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tuapuikia if can reach 20cents then ok liao.
11/08/2020 11:15 AM
tuapuikia today O&G world
11/08/2020 11:15 AM
Hairul Hafizy velesto already moving up. alam pls start ur engine..
11/08/2020 11:51 AM
pretty_life Pls push to 0.20 ler...
11/08/2020 11:52 AM
sengkee Still low, compared to Sapnrg
11/08/2020 11:53 AM
pretty_life Sapng Sudah fly... alam still cannot move... lolzzz
11/08/2020 11:57 AM
pretty_life Pls move to 0.160 first... then tomorrow only reach 0.200 ...pls
11/08/2020 11:59 AM
pretty_life We all watch you... fly... pls fly... I wanna see 0.160 first by today
11/08/2020 12:01 PM
diqiuhao i think today can reach 12cents only...no way to go beyond that,
11/08/2020 12:03 PM
pretty_life Oil and gas rebound like hell... alam you also pls move up to 0.20
11/08/2020 12:03 PM
pretty_life Hope can go further up... cause sapng will hit 0.150 soon
11/08/2020 12:05 PM
Hairul Hafizy afternoon only got show?
11/08/2020 12:13 PM
Hairul Hafizy engine started already.. get ready
11/08/2020 12:16 PM
pretty_life Pls fly... I wanna see 0.160 and 0.200
11/08/2020 12:19 PM
tuapuikia break 120 then going to moon
11/08/2020 12:26 PM
investortrader88 fly high with knm.sapura.armada !
11/08/2020 2:03 PM
warrantKing sapura alrdy FLY .
Potential goreng ALAM !!!
11/08/2020 2:13 PM
vinvin Wah! So hard to break 12 sens lah!
11/08/2020 2:49 PM
diqiuhao london bridge is falling down...falling down.
11/08/2020 2:52 PM
iamismail watchout for Xinhwa 5267. Oil price up DJIA futures up. Will close high
11/08/2020 3:52 PM
iamismail NWP 5025 something is brewing tommorow will shoot up.
11/08/2020 3:52 PM
investortrader88 let break RM 0.13 & fly !
11/08/2020 4:47 PM
Hairul Hafizy wow..Alam last minute attack.. Sapnrg & Velesto already pancit
11/08/2020 5:00 PM
tuapuikia Please push over 20cents
11/08/2020 5:57 PM
annmix Yes pls push above 20sen
11/08/2020 6:52 PM
yeapeh tomorrow guy continues push la
11/08/2020 7:16 PM
lanunbitcoin tp 0.5 haha
11/08/2020 8:18 PM
Mike Jcy Wow....so fierce.....but that TP 0.50 can achieved onot....seem like very long journey ya....haha
11/08/2020 8:48 PM
lanunbitcoin Friendly talk.. tomorŕow gap up 0.14.. if oil price above 46usd huge potentially to break 0.2.. but new support 0.14 already safe.. tp 0.5 when covid vaccine reàdy and oil price up to 55usd.. alam secure so many contract making higher chance to limit up.. dont mind to park money here when you buy @0.07.. long journey hope safely arrive.. good luck
11/08/2020 9:51 PM
lanunbitcoin Hurt n pain with o&g counter already cured by healthcare... i dont mind if capital burn.. out when people greedy
11/08/2020 9:57 PM
tkl88 Wow, Amazing !
Oil price continue to spike up !

As at 10.25pm,
Nymex 42.62 ‪(+0.68) (+1.62%) !‬
Brent 45.52 ‪(+0.53) (+1.18%) !‬
11/08/2020 10:32 PM
ubaid2020 Good closing...have potential to continuos push up...
12/08/2020 2:00 AM
Mike Jcy Morning..... Hope today tis counter can go up to limit up..... Haha
12/08/2020 6:53 AM
vinvin Why q so low at 12 sens only!!!!!!
12/08/2020 8:52 AM
vinvin I thought at least 14 sens queue!!!
12/08/2020 8:56 AM
tuapuikia One day show? How come?
12/08/2020 10:05 AM
bigman888 One day show
12/08/2020 10:51 AM
norzinizuan Start buy back
12/08/2020 11:04 AM
iamismail All over market has comeback to rebound. Afternoon will rebound back.. Tommorow will green again. Normal market correction
12/08/2020 12:30 PM
iamismail Watch XInhwa 5267, looking good in this choppy market. Currently at support level. Hurry up!! Will close higher today !! After lunch will bounce higher... #sharing is caring. Don't miss it
12/08/2020 12:31 PM
tuapuikia today last minutes up again ?
12/08/2020 2:36 PM
Ong Lucky888 Better throw all shares, this company's financially unhealthy, making a lot of losses.
12/08/2020 3:28 PM
annmix Oil & gas one day joke
12/08/2020 6:29 PM
ubaid2020 It's ok....Today price better than last week price.
12/08/2020 6:49 PM
nich0las Eh, losses but debt less. Good what? See armada, Huge Debt. Keke..
12/08/2020 7:56 PM
Xoxking3 This time is real, Arnada rm1, Akam 0m35
13/08/2020 7:02 AM
bigman888 really one day show
14/08/2020 11:32 AM
Shines One day show is more than enough, sell and now buy again, how nice
15/08/2020 8:36 AM
shorttermtrader Hi oipolloi any new update for Alam ?
15/08/2020 11:29 AM
Xoxking3 Alam fututmre rm3.5
15/08/2020 9:27 PM

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