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1.02 1.10     +0.08 (7.84%)
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** Price Targets are adjusted for Bonus Issue, Shares Split & Shares Consolidation (where applicable).
Date Open Price Target Price Upside/Downside Price Call Source News
09/10/2019 1.05 0.88 -0.17 (16.19%) SELL MIDF Price Target News
09/10/2019 1.05 1.20 +0.15 (14.29%) SELL AmInvest Price Target News
22/08/2019 1.40 0.88 -0.52 (37.14%) SELL MIDF Price Target News
22/08/2019 1.40 1.20 -0.20 (14.29%) SELL AmInvest Price Target News
22/08/2019 1.40 1.05 -0.35 (25.00%) SELL AffinHwang Price Target News
04/07/2019 1.42 1.07 -0.35 (24.65%) SELL MIDF Price Target News
04/07/2019 1.42 1.10 -0.32 (22.54%) SELL AffinHwang Price Target News
24/05/2019 1.41 1.19 -0.22 (15.60%) SELL MIDF Price Target News
24/05/2019 1.41 1.22 -0.19 (13.48%) SELL AmInvest Price Target News
24/05/2019 1.41 1.10 -0.31 (21.99%) SELL AffinHwang Price Target News

Price Target Research Article/News (past 6 months)
09/10/2019  MIDF MSM Malaysia Holdings Berhad - Disposal of Non-core Assets in Progress
09/10/2019  AmInvest MSM Malaysia - To Sell Chuping Land to F&N
22/08/2019  MIDF MSM Malaysia Holdings Berhad - Business Conditions Continue to Deteriorate
22/08/2019  AmInvest MSM Malaysia - Bigger Loss in 2QFY19
22/08/2019  AffinHwang MSM - Weaker ASPs and Competition Headwinds Loom
04/07/2019  MIDF MSM Malaysia Holdings Berhad - Sugar Glut to Persist
04/07/2019  AffinHwang MSM - New Initiatives Positive, But Headwinds Remain
24/05/2019  MIDF MSM Malaysia Holdings Berhad - Johor Factory Still Observing Gestation Period
24/05/2019  AmInvest MSM Malaysia - In the red in 1QFY19
24/05/2019  AffinHwang MSM - 1Q19: Reports a Loss as ASPs Dipped

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lamy92 Todayy msm rebound.. Next week msm any news.. Comfirm limit upp on tuesday
13/09/2019 4:41 PM
chanph @Newbiestrading2, MSM and FGV will together, definitely some good news ahead
14/09/2019 11:45 AM
gghaha again to diving....not yet ending...
17/09/2019 9:52 AM
cicakman Good 123
Any more comments?
I stuck at RM 2.50 dried fish.
18/09/2019 8:01 PM
Khaw Seek Chuan RM1 coming
19/09/2019 4:51 PM
gghaha recently alot ppl believe the downtrend is end and start buying.....:)
20/09/2019 10:30 AM
AllanTingAS Depends on next Q result, if still in red. Then will see <1.00 zone. Another factor is which company will be thier partner? Of course, AP is another treat.
20/09/2019 10:03 PM
cinapeh banbansee, kllbaccbye
26/09/2019 3:42 PM
Zali Daud Selamat majujaya semuanya. Sangkut juga pada 1.30. Tak apa, beli sikit aje buat pantau kaunter. Tunggu 0.7 [follow turbochart] nak everage sikit. Rasanya kaunter ni long term ok. Kat malaysia ni ada ke yang tak guna gula nak bancuh kopi o?
26/09/2019 7:45 PM
AllanTingAS Zali, boleh kah 0.70? Susah lah! I think can enter slowly once hit 0.95
26/09/2019 10:27 PM
Zali Daud Betul tu Allan, sementara menunggu 0.70 memang bercadang nak masuk sedikit pada 0.96 kerana kaunter ni mungkin melonjak secara tiba-tiba khususnya jika ada perubahan tentang permit import.
27/09/2019 12:04 PM
AllanTingAS I target at 0.95 to enter! AP susah dibatal cause few large companies have AP. Government is difficult situation cause if no AP, they will move some lines to nearby countries. MSM need to strngthen their strategy and don't take it lightly.
27/09/2019 9:50 PM
ongth60 old news
30/09/2019 5:21 PM
AllanTingAS Good123, F&N sudah ada AP. The buyers are good in procurement! Why buy cow if you want to drink milk?
30/09/2019 10:41 PM
zalidaud Hujan turun di perbukitan. Air mengalir deras, terjun menghempas batu. Tebu menjadi tawar. Berapa harga sanggup anda bayar?
02/10/2019 11:18 AM
bullstudent Matter of time before being bought out by China.
02/10/2019 3:31 PM
Musang King Malaysia is almost in the end of bankruptcy under the New Malaysia regime. MSM was a RM5/- company now going for cheap sale of RM1/- per share. HOW SAD?
02/10/2019 3:36 PM
lamy92 Dont worry for this company.. U see laa x lama lagi any somebody people buy this company dgn harga yang murah.. And can up agaian xlma lagi
02/10/2019 3:42 PM
lamy92 Dont boikot this company.. Support product malaysia
03/10/2019 9:11 AM
AllanTingAS Support broke at 1.00!
03/10/2019 10:08 PM
In_G2K MSM IPO price RM4.60 sometime in 2011 and went up to RM6+. After 8yrs the price down to RM0.965, just about 20% of the IPO price. The 30 largest share holders hold's 98.38% , remaining 1.61% free float in the market, about 11,388,276 shares.Assuming that 30 largest share holder still holding their shares, which highly probable because their purchased price was high.

If one try to sum up the volume of share traded in the market from 3/9/19 to 3/10/19, it was 27,414,300 shares which means to say within this period the market is traded 2.4 times multiple. If the company is really that bad in term of it financial standing and everybody wants to sell theirs shares then all would have been sold and no one would be interested to push the price lower and lower.

I believe Operator is behind the scene manipulating the price to lure retail investors to give up their shares. Let's wait N see, perhaps good news is not too far away. Good Luck!
04/10/2019 4:50 PM
gghaha want to sell also need to get buyer....if not buyer invest more the company CF only will become worst and later need govt to support all again....
04/10/2019 5:08 PM
AllanTingAS MOnitor the trend in next week. Don't rush, is okay when miss!
06/10/2019 11:06 AM
Zali Daud Jumaat: Jatuh 4c, Isnin: Naik 1c? Selasa: Jatuh 3c? Rabu: Naik 1c? Khamis; Jatuh 2c? Jumaat: Naik 1c?. MINGGU DEPAN sekitar @0.90, lagi satu minggu @0.80. Mungkin boleh turun hingga @0.70, tapi @0.86 boleh masuk sikit la ...
07/10/2019 3:38 PM
AllanTingAS Zali, boleh turn sampai 0.70 kah! Kenapa?
07/10/2019 10:15 PM
Zali Daud Melihat down trend yang berterusan, @0.70 bukanlah mustahil Allan. MUNGKIN! Mungkin jadi dan mungkin tidak. Sebelum ini cadang untuk masuk pada 0.96 tapi sekarang saya fikir sabar sedikit lagi hingga @0.86.
08/10/2019 12:02 PM
jutawansenyap Anybody can update me why huge lost for the previous quarter? Any impairment?
08/10/2019 12:47 PM
monkeyinvestor buy now
08/10/2019 3:01 PM
bullstudent Buyout soon
08/10/2019 3:26 PM
CharlesT risk reward ratio looks good
08/10/2019 3:37 PM
Zali Daud Wow! Ada apa-apa berita?
08/10/2019 3:44 PM
signalmw Gula King and proton Kong biybon
08/10/2019 4:35 PM
signalmw Govt baby protect by govt
08/10/2019 4:36 PM
ghy5656 Why MSM increase a lot today?
08/10/2019 5:14 PM
chanph Msm sells land to F&N for RM 156,000,000.00
08/10/2019 5:42 PM
lamy92 Monitor MSM.. Tomolow limit upp.. Chat today singal uptrend
08/10/2019 8:06 PM
cicakman Where got just one day up translated into an up trend.
If limitup no need to monitor any more.Wait the next day to monitor.
08/10/2019 9:36 PM
7300 teacher busy running naked with wrong stocks valuation
, dont know with skill baby will cry without sugar ...hehe
09/10/2019 12:00 AM
CharlesT turbochart Robert kwok tell China : NO !! MSM .worth 20sen already
02/10/2019 5:16 PM

turbochart 0.95. underwear loose loose already..still very tight...wait for 0.70
04/10/2019 4:52 PM

turbochart The.M cakap budak budak offend China.. haha... MSM die die drop to 50sen at least ..
04/10/2019 8:22 PM

turbochart Yah..limit up is confirmed!!
08/10/2019 9:34 PM

When was the last time u took yr medicine?
09/10/2019 5:58 AM
CharlesT hv to take yr medicine on time ah
09/10/2019 5:59 AM
lamy92 Topup more today limit up.. Tan sri moktar buy fgv n takeover msm
09/10/2019 8:55 AM
7300 lobster goring on table again,ada masak ada makan
09/10/2019 8:59 AM
bullstudent buy out RM 2.50
09/10/2019 9:06 AM
Asia88 run run.
09/10/2019 10:14 AM
bullstudent Just be patience and collect
09/10/2019 11:21 AM
Loh Kok Wai W 甜变苦。。。。哈哈哈。
09/10/2019 8:15 PM
FGV_ Sell land in Perlis to F&N is good news, Future loss can reduce.
10/10/2019 4:14 AM
williamtkb Is it a cheap sales or the land? What else can sell after land? Is 156millions enough to pay the interest and debts?
10/10/2019 6:43 AM
bullstudent That's right, going back to core business is the key point for MSM to recover.
10/10/2019 8:08 AM
Jeffreyteck Proceeds may just sufficient to pay management and bod remuneration for few years.
10/10/2019 10:38 AM

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