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ceelo87 good bye KSL
07/06/2021 1:12 PM
booffett168 anyone still party here?
26/06/2021 3:52 AM
Foker No, dying stock
26/06/2021 2:42 PM
Foker Property development is getting worse every year, oversupply of malls in Johor getting worse every year.
26/06/2021 2:43 PM
128Huat https://klse.i3investor.com/blogs/128Huat/2021-07-13-story-h1567977856-KSL_Holdings_Bhd_KSL_5038_Most_Undervalued_Property_Counter_with_Potent.jsp
13/07/2021 9:10 PM
risktoreward Ksl @ 0.61
21/07/2021 4:58 PM
risktoreward recently prop counters are looking really promising
21/07/2021 10:27 PM
28/07/2021 9:17 AM
risktoreward release all ksl @ 0.605
02/08/2021 10:57 AM
BursaRangers https://klse.i3investor.com/blogs/BursaRangersTechnicalPicks/2021-08-04-story-h1568964923-BursaRangers_Daily_Technical_Picks_04_August_2021.jsp
04/08/2021 10:51 PM
risktoreward Enter @ 0.61
13/09/2021 11:18 AM
risktoreward tak hilang, just start only
20/10/2021 10:15 PM
dinobots Post removed. Why?
20/10/2021 10:20 PM
petnch2020 I would categorise KSL as a value and post covid revival stock.

Pre covid, the company has always been able to deliver a profit of RM200mil to its share holders (From 2014 to 2019 and this even after excluding all the one off gains like fair value adjustments etc). If they can return back to precovid level (which i believe is highly likely), then at the current share price, it would mean that the company is only trading at a mere 3.2x PE.

An immediate catalyst would be the opening of Malaysia and Singapore borders as tourist from Singapore are actually the biggest spender for its hotel and mall business. The 2 business combined normally deliver a profit of 20 to 25 mil per quarter during precovid time. Now it is only delivering an operational profit of RM2 mil per quarter.
01/11/2021 4:33 PM
risktoreward i dont understand ksl trend, so tp 0.645 today
09/11/2021 9:51 PM
Foker Yeah, why don't buy mulpha instead? You can get 90% discount instead of 70%.
18/11/2021 10:08 PM
karimorkaram KSL board of director purposely created 1 company (Using other name) to supply brick for their own project, you may check their account for the brick supplier, curious why the price of the brick is higher than the market price and always the brick is exceeded the budget quantity.
15/01/2022 6:56 PM
BursaRangers https://klse.i3investor.com/blogs/BursaRangersTechnicalPicks/2022-01-24-story-h1597530527-BursaRangers_Daily_Technical_Picks_25_January_2022.jsp
24/01/2022 7:36 PM
Icon 888 Value investment
31/01/2022 10:15 AM
Foker Karimokaram where you get this info?
02/02/2022 7:24 PM
Ste4dy15 https://youtu.be/tweZmDQKOkI Latest Progress of KSL Esplanade Mall - Klang (FEB 22)
15/02/2022 12:06 PM
Icon 888 Buy buy buy?
07/03/2022 1:47 AM
Icon 888 Good buy now
07/03/2022 1:48 AM
MrsLee next TP is 0.86??
15/03/2022 9:26 PM
westan at the rate kena misled soon this counter kena hangus to those who r trspped
16/03/2022 11:40 AM
james8888 Dont be trapped. It will be another 10 years before u see this price again.
23/03/2022 4:43 PM
awesome20 james8888 so funny
kindly learn how to trade 52w high stock
23/03/2022 5:32 PM
james8888 Dont buy.. it is just sudden singapore border news that trigger some buy. This counter is useless. Trust me. Once u r caught there. It will be for years to get your money back. There is no dividend from this company for the past 7 years. Not worth the buy.
24/03/2022 6:15 PM
RVI123 Next weekend, KSL City Mall, KSL Resort Hotels will be very busy.
25/03/2022 12:46 AM
james8888 See no movement already. Starting to reverse back
25/03/2022 11:22 AM
awesome20 gained momentum now to test 0.900 level
29/03/2022 5:24 PM
james8888 Sell when you can at this price.
06/04/2022 10:50 PM
james8888 Told you. Price is going down. The goreng has stopped. Now is profit taking. Faster sell. This is still good price
12/04/2022 5:14 PM
Noni Run....
13/04/2022 4:40 AM
james8888 Sell while there is buyer before u get stuck for another few years
14/04/2022 11:10 PM
james8888 The JB mall are so empty. No tenants opening.
14/04/2022 11:11 PM
Foker Post removed. Why?
05/05/2022 9:20 PM
Icon 888 Value investm
25/05/2022 6:17 AM
27/05/2022 5:08 PM
Ste4dy15 Up Coming Biggest Shoping mall In Klang Almost Completed ( KSL Esplanade ) ( Update June 2020 ) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8eJeR2u6keU
14/06/2022 9:47 PM
Foker Diam la
24/06/2022 1:29 PM
Noni Deep value and deep sleep for next few years
02/07/2022 9:28 AM
Foker Diam la
15/07/2022 1:34 PM
Yu_and_Mee tp 40
13/09/2022 1:57 PM
Ste4dy15 https://youtu.be/xkqynGH-I68 BIGGEST Shopping Mall KLS Esplanade Johan setia Almost Completed
15/09/2022 6:09 PM
lcng123 Good to see KSL Esplanade Mall almost completed
16/09/2022 10:48 PM
lcng123 Anyone here can update the progress of KSL Esplanade Mall in Klang
10/02/2023 11:04 AM
Cheah5555 KSL Esplanade Mall expected to start operation in 2 quarter this year
14/02/2023 11:32 AM
lcng123 @Cheah5555, Good news.
14/02/2023 11:37 PM
lcng123 https://www.facebook.com/KSLEsplanadeMall/?locale=ms_MY
14/03/2023 10:40 AM

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