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4.47 5.49     +1.02 (22.82%)
* Average Target Price, Price Call and Upside/Downside are derived from Price Targets in the past 6 months.
** Price Targets are adjusted for Bonus Issue, Shares Split & Shares Consolidation (where applicable).
Date Open Price Target Price Upside/Downside Price Call Source News
31/10/2019 4.39 5.45 +1.06 (24.15%) BUY Rakuten Price Target News
16/10/2019 4.65 4.59 -0.06 (1.29%) HOLD AffinHwang Price Target News
28/08/2019 5.04 5.45 +0.41 (8.13%) HOLD KENANGA Price Target News
28/08/2019 5.13 5.60 +0.47 (9.16%) BUY JF APEX Price Target News
28/08/2019 5.04 5.20 +0.16 (3.17%) HOLD HLG Price Target News
28/08/2019 5.13 5.50 +0.37 (7.21%) HOLD AmInvest Price Target News
28/08/2019 5.13 5.20 +0.07 (1.36%) HOLD AffinHwang Price Target News
27/08/2019 5.05 5.35 +0.30 (5.94%) HOLD MIDF Price Target News
20/08/2019 5.33 5.50 +0.17 (3.19%) HOLD AmInvest Price Target News
06/08/2019 5.13 5.20 +0.07 (1.36%) HOLD HLG Price Target News
17/07/2019 5.40 5.89 +0.49 (9.07%) HOLD AmInvest Price Target News
29/05/2019 5.30 4.75 -0.55 (10.38%) SELL HLG Price Target News
23/05/2019 5.35 5.85 +0.50 (9.35%) HOLD MIDF Price Target News
23/05/2019 5.45 5.80 +0.35 (6.42%) HOLD KENANGA Price Target News
23/05/2019 5.35 6.10 +0.75 (14.02%) BUY JF APEX Price Target News
23/05/2019 5.35 4.75 -0.60 (11.21%) SELL HLG Price Target News
23/05/2019 5.35 5.88 +0.53 (9.91%) HOLD AmInvest Price Target News
23/05/2019 5.35 5.70 +0.35 (6.54%) HOLD AffinHwang Price Target News

Price Target Research Article/News (past 6 months)
31/10/2019  Rakuten UMW Holdings Bhd - Buying Opportunity
16/10/2019  AffinHwang UMW Holdings - ‘Helmets-on’ Stance
28/08/2019  KENANGA UMW Holdings Bhd - 1H19 Within Our Expectation
28/08/2019  JF APEX UMW Holdings Berhad - 1H19 Results Below Expectation
28/08/2019  HLG UMW Holdings - Recognising Perps Distribution
28/08/2019  AmInvest UMW Holdings - Aerospace Unit Gaining Traction; Perodua Outperforms
28/08/2019  AffinHwang UMW Holdings - Below Expectations, Maintain HOLD
27/08/2019  MIDF UMW Holdings - 1H19 Missed Expectations
20/08/2019  AmInvest UMW Holdings - Slew of New Launches to Dampen Excitement in FY20
06/08/2019  HLG UMW Holdings - Toyota Gaining Traction
17/07/2019  AmInvest UMW Holdings - Sells Land; Forges New Partnership
29/05/2019  HLG UMW Holdings - Disappointing Start of FY19
23/05/2019  MIDF UMW - Supported by Strong Perodua Earnings
23/05/2019  KENANGA UMW Holdings Bhd - 1Q19 Within Our Expectation
23/05/2019  JF APEX UMW Holdings Berhad - a Stellar Start
23/05/2019  HLG UMW Holdings - Disappointing Start of FY19
23/05/2019  AmInvest UMW Holdings - Decent start to FY19
23/05/2019  AffinHwang UMW Holdings - Lacklustre Start

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BULL1000BEAR1000 Perodua better than Proton. Engine ok but interior quality..yaiks
23/11/2018 10:55 AM
BULL1000BEAR1000 Let's buy expensive plastic
26/11/2018 12:24 PM
commonsense 3Q18 result was above expectation mainly due to the better performance of the M&E and unlisted O&G segment. I had been too pessimistic on both the divisions and had anticipated a loss of -RM100mil. The actual result (PBT) for the combined division is -RM2.2mil.

Auto and equipment divisions PBT were both in line with my expectation. Auto division managed to bring in RM151mil PBT thanks to better margin (stronger RM vs USD) and higher sales from the tax holiday period. Equipment PBT was at RM43.5 mil driven by higher export sales and higher demand from construction industry as client would most probably want to take advantage of the tax free holiday.

Toyota sales in Oct dropped to 4,757 cars vs 6,201 recorded in Oct 17 (-23% decrease).
Perodua sales in Oct increased to 19,528 cars vs 16,491 recorded in Oct 17 (18% increase).
If the trends continues, i would assume the PBT for the division could still be around RM150mil for 4Q18.

Equipment should still be able to record a PBT of around RM40mil.

Assuming a breakeven level for the combine M&E and unlisted O&G segment.

Total core PBT for 4Q should be around RM200mil. However please take note that the RM1.1bil sukuk has an interest rate of 6.35% per annum paid semi annually. This would mean on top of the finance cost that you see from 1Q to 3Q18 you need to assume an additional finance cost of around RM70mil per year. Given the issuance date was on 20th Apr 2018, UMW is expected to pay its first interest payment in Oct amounting to RM35m. So core PBT in 4Q18 should be around RM170mil

Valuation wise, I am targeting the company to be able to get RM550mil PATAMI for FY 2019. At the current price this would translate to a valuation of 10.7x Fwd PE which is not that expensive.

For gearing calculation I have adjusted the sukuk of RM1.1 bil to be placed in non current liabilities instead of equity. This would bring the debt level of the company as of Sept 2018 to RM4.2bil and reduce the total equity to RM4.5bil. Adjusted gearing is 93.9% however net gearing (company has RM2.7bil in cash reserves and liquid investment) is only 33%.

I believe you should only invest in the company if you truly believe in Toyota abilities to maintain or gain more market shares and also if you believe in the Rolls Royce project. Currently the rolls royce project is still loss making due to lower than expected production level. But based on management indication, at full capacity the venture could provide good returns to UMW (however, they did not specify the profit target)

For Toyota, i am not certain that the new Bukit Raja plant would be a positive catalyst to the company as the plant is only expected to produce Camry and Vios models instead of the MPV (Vellfire and Alphard) or SUV (Rush currently being manufactured by Perodua). Just because the capacity increase does not mean demand will increase as well.

For those interested in having exposure to Perodua, MBMR would offer a better alternative. Valuation is cheap at only 5.3x PE (based on target FY18 PATAMI of RM145mil. 9m PATAMI is already at RM106mil). PB is low at only 0.5xBV. 4Q18 results is expected to be higher than 3Q18 and last year 4Q17.

Please go through analyst reports (https://klse.i3investor.com/servlets/stk/pt/5983.jsp) and do your own analysis before making any decisions.

Good luck.
02/12/2018 9:44 AM
Kawkaw Can anybody tell when the report will be out
02/12/2018 11:13 AM
apolloang already out,looks good tomoro should up
02/12/2018 11:22 AM
Kawkaw Boughtytoday apolo
03/12/2018 10:23 AM
Kawkaw no regretted soldytoday
04/12/2018 9:43 PM
Kawkaw tq pang will monitors closely umw
Any changes hemtam..
04/12/2018 10:22 PM
BULL1000BEAR1000 Tq you tq me
06/12/2018 10:24 AM
BULL1000BEAR1000 Foreign car manufacturers will slowly withdraw their market in Malaysia because of not favorable policies which would affect the sales.
10/12/2018 4:50 PM
Aristocats Uncle kyy bought this Toyota shares,,, umw started enjin ....
11/12/2018 12:33 PM
pang72 Really! Hope it fly....
13/12/2018 3:29 PM
pang72 Look alike kyy style...belankang Mari!!
13/12/2018 6:33 PM
pang72 Today belakang no mari
14/12/2018 4:57 PM
pang72 Add
14/12/2018 6:35 PM
Kawkaw epf bought.. Good indicator for buying..
At least can dream for 6.20...
No get... No woman... No cry..
19/12/2018 8:24 PM
Kawkaw Another 25-30 tomolo..
20/12/2018 1:23 AM
BULL1000BEAR1000 The new Toyota Vios has been launched on the China car market. Price starts at 69.800 yuan and ends at 112.800 yuan.

Google search result.

Wake up . Still kena tipu?
21/12/2018 11:06 AM
Kawkaw Mr bull..
Make bull for umw looo..
Not only bull for talking ma...

It will end up... With other bull..

No woman.. No cry.. Hape week end
22/12/2018 12:59 AM
DrPitchard Post removed. Why?
22/12/2018 1:17 AM
BULL1000BEAR1000 Shame on you
26/12/2018 8:44 AM
tbc1982 yes! collect a bit at 5.30
28/12/2018 4:59 PM
Kawkaw Toyota engine...
About to start... Any one want to ride... Most welcome..
I will off loading when profit on hand
31/12/2018 8:22 PM
James Ng https://klse.i3investor.com/blogs/general/190146.jsp
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15/01/2019 10:30 AM
Kawkaw How to subscribe james
16/01/2019 11:13 AM
SamuelLuke Those players in O&G sectors can sell lo, time to watch construction.... the worst time is over. Place your bet and wait for your reward. O&G sector will now meet its worst challenge. Sell now while your have your profit!!!
15/02/2019 10:08 AM
SamuelLuke SamuelLuke Those players in O&G sectors can sell lo, time to watch construction.... the worst time is over. Place your bet and wait for your reward. O&G sector will now meet its worst challenge. Sell now while your have your profit!!!

15/02/2019 10:06

Construction sectors are moving now guys you still have chances arrange your moment don’t miss the best moment!!!
19/02/2019 2:46 PM
Kawkaw 5.35 waiting for u.
No get.. No woman...no cry
22/02/2019 12:02 AM
madguy wtf why keep on droping ..?? now near and touch ma200 edi ... damn
08/03/2019 6:06 PM
nckcm U need to read international news
08/03/2019 6:20 PM
James Ng https://klse.i3investor.com/blogs/general/198165.jsp
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16/03/2019 11:01 AM
calvintaneng WAHAHA!





24/05/2019 1:16 AM
Abhi_Kl Asian Stocks Fall as Traders Await Trump-Xi Meeting; Officials Begin Talks
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25/06/2019 2:12 PM
James Ng https://klse.i3investor.com/blogs/general/217901.jsp
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03/08/2019 10:50 AM
firehawk tomorrow can get less than 5?
27/08/2019 9:24 PM
LoveSandy rm4.50
27/08/2019 11:20 PM
MuainAdli ready to buuyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.....
09/10/2019 1:24 PM
MoneyMakerTzy Seems like 4.40 support
19/10/2019 12:39 PM
ABSBOSS Esok dia hantam naik to 4.80 balik last minute buy.. Hahahaha
21/10/2019 7:34 PM
mansaham1972 C-20 makan 1 biji utk naik 7 sen dan tutup 12 sen hahaha
21/10/2019 11:25 PM
ABSBOSS C20 lowest 4 cent expiry june 2020 boleh simpan ni
22/10/2019 3:17 PM
Agjl Why price keep dropping?
30/10/2019 4:44 PM
mansaham1972 Mungkin utk meletop bila tiba masa sesuai.saya pernah tengok umw boleh naik sampai lebih rm1 dlm satu hari bila tiba masa utk goreng.
30/10/2019 5:24 PM
gxltwsb 4.36 52week low . sekian
30/10/2019 5:37 PM
ABSBOSS Esok naik lor audah 3 hari turun, esok jump to 4.50
30/10/2019 5:37 PM
gxltwsb stock ni byk foreign. maybe they r selling .
30/10/2019 5:47 PM
dlau8899 Going up 4.60
01/11/2019 8:11 AM
dlau8899 Start going uptrend
01/11/2019 4:57 PM
dlau8899 Going up 4.65
05/11/2019 12:27 PM
ABSBOSS Let see kalau boleh pecah 4.60 dulu
05/11/2019 1:36 PM

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