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0.205 0.18     -0.025 (12.20%)
* Average Target Price, Price Call and Upside/Downside are derived from Price Targets in the past 6 months.
** Price Targets are adjusted for Bonus Issue, Shares Split & Shares Consolidation (where applicable).
Date Open Price Target Price Upside/Downside Price Call Source News
19/11/2020 0.19 0.21 +0.02 (10.53%) HOLD PUBLIC BANK Price Target News
19/11/2020 0.19 0.20 +0.01 (5.26%) HOLD MIDF Price Target News
19/11/2020 0.19 0.15 -0.04 (21.05%) SELL KENANGA Price Target News
19/11/2020 0.19 0.26 +0.07 (36.84%) BUY HLG Price Target News
19/11/2020 0.19 0.25 +0.06 (31.58%) BUY AmInvest Price Target News
19/11/2020 0.19 0.15 -0.04 (21.05%) SELL AffinHwang Price Target News
21/10/2020 0.165 0.10 -0.065 (39.39%) SELL KENANGA Price Target News
02/09/2020 0.19 0.19 0.00 (0.00%) HOLD PUBLIC BANK Price Target News
02/09/2020 0.19 0.22 +0.03 (15.79%) HOLD AmInvest Price Target News
28/08/2020 0.19 0.19 0.00 (0.00%) HOLD PUBLIC BANK Price Target News
28/08/2020 0.19 0.17 -0.02 (10.53%) HOLD MIDF Price Target News
28/08/2020 0.19 0.18 -0.01 (5.26%) HOLD HLG Price Target News
28/08/2020 0.19 0.22 +0.03 (15.79%) HOLD AmInvest Price Target News
28/08/2020 0.19 0.13 -0.06 (31.58%) SELL AffinHwang Price Target News
30/06/2020 0.15 0.17 +0.02 (13.33%) HOLD HLG Price Target News
30/06/2020 0.15 0.22 +0.07 (46.67%) HOLD AmInvest Price Target News
05/06/2020 0.16 0.17 +0.01 (6.25%) HOLD HLG Price Target News

Price Target Research Article/News (past 6 months)
19/11/2020  PUBLIC BANK Media Prima Berhad - Cost Optimisation Efforts Bearing Fruits
19/11/2020  MIDF Media Prima - Back in Black in 3QFY20
19/11/2020  KENANGA Media Prima - 3QFY20 Beat Expectations
19/11/2020  HLG Media Prima - Back to black
19/11/2020  AmInvest Media Prima - Home shopping, digital transformation charting new path
19/11/2020  AffinHwang Media Prima - Better-than-expected Results
21/10/2020  KENANGA Media - 3QCY20 Adex Review: Recovering Some Ground
02/09/2020  PUBLIC BANK PublicInvest Research Headlines - 2 Sept 2020
02/09/2020  AmInvest Media Prima - Fully Owns CJ Wow Shop
28/08/2020  PUBLIC BANK Media Prima Berhad - Dragged by Drop In Advertising Spending
28/08/2020  MIDF Media Prima - Optimisation Efforts
28/08/2020  HLG Media Prima - Losses Narrowed
28/08/2020  AmInvest Media Prima - CJ Wow Shop and cost savings cushion 2Q loss
28/08/2020  AffinHwang Media Prima - Narrowing Losses on Cost Management Initiatives
30/06/2020  HLG Media Prima - A Necessary Pain
30/06/2020  AmInvest Media Prima - Next round of job cuts confirmed
05/06/2020  HLG Media Prima - Another Layoff

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8888_ Media Prima - Back to black
Date: 19/11/2020

Source : HLG
Stock : MEDIA Price Target : 0.26 | Price Call : BUY
Last Price : 0.185 | Upside/Downside : +0.075 (40.54%)


Media Prima’s 3Q20 chalked an improvement with core PATAMI of RM4.9m (against -RM5.6m in 2Q20). 9M20 core loss of -RM29.6m came in better than ours/consensus’ loss forecasts of -RM48.3m/-RM60.9m for FY20. This was accomplished on the back of the rise in top line on YoY and QoQ basis, coupled with the cost savings measures that have helped bolster its bottom line. We lower our core loss in FY20 to -RM25.9m. Upgrade to BUY with higher TP of RM0.26 based on FY21f BVPS (RM0.51) of P/B multiple of 0.5x (circa - 1.5SD below its 3-year mean) after our earnings adjustments.

Better-than-expected. Media Prima’s 3Q20 revenue of RM268.8m (+13.7% QoQ, +1.2% YoY), translated into a core PATAMI of RM4.9m (vs. core LATAMI of -RM5.6m in 2Q20, -RM23.7m in 3Q19). This brought 9M20 core LATAMI to -RM29.6m, better than ours/consensus’ estimates of -RM48.3m/-RM60.9m, respectively. The improvement was attributed to better top line coupled with the lower opex thanks to its cost rationalisation. 9M20 sum has been arrived after adjusting for (i) net impairment charge (RM7m); (ii) FOREX loss (RM177k); and (iii) loss on disposal of PPE (RM414k). No dividend was declared.

QoQ. Top line improved by +13.7% buoyed by the increased in adex with the opening of the economy following the RMCO. EBITDA margin improved by 13ppt on bearing fruit on the recent headcount rationalisation. In tandem with that, the group turned profitable charting a core PATAMI of RM4.9m (vs -RM5.6m in 2Q20).

YoY. Revenue inched up by +1.2% on the back of impressive showing in home shopping segment (+40%) and digital media (+31%). This more than offset the decline in broadcasting (-7%), publishing (-30%), OHH (-29%) and content creation (-53%). Subsequently, core PATAMI was recorded as compared to a loss of -RM23.7 in 3Q19.

YTD. Revenue skidded by -7.2% on the back of the declines in all segment but was partially cushioned with the rise in digital media (+14%) and home shopping (+36%). The commendable result in home shopping was thanks to the increase in viewership and shifting in consumer spending habits. Coupled with the improve EBITDA margin by 4.3ppt, losses tapered to -RM29.6m (vs -RM70.4m).

Outlook. Adex showed a slight uptick on the back of the reopening of the economy. We opine that this was due to advertisers ramping up engagement in tandem with the relaxation of MCO measures. We gather from the management that despite the reintroduction of CMCO across the most of Malaysia, adex numbers has been resilient due to the group’s initiative in ramping up their integrated advertising solutions and producing more advertising content. Furthermore, we deem their business transformation exercise has proven to bear fruit and remain hopeful that the improvement will persist while subsequently defending its bottom-line.

ESG. In line with the focus on ESG investing, we are pleased that Media Prima has been listed as the constituent company of the FTSE4Good Index Series, a benchmark and tradable indexes for ESG investors. The group have been awarded as the top 25% by ESG Ratings amongst PLCs assessed by FTSE Russell in June 2020. One notable initiative was the collaboration of WOWSHOP with the Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs to link with the SMEs and developed a DESAMALL on WOWSHOP’s ECMC platform to help SMEs reach out to WOWSHOP’s large customer base.

Forecast. We revise FY20/21/22 forecasts upward from -RM48.3m/-RM15.8m/10.2m to -RM25.9m/RM7.7m/RM27.1m after factoring higher revenue and lower opex.

Upgrade to BUY with higher TP of RM0.26 based on FY21f BVPS (RM0.51) tagged to a higher P/B multiple of 0.5x (roughly -1.5SD below its 3-year mean) after our earnings adjustments. Despite the challenging outlook in the media industry, we are encouraged by the group initiative in streamlining its operations and at the same time proactively improving their integrated advertising solutions.

Source: Hong Leong Investment Bank Research - 19 Nov 2020
20/11/2020 9:05 PM
NoHopeMedia GapUpLimitUp
I hold 100k share. My entry point too high and average down because i put hope during Morgan stanley, and average again when SM come... only notice this share is worst GLC company. Even EPF sold all their share. 60-75% paper lost, same as SM.
23/11/2020 10:54 PM
NoHopeMedia Boat is here for those interested to ride it...Don't miss the opportunity now before it rocket.
When few cents up, everyone appear and talk like gods ...
But when price drop, everyone disappear...

Weird forum....
24/11/2020 9:55 AM
Hidup_PN ESG good why promoters never said? TG so many Covid19 cases yet many like it why?
24/11/2020 11:15 AM
NoHopeMedia Easy answer. Because TG manage by bussiness man and Media manage by politician
24/11/2020 11:17 AM
Hunter70 I think this stock will move since we may have snap election soon.
24/11/2020 5:21 PM
NoHopeMedia That what I think few year ago . “I think it will up after 2018 elections”
24/11/2020 6:43 PM
NoPainNoGain Been holding long before new +QR.

But my patience getting thinner and thinner.
24/11/2020 6:44 PM
KAQ4468 Aiyaaaaa
24/11/2020 7:00 PM
NoHopeMedia KLSE green it dont go up
QR black it also dont go up

Hope no one trap fake rebound at 0.2
25/11/2020 11:20 AM
NoHopeMedia Opportunity come again ... For those want to buy, faster buy now before it rocket....
0.17 is very good to enter.... Hurrayyyyy .....
25/11/2020 3:11 PM
Why_ Promoters here lousy? All scared of demoters ?
25/11/2020 3:17 PM
Why_ 18 I add, 17.5 sure add more.
25/11/2020 3:19 PM
Why_ Lagi turun 2X my order who dare sell.
25/11/2020 3:19 PM
NoHopeMedia Go go go ...Please add more to push up the price
25/11/2020 3:37 PM
GapUpLimitUp Why_ added a lot? There were 4282 lots of shares transacted at 0.175 today. NoHopeMedia needs more ppl like you to be free from this sh-thole!
25/11/2020 6:41 PM
NoHopeMedia No worry. Tomorow limit up since the dream of everyone to have black quarter arrived

Anytime will limit up like GETS
Lelong lelong
25/11/2020 7:20 PM
NoPainNoGain Profit turnaround..
Stock price stay sh!tty.
25/11/2020 7:49 PM
Kedahan Share price is it concern PM? PM no more Tun M so EPF, local funds won't support?
26/11/2020 5:03 AM
Kedahan Next year should propose Chairman replace CEO but with 1 salary for 2 persons only Media share can up more?
26/11/2020 5:18 AM
Kedahan Why need CEO who cannot promote Media shares?
26/11/2020 5:24 AM
Kedahan TV is free but is Media expenses FOC?
26/11/2020 5:33 AM
NoHopeMedia No worry. Good news is coming. Time to buy now before too late. I wait it to shoot up since 2017. Media shoot down til 2020.
26/11/2020 10:00 AM
NoHopeMedia Fuyoh... Media up 5% again...
Those claim missed the boat, faster follow to sail....Dont complain again if later miss boat...

Tomorrow will be RM0.5
26/11/2020 9:22 PM
8888_ Covid-19 vaccine to be given free to Malaysians, says PM Muhyiddin
27/11/2020 10:05 PM
8888_ He said this will be done comprehensively, including via statements to the media, media reports, publications, TV and radio as well as social media besides holding more health seminars and the World Immunisation Day and World Immunisation Week celebrations.
27/11/2020 10:06 PM
NoHopeMedia Another Green KLSe for Media to shoot up -- Buy now before it fly you to holland
30/11/2020 10:33 AM
Useless Media shareholders like my ID? Counter haters why scared?
30/11/2020 11:22 AM
Useless Scared you lose $ not I haha.
30/11/2020 11:23 AM
Useless Cash rich and profitable why sell cheap?
30/11/2020 11:23 AM
Useless Which shareholders should I name and shame name selling cheap? B4b4, IlmuKhodam, etc who else?
30/11/2020 11:25 AM
Useless Sign vaccine agreements with US sure US funds buy. Locals sell cheap smart?
30/11/2020 11:26 AM
NoHopeMedia Totally agree. All media related stock all up today , mediac, star and astro EXCEPT media.
Come buy more when it drop now . Boat are waiting
30/11/2020 11:27 AM
Useless Advertising industry set for recovery
30/11/2020 11:27 AM
IlmuKhodam Haaa Chiii...
30/11/2020 12:01 PM
NoHopeMedia Up trend ! Tomorow limit up. Join us now @ media
30/11/2020 7:59 PM
Ex7121 Unusual closing today, last minute buying. Uptrend still intact
30/11/2020 8:50 PM
NoHopeMedia Opportunity to buy is here again....
01/12/2020 4:22 PM
Lokeatme Really calm..Media prima.. only announced dividend then will soar..?
01/12/2020 4:46 PM
NoHopeMedia Dont expect calm water with no croc. Later bite you as it bite many people here
01/12/2020 10:28 PM
Hidup_Anwar 19 sen is max? PM must change?
02/12/2020 9:17 AM
Hidup_Anwar AGM in 2021 pls attend and throw rotten eggs haha.

Lokeatme Really calm..Media prima.. only announced dividend then will soar..?
01/12/2020 4:46 PM
02/12/2020 10:49 AM
Hidup_Anwar Who want PM change talk to your PKR MPs' haha. You see like Gombak people ada berani?
02/12/2020 10:51 AM
Hidup_Anwar Gombak voters sue Azmin for breach of fiduciary obligations, constitutional oath
02/12/2020 10:52 AM
8888_ Mahathir PM EPF/local funds won't dump or will buy back?
02/12/2020 3:57 PM
8888_ Dr M offers to be witness in suit against Azmin
02/12/2020 3:57 PM
NoHopeMedia Wow . Media become politic forum. Must be sign of recovery !
Buy buy
02/12/2020 7:16 PM
newbie5354_ TV=fake news?
03/12/2020 11:46 AM
NoHopeMedia As long as up- doesnt matter fake news... Many Stock negative profit also shoot till sky ....
03/12/2020 4:18 PM
IlmuKhodam Who want to read real newz? U more fake more ppl read.
Today cum?
03/12/2020 4:29 PM

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