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18/03/2019 1.74 1.20 -0.54 (31.03%) SELL KENANGA Price Target News
14/03/2019 1.73 1.25 -0.48 (27.75%) HOLD PUBLIC BANK Price Target News
25/02/2019 0.97 1.30 +0.33 (34.02%) BUY MIDF Price Target News
25/02/2019 0.97 0.92 -0.05 (5.15%) BUY KENANGA Price Target News
25/02/2019 0.97 0.91 -0.06 (6.19%) BUY HLG Price Target News
26/11/2018 0.71 0.95 +0.24 (33.80%) BUY PUBLIC BANK Price Target News
26/11/2018 0.71 1.30 +0.59 (83.10%) BUY MIDF Price Target News
26/11/2018 0.71 0.83 +0.12 (16.90%) BUY KENANGA Price Target News
26/11/2018 0.71 0.86 +0.15 (21.13%) BUY HLG Price Target News
24/10/2018 0.55 0.79 +0.24 (43.64%) BUY HLG Price Target News

Price Target Research Article/News (past 6 months)
18/03/2019  KENANGA Dayang Enterprise Holdings - Take Profit From This Rally
14/03/2019  PUBLIC BANK Dayang Enterprise Holdings - Eyeing Melaka
25/02/2019  MIDF Dayang Enterprise Holdings Bhd - Strong End to FY18
25/02/2019  KENANGA Dayang Enterprise Holdings - FY18 Far Exceeds Expectations
25/02/2019  HLG Dayang Enterprise Holdings - Strongest quarter ever
26/11/2018  PUBLIC BANK Dayang Enterprise Holdings - Solid 3Q Numbers
26/11/2018  MIDF Dayang Enterprise Holdings Berhad - Earnings Supported by Higher Work Orders
26/11/2018  KENANGA Dayang Enterprise Holdings - 9M18 Results Exceed Expectations
26/11/2018  HLG Dayang Enterprise Holdings - Another excellent quarter
24/10/2018  HLG Dayang Enterprise Holdings - Eyeing international expansion

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TsDl Dayang need to bill our Perdana debt restructuring soon
What profit also not enough for the next 5 yrs
23/03/2019 10:56 PM
TsDl Bill out
23/03/2019 10:56 PM
Savusavu yea yea limit down.....tp 3 very near!!

1 unkle auty complain becoz want to buy?? yes no?
2 unkle aeie complain becoz want to sell?? yes no??


which is the correct puzzle??
sorry..la getting old ....
23/03/2019 10:57 PM
stingray_ea stingray(
100% Candlestick,simple,fast,high accuratecy
No Trendline, UpDown,Z,M,N,W Reverse lines, U,F,O turns.
No Indicator
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No FA / TA
Go deep into operator mind and read their steps
Go deep into retailer mind and read their steps after operator actions


Candlestick tell me "No big deal, no big deal to klci even dj idx drop 400 points. "

Candlestic tell me inside out any of indexes.

Long term investor is garbage collector for klci.
23/03/2019 11:12 PM
Savusavu ohh here comes the mr candle, stingray bro what the candles tell??
23/03/2019 11:16 PM
paperplane U think SC will respond not
23/03/2019 11:54 PM
TsDl Ask him to form Dayang minority shareholder association and may be SC will response
23/03/2019 11:59 PM
mr_hustla investigate KYY la. he pump the stock price.
24/03/2019 12:09 AM
probability already come out in newspaper...u think SC wont respond
24/03/2019 12:09 AM
probability i am neither supporting kyy nor the IBs...but this activity is beneficial for minority shareholders...to seek nothing but the truth
24/03/2019 12:11 AM
pat_lsa Dear SC Malaysia Team,

I wish to bring your attention on following offence.

On 18/03/2019 1st trading session, DAYANG (5141) open @ RM1.74 and start to decline in normal trading activity. In 2nd session, the share price of Dayang plunged tremendously to close @ RM1.62 due the "unknown institutional traders" pressing down the price. During 2nd session, volume was abnormally high, the edge published news about "profit taking by investors".

On 19/03/2019, DAYANG (5141) plugged madly in both trading session due to institutional INTENTIONALLY pressing down the price. In the same day, Kenanga Securities, Public Bank and Hong Leong Investment Bank (3 IB) had leveraging the advantage of institutional investment market influences capability to somehow encouraging local media/news to continue publishes downgraded report (SELL call) on Dayang (5141) to create market panic with MOTIVE of CONFLICT IN INTEREST. This day, sell volume was abnormally high (super high) by institutional traders.

Thereafter, more and more news published to attack oil and gas related stock but obvious message to investor was DAYANG in short terms is done.

From the above scenario, I wish to make serious complaint and guess with fact on the possible of:
1. 3 IB had manipulated market through local media by publishing contradiction news in which IB should not have do that.
2. 3 IB trading with advantage due to abnormal short selling before analyst news available for public.
3. 3 IB utilizing own market influence to pressing down market, either to gain from IDSS or benefit from low share price.

The serious offences:
1. Market manipulation.
2. Insider Trading.
3. Noncompliance.
4. Market fraud.
5. Conflict in interest.

In this case, I as the representative of all investors in BURSA MALAYSIA to urge your investigation on 3 IB immediately to protect fairness, cleanliness and honor of KLCI.

We hope to listen from your side ASAP.

We would consider to seek for alternative channel, if the investigation was then found with biasness.

We also hope you could show your team quality.

Thanks and appreciate in advance.


24/03/2019 12:13 AM
PotentialGhost Not only dayang many stock have insider trader , what the hell are you SC , why no take action , just write letter to SC , fxck your mom. Enough , no need write too long , just 4 sentence , Fxck YOur Mom SC , enough.
24/03/2019 12:38 AM
valuelurker lol old man koon better stay in your small pond la. Go to big pond swim with the real sharks, can't take the heat, cry father mother. say IB colluding, insinuate carimin insiders leaking and knowing good results beforehand when price went up, promoting hengyuan when at that very moment you're selling...just because you con aunty uncle, doesn't mean everyone else is like you old man
24/03/2019 1:08 AM
kelvin61 What he's doing is wrong. In fact, he should be the one being investigated and not these brokerage firms. He's using the social media blog to promote his shares after buying it earlier. This is a form of stock manipulation because he will not tell you when he is selling but encourages you to buy his stock so he can sell higher in the shortest time possible. Isn't this stock manipulation?
24/03/2019 1:09 AM
kelvin61 When he promote the share to go up to benefit himself is fine and not any form of manipulation, but when the free market has a differing view causing his stock to fall, he insinuates that the 3 brokerage firms have hidden agenda. So, the one owning and promoting his share day and night should be investigated instead as it is a form of stock manipulation.
24/03/2019 1:18 AM
apolloang bought 30 mil at 80cts now 1.33 still make more than 15 mil yet complain for what? those who bought gkent at 4.00 or sapnrg at 4.00 no complain to sc?
24/03/2019 1:19 AM
kelvin61 Try buying quietly and not telling the world and see if the stock you bought will moved like that. Then, you can consider yourself a super investor if it does. TTB, NSK, Dr. Tan Chong Koay, among others, don't tell the world when they buy shares for themselves or their fund. So, no manipulation involved and they are stock gurus in their field. Who is this self proclaimed super investor using such MO?
24/03/2019 1:26 AM
DreamConqueror Rubbish. Absolute rubbish. Yew Yin is right. Them 3 bittch IBs were indeed colluding.

If they were not, they would not have been targeting Dayang alone. While sparing Penergy & Carimin.

And also they would not have been publishing their reports on three successive trading days. The whole thing was done in such a way as to cause maximum damage to Dayang current market price.
24/03/2019 1:28 AM
DreamConqueror Nothing wrong with talking a stock up. It is promotion. Anything you want to increase the price of, obviously you have to talk it up, not talk it down

But doing something to make the price plunge when it is already going great guns is definitely sabotage.
24/03/2019 1:38 AM
DreamConqueror Besides, Yew Yin has not been talking up a lump of worthless crrap. What he has been doing is publicising the good points that Dayang has. And Dayang definitely has many.
24/03/2019 1:41 AM
PureBULL . 30 Million shares of dayang is sub sub sui to uncle KYY.
He has capacity for busuk.busuk rm200 million line. n likely cash RICH now, not using margin.

I think he edi KENA forced selling last week = That's why he's complaining to SC.

Many do not know exactly what's Stock Manipulation n Insider trading. These r niceeely spelled out in law n sc knows exactly what it's. n is very easy for sc to catch the wrong doers if there r.

It's the grey area where most r confused. Stock mkt is oso designed n allowed for speculation.

The CASE now is:
Assuming u r in a large crowd watching a sold-out dayang concert at 17th floor.
Then all of a sudden 2 prominent idiots came in to shout FIRE!
Some will die, some will jump out n many suffer serious injuries.

This is a serious Crime = a 'mass shooting' type
We need the law to stop this nonsense or it will happen again n again in other stocks, thus destroying KLSE !
24/03/2019 1:51 AM
Jackkin Dayang will fly on Monday, trust me..
24/03/2019 1:55 AM
DreamConqueror He Lena forced selling or not is not the major point. It is that a price plunge had been caused, also bringing about a loss of confidence.

I myself x ada kena any forced selling, becos I have vowed to myself never to play on margin again. But my progress has been severely disturbed. We were already on course to reach RM2 soon enough, but these 3 bittch IBs have simply thrown a big spanner in the works.

This just can't be right.
24/03/2019 1:58 AM
mr_hustla KYY is manipulator. investigate him and his trades before this.
24/03/2019 2:00 AM
mr_hustla manipulate the public. shame on you KYY
24/03/2019 2:02 AM
DreamConqueror So, you are the type who buys a stock, then does things to make it go down? Wow, man.
24/03/2019 2:05 AM
PureBULL . YES, sue the 2 analysts n co.

Releasing kanenger report on crowded dayang at the highest level = mass shooting in nz

What an act by a MONSTER !

In Wall Street this is a sure win class action legal law suit against the 2 Ib. n today we can expect to have at least 5 advert on major newspapers by top law firms taking the 2 analysts n its co to court for causing losses n misery to dayang n more so to the s.holders.
Tis a serious crime equivalent to a subset of 'mass murdering'.
The evidences r in solid print n also the crash prices of dayang.

Our dear LAWYERS, big biz is here, where r U ??

This is OPPORTUNITY quoted by PBB report:

we still believe Dayang’s focus will still be on its bread and butter businesses, underpinned by a solid orderbook in hand of RM3bn and tenderbook of around RM20bn

= dayang, BEST BIZ most people can only dream of having THIS YEAR N BEYOND ...
24/03/2019 2:05 AM
mr_hustla when things not the way you want, you cry saying everyone against you are the villain. grow up KYY. stop manipulating public for your own interest.
24/03/2019 2:05 AM
mr_hustla hey purebull, stop comparing what happen to this stock to mass shooting in NZ. you don't have any respect for what happened there????
24/03/2019 2:08 AM
mr_hustla don't you see, what KYY is doing??
1. he accumulate the stock,
2. he told that he doesn't need public to join him buying
3. he mark up the price to let public buy it
4. when he realize something not right, he ask public to sell other stock ask buy Dayang. He already knew something not right and yet he still ask public to buy to support the price.
5. stock price fall go and blame IB for advising public on unsustainable rise for Dayang

public is the one who taking heavy losses.
24/03/2019 2:17 AM
mr_hustla if he is really investor as what he said, then accumulate more. the price is cheaper now. this is excellent chance to buy it. why need to blame IB for this golden opportunity????
24/03/2019 2:18 AM
PureBULL . My GURU, adviser to 3 US Presidents wanted all stock players to know this:

" Every man has a right to his opinion, but no man has a right to be wrong in his facts. "
" A speculator is a man who observes the future, and acts before it occurs. "
Bernard Baruch


i. There won't be any rapist lau model anymore with 52 remisiers to spin n operate, n 2 super sexy lady remisiers only to WIN.

ii. There will not be any BULL run on klse oso.

i. n ii. above
r non existence but this will happen every year:

YES, Theme Play n perhaps 10 great winning stocks on super BULL RUN every year.

Last 1.5 - 2 years were GLOVE Theme on harta n topglov n Specialists contractors, Gkent n ECON
This year 2019 started with OnG Theme, plc with billions of RM contracts n much MORE r sure coming, bcos new gov needs HUGE MONEY desperately from petronas...
Each Theme Play could last 4Q to 12 Q.

OnG is only merely 2 months YOUNG !

Meditate n focus on the LEADERS of the Theme.

TOGETHER in i3 we must WIN BIG ...

All NAYSAYERS who work so very hard monitoring DAYANG price, make SURE u all make BIG too = the pressure is on U !!!
24/03/2019 2:56 AM
RiverOfSilver It is not only Yew Yin who is suspecting some hanky pinky in them 3 bittch IB downgradings, and would like a proper investigation to be made.

Many other people are also, especially among the long holders.
24/03/2019 3:55 AM
SaveMsiaFromPHGov Naysayers work very hard huh? Well, kind of, I guess.

They work very hard at taking it all apart & crushing it to destruction, rather than building it up.
24/03/2019 5:59 AM
pussycats You all cakap banyak kat sini, no use lah.
Bring this case to court,
Employ a good lawyer,
Initiate a class lawsuit.
Then wait for court verdict lah.

Cakap banyak here, cannot pakai lah.
Buang air liur saja.
24/03/2019 6:36 AM
pussycats You see PH gov ada cakap banyak in the newspapers lagi kah about 1Mdb,
No dilly dally,
PH gov bring the case to court,
Let the court decide the 1Mdb case.

24/03/2019 6:43 AM
birkincollector Hmm...now i actually think dayang may go up next week. Since this matter been sensationalized and surely under watched.....initial "planned" shortselling might be reduced to prevent much attention
24/03/2019 6:46 AM
pussycats You see PH gov ada cakap banyak in the newspapers lagi kah about 1Mdb,
No dilly dally,
PH gov bring the case to court,
Let the court decide the 1Mdb case.

You all cakap banyak kat sini, no use lah.
Bring this case to court,
Employ a good lawyer,
Initiate a class lawsuit.
Then wait for court verdict lah.

Cakap banyak here, cannot pakai lah.
Buang air liur saja.
24/03/2019 6:46 AM
SaveMsiaFromPHGov Misti cakap la. Mau kasi semua orang tau. Klu tarak cakap, dia orang semua dengar one side punya story juga.
24/03/2019 6:47 AM
SaveMsiaFromPHGov Maybe short selling will be suspended altogether, at least for a while.
24/03/2019 6:49 AM
Depeche EVEN...If the IBs decide to do a tag team attack on Dayang through IDSS...the price could go down to below 1.00...and there's nothing that anybody can do...i detest market manipulators of any kind.
24/03/2019 6:50 AM
pussycats This drama is getting more and more interesting than watching Astro or Netflix,

All the best to minority shareholders in pursuit of justice.

The REAL question now is DOES Uncle K why why WANT TO BRING THIS CASE TO COURT???

Uncle K why why ADA BERANI kah???
Don't just NATO (No Action, Talk Only).
24/03/2019 7:01 AM
SaveMsiaFromPHGov We long holders will support him la
24/03/2019 7:40 AM
TsDl Good letter and at the end trace back to kyy and unlicensed otb as suspects
24/03/2019 7:53 AM
TsDl Let both of them spend the rest of the years behind the bar
24/03/2019 8:02 AM
thurston Good morning, everyone.

I think the best way is 3 IB, KYY, retailers like you and me start buying Dayang to push the price higher on Monday.

That will be win win win situation. If the price is pushed to 1.80 and above, everybody win, nobody lose.

3 IB happy, KYY happy, retailers happy.

With the EPS, 4,5,10 cents, Dayang price at 1.80 above is sustainable.
24/03/2019 8:18 AM
kk7198 I think this is far fetched.Let Mr Market decides.
24/03/2019 8:28 AM
ramada Wake up. Market crashed already.
24/03/2019 8:34 AM
stingray_ea stingray(
100% Candlestick,simple,fast,high accuratecy
No Trendline, UpDown,Z,M,N,W Reverse lines, U,F,O turns.
No Indicator
No News
No FA / TA
Go deep into operator mind and read their steps
Go deep into retailer mind and read their steps after operator actions

For AirAsia case
citi and cimb noticed their downgraded was failed cause AA price drop and rebound. ex-dividend (2.79+12)=2.91

These 2 cheaps IB downgraded aa price was 1.80.

For Dayang Case:
Big issue to SC and their reply and actions will well monitor by foreign funds

To cover their wrong doing, 3IB mush push dayang price up like AA case.
else they will loss BIG tycoon class client account.

for IDDS player , you still want keep your money for them to manipulate your money, kill you.. No mah
it will come to your turn also.

dayang price up or down??? Guess. 60% up
24/03/2019 8:36 AM
Heavenly PUNTER like I said if you lose money it's okay, it will go to his scholarship funds. Blame yourself for being greedy, but at least you did something good because of your greed
24/03/2019 8:38 AM

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