflect to its value below,

1.10 x 3.34 x 52.5% x 12B (GenS share number) / 3.85B (GenB share number) = rm 6.00.

Please note this value has not included Genting Malaysia, Genting Plantation, Genting Energy, Resort World Las Vegas and Taurx.
22/03/2023 11:10 AM
dragon328 Genting Singapore share price rally is well expected for reasons explained in my earlier article.

Maybank research yesterday upgraded Genting Singapore to a BUY with tp of S$1.18, an 23% uplift citing similar reasons. To note that its projected EBITDA of S$1.307 billion for FY2024 is not too far off from my earlier projection of S$1.4 billion.

I expect Genting Singapore share price to continue upwards trend to beyond S$1.20 in coming months. This will create another 60 sen in value to Genting Bhd.
22/03/2023 11:36 AM
stkoay Two retail favorite ....Genting n PBB are down.
One institution favorite, the Big Blue is up.

May be, retailers are selling ahead of FOMC announcement on rates
22/03/2023 12:34 PM
DestinyL NTA doesn't mean much for conglomerate shareholders
The cake is yours but not for your eating, how?
Unless there is high dividend payout from Gens, and GenB other entities are not negating the profits
22/03/2023 12:45 PM
DestinyL As usual, another big impact is when your subsidiaries gives you the equivalent high dividend, and you squander the profits via RPTs
22/03/2023 12:47 PM
stkoay Posted by DestinyL > 1 hour ago | Report Abuse

NTA doesn't mean much for conglomerate shareholders
The cake is yours but not for your eating, how?
Unless there is high dividend payout from Gens, and GenB other entities are not negating the profits


Agree !
22/03/2023 2:10 PM
1invest1 Simple, park some $ in MBB.
22/03/2023 2:48 PM
stkoay https://www.theedgemarkets.com/node/659583

KUALA LUMPUR (March 17): Rakuten Trade said it will not be surprised if foreign funds make a U-turn back into the Asia market over the next couple of months, amid the erratic US market and the recent banking debacle.

Rakuten Trade head of research Kenny Yee said that investors are getting more risk-averse, seeing that the volatility in the US and Europe is increasing, and will shift their attention back to Asia, which they have been ignoring since the 2020 pandemic period.

“With their abundance of liquidity, they have been comfortable trading within their own market, but now with high risks there, I think they have no choice but to start looking at Asia again,” Yee said in the firm’s virtual media briefing on Friday (March 17) regarding Malaysia's second-quarter market outlook.

“There will certainly be a realignment of their portfolios. Some foreign funds will look to diversify their portfolios, especially for the financial sector. I think they are selling Western banks to look at Asia banks which, I say, are more stable and better capitalised.”
22/03/2023 2:58 PM
Michael_chan2022 Why banks?
Never see Sembcorp U96 in full action meh?
22/03/2023 3:10 PM
Michael_chan2022 But GenB is still the best recovery stock to hold. Cheers!
22/03/2023 3:11 PM
Michael_chan2022 STI green green.. chiong 50 pts up
22/03/2023 3:18 PM
MoneyMakers Gdluck hodl bank stocks

Once bank crisis start, gov immediately takeover (delisted) - shareholder total loss

Basically 100% loss within days - somemore without warning (nobody know bank trouble until too late)
22/03/2023 4:56 PM
MoneyMakers Ding3 4.51 new weekly high closing (includ div 9sen)

Slow steady back to rm5
22/03/2023 4:57 PM
prudentinvestor "Once bank crisis start, gov immediately takeover (delisted) - shareholder total loss
Basically 100% loss within days - somemore without warning (nobody know bank trouble until too late)"
@MoneyMakers, Can you give one example of bank failures which occurred in Malaysia over the past 40 years and which resulted in shareholders losing all their money?
22/03/2023 9:56 PM

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