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Last Price Avg Target Price   Upside/Downside Price Call
2.60 2.88     +0.28 (10.77%)
* Average Target Price, Price Call and Upside/Downside are derived from Price Targets in the past 6 months.
** Price Targets are adjusted for Bonus Issue, Shares Split & Shares Consolidation (where applicable).
Date Open Price Target Price Upside/Downside Price Call Source News
28/05/2020 2.25 2.30 +0.05 (2.22%) HOLD HLG Price Target News
27/05/2020 2.29 2.00 -0.29 (12.66%) TRADING SELL PUBLIC BANK Price Target News
22/05/2020 2.26 2.00 -0.26 (11.50%) TRADING SELL PUBLIC BANK Price Target News
22/05/2020 2.26 1.60 -0.66 (29.20%) SELL AffinHwang Price Target News
27/03/2020 1.95 2.50 +0.55 (28.21%) BUY KENANGA Price Target News
20/03/2020 1.91 2.31 +0.40 (20.94%) BUY HLG Price Target News
02/03/2020 2.80 3.70 +0.90 (32.14%) BUY MACQUARIE GROUP Price Target News
28/02/2020 2.94 3.30 +0.36 (12.24%) TRADING BUY PUBLIC BANK Price Target News
28/02/2020 2.94 2.95 +0.01 (0.34%) HOLD KENANGA Price Target News
28/02/2020 2.94 3.13 +0.19 (6.46%) HOLD HLG Price Target News
28/02/2020 2.94 3.10 +0.16 (5.44%) HOLD AffinHwang Price Target News
10/02/2020 3.01 3.35 +0.34 (11.30%) TRADING BUY PUBLIC BANK Price Target News
06/02/2020 2.96 3.75 +0.79 (26.69%) BUY MACQUARIE GROUP Price Target News
28/01/2020 3.06 2.65 -0.41 (13.40%) SELL MAYBANK Price Target News
12/12/2019 3.16 3.75 +0.59 (18.67%) BUY MACQUARIE GROUP Price Target News
05/12/2019 3.16 3.64 +0.48 (15.19%) BUY HLG Price Target News

Price Target Research Article/News (past 6 months)
28/05/2020  HLG Genting Malaysia- - A Cloudy Year Indeed
27/05/2020  PUBLIC BANK Genting Malaysia- Cost-Cutting Effort To Counter Covid-19 Impact
22/05/2020  PUBLIC BANK Genting Malaysia Berhad- First Core Net Loss
22/05/2020  AffinHwang Genting M’sia - Still Waiting to Re-open
27/03/2020  KENANGA Genting Malaysia - Place Your Bet When Banker Gets Hit
20/03/2020  HLG Genting Malaysia - Braving Through the Clouds
02/03/2020  MACQUARIE GROUP Genting Malaysia – in for a Rebound?
28/02/2020  PUBLIC BANK Genting Malaysia Berhad - Lower Contribution From Malaysia
28/02/2020  KENANGA Genting Malaysia - Covid-19 To Impact 1HFY20
28/02/2020  HLG Genting Malaysia - A Victim of Covid-19
28/02/2020  AffinHwang Genting M’sia - Normalisation of Luck Factor
10/02/2020  PUBLIC BANK Genting Malaysia Berhad - Temporary Setback
06/02/2020  MACQUARIE GROUP Coronavirus Sell-off on Genting Malaysia Overdone, Outperform Maintained
28/01/2020  MAYBANK Genting - Wuhan Pandemic – Seeking Opportunities in Crisis
12/12/2019  MACQUARIE GROUP GENM: Outperform With TP of RM3.75
05/12/2019  HLG Genting Malaysia - Beating Estimates

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RedDevils Finally fly 2.5, almost sold it all at 2.23

Seems all ready for Dividend
02/06/2020 3:06 PM
makelittlemoney you think umno and pas will let it open so fast? hahahaha beer also cannot sell ad
02/06/2020 3:14 PM
Tedinvestor Your name makelittlemoney that's why you make very little hahaha. I make a lot just today only hahaha
02/06/2020 3:16 PM
tualp Casino re-open on 09/06/2020........
02/06/2020 3:22 PM
tualp huat ar.....huat ar....huat ar.....
heng ar....heng ar....heng ar...

Lim Goh Tong come back d......
02/06/2020 3:23 PM
stocksyndicate The rich are getting richer because we believed risks reward
02/06/2020 3:23 PM
tualp short term target price =RM3.00.....Lim Goh Tong is back......
02/06/2020 3:30 PM
small_investor have to let casino open else government no money leh . each table . each slot machine .. pay to goverment !!
02/06/2020 3:33 PM
newinvestor17 Trading sell to RM2 by Public Bank ? Ini apa punya bank la asuh ? Looks like PBB's analyst Eltricia F. only knows how to pusing cerita
02/06/2020 3:37 PM
yenng3 Finally this counter is moving
02/06/2020 3:56 PM
cashrichperson Unker smokes some cigar and sip kopi kawww....sedappp ohh
02/06/2020 3:57 PM
RainT 1 day show only?
02/06/2020 3:59 PM
benlim lai liao, kick lai liao
02/06/2020 3:59 PM
chokin remember i said not to listen to those half-past-six analysts, they are just a bunch of half bake coconuts ! If they are really that good they wouldn't be giving advice to u all ! they are buffet's consultants already !!
02/06/2020 4:01 PM
Datuk_Ma Hi everybody,pls say hello to investortrader88....haha...where all your negative commemts to genting?
02/06/2020 4:09 PM
investmalysia Wow what happened? Genting opening soon? Cmco going to lift?
02/06/2020 4:15 PM
Investor48 Huat ar..!!

02/06/2020 4:17 PM
Tedinvestor Who cares about investment bank TP. What's matter most is Genting shareholders partying now
02/06/2020 4:36 PM
cashrichperson Durian cheese cake so sedappp ohh......unker sips a cup of super kopi kawwww....sedappp ohh
02/06/2020 4:42 PM
BullRider88 Sai lang and wait for 1-2 year already~haha...
02/06/2020 4:51 PM
Melvin Lim those with negative comments can duduk diam diam di rumah play with their gloves
02/06/2020 4:55 PM
investortrader88 some already miss the boat !
02/06/2020 5:44 PM
small_investor Almost all hotel close down.. Now the only place to go is genting. Hahah
02/06/2020 5:45 PM
investmalysia Agreed with small_investor
02/06/2020 5:55 PM
02/06/2020 6:21 PM
Hope123 https://www.facebook.com/255057814552667/posts/3562675590457523/
02/06/2020 6:30 PM
investmalysia Investment bank punya TP cannot trust one la. You trust them better trust yourself
02/06/2020 6:37 PM
icecool index fund manager pumping index up you sell for what
02/06/2020 6:44 PM
EliteYY69 GENTING 3 months no business, after reopen, only local citizen go. that's why so many investment bank target them at low price. this might be a trap if u trust it. but u also can earn some ikan bilis now. but after q2 report , u can buy at the lowest.
02/06/2020 6:57 PM
IvanC Shark fast fast goreng before open shop news come out.
Congrats to all Genm supporter.
If Investment Bank TP can trust everyone should be driving Ferrari now.
02/06/2020 7:02 PM
Fong Kh 2.80 tomorrow
02/06/2020 7:04 PM
investmalysia Problem with investment banks is they will only upgrade when they see results. By that time only you buy ah? People already earn lo
02/06/2020 7:08 PM
buffet3333 She go back hiding in the hole already, still waiting for TP 1.60
Datuk_Ma Hi everybody,pls say hello to investortrader88....haha...where all your negative commemts to genting?
02/06/2020 7:12 PM
JayC88 create new account become promoter d lah kot? lmao. keep saying casino no ppl qr bad, who dunno la dei.
02/06/2020 7:14 PM
investortrader88 Datuk_Ma Hi everybody,pls say hello to investortrader88....haha...where all your negative commemts to genting?

Datuk _Ma.which negative comment are you mentioning.kindly post.
02/06/2020 7:26 PM
bullshitslayer its obvious genm going to skyrocket soon. don't need to create lies to cheat naive investors to selling
02/06/2020 7:33 PM
Hope123 https://www.facebook.com/151049370447/posts/10156973671360448/
02/06/2020 7:48 PM
Hope123 https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=3562675590457523&id=255057814552667
02/06/2020 8:00 PM
apple168 PAS in government! Still can invest in non halal business!? https://www.thestar.com.my/news/nation/2020/06/02/dbkl-freezes-new-liquor-licence-permits
02/06/2020 8:14 PM
apple168 Huge losses coming soon...
02/06/2020 8:14 PM
JayC88 PAS in government later all non syariah counters will limit down?
02/06/2020 8:15 PM
apple168 Look at Carlsberg and Heineken share counters.. soon casino counter...
02/06/2020 8:18 PM
apple168 GE coming soon... PAS needs to win support from hardcore Malay/ Islamic voters... this is the best time! Else, PAS be prepared to lose many seats to others...
02/06/2020 8:21 PM
Keyman188 Keyman188 take time to rest liao......

Since share price can auto run...

Keyman188 just set "Auto-Pilot" mode...

02/06/2020 8:26 PM
investmalysia They will close Carlsberg and Heineken first la. Drink drunk and cause others death. Casino you gamble only yourself die, no one else die and gov get tax. Why wanna close kikii
02/06/2020 8:31 PM
teohteoh macroeconomic and alternative data that paint the big picture,
The Investment Gem,
02/06/2020 8:33 PM
amytrojan apple168 missed the boat lol
02/06/2020 9:02 PM
amytrojan luckily I sold glove counters when many were chasing. I invested into GENM weeks ago....now so fruitful again... kikikiki
02/06/2020 9:04 PM
amytrojan pays high dividend some more.... double benefits yahoooo
02/06/2020 9:05 PM
amytrojan I know some idiots lose so much buying into put warrant HB issued by Maybank lol
02/06/2020 9:10 PM

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