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14/11/2019 0.735 0.87 +0.135 (18.37%) BUY AmInvest Price Target News
25/09/2019 0.585 0.67 +0.085 (14.53%) HOLD AmInvest Price Target News
15/08/2019 0.595 0.67 +0.075 (12.61%) HOLD AmInvest Price Target News

Price Target Research Article/News (past 6 months)
14/11/2019  AmInvest MFlour - Back in the black
25/09/2019  AmInvest M Flour - Selling prices have stabilised for now
15/08/2019  AmInvest M Flour - In The Red in 2QFY19

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lee_m2020 i sure buy this one...!
17/11/2019 10:27 PM
Lucas Chan Mflour now the result is considered quite ok, I can guarantee you guys, after the plant 500m establish done, the profit for mflour will double up, as we all know the chicken is increasingly 3x from now!!!
18/11/2019 9:07 AM
lee_m2020 ok ... i support this counter... last year it was dropped by half, where as this company does monopolise the flour industry in Malaysia.. BUY CALL
18/11/2019 11:27 AM
matsukabird I agree with Lucas Chan. The plant almost ready and it will start to contribute revenue & profit.
18/11/2019 4:35 PM
sapurakencana Lucas,we know chicken increase 3 time,but where is the order,if no demand,where got sales.
2.Poultry industry facing high competition from domestic market, player like leong hup cant even achieve the projection revenue,can Mflour achieve? we as a minority,take care of yourself,we dont know how management will react when trade war come again.
18/11/2019 9:32 PM
Lucas Chan Sapurakencana, you are negative at all!! You never think positive for mflour, of course there is highly demand on sales to create an opportunity for mflour to increase quantity of chicken! The qr will answer your question in future, let’s see
19/11/2019 7:46 AM
Lucas Chan Please tell me will you spend a 500m for nothing??? What is the reason behind for spending 500m for new plant of factory??
19/11/2019 7:50 AM
mcmann @steve ooi has a good point the price is ayam is droping next QR holan
19/11/2019 8:12 AM
lee_m2020 MFLOUR can achieve because technically its monopolise the industry... no other fomidable competitor... BUY CALL
19/11/2019 9:58 AM
moneytr33 when will the plant be ready?
19/11/2019 10:03 AM
zeroth schedule didn't delay, plant will be ready by Q419 as per official announcement
19/11/2019 10:45 AM
lee_m2020 Put in guys, and no goreng2, this counter will double up...
19/11/2019 11:59 AM
tirumal plant already started from 11.11.ramping up production.
19/11/2019 12:30 PM
lee_m2020 drop as usual routine... im cool
19/11/2019 12:36 PM
Torreira drop like no tomorrow....if dont know, still though this is loss making company
19/11/2019 1:04 PM
Lucas Chan Director bought at 0.74!!!
19/11/2019 1:33 PM
Lucas Chan Let’s wait for the February qr and you will reward handsomely!
19/11/2019 2:50 PM
lee_m2020 hehehe... Guys, this company's 9 months profit was 50mil an equivalent to 732% increase compared to previous performance... BUY CALLLL!!!
19/11/2019 3:46 PM
lee_m2020 sky rocket profit increase sole monopoly.. what else do you want? this shall be bounce back to RM2 like old days i.e. last year
19/11/2019 3:47 PM
Lucas Chan Any below 0.7 is considered discount price!!!
19/11/2019 4:34 PM
mkmike Some companies will resort to creative accouning to make their earnings look good. The intrinsic value may not be what we see.
20/11/2019 10:24 AM
Lucas Chan As we all know mflour main core business is flour sector, by the way why mflour is going to build a plant for chicken not for flour?? The answer is very clear right... because chicken business is much more expectation in future!!!
20/11/2019 5:47 PM
birkincollector hope teoseng good results will boost all poultry counters tomorrow la
20/11/2019 6:38 PM
lee_m2020 sure.. any prices below .7 are good
21/11/2019 11:16 AM
lee_m2020 if drop dwon further, buy more..
21/11/2019 11:16 AM
lee_m2020 i im in... huge... support..
21/11/2019 4:54 PM
Torreira keep dropping after announced the fantastic performance, weird...
22/11/2019 9:47 PM
shpg22 Give u a hint. Way back in 2010, 20M profit translated to 20 cents EPS. Today the same amount only generate 2 cents EPS.
24/11/2019 12:25 AM
Red Tulip Why is this counter so quiet?
26/11/2019 10:15 AM
trading2019 Counter oversold. Sellers losing steam. Buyers still look see, look see.
26/11/2019 10:45 AM
Red Tulip Queing to buy at 0.65.
26/11/2019 1:31 PM
LearnFromMistake I m waiting at 0.60.
26/11/2019 3:04 PM
26/11/2019 3:43 PM
Red Tulip If Carlsberg's shares could continously go up every year, why not MFlour?
27/11/2019 8:56 AM
trading2019 Sold. Good riddance.
27/11/2019 9:24 AM
Airline Bobby Bought. Let's gooo
27/11/2019 9:24 AM
# dare# aiyo, instead of up...drop so much! Sien...
27/11/2019 11:00 AM
Red Tulip Supports broken, one after another. Better cut loss.
27/11/2019 4:04 PM
lee_m2020 Broken.. down waiting at lowest ever after many yearss...
27/11/2019 4:49 PM
moneytr33 gone case la this counter.. aiyoh
27/11/2019 4:50 PM
lee_m2020 I no double this counter has its reputation. Why on earth flour traders got loss? everyday people eat bread of not rice..
27/11/2019 4:52 PM
Red Tulip Agreed. Even alchohol, in Muslim majority country, also can make money.
27/11/2019 6:35 PM
Gizaa will drop to 0.10?
28/11/2019 11:41 AM
LearnFromMistake wont drop to 0.10, maybe around 50cent +, if drop to 0.10, maybank should be around rm4 + at that moment
28/11/2019 11:49 AM
Tete7893 waiting 0.58-0.6.
28/11/2019 3:01 PM
Chokhmah expecting next quarter big loss?
29/11/2019 10:34 AM
LearnFromMistake not expecting, bcz now adi a loss, so probably will back to 0.6 supporting, if break then ll drop heavily @@ this year is a hard year
29/11/2019 11:37 AM
Money122 Going downward..
02/12/2019 12:10 AM
CyberShot Time up for a major upward or downward movement. Brace yourself as it is clearly seen in the chart. Hope i am right
03/12/2019 10:03 AM
Pokem0n Slowly it moving upwards for few days. Great! Hopefully can go 0.70+
05/12/2019 1:32 PM

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