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1.12 1.34     +0.22 (19.64%)
* Average Target Price, Price Call and Upside/Downside are derived from Price Targets in the past 6 months.
** Price Targets are adjusted for Bonus Issue, Shares Split & Shares Consolidation (where applicable).
Date Open Price Target Price Upside/Downside Price Call Source News
11/03/2019 1.23 0.97 -0.26 (21.14%) HOLD HLG Price Target News
20/12/2018 0.81 0.845 +0.035 (4.32%) HOLD KENANGA Price Target News
20/12/2018 0.81 0.97 +0.16 (19.75%) HOLD HLG Price Target News
19/12/2018 0.755 1.42 +0.665 (88.08%) HOLD RHB-OSK Price Target News
28/09/2018 1.32 1.35 +0.03 (2.27%) HOLD KENANGA Price Target News
27/09/2018 1.36 1.42 +0.06 (4.41%) HOLD RHB-OSK Price Target News
27/09/2018 1.36 2.20 +0.84 (61.76%) BUY KENANGA Price Target News
27/09/2018 1.36 1.27 -0.09 (6.62%) HOLD HLG Price Target News

Price Target Research Article/News (past 6 months)
11/03/2019  HLG George Kent (Malaysia) - Aspiration in Metering
20/12/2018  KENANGA George Kent (M) Bhd - 9M19 Below Expectations
20/12/2018  HLG George Kent (Malaysia) - 3Q19 Results Below
19/12/2018  RHB-OSK George Kent Malaysia - Returning to Roots in Water Metering
28/09/2018  KENANGA George Kent (M) Bhd - Prospects De-Railed
27/09/2018  RHB-OSK George Kent Malaysia - Waiting for the Fresh LRT3 Award
27/09/2018  KENANGA George Kent (M) Bhd - Dragged by LRT3 Project Review
27/09/2018  HLG George Kent - Inline at the Midpoint

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geraldt9 Without Jibby or BN in power .. berapa tinggi boleh panjat lagi ..?
12/03/2019 17:47
Veron_teo will limit up once umno regain power next ge
12/03/2019 17:58
SHQuah PH is based on projects experience and costs. They don't care about their past relationship.
12/03/2019 18:04
Maynot QR bad kah?? Let see tomorrow rally or not to confirm
12/03/2019 19:00
Vinzcent Final QR Result:
Revenue - Drop
Profit - Drop
CashFlow - Decreased to 116Mil+
12/03/2019 20:01
SHQuah Revenue and profit drop is expected. We are looking at the future and not present.
12/03/2019 20:09
faralenz77 QR not out yet. Due next week.
12/03/2019 22:25
WeiZian Chin tomorrow will gap up abit
12/03/2019 22:31
amzarb44 They forgot to mention bout mrt2 profits contributions?
12/03/2019 23:44
Newtmethod hahahaha tml sure up. Believe me.
12/03/2019 23:59
SHQuah Gkent focus on potential jobs includes regional rail-related opportunities, and GKent is studying possibilities to participate in Singapore’s rail-related job bidding.

We opine that the company will face an uphill battle as bidding for Singapore mass rapid transit jobs is very competitive in Singapore. On the domestic front, near-term opportunities for GKent include water treatment plant jobs (RM100 million to RM200 million) and the second phase of the Klang Valley double track project (RM5 billion) where we understand that the company is looking for a JV partner to participate in the tender.
13/03/2019 07:30
SHQuah Don't worry about this coming quarter result, can make less profit is consider very good.
Think about second half of the year and moving forward with all the bigger projects.
13/03/2019 07:36
amzarb44 SHQuah, where is that bigger projects?
13/03/2019 09:51
Maynot Sharks in this counter are funny. Try to goreng like crazy during red sea market on monday. But when green market come they just hold the price lol. I cant see the logic
13/03/2019 10:08
Bratt Insider sharks
13/03/2019 11:36
oasischeah Tomorrow and Friday should be able to get cheaper price as contra sellers that bought alot on Monday will be forced to sell.
13/03/2019 11:53
SHQuah Contra players never learn.
13/03/2019 18:18
moneykj Lai lai Redtone tomorrow morning.
Johor Sultan team up with VT to goreng. Results play still have 50% upside. If they put in Umobile for backdoor listing play, sky is the limit.
14/03/2019 00:01
Maynot Still fail to break 1.20. The problem is that this imbecile shark always goreng when market red. But when market green just hold the price hahaha
14/03/2019 08:44
Grace Loh up up up
14/03/2019 10:51
Ivan89 Gkent high chance to break 1.2 tpday
14/03/2019 10:56
oasischeah Waiting for contra players to sell but so far not much movement as yet.
14/03/2019 12:34
oasischeah Now it is starting to crack a bit. The contra players need to sell. Tomorrow will be forced to sell.
14/03/2019 16:06
Maynot Today wrong timing to goreng again. Goreng during red market again. Then fail as always
14/03/2019 17:45
Maynot Tell sharks to GORENG NOW!! THIS IS THE RIGHT TIME!!!
15/03/2019 10:51
gain100 this counter no good dy.
everyday's last high price seems going to be lower and lower from 1.24 then 1.21 then 1.19 today
oh dear
15/03/2019 11:34
gain100 shame you...most of the counter goreng dy..except this
15/03/2019 11:35
oasischeah Be patient friends. Alot of selling to be done yet. Today is Friday.
15/03/2019 11:55
SHQuah https://www.theedgemarkets.com/article/george-kent-seen-promote-smart-metering-state-govts

George Kent seen to promote smart metering to state govts
The management is excited about its metering division as they are doubling their effort in promoting their smart metering solutions to various state governments and countries within the South-East Asia region. Its smart meters are an add-on to existing meters that offer fixed network reading or mobile network reading, which allows water players to bill customers effortlessly. While it is still at the pilot stage, as they are working with mobile operators in testing the transmission of data, we believe that should it take off, it would be a strong growth factor for its metering division. We anticipate the smart meters could potentially grow its metering revenue by a minimum of 50%, should GKENT is able to package its smart meters together with its existing products.

George Kent (Malaysia) Bhd (GKent) management has indicated that its current core focus would be on the delivery of Light Rail Transit Line 3 (LRT3) and its existing ongoing projects — LRT2, Mass Rapid Transit 2 and public hospitals with an estimated outstanding order book of RM5.4 billion. Hence, the management is not looking to participate aggressively in other jobs in the near term.

While its current progress is still at about 10%, management remains optimistic about meeting the construction timeline as it has been rescheduled to 2024. Currently, the management is expecting the redesign of the project to be completed by the second half of calander year 2019 (2H19) and hopes to progress to full swing as its subcontractor would be able to proceed with work on stations upon receiving the final designs. That said, now that GKENT-MRCB JV is no longer the project delivery partner(PDP) but the main contractor of LRT3, they are working closely with banks to secure financing for the working capital needs for LRT3. We are confident that they will be able to secure the financing given that both GKENT and MRCB’s balance sheets remain healthy, which GKENT is in net cash position while MRCB is lowly geared at 0.2 time.

We are keeping our FY19E core net profit (CNP) of RM75 million as we believe that GKENT will meet our expectations as they tend to perform stronger in the fourth quarter. No changes to our FY20E (estimate) CNP of RM82 million for now.
15/03/2019 14:31
newinvestor17 Trade cautiously in any counters guys. Dont simply buy and gamble away hard earned money.

Most importantly, dont get over influenced by the analysis carried out by Jaya. Jaya has been good at spreading fake news and twisting stories as a means of getting people to buy into a particular counter just because his holding it.

I3 has just banned him for about a week but his dupe accounts are still running aimlessly in this forum
15/03/2019 15:05
pfcm Newinvestor17

Yes i agree with what you say
16/03/2019 02:12
mayleow if i got cash i will sapu
16/03/2019 09:06
SHQuah I invested in Gkent because the dividend % is higher than bank FD and EPF. One thing for sure is company won't close down.
16/03/2019 10:39
Tian Bao Ming Just cannot trust those guys who yell and scream about contra player, what t3 and force to sell. Buying support is still there because people sees value, not the buy low sell high game. By the time the share price reflect true value, it will be too late to get a hand of it. Continue in my collection for my believe in extra value of 40m over Treasury share.
16/03/2019 22:12
Newtmethod a very strong support at 1.17-1.18. need some volume to create the inverse head and shoulder.
17/03/2019 11:02
Wuzy Hope no QR bomb from gkent
17/03/2019 22:33
Ivan89 Critical week for gkent
18/03/2019 10:12
ikah2000 why critical week for gkent.. can explain abit
18/03/2019 10:54
Ivan89 Qr release by this week and may decide the share price up or down
18/03/2019 11:25
papparich gkent is in harvesting period with little catayst for growth. But the good news is that their returns is above 8% which is far better than any bank. While in terms of growth may not be as strong for now but because it is undervalue, this is one stock you can buy and keep for at least a year. In short, if you don't buy the pappadoms, someone else will.

My opinion is Gkent is of the a good company which was fortunately prices drove down due to political nonsense. They are cash rich and therefore has means to increase their capex in areas like engineering sector to bring the company to greater growth.
18/03/2019 15:07
Tian Bao Ming hold till QR release, good keep hold, bad buy more but lower price.
sell only if you need to buy other better counter.
18/03/2019 15:08
amet2017 Lol how to advise when people dont know what is your trading plan? when you buy,you should have established your max risk and establish cut loss and TP.
18/03/2019 15:09
yuanXY Where can we know when is the due date for QR report?
19/03/2019 09:32
RainT here come the down trend
19/03/2019 13:01
RainT @yuanxy

aiyo ...geram ...ask this question ...lol

u need do more homework
19/03/2019 13:01
RainT follow the Bursa rules , listed companies must submit and declare their quarter report latest by 2 months of the closing quarter

so example if the company quarter ending 31 Dec 2018, so before 28 Feb 2019 need to declare the quarter report already
19/03/2019 13:03
RainT GEKNT financial year end is 31 Jan

so quarter 1 is end April , then need declare report before 30 June

quarter 2 ending is end Jul , so need declare report by 30 Sept

quarter 3 ending is ending Oct , so need declare report by 31 Dec

AND COMING …..quarter 4 is ending end Jan , need declare before 31 MARCH 2019
19/03/2019 13:07
RainT GO to website www.malaysiastock.biz
19/03/2019 13:08
ikah2000 ystd closing price is 1.14... hope today can sustain at same price..
19/03/2019 16:19
Tian Bao Ming Why get from third party? just go their official website:
19/03/2019 16:20

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