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1.19 1.35     +0.16 (13.45%)
* Average Target Price, Price Call and Upside/Downside are derived from Price Targets in the past 6 months.
** Price Targets are adjusted for Bonus Issue, Shares Split & Shares Consolidation (where applicable).
Date Open Price Target Price Upside/Downside Price Call Source News
12/10/2018 1.18 1.60 +0.42 (35.59%) BUY BIMB Price Target News
24/09/2018 1.08 1.35 +0.27 (25.00%) BUY BIMB Price Target News
30/08/2018 1.11 1.73 +0.62 (55.86%) BUY PUBLIC BANK Price Target News
30/08/2018 1.11 0.97 -0.14 (12.61%) HOLD BIMB Price Target News
30/05/2018 0.87 1.08 +0.21 (24.14%) BUY PUBLIC BANK Price Target News
30/05/2018 0.87 0.97 +0.10 (11.49%) HOLD BIMB Price Target News

Price Target Research Article/News (past 6 months)
12/10/2018  BIMB Hibiscus Petroleum - Company Update
24/09/2018  BIMB Hibiscus Petroleum - Growth and rejuvenation
30/08/2018  PUBLIC BANK Hibiscus Petroleum Berhad - Towards An Exciting Year
30/08/2018  BIMB Hibiscus Petroleum - Temporary blip
30/05/2018  PUBLIC BANK Hibiscus Petroleum Berhad - So Far So Good
30/05/2018  BIMB Hibiscus Petroleum - Going up with North Sabah

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Ponorogol Dericlock also join the WhatsApp group to short this counter...

Wahahahha... Welcome dericlock.
24/10/2018 09:13
Huat1 Many merely rush in and out following the ups and down of the current oil price.
One must see FURTHER and understand the trend. Anyway, certain things already become facts - the previous quarter performance of HIBISCUS, which will most probably a stellar performance due to the HIGHER oil price and HIGHER production
24/10/2018 09:20
akupolitikkk Brent oil drop to 76.4....
DANGEROUS if drop to 70 below
24/10/2018 09:21
paktua73 Ponorogol paktua wait you throw he he he
Wait below 1.11

Tut tut
Bikin panasssss
24/10/2018 09:22
Hope333 If someone can help to short till below 0.9, will be perfect.....
24/10/2018 09:23
icecool i sleeping at rm1 can some1 wake me up ?
24/10/2018 09:24
Hope333 ask Pono to help:)
24/10/2018 09:26
Zhuge_Liang When Public Investment Bank gave a target price of 1.73 assuming Crude oil price is around USD 50 to 60, the present Crude oil is around USD 70.
I think Public Investment Bank will revise up the target price > 1.73 soon.
BIMB had revised up the target price of Hibiscus from 1.35 to 1.60 in view of high crude oil price.

Please note that Brent Crude from N Sabah is a premium Brent Crude, it is USD 5 more expensive than market Brent Crude price.

The average price of Brent Crude from Jul to Sep is around USD 75, Will Q1 2019 result better than previous Q1 2018 ?

We will know the final outcome on Nov 30.

You think that shorting Hibiscus is the best strategy, please continue to short it. Good luck to you.
24/10/2018 09:30
8u29song today many forcesell, myself 200,000....
24/10/2018 09:34
darkxfs 9288 bonia buy 1 free 1
24/10/2018 09:38
funkyway Gogogo hibiscus. Will cut loss below 1.10
24/10/2018 09:49
duncant1234 funkyway...like this you will keep making loss..if go below 1.10 you should wait till it goes up, do not sell.
24/10/2018 10:02
amet2017 hahaha..nanti depa press bawah 1.10 baru ada akai
24/10/2018 10:03
Ponorogol Short short short
24/10/2018 10:07
Ponorogol Thanks for grabbing at 1.17

Still got half to throw cheap... Let's see if got any at 1.15
24/10/2018 10:18
TKP9966 Why keep dropping?
24/10/2018 10:19
Ponorogol Who was that manage to catch my throw cheap just now...

Paktua73, is that you catch like hungry wolf.

24/10/2018 10:19
funkyway Noooo.. nvm i believe hibiscs won't go down below 1.15
24/10/2018 10:19
hohoho123 too bad idss volume so low
24/10/2018 10:20
Ponorogol Anyway I queue some at 1.15

No hungry musang ?

24/10/2018 10:21
Ponorogol Papaya , pinjam his mom spendar pulak ini Hari...

24/10/2018 10:21
Hope333 Pono, can I join the group? so i can see which good counter you all short, then i can buy at lower price
24/10/2018 10:22
Buy1st opportunities to accumulate at low price
24/10/2018 10:24
derrtan This week will touch 1.10
24/10/2018 10:25
akupolitikkk Support line at 1.15...
24/10/2018 10:26
Ponorogol The power of short selling IDSS. Even small volume but scare the shitt out of you guys...

Papaya text me said, he inside the van jenazah now.
What a pity.

24/10/2018 10:27
buah_kurma si pono ni kelakar
24/10/2018 10:28
billionn Good stock (based on fundamentals) but with roller coaster track sigh!
24/10/2018 10:29
amet2017 shorters dah berapa hari kantoi..hari ini dapat hasil sikit ok la
24/10/2018 10:33
buah_kurma minyak sekarang naik balek...
24/10/2018 10:35
Hope333 i think some short seller quietly bought back
24/10/2018 10:49
deddymines Hibiscs is a good company. I'm just worried about global events now. With the journalist murder, now saudi will do whatever it can to not be in trump's bad books. That means they will pump as much and try to keep prices low. Plus the thing with China.... market keeps dropping with companies using their shares as collateral for loans.... Let's hope for the best.
24/10/2018 10:50
Ponorogol Sold all my IDSS for handsome profit..

24/10/2018 10:58
icecool back from a long boring breakfast still haven rm 1 ?
24/10/2018 10:59
Bapaklangkau stop playing this counter, next time your grandsons or children live underwater then you all know. Global Warming lah walangkau
24/10/2018 11:00
icecool so boring half day gone d, start the shorting party already
24/10/2018 11:03
funkyway Don't short! Buy buy! Help push the price up.
24/10/2018 11:10
Ponorogol Now itchy hand want to short again
24/10/2018 11:16
8u29song oil is back.....slowly.....
24/10/2018 11:19
Money122 Oil price start to rebound back
24/10/2018 11:19
amet2017 short2 jgn tak short..jangan masuk longkang sudah
24/10/2018 11:32
funkyway It's going back to 1.20!! Yes!!! Knew it
24/10/2018 11:33
paktua73 Ihik ihik paktua tersedut minyak 1.17
Uhuk uhuk uhuk glupppp

Tut tut
Ermmm buncittttt
24/10/2018 11:34
billionn Price ups n downs got nothing to do with crude oil price la. It’s up to the punter how they want to manipulate
24/10/2018 12:03
Ponorogol Wow .. billionn is the best accurate analyst in the world so far...

24/10/2018 12:08
valuelurker Bought moreee deathhh chargeee
24/10/2018 12:21
Stockmasteryy Actually I dunno you guys know or not, this coming quater report will be impress although now we seeing the oil price drop but according from last quater report as the oil price around 60 but now highest 76-85 which mean hibiscus earns a lot during this season somemore they should have foreign gain
24/10/2018 13:13
Stockmasteryy And don’t remember that hibiscus currently expansion which helped them to produce more
24/10/2018 13:14
Maynot In the end Saudi is just a sheep being smack at the butt by US. Saudi tried so hard to act tough but in the end just had to follow US orders.
24/10/2018 13:29
Ponorogol Billionn said hibiscus business has nothing to do with crude oil price..


24/10/2018 13:36

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