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0.575 0.39     -0.185 (32.17%)
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28/08/2019 0.45 0.37 -0.08 (17.78%) SELL AffinHwang Price Target News
24/05/2019 0.485 0.40 -0.085 (17.53%) SELL AffinHwang Price Target News

Price Target Research Article/News (past 6 months)
28/08/2019  AffinHwang Jaya Tiasa - Wider Losses Than Expected in FY19
24/05/2019  AffinHwang Jaya Tiasa - Challenging Times

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thesteward Tomolo this one sud jalan di
30/10/2019 8:23 PM
Gary_hon Jalan lagi baik... upupup
31/10/2019 9:33 AM
Bigshark123 oil palm price is standing at RM2,500
31/10/2019 9:48 AM
wilsonchan87 Cold eye 走宝了
31/10/2019 11:21 AM
wahd Cool did sold all the share ? Any Announcements ?
31/10/2019 12:42 PM
sunnyguy Based on top 30 shareholder list in 2019 Annual Report, his name is no more there. The 30th shareholder just hold around 2.8 million share.... So, I think cold eye should sell all his share already.
31/10/2019 5:00 PM
123456 Enjin start
05/11/2019 11:38 AM
monetary Buy companies with prudent management like hapseng n tsh. No point to buy the cheapest plantation stock as we r not buying a physical plantation n manage it ourselves. We want to hold shares of companies that can generate profit.
05/11/2019 1:34 PM
enning22 true, if the management run the business like najib-1mdb, everything is negative.
08/11/2019 10:19 AM
Molly Ngui The chart look good, uptrend..
11/11/2019 9:22 AM
Molly Ngui Some Big Boy collecting, churning..
11/11/2019 10:51 AM
wahd Why didn’t announce cool eye sell share ? Or he sell low volume batch by batch ,so no need to announce on bursa?
11/11/2019 11:13 AM
Molly Ngui If announce share probably drop already, homily chart look good..
11/11/2019 11:30 AM
Molly Ngui Slow & Steady, win the race..
11/11/2019 2:39 PM
Titan The coming QR might report a better result compared to last Q (Q4). The CPO production increased by 70% compared to Q4 while logging production increased by 5%. Last Q4 result was so bad because it has included a 1 off taxation of 64M. The operating cost + finance cost is only -26million but management has insert a tax of 64M and causes the eps to be -9.42 instead of only -2.3. Of course this is not a great company but upcoming quarter should report small losses or maybe breakeven or mayb small gain. Unable to determine the value of this company just hoping it can go on a recovery road so that it will start reporting +ve eps and then we can value how much this company worth.
11/11/2019 2:46 PM
Molly Ngui This is a first wave, testing 0.60 today..
11/11/2019 2:52 PM
Titan The technical chart shows that it is on an uptrend. It has broken the midterm line and closing the gap in the long term line. If the price can stays above 56c, it will cross a 200ma line. MACD and rsi shows there is a good momentum.
11/11/2019 2:55 PM
Molly Ngui yes indeed, beautiful chart..
11/11/2019 2:56 PM
Molly Ngui Go JTIASA Go..
11/11/2019 3:38 PM
Titan by today if can stay above 56c, i think it will formed a golden cross on the 200ma line. Meaning it has broken the long term bullish line....ya....go go .....Jtiasa
11/11/2019 3:58 PM
Titan CPO price has also increased. The average for July-sept is Rm2060. Oct is 2200 and current it is above 2450. Hope it maintained above this level but below 2500. Else, CPO shoot to 2800 straight bcoz trade above 2500 need to pay windfall tax. Anyway, overall the CPO price has rebound + Jtiasa production has increased by 70%. It will definitely report a more favorable result for Oct-Nov'19 (2Q).
11/11/2019 4:16 PM
Molly Ngui Thumb up JTIASA
11/11/2019 5:00 PM
Titan Yeap.....sui sui. Tomorrow continue uptrend as I think it form at golden cross at the 200ma. meaning, market also strat to bullish on jtiasa long term.
11/11/2019 5:09 PM
Molly Ngui Agree Titan, high five..
11/11/2019 5:11 PM
Molly Ngui I buy according to chart, i won't listen to all the noise here, when the chart say exit, i will exit..
11/11/2019 7:24 PM
Molly Ngui When you see a real great one of course you invest, obviously some are for trade, chart cannot lie..
11/11/2019 8:25 PM
Molly Ngui hahaha
11/11/2019 8:50 PM
sunnyguy @Titan: Windfall tax is exempted for CPO until end of this year.
11/11/2019 11:39 PM
sunnyguy @Wahd: Cold eye share holding less than 5%, so he no need to make any announcement when he trade.
11/11/2019 11:40 PM
scotthong JTIASA (4383) - Fundamental & Technical Analysis
November 12, 2019 | Hong Wei Giet

Technical Analysis
 - JTIASA shares price has been slashed by 85% since its historical high which indicated Palm Oil counters' shares price is led by economic cyclical.
- It is not recommended to hold for the long term. More suitable to speculate method due to their company

More: https://www.fundamental-technical-analysis.com
12/11/2019 12:55 AM
scotthong JTIASA (4383) - 基本与技术分析
November 12, 2019 | Hong Wei Giet

- JTIASA的股价自其历史高位以来已下跌了85%,该历史高点表明棕榈油的股票价格受经济周期的影响。
- 不建议长期持有。其股票更适合于投机,因为公司业绩与棕榈油价格走势具有高度相关性。

更多: https://www.fundamental-technical-analysis.com
12/11/2019 12:57 AM
monetary 不建议长期持有。其股票更适合于投机,因为公司业绩与棕榈油价格走势具有高度相关性。

What kind of garbage is that. To make the story short GORENG lar!
12/11/2019 8:03 AM
Molly Ngui Go JTIASA Go..
12/11/2019 9:09 AM
Molly Ngui 0.595 just now, almost 0.60, first wave..
12/11/2019 11:14 AM
yoyo why it up? any solid fundamental factor?
12/11/2019 11:51 AM
wilsonchan87 JTiasa 短线,
*RSI 过70,引擎开始有买入的动能
*MACD 黄金交叉

JTiasa 长线,
12/11/2019 12:32 PM
wilsonchan87 Over 7 years oil palm tree >80%, FFB output capacity from year 2007 until today 34 times increase, CPO and Kernel output from year 2011 until today 29 times and 25 times increase
12/11/2019 12:34 PM
Titan i guess the solid fundamental is as what Wilson describes. Their tress has matured and now is at the peak of it output. So now the only thing left to spark the share price to fly like a rocket is the CPO price. So if CPO price can continue to go up, Jtiasa just waits to collect money.
12/11/2019 12:45 PM
Titan the short term has cross the 200MA long term line as well and it has formed a golden cross. Also the 200MA line is moving upward. Chart wise beautiful. I think it is on a bullish trend.
12/11/2019 12:55 PM
Titan Production data for last Q and upcoming Q. CPO increase 71% while log increase by 5%

Month CPO logs
Q1'19 2019 Sept 28020 21228
2019 Aug 28793 38229
2019 July 25510 30250
Total 82323 89707

Q4'18 2019 June 18387 16337
2019 May 16578 32253
2019 Apr 13096 34948
Total 48061 83538
12/11/2019 1:37 PM
Molly Ngui Seller more than buyer, how to go up..
12/11/2019 4:00 PM
Molly Ngui Collecting Dsonic now, buy when everyone fear, when you know the chart is drop dead gorgeous you're smiling while collecting..
12/11/2019 4:29 PM
Molly Ngui No money don't play contra on DSONIC, you must have solid cash to make money there..
12/11/2019 4:41 PM
monetary Do u guys understand the nature of the business. Read nepo previous comments. I suspect that's the reason cooleye exited.
12/11/2019 5:13 PM
wilsonchan87 cyclical business like palm oil seldom people understand it. Once u buy, u need to think when is the time for exit.
12/11/2019 8:11 PM
maytehpg tomolo can break .60 . very undervalue still......
12/11/2019 8:54 PM
thesteward Ya today break .60 going towards 63
13/11/2019 8:14 AM
thesteward https://www.theedgemarkets.com/article/wilmar-reports-10-rise-3q-earnings-us447m-better-performance-across-all-core-segments
13/11/2019 8:16 AM
Molly Ngui I'm out, collecting DSONIC now..
13/11/2019 9:59 AM
Titan CPO 2550 today. Not bad....
14/11/2019 10:20 AM

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