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Growth horrible
10/12/2018 10:19 PM
Lukesharewalker Another yong Tai? The linggi land is practically useless...
11/12/2018 10:51 AM
Growth why say so?
yongtai have goreng to sky limit,this one havent up a single cent.
11/12/2018 10:54 AM
shernlee if other company..i dare to in..but tis is famous in sxxx ppl money..as long teoh inside..raise how much oso dun touch..anytime can gv u a big bomb..wahahha
12/12/2018 8:45 PM
shernlee well now u can see it..the power of teoh
30/12/2018 6:27 PM
20/01/2019 11:02 PM
masterkevin212 The new share holder from M101 also useless...
24/01/2019 9:49 AM
shernlee lol..even uncle koon inside oso useless..as long teohh inside..dont touch pls
24/01/2019 9:35 PM
commonsense In FY18 the company recorded a total net loss of RM23.1mil. Balance sheet is considered to be weak with debt of more than RM38mil (of which RM25.7 mil is current debt) and only a cash reserve of RM2.4mil.

The company immediate plan is to try and develop their 620 acre land at Kuala Linggi, Melaka into Malaysian Tourism City (over 3 phases). The first phase consists of a water theme park, a weekend market, an adventure park, eco-tourism park, a hotel, a tourism facilities and vacation bungalows (called The Estate). The 1st phase is expected to start in the 2Q19 with completion by 2022. The company will start off by focusing on the 480 units bungalows and the 300 rooms hotel which have a total value of RM464mil and RM326mil respectively bringing a total combine of RM790mil.

As mentioned earlier, the company currently has limited cash reserve to start the project which is why they had proposed to do 2 equity capital raising which are:

1) Share issuance of 49.26 mil shares. Estimated to raise around RM18mil
2) Private placement of 49.26mil shares. Estimated to raise around RM18mil

With the RM36mil they will put RM30mil for the development cost of the Melaka project. However, the RM30mil will only be sufficient for the early stage of the development. Investors need to be prepared for another round of equity capital raising later which most probably be in the form of Right Issues as it will provide the company with higher potential amount to be raised.

You should only invest in this company if you really believe in the Melaka project as you will potentially need to pump in more money later to help the company raise the fund to complete the project.

If you are looking to hedge your portfolio outside of Meda Inc (due to its weak earnings outlook and potential future capital raising exercises), I would recommend you to look at MBMR. (https://klse.i3investor.com/servlets/stk/pt/5983.jsp)

MBMR is a direct proxy to Perodua via its 22.6% interest in the company. Valuation is cheap at only 6.1x PE based on FY18 profit of RM166mil. PB is low at only 0.7x BV.

FY19 should deliver another profit growth year to the company. Profit growth will again be driven by the performance of Perodua (via MBMR 22.6% holdings in Perodua) from the still strong sales of new Myvi, sales of SUV Aruz and the introduction of the newly revamp Alza sometime in the 2H19. Aruz which commands a higher margin compared to other models, will help improve the total profit margin of Perodua (which will flow to MBMR’s bottom line as well).

MBMR is expected to achieve a profit of RM200mil in 2019. At the current share price, the company is being valued at only 5.0x which is a lot lower than the industry average of 15x PE. As an example, UMW (another company with exposure to Perodua) is currently trading at a PE multiple of almost 20x.

Good luck.
07/03/2019 3:54 PM
birkincollector goreng soon
07/03/2019 5:44 PM
shernlee please dun ask ppl naik holland..u go urself can d..this shit counter even naik 10sen oso dun touch..forever rubbish stock
07/03/2019 9:53 PM
birkincollector i said goreng..not invest..LOL
07/03/2019 9:55 PM
shernlee can la base on chart.. 4 to 5sen no prob la..then can run d
07/03/2019 10:03 PM
birkincollector some news in the edge weekly.
06/04/2019 10:30 AM
shernlee can copy and share to here?
06/04/2019 11:16 AM
birkincollector Something about selling assets to develop melaka land for tourism. And hopeful to have profit this year
06/04/2019 1:28 PM
shernlee hmm news oso no use..cant jalan...all share still hold by those useless tauke inside..tats y tak boleh jalan..
08/04/2019 9:47 PM
shernlee i never see a company so shit until like this..never up..only down..i think this is the worst company that we are holding..any company that penny oso can naik..only this is shit..
11/04/2019 9:15 PM
aris743 buy warant cheap lor
11/04/2019 9:23 PM
11/04/2019 10:24 PM
bull55 coming ady
12/04/2019 2:51 PM
Yusuf Isa What happen? Suddenly active.
12/04/2019 2:55 PM
aris743 good
12/04/2019 3:24 PM
aris743 new name
12/04/2019 3:24 PM
Yusuf Isa aris743... Which one should I buy between WA, WB & WC?
12/04/2019 3:25 PM
aris743 dont buy. just see.
12/04/2019 3:54 PM
aris743 i nak sell 2c wb
12/04/2019 3:56 PM
shernlee maybe they see my comment..beisong..so wan boom it..lolx
12/04/2019 7:21 PM
aris743 yusuf sory. biasa medain main sehari. monday up up lg la
12/04/2019 9:15 PM
Yusuf Isa aris743... No problem man. Why Meridian suddenly up with high volume? Any news?
13/04/2019 9:49 AM
aris743 i do no. u stlill hold wb
13/04/2019 10:15 AM
aris743 kalau naik lg meridian, terpaksa beli wb 2.5c
13/04/2019 10:17 AM
masterkevin212 hahaha....one day show......kena trap if you go in
15/04/2019 9:11 AM
masterkevin212 the boss him self company also can not take care..somemore wanna take care of the public listed belongs to all......what a shame
15/04/2019 9:13 AM
masterkevin212 all contractors also cabut already...changed so many team of contractors.......not sincere to the project
15/04/2019 9:15 AM
Squirtle Meridian y so hi volume
15/04/2019 9:27 AM
Squirtle Meridian 1 day show
Iwcity everyday show
15/04/2019 10:16 AM
Squirtle Hi volume but no reason
15/04/2019 10:32 AM
shernlee we wait teoh bro out 1st..otherwise this company dun touch..forever 1day show..once masuk gg..gluck guys
16/04/2019 9:45 PM
Squirtle Kenanga remisier say Meda now got new owner wor
Want to restructure and turn company around
Tats why volume hi
17/04/2019 9:39 AM
Sujen Raj Good buy or. One day show
17/04/2019 10:01 AM
Squirtle Kenanga remisier say corner stock wor
17/04/2019 11:57 AM
Squirtle Meaning is good stocks
17/04/2019 12:07 PM
shernlee my remisier told me as long this teoh inside..forever dun touch wor
17/04/2019 9:31 PM
birkincollector M101 owner mah..so high profile sure wanna goreng
17/04/2019 9:40 PM
shernlee so many dirty ting inside..i dun think he dare to goreng lo
18/04/2019 8:00 AM
Squirtle Remisier say this is good stocks wor
19/04/2019 10:03 AM
azta12 collect
19/04/2019 2:43 PM
shernlee my remisier said holland stock wor..naik few sen can cabut d..still gt few warrant there..beipakai1
20/04/2019 5:34 PM
shernlee xiaomeh..so many good stock..ask them buy this rubbish stock meh
22/04/2019 10:16 PM

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