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faridfet @EVO118 im sure Awantec gave fully support to PH. This is sure PH counter. One of the BOD - Syed Naqiz Shahabuddin was a former committee to study 1MDB appointed by Council of Eminent Persons (CEP; Daim Zainuddin, Zeti Aziz, Hassan Merican, Robert Kuok, Jomo Sundaram).


On recent GE15, PH's candidate - Dr Mohamed Fadzil Mohd Ali contested in Jerlun, Kedah is a small shareholder of Awantec. So no worries @EVO118, im sure Awantec helps interms of funding PH.
30/11/2022 7:52 PM
Mar2083 Hope can hit 50sen soon
07/12/2022 10:08 PM
Scott Tan ready to take off, big project is coming
12/12/2022 10:23 AM
Aizam4651 What project ?? Brother scott
12/12/2022 11:51 AM
EVO118 MACC should start an investigation on who gifted the Richard Mill watch, first spotted on MOO's hand about the time he decides to cancel the SKIN project. Would have been up an running by now.
16/12/2022 3:43 PM
EVO118 Are those Directors working for what they are being paid to do? Pathetic!
30/12/2022 7:46 PM
EVO118 One year later and they still can't come up with a regularised plan, looking for a further extension of time. What have they been doing all that time?
04/01/2023 7:11 AM
sungun time to accumulate liao....
06/01/2023 1:41 AM
Paktua Second Scam counter
13/01/2023 5:00 PM
EVO118 "CASE MANAGEMENT" again this Friday 10th Feb. Don't get your hopes too high!
06/02/2023 1:37 PM
EVO118 MACC Probing Possible Abuse Of Power In Contract For Ex-PM’s Son-In-Law.

That is the reason why the MOO COW cancel the Prestariang contract. Don't forget he was flashing around a new Richard Mill watch at the time ( refer to photo of Sarawark Report about that time ) Crooks everywhere, get rid of one another one pops up.
08/02/2023 7:36 PM
EVO118 MACC probing former PM and son-in-law.
08/02/2023 7:37 PM
EVO118 Richard Mill, the watch of CROOKS. There is only one Richard Mill outlet and it is at Starhill. Very easy for MACC to raid them for all the records and serial nos to see who bought that watch MOO COW was wearing ( not many sold $$$$$$). I am sure he didn't pay for it.
08/02/2023 7:55 PM
EVO118 So we have to wait another 5 months for a decision over 4 days. At least there is a definite commitment to dispose of the case within that time frame. IS IT FOR REAL. The GOM are committing themselves to a potential liability claim of $millions. By contract Law a contract is a contract and any party in breach of that contract is liable to compensate the other party.
10/02/2023 6:40 PM
EVO118 If the decision goes against the GOM and they are up for $millions in compensation, is somebody going to come around and file a suit against MOO COW for the cancellation like they did with the Singapore/Malaysia HSR? A good question looking and anticipating into the future.
10/02/2023 6:42 PM
linheng The Company wishes to announce that the Court has, in addition to the previously scheduled hearing dates of 13, 14, 25 and 26 July 2023, further scheduled additional dates on 7 and 8 June 2023 for the continued hearing of the Originating Summons. Moo obviously cancel this project to give to his son in law. Maybe current Govt will settle this case. Hearing set for June & July 2023. Huat Ah
24/02/2023 7:24 AM
drken91 hmm.. looks like can come & collect some slowly :)
07/03/2023 5:37 PM
drken91 oops, too fast! :)
09/03/2023 10:14 AM
fairyz So if Moo in = Awantec back to sky?

At the very least....maybe can get something out of court from Gov of the day?
09/03/2023 2:43 PM
stncws fahmi says 5G thing in parlienment today....
09/03/2023 3:11 PM
putusamy Jahat ah ini promoter pukul 8.45 push pre opening price sampai 0.50. skali buka harga 0.445 only. jubake.
10/03/2023 9:03 AM
Cikpurnama22 Operator buat kerja tarak clean. ingat retailer x perasan ke? kikikiki
10/03/2023 9:04 AM
yiqqre AWS Launches Infrastructure Region, Invests RM25.5 Billion in Malaysia

Digital transformation, the great investment. Awantec will benefit from it
10/03/2023 9:16 AM
wkkht If investors peruse the annual report, they can find several heavyweights. Among them is the big boss of a listed company.
1) The majority shareholder is a Malaysian billionaire and a major shareholder of a listed company.
2) The Finance Minister announced that government departments will gradually improve and use cloud storage in the future. Estimated investment of up to RM20 billion.
3) Former Prime Minister, Tintin canceled the project for private gain and then privately sent the project to a company associated with his son-in-law, IRIS. Tintin is expected to be charged with abuse of power after his arrest.
4) The current government has confirmed that it will make up for Awantec's losses. Next, wait for the compensation amount. The estimated amount is as high as 900 million.
10/03/2023 9:18 AM
stncws today 2 times want to break 46...failed ...so aftnoon 3pm...see can break or not
10/03/2023 1:22 PM
Hurainah Haniza look like can’t go up, already touch support 42
10/03/2023 3:20 PM
EVO118 No change in price, volume is out of normal. Something fishy going on!
10/03/2023 10:14 PM
Mar2083 Potentially may hit 50sen above next week
11/03/2023 3:50 PM
stncws last minutes eat up not a good sign, many think the next day will up.
11/03/2023 10:44 PM
Jenggo Jenggo No power market sentiment very weak
11/03/2023 11:56 PM
wkkht 取消NIISe合约,会对 IRIS 与 MYEG 有什么影响? 小心有心人借新闻炒作股价.吹水马后炮.11032023.

13/03/2023 9:46 AM
Mar2083 Green
Potentially may goreng till 60 to 70sen
Huat ar
13/03/2023 1:58 PM
stncws look like distribution today..need to see tmr before ..
13/03/2023 2:47 PM
TokAbah You contra, you die lorr.
13/03/2023 4:24 PM
nik5007 Tomorrow will touch 0.52
13/03/2023 10:34 PM
Mar2083 虽然距离我买进的价格微涨了8分,但这仅仅是开始而已,真真的涨幅还没来。

3)目前大股东是 7293 Yinson 集团的 Mr Lim , 也是马来西亚第 38 的超级富豪,亿万富翁。
4) 政府即将对Awantec 进行赔偿,预计高达九亿,也就是说一个股赔偿接近 RM 1.50
5) NIIS 取消后,Awantec 是首选获益公司

个人认为以目前的市场,Awantec 是最低风险高回筹的公司。买入后耐心等待。
14/03/2023 6:40 AM
yiqqre Falls back below 0.40
14/03/2023 10:13 AM
LOOK009 什么mr lim不要乱说害人.
14/03/2023 11:03 AM
mf collect
14/03/2023 11:50 AM
stncws next support 40c....
14/03/2023 11:58 AM
TokAbah Lol. You contra you die lor
14/03/2023 12:02 PM
mf rebound
14/03/2023 4:15 PM
NIWV good luck contra.. many panic sell. someone eat last minute
14/03/2023 5:03 PM
stncws banker has left oledi, support 39c
16/03/2023 12:02 PM
TokAbah Condolences to the falling comrades...
16/03/2023 1:14 PM
TokAbah Economic is going to be uncertain due to global issues. Anwar and PKR is indeed incapable to govern our economic lorr. Who voted him will be regret for the rest of their life. Ah Jib gor is the best eco
16/03/2023 1:17 PM
nelsonlim eh awantec no crowd ady?
23/03/2023 10:39 AM
TokAbah Where is the promoter. Pity to those stuck their money lorr.
27/03/2023 9:39 PM
skyinvestor No idea if this counter has any connection with current gov but i jus watched a video analysing this counter, gave mixed analysis https://youtu.be/Xqw60ylFFoc
29/03/2023 8:48 AM
GregBursa @skyinvestor oh ya I have watched it, she gave both technical and fundamental analysis, one of the few rare good youtuber covering msian stock in my opinion
29/03/2023 10:26 AM

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