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michaelgoh Wait till after pp
05/11/2017 9:14 PM
chankp7010 MBL will soon reach RM1.50 - 1.80 level. Strong support and continue interest in this counter has persistently pushed the share price higher. I believe the coming QR will be good.
06/11/2017 5:03 PM
888newbie tong fatt tatt
09/11/2017 6:10 PM
cherng no more 888lot in buy queue recently
17/11/2017 11:58 AM
Jake Yap When is the QR announcement date?
20/11/2017 8:44 AM
cherng die lo, not much buyer but the sell queue a lot of unit going to sell....
22/11/2017 12:18 PM
chankp7010 3 QR is out, fairly good but without any dividend declared.
28/11/2017 2:33 PM
cherng slowly slowly got some transaction... something happen?
28/12/2017 4:06 PM
cherng seller very strong... seller win
28/12/2017 4:31 PM
cherng waiting to watch seller perform...
29/12/2017 9:22 AM
cherng action
29/12/2017 3:57 PM
10154308548421912 http://www.theedgemarkets.com/article/malaysia-suspend-export-tax-palm-oil-three-months
05/01/2018 5:46 PM
10154308548421912 the above news will help MBL?
05/01/2018 5:47 PM
mjlee hmm. is it good time to rush in
07/01/2018 8:13 PM
mjlee by the way, how does the private placement affect the share price
07/01/2018 8:15 PM
10154308548421912 share price suddenly shoot up, good news?
08/01/2018 10:01 AM
chankp7010 No one will buy private placement if company's operation is not good. Furthermore, private placement is priced at a discount to market price and as such buyers tend to benefit more if further price increases. Private placement will definitely dilute EPS but cash flow improvement for the company.
08/01/2018 11:59 AM
mjlee hmm. mbl moving alot today
08/01/2018 12:13 PM
mjlee weird
08/01/2018 12:13 PM
Panch Poor quarter
27/02/2018 9:30 PM
cherng http://www.malaysiastock.biz/Company-Announcement.aspx?id=1040266

the Private Placement has been completed following the completion of the 3rd tranche of the Private Placement

finally completed!
08/03/2018 4:51 PM
Justin328 Oil mill revenue drop from previous year quarter 23M to 8.5M because of upgrading works of palm kernel crushing plant, anyone know when will complete this upgrade works? never mention is the current quarterly report......
11/06/2018 1:56 PM
Justin328 will this upgrading works increase the productivity? more efficiency?
11/06/2018 5:52 PM
Justin328 just saw mbl-wa got people sold 1 lot at 0.265 what the purpose?
19/06/2018 4:55 PM
Justin328 this selling will earn money? really dont understand
19/06/2018 4:57 PM
LiimInvest Justin328 my MBL-WA cost is 0.58.
13/07/2018 12:18 AM
jltay MBL will boost soonest, Palm oil in progressing .
17/07/2018 5:19 PM
Lim Tek Wai Bought it
14/08/2018 11:20 AM
Justin328 can you please dont just buy 1 lot, wasting money arrrrr
16/08/2018 4:47 PM
Jordan Khoo Wow! the stock price is rising, profit increasing also kikiki
16/08/2018 5:02 PM
cherng i hate buy 1 lot buyer too
16/08/2018 9:36 PM
saltedfish Big dividend coming?
17/08/2018 11:22 AM
Lim Tek Wai Wow! the stock price is rising, profit increasing also kikiki
17/08/2018 11:31 AM
Justin328 Net profit margin increase look ahead
29/08/2018 8:55 AM
Justin328 "the upgrading works was completed in end May 2018",
"After the completeness of the upgrading works, the management foresee oil milling division will likely to perform better in the subsequent quarters"
29/08/2018 10:42 AM
Justin328 no wonder oil mill revenue still very less
29/08/2018 10:43 AM
Jasper Coo Yahoooo ! Good profit tho, can spend more already kikiki
29/08/2018 10:46 AM
Lim Tek Wai Good stock, make huge profit !
29/08/2018 11:18 AM
saltedfish Awaiting signal
06/09/2018 10:17 AM
shpg22 Overpriced stock with poor performance. Fair price at 0.60. Better buy CBIP now oversold.
27/10/2018 11:50 AM
chankp7010 MBL is neither overpriced nor a poor performance counter. I would think RM1.30-RM1.50 be a fair price for MBL. With the proceeds from sale of associated company, more cash will be available for distribution of dividend.
13/11/2018 7:14 PM
godhand Operating profit? If yes fuck yeah.
23/11/2018 1:16 PM
Seek Great result!
23/11/2018 2:56 PM
kilrathi But there is no momentum in this stock ... just can keep as dividend company
15/12/2018 9:32 AM
saltedfish Christmas 2019 will be $2
17/12/2018 11:36 AM
ramada I'm the first visitor here year to date, like just came to the Mars, no human one.
25/02/2019 4:29 PM
kilrathi Closing saw some sudden buy .. any idea on this ?
12/03/2019 5:18 PM
Justin328 long time not coming, why company keep on buying own share ah??????
25/03/2019 12:00 PM
Justin328 Investing on own company??????
25/03/2019 12:02 PM
saltedfish Share buy back mean the company thinks its share is undervalued
27/03/2019 8:11 PM

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