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0.54 1.64     +1.10 (203.70%)
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Date Open Price Target Price Upside/Downside Price Call Source News
05/09/2018 1.09 1.19 +0.10 (9.17%) HOLD PUBLIC BANK Price Target News
30/08/2018 1.10 1.19 +0.09 (8.18%) HOLD PUBLIC BANK Price Target News
27/07/2018 1.12 1.52 +0.40 (35.71%) BUY AmInvest Price Target News
05/07/2018 1.19 1.79 +0.60 (50.42%) BUY PUBLIC BANK Price Target News
17/05/2018 1.28 1.39 +0.11 (8.59%) BUY PUBLIC BANK Price Target News
17/05/2018 1.28 1.52 +0.24 (18.75%) BUY AMMB Price Target News
16/05/2018 1.20 1.39 +0.19 (15.83%) BUY PUBLIC BANK Price Target News
16/05/2018 1.20 2.45 +1.25 (104.17%) BUY BIMB Price Target News

Price Target Research Article/News (past 6 months)
05/09/2018  PUBLIC BANK Pestariang - Secures Master Licensing Agreement 3.0
30/08/2018  PUBLIC BANK Prestariang - Disappointing Results
27/07/2018  AmInvest Prestariang - JobMatching PTPTN programme commences
05/07/2018  PUBLIC BANK Prestariang - No Stumbling Block to SKIN Project
17/05/2018  PUBLIC BANK Prestariang - Holding Firm
17/05/2018  AMMB Prestariang - SKIN is a necessity
16/05/2018  PUBLIC BANK Prestariang - Mainly Contributed By SKIN Project
16/05/2018  BIMB Prestariang - More to expect from SKIN

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turbofast After Myeg dsonic next PRESTARIANG
19/10/2018 13:28
Lim Lai Ting but in fact no any evidence to prove this stock is related to zahid right ? I think someone spread ths rumor is plannning for something.........
19/10/2018 14:00
100000222164326 must something happen. if not, kwap not going to dispose so many share out.
19/10/2018 14:24
zerocool7199 https://m.marketscreener.com/PRESTARIANG-BERHAD-10018158/company/
19/10/2018 14:44
zerocool7199 All here shareholder no kena which zahid also la..got relationship wit him i think also is because last time when he was home affair minister only
19/10/2018 14:46
Lim Lai Ting @zero hi bro any other website can check shareholder holding ?
19/10/2018 14:51
jbon_99 Should wait for the announcement (either gov or prestariang).
But it must to do with SKIN project.
19/10/2018 14:52
BillyK rumours frm grapevine, the project is as cold as ais
19/10/2018 15:06
param54 once the air clear it will rebound
19/10/2018 15:59
Maxigain Down 13 consecutive days from rm1.00 for no apparent reason...
19/10/2018 16:12
vinoth Someone started selling and everyone just follow without knowing what happened.
19/10/2018 16:20
Lim Lai Ting CEO doing what ? SLEEPING ? why no explanation ? Investor suffer huge loss from here , he diam diam only
19/10/2018 16:27
param54 monday no rebound cut loss
19/10/2018 16:51
csk396 Looking at the way company dealing with previous govt to get contract (myeg,dsonic), it is hard to believe there is 'nothing' behind the SKIN deal.
19/10/2018 16:55
ericlts8 No uma query down about 50% just for a few days.
19/10/2018 16:58
value88 PresBhd able to secure contract extension for supplying Microsoft software to government in Sept and Oct'18. This means its management able to work with new government lo.
Besides, it is a bumiputra company and would be well taken care of.
19/10/2018 17:30
value88 For the SKIN project, termination is unlikely but cut cost is possible. However, so far no news on SKIN project review.. I believe the uncertainty on SKIN project review is the main reason causing sell-down
The other reason is Kumpulan Wang Persaraan keeps disposing PresBhd's stocks causing market people to think that the instituition knows something negative that we do not know.
19/10/2018 17:32
shpg22 I already explained earlier, this company business model is a big flaw. The higher the revenue it gets, the lower its profit & profit margin. Nothing to do with Zahid, SKIN etc its just poor management.

shpg22 Revenue keep growing at fast pace but net profit keep plunging & FCF getting worst. Something is not right about the company business model or is this a sign of the boss milking the company? Fair price downgrade to 0.35 @ P/E 10x & P/B 1.0x.
11/10/2018 00:59
19/10/2018 17:46
Lim Lai Ting why said lower the profit margin ? may u explain further ? or just guess ? thanks
19/10/2018 18:03
geraldt9 ... agree with you.
19/10/2018 18:13
shpg22 All this is in the financial report. Profit margin had plunged from 38% in 2012 to a mere 6% now. It didn't happen overnite, every single year the profit margin has been sliding with revenue growth. So does its dividend.
19/10/2018 18:43
Christiano88 Already paper loss almost 50%,should I cut loss,any suggestions?
19/10/2018 19:05
shpg22 There should be a technical rebound soon. Sell on rebound.
19/10/2018 19:25
Faiza Kwap selling like no tmrw
Knw something that u dont
19/10/2018 21:00
value88 The SKIN project is based on Build, Operate, Maintenance, Transfer (BOMT) model. The first 3 years are Build stage, and government actually do not need to fork out any money during this period. Thus, the new government should not have concern to proceed with the SKIN project as there will be no financial burden to them from now till year 2020.
19/10/2018 21:17
value88 Presbhd also just secured the financing for SKIN project and made the announcement on 26th Sept, thus it seems like no obstacle to proceed with the SKIN project.
The only reason I can see from recent stock price plunge is very negative and fearful market sentiment.
19/10/2018 21:20
PotentialGhost Malaysia Hero Apolloang masuk longkang RIP
19/10/2018 21:21
fong7 nobody call up the Investor Relationship department asking for clarification?
19/10/2018 21:46
fong7 looks like most probably something to do with zahid that created this fear on PresBhd.
now so far not related to this company, but doesn't mean won't be involved in near future.
however, maybe it will rebound for this round.
19/10/2018 21:53
fong7 all time low is around 0.48, is it?
19/10/2018 21:54
fong7 if without SKIN income, its PE is still very high at current price above 20x. So SKIN is the key.
19/10/2018 21:55
Jingweihan Kwap will stop selling, too low they also making huge losses,
People will start buying because undervalue alr.
19/10/2018 22:26
zerocool7199 Next week rebounce a bit to 0.700 back since oversold.next next week prestariang announce clear position that ntg to do with zahid then fly back 1.00-1.20.next next next week announce SKIN continue as awarded and it sky rocket back to 2.00-2.50...haha
Just gamble luck la everyone..want earn fast money then of course the risk is high..but what i see is worth to fight since oversold and underprice..assume current price is near to limit down.time to rebound is high.
19/10/2018 22:50
PotentialGhost I am curious how can EPF every year pay 5% divided , EPF 80% holding stock already fall from the top to bottom 40%~80%。 EPF they liar public
19/10/2018 23:03
zerocool7199 They can simply declared how much %dividend to pay.never ppl know how is their investment and how much anually they actually earn...
19/10/2018 23:20
vinoth My remisier told me to queue at 0.40 next week.
20/10/2018 00:04
Lim Lai Ting remisier will make u bankupt hahaha o0o give them
20/10/2018 00:56
apolloang if remisier so smart they sendiri punt no need to tell u
20/10/2018 00:58
Lim Lai Ting Agreed , hate them always talking shit
20/10/2018 01:01
shpg22 I think the worst culprit to make u bankrupt is the target price from IB.
20/10/2018 01:21
shpg22 As long as they are more contribution to the EPF every year (through increase in working population & wages), don't ever worry about how EPF can pay your 5-6% dividend. Heard of Ponzi scheme?? It works the same way just that this one is controlled & guaranteed by the gov.

I am curious how can EPF every year pay 5% divided , EPF 80% holding stock already fall from the top to bottom 40%~80%。 EPF they liar public
20/10/2018 01:23
michaelwong Unbelievable dropped that caught many unexpected in a row and thinking that the price is low keep leveraging might eventually feel the heat . If l am not wrong, many are loosing out in bskl stock market gradually with the kind of bad sentiments keep cropping up with all of a sudden .
20/10/2018 02:19
yusopa for now price target 50 cents....after tat dunno...
20/10/2018 18:32
Faiza Tp 40 if too skinny
20/10/2018 18:46
Christiano88 https://www.malaymail.com/s/1684794/from-akalbudi-to-mastoro-every-alleged-player-linked-to-zahids-rm42m-charge
20/10/2018 20:12
vinoth Is Presbhd in the list?
20/10/2018 20:37
vinoth Why you post old news?
20/10/2018 23:53
hancus https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qsP8IkvQz3Q
20/10/2018 23:54
hancus https://www.malaysiakini.com/news/349032
20/10/2018 23:55
hancus if you want to feed your fear...happy watching--
21/10/2018 00:00

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