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1.12 1.31     +0.19 (16.96%)
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Date Open Price Target Price Upside/Downside Price Call Source News
09/08/2018 1.16 1.10 -0.06 (5.17%) HOLD KENANGA Price Target News
09/08/2018 1.16 1.29 +0.13 (11.21%) BUY HLG Price Target News
18/05/2018 1.12 1.40 +0.28 (25.00%) BUY HLG Price Target News
17/04/2018 1.08 1.44 +0.36 (33.33%) BUY HLG Price Target News

Price Target Research Article/News (past 6 months)
09/08/2018  KENANGA MRCB-Quill REIT - 1H18 Within Expectations
09/08/2018  HLG MRCB-Quill REIT - Strive for Continued Stable Performance
18/05/2018  HLG MRCB-Quill REIT - Stable performance
17/04/2018  HLG REIT - REIT-setting the cycle

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Lim Tek Wai Should buy more?
03/04/2018 15:37
mhling Why not?
03/04/2018 15:52
Jia Cheng feel like crisis soon
03/04/2018 17:48
dukulangsat anyone going to the AGM next week?
03/04/2018 18:06
Intelinvestor13 MREITs are simply oversold at this point... best time to BUY - average down - hold for many years to come.
03/04/2018 18:07
mhling What crisis?
03/04/2018 18:12
NicholasNWH90 Financial crisis? Not so soon la. Unless war breaks out.
03/04/2018 19:07
apolloang by the time war breaks out all already become worthless
03/04/2018 19:13
Intelinvestor13 RM0.995.. time to buy more
04/04/2018 16:41
dukulangsat what is this new issuance of unit about?
04/04/2018 19:04
Sam Mich @dukulangsat, As I understand new issuance is something like print money. So more shares are available in the market and will dilute value of current available shares. If current is RM1 value per share, having more shares in the market can make the share value to 50 sen only.
06/04/2018 11:12
Patrick Ling Issued as part of the management fees. But I don't think it would be that diluted. It's very normal process.
06/04/2018 14:13
Sam Mich Why have to issue share for management fee? Profit generated cannot pay?
06/04/2018 14:59
Patrick Ling The management team get paid either by shares/cash or both for their services.
06/04/2018 16:36
Yael Jasper rebound expexted
06/04/2018 17:09
jordanmaggie61 EPF buying?
06/04/2018 17:26
firehawk no surprise if going down more ..... see Amfirst, CMMT for some reits trend ....
06/04/2018 23:13
Intelinvestor13 Malaysia Reits in general will recover when the dust settles.. the drop is due to poor market sentiment not the business
06/04/2018 23:33
Intelinvestor13 EPF starts buying
16/04/2018 14:40
teoct Be careful, when epf buy, not necessary epf per se, it is the fund manager entrusted by epf and these fund manager may have slightly different objective than that of epf.
18/04/2018 15:55
LimKL1 万分感谢
18/04/2018 16:41
Intelinvestor13 http://www.theedgemarkets.com/article/revised-guidelines-listed-reits-seen-positive-growth

Our top picks are MRCB-Quill REIT (“buy”; target price [TP]: RM1.44) given its sustainable attractive dividend yield of 8.5% (highest in our coverage) and IGB REIT (“buy”; TP: RM1.75) due to its prime location assets with high footfall. — Hong Leong Investment Bank Research, April 17
19/04/2018 16:37
Kychew76 Hi all,im new to REITS.Im just wondering if the dividend that had been distributed will be used for reinvestment?
21/04/2018 22:18
Intelinvestor13 dividend will be deposited into your trading acc.. you may reinvest or cash it out
22/04/2018 23:55
jv1758 It will take MQ long time to go back to its 1.30 level unless it attracts a near 100% occupancy. Anything close to RM 1.10 is a good buy and perhaps why EPF is buying after selling over last few months.
18/05/2018 16:46
jv1758 From what I hear, there will not be any rate hikes this year. I am not surprised if BNM lowers it by 0.25 if there is no inflation risk. However, it will depend very much on the US bond yield and inflation. Market looks stagnant until a solution is found with US-China.
18/05/2018 16:50
derricksyl 1st half yearly Div announcement will be next 2 week more .....
19/07/2018 17:46
Ryan Koh Any idea when d div announcement will be made?
06/08/2018 09:15
Lim Tek Wai Go go go
06/08/2018 10:50
Shernius She said in addition to the renewals, the company had secured new leases for a few of its properties with demand coming from companies in the IT, business consultancy, medical and retail sectors

Occupancy rate as at June 30, 2018 stood at 96%,
08/08/2018 14:38
Shernius New leases.. very good
08/08/2018 14:38
kinuxian Likely will back 1.2x soon as DPU ard 6.56 at current price
08/08/2018 14:59
ejtic Well said!!
08/08/2018 15:20
derricksyl good result
08/08/2018 18:25
EngineeringProfit Very interesting.....
12/08/2018 16:19
moneycome123456 Ex date: 21.8.2018, Div 4.23 cent. good!
17/08/2018 10:50
Yael Jasper Very interesting stock ! Worth to invest tho
17/08/2018 11:03
Intelinvestor13 Looking back at my comments.. If you had invested in REITs in the first half of 2018, you'd have secured 10-20% in profits by now even without dividends .. Axis, Mqreit, IGB, Sunreit etc have all recovered from the interest rate hike sentiment
20/08/2018 14:35
ejtic Kam siah lu I bought at 1.01..
21/08/2018 00:14
Oliveoil If I buy today , still entitled for dividend ?
21/08/2018 10:24
MirageHotelPD Oliveoil, no more! today already ex dividend.
21/08/2018 10:31
Oliveoil are you sure? whats the difference between ex date and entitlement date?
21/08/2018 10:39
jordanmaggie61 Wow! earn more again! good stock, i have earned a lot to pay my bills.
21/08/2018 11:13
ejtic C peh sui
21/08/2018 15:37
MirageHotelPD Oliveoil, have you ever see announcement mention entitlement date? I believe normal announcement only mention 1)ex date (means the day dividend expired) 2) Record date (means the day share booking in to your CDS) 3) payment date.
21/08/2018 15:44
gnimalu23 oliveoil, the entitlement date is just a formality and where the book keeping takes place. Ex-date will be the actual date of determination which is why the price will be adjusted on the ex-date.
21/08/2018 21:38
Ivan Chew why the director keep selling the share...
24/08/2018 15:40
Shernius bcos epf bought from them 48 millions shares
24/08/2018 19:10
MirageHotelPD The 48m is direct dealing, maybe the directors need the fund to concentrate on privately owned Quill City Mall which the occupancy rate not up to expectations. For EPF, 6.8% yields is considered reasonable good income.
26/08/2018 10:40
26/08/2018 10:48
moneycome123456 what happen for this stock?
14/09/2018 11:44

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