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** Price Targets are adjusted for Bonus Issue, Shares Split & Shares Consolidation (where applicable).
Date Open Price Target Price Upside/Downside Price Call Source News
15/09/2020 1.42 1.95 +0.53 (37.32%) BUY HLG Price Target News
09/09/2020 1.40 1.95 +0.55 (39.29%) BUY HLG Price Target News
04/09/2020 1.39 1.95 +0.56 (40.29%) BUY HLG Price Target News
26/08/2020 1.34 1.50 +0.16 (11.94%) BUY MIDF Price Target News
26/08/2020 1.34 1.68 +0.34 (25.37%) BUY KENANGA Price Target News
26/08/2020 1.34 1.95 +0.61 (45.52%) BUY HLG Price Target News
26/08/2020 1.34 1.35 +0.01 (0.75%) HOLD AffinHwang Price Target News
29/07/2020 1.36 1.61 +0.25 (18.38%) BUY MIDF Price Target News
29/07/2020 1.36 1.95 +0.59 (43.38%) BUY HLG Price Target News
07/07/2020 1.45 1.95 +0.50 (34.48%) BUY HLG Price Target News
30/06/2020 1.37 1.59 +0.22 (16.06%) BUY MIDF Price Target News
30/06/2020 1.37 1.95 +0.58 (42.34%) BUY HLG Price Target News
15/06/2020 1.42 1.63 +0.21 (14.79%) BUY KENANGA Price Target News
10/06/2020 1.41 1.95 +0.54 (38.30%) BUY HLG Price Target News
28/05/2020 1.48 1.59 +0.11 (7.43%) HOLD MIDF Price Target News
28/05/2020 1.48 1.63 +0.15 (10.14%) HOLD KENANGA Price Target News
28/05/2020 1.48 2.00 +0.52 (35.14%) BUY HLG Price Target News
28/05/2020 1.48 1.78 +0.30 (20.27%) BUY AmInvest Price Target News
28/05/2020 1.48 1.61 +0.13 (8.78%) HOLD AffinHwang Price Target News

Price Target Research Article/News (past 6 months)
15/09/2020  HLG Property - Tough Year Indeed
09/09/2020  HLG Sunway - A Good Proxy to An Economic Recovery
04/09/2020  HLG Sunway - Potential Unlocking of the Healthcare Unit
26/08/2020  MIDF Sunway Berhad - Stronger Earnings Anticipated for 2HFY20
26/08/2020  KENANGA Sunway Berhad - 1HFY20 Within Expectations
26/08/2020  HLG Sunway - Profitable Quarter With Strong 2HFY20 Ahead
26/08/2020  AffinHwang Sunway (HOLD, Maintain) - Loss Incurred
29/07/2020  MIDF Sunway - Maiden Healthcare Venture Into the East Coast Region
29/07/2020  HLG Sunway - Expanding Healthcare Presence to Kelantan
07/07/2020  HLG Sunway - Additional Information on the ICPS
30/06/2020  MIDF Sunway - Disposal of the Pinnacle Sunway to Sunway REIT
30/06/2020  HLG Sunway - Disposal to Further Strengthen Balance Sheet
15/06/2020  KENANGA Sunway Berhad - Sniffing Out Opportunities
10/06/2020  HLG Sunway- Covid-19 Taking a Toll on FY20
28/05/2020  MIDF Sunway - Earnings Dragged by MCO
28/05/2020  KENANGA Sunway Berhad - Feeling the Covid-19 Effects
28/05/2020  HLG Sunway - FY20 Earnings to be Impacted by Covid-19
28/05/2020  AmInvest Sunway Berhad- 1QFY20 earnings hit by Covid-19 but outlook still positive
28/05/2020  AffinHwang Sunway Berhad- 1Q19: Below Expectations

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invest icon If ICPS approve in coming EGM, Sunway WB will get some bonus and conversion price reduce to 1.32 after Oct 2023 due to capital enlarge. Take a look at Sunway WB
27/08/2020 3:19 PM
InvestNotGamble 1.41 NOW!!! See why I keep try hard to recommend sunway few days ago? I hope we all can earn some SAFE & BIG money from sunway through this reputable company!

The price is still very cheap now 1.41. Sure can hit 1.5 very soon. Sapu while you can yea.
27/08/2020 4:16 PM
makelittlemoney sin ka lin... why when 1.28 u no come out promote
27/08/2020 4:18 PM
InvestNotGamble @makelittlemoney Bro i'm pure investor studying fundamental and analyzing on facts, i'm not insider I dont know their financial performance in advance. It is still a risk before the quarter report is out, now that the quarter report is out all worries are gone. Now can sapu!
27/08/2020 4:37 PM
Kendo Ken Hz All in, 2 soon, Chia buyback
27/08/2020 8:48 PM
ali baba Would the ICPS plan works like this?

#1 - Dividend
Year1 = 5.25%
Year2 = 5.25%
Year3 = 5.25%
Year4 = 5.25% (mandatory conversion on the 1st 50%)
Year5 = 5.25% (mandatory conversion on the balance 50%)

#2 - And to convert, is there any fee to pay like 'Exercise Price'?
28/08/2020 1:17 PM
InvestNotGamble @ali baba

No exercise price. Because you have to pay a RM1 in advance already for it.
28/08/2020 1:49 PM
invest icon @Ali Baba, Conversion to Sunway is either 1:1 or 20% discount from Sunway price during fixing period, which ever is lower. Means, minimum 1 ICPS can convert to 1 Sunway share or more
28/08/2020 3:06 PM
ali baba Many thanks InvestNotGamble and invest icon.
Cannot imagine that Sunway at year 2025 will still priced at RM1.00 and without any bonus share / share split exercise from now until then.

A few more questions.

#3 - These ICPS units, Are they trade-able the moment the units are issued?

#4 - If one has 1,000 units of Sunway, he / she will be entitled 200 units and this sure allotted right? Or we must wait for balloting?

#5 - With ICPS unit priced at RM1.00 and with dividend 5.25% per annum, Can i assume the following:-
1,000 units of ICPS at RM1.00
yr1 dividend receipt = RM 52.5
yr2 dividend receipt = RM 52.5
yr3 dividend receipt = RM 52.5
yr4 dividend receipt = RM 26.25 (only 50% because 50% of units will be converted to Sunway)
yr5 dividend receipt = RM 26.25 (only 50% because 50% of units will be converted to Sunway)
total dividend then is = RM 210.
Hence, the capital outlay for the ICPS is RM1,000 - RM210 = RM 790 (for 1,000units)
Is this understanding correct?
28/08/2020 3:54 PM
InvestNotGamble no la u cannot count like that, 1000 u put FD in bank also will have interest. They ask money from u and lock down the fund, let them use for 5 years, of course need pay u interest. Yes the preferential share can be traded in market like warrant if i'm not wrong. So if sunway price go up, u can sell for profit also instead of holding for 5 years.
28/08/2020 4:23 PM
InvestNotGamble If the proposed ICPS is rejected by the board, then share price will go up because last time after announcement a lot ppl scare dilution then throw sunway share, current share price already factorted in.

If ICPS success, the price will go up also, because a lot of big player and permanent sunway stakeholders won't want to lose out this chance and face dilution.

28/08/2020 4:25 PM
invest icon @Ali Baba, ICPS will be listed for trade. Theorytically price quote will be not far from Sunway since is min 1:1 conversion. 1 ICPS right to subscribe is free for every 5 shares and you can sell it if you do not wish to subscribe before the expiry date. If you have 1000 units of ICPS, you are entitled to RM52.5 every year but paying out can be delay and accumulate if the management feels that is necessary. Buy delaying is very rare will affects Sunway's credit rating.
28/08/2020 4:38 PM
invest icon @InvestNotGamble I see you really hard sell Sunway. But I like it cause it is truly good fundamental and potential company
28/08/2020 4:42 PM
invest icon Don't forget to take a look at Sunway WB, If ICPS is approve, Conversion price will reduce to RM1.32 from Oct 2023 onwards and very likely will get about 8-10% free Warrant due to enlarge capital.
28/08/2020 4:46 PM
yameyamo Finally
28/08/2020 5:16 PM
Kendo Ken Hz Sunway has medical centers, but share prices is peanut, why , zero benefit from covid
28/08/2020 5:25 PM
InvestNotGamble @invest icon yea i hard sell because i feel Sunway wasted at this price level. And all the things i say here is based on fact. Like you said, Sunway is really good fundamental and potential company at this price level is just unreasonable.

@Kendo Ken Hz sunway medical occupancy rate is <20% during mco, that's why lost making, but after June already improve to > 65% occupancy rate. Which is really good. So next quarter will see good profit by Sunway. That's why the share price is rising after the quarter report come out shows that Sunway is not really affected as expected by Covid. More income is coming in from property sector after project completion at china and UK.

A lot of ppl mistaken sunway for hotels and malls, their main income is actually from various diversified sectors including property, quarrying and building materials.
28/08/2020 9:26 PM
CKNG8291 Is sunway issue dividend this QR ?
31/08/2020 9:20 PM
ali baba Thanks again InvestNotGamble and invest icon.
01/09/2020 1:40 PM
MadameTan I joined the party since 1.6 and I started small but gradually increase my purchase when the price falling until 1.30. Now my Sunway counter PnL is positive.
Looking forward to a positive outcome general meeting tomorrow and embrace towards a higher
01/09/2020 8:43 PM
ali baba With the ICPS, will Sunway still issue dividend? It is counter productive right?
02/09/2020 12:34 PM
invest icon Sunway dividend policy is minimum 20% from its core business PATMI. That means they will still pay out dividend
02/09/2020 3:56 PM
Pang dividend x 2 per year
02/09/2020 4:32 PM
federerphong May i know , the sunway warrant got any effect,after icps
02/09/2020 10:52 PM
AlfI3 Eventhough AGM approved, it will take long time more to get d ex-date of the icps RI. Will tat possibly d mgmt decides to abort due to improved biz condi tat can eliminate dem frm cash call exercises?
03/09/2020 7:48 AM
jibbie Any good news from AGM? anyone can share?
03/09/2020 12:06 PM
tankoksiong 从采矿与采石业起家的双威(SUNWAY,5211,主板工业产品服务组),如今已发展为大马其中一家业务多元化的财团,组合投资与业务存在协同作用,自2011年成功合并双威城与双威控股后,集团盈利处于上升轨道,通过策略性决策,继续严谨落实营运计划。








与此同时,集团建筑组已成功移交布城计划的设计与建筑,这项计划是政府其中一项最大的办公大厦。除此之外,双威的采石组已逐渐成为集团新的成长支柱,包括以7010万令吉收购Blacktop工业公司的100%股权、以1亿2500万令吉收购Dolomite Granite Quarry公司,不过交易尚待完成。

03/09/2020 9:16 PM
Investor 999 有消息指出,产业大亨丹斯里谢富年掌控的双威(SUNWAY,5211,主板工业股),有意脱售医院业务20至25%股权部署上市,并已委任马银行(MAYBANK,1155,主板金融股)主理。



03/09/2020 9:34 PM
Tey Tey Shong Hui 双威又开始发光,双威个性超特别,花点时间多了解才能在双威久留。
04/09/2020 4:40 AM
invest icon Sunway Bhd (5211) – Healthcare re-rating?

Sunway could see some upside if research houses start raising the valuation of its healthcare business.

Bloomberg reported today that Sunway is looking to sell a 20-25% stake in its healthcare unit that could fetch at least USD250 mil.

That means:

If a 20% stake is worth USD250 mil, 100% stake is worth USD1.25 bil.
If a 25% stake is worth USD250 mil, 100% stake is worth USD1 bil.
USD1 bil is about RM4.15 bil.

That is much higher than the valuations given by some research houses, such as:

Kenanga IB: RM1,788 mil
Hong Leong IB: RM1,734 mil
Affin Hwang IB: RM1,800 mil
UOB Kay Hian: RM1,250 mil

Among the four above, Affin Hwang gave the highest valuation of RM1.8 bil.

However, using that USD1 bil (RM4.15 bil) valuation, that’s still a surplus of RM2.35 bil or 42 sen per share (based on fully diluted no. of shares).

42 sen is equivalent to 30% of Sunway’s share price of RM1.40.
04/09/2020 9:15 AM
dollardollarbill https://klse.i3investor.com/blogs/dollardollarbill/2020-09-03-story-h1513316114-Sunway_Bhd_5211_Healthcare_re_rating_bill.jsp
04/09/2020 9:45 AM
dollardollarbill Hong Leong IB came out with report today too...
04/09/2020 9:49 AM
dollardollarbill http://www.hlib.hongleong.com.my/Published/Download.ashx?ArticleId=15758
04/09/2020 9:50 AM
InvestNotGamble What did i say? Sunway is unlocking it's value now!
04/09/2020 10:22 AM
InvestNotGamble https://www.bursamalaysia.com/market_information/announcements/company_announcement/announcement_details?ann_id=3085515

Sunway healthcare unit stake sales confirmed. Time for Sunway to fly!!! Crazy value unlocked even before IPO of their medical line.
04/09/2020 12:53 PM
Valgrovest Yes, this could potentially unlock the value in Sunway.
04/09/2020 2:21 PM
Valgrovest https://www.theedgemarkets.com/article/sunways-healthcare-unit-divestment-plan-positive-move-%E2%80%94-hlib-research

Hong Leong Investment Bank very bullish on Sunway healthcare plan .....is Sunway going to limit up soon?
04/09/2020 2:28 PM
vinc3nt existing warrant holder will get new warrant
04/09/2020 3:03 PM
zhen wei & JP https://www.thestar.com.my/news/education/2020/09/06/the-bonds-of-friendship-oxford-and-sunway
06/09/2020 12:55 PM
AlfI3 If can unlock huge value frm it's health unit, wud the RI exercise b aborted?
08/09/2020 12:10 PM
InvestNotGamble RI Exercise is good for long term growth including reducing debt ratio and also funding medical line expansion. Why abort? and the drop in share value already reflected when they first announce the RI.
08/09/2020 1:33 PM
InvestNotGamble Wow, all directors and major shareholders of sunway diam diam collect sunway shares. Shoot up soon!
11/09/2020 11:37 AM
humongainz yes this is a wonder stock. but only if u hold for long term.
12/09/2020 3:56 PM
hotdip this counter look like about to bullish with positive review from investment banks & Big Fish started to collect shares quietly.
15/09/2020 3:07 PM
InvestNotGamble @hotdip you're right, the biggest fish (Jeffrey Cheah's family) and EPF been absorbing sunway's share for almost 3 weeks. This counter gonna fly sky high starting today as it breaks 1.43 resistant level. TP RM1.95 is confirmed. I'm aiming profit taking at RM2.5 as RM2.88 is the actual SOP for Sunway after evaluating 20-25% disposal of their medical line stake.
15/09/2020 7:53 PM
humongainz @InvestNotGamble That's a killer whale, not a fish la bro.

Won't reach TP that soon. But it'll get there.
15/09/2020 7:55 PM
wahd When ICPS start ?
23/09/2020 9:11 AM
invest icon @wahd Some investors request ICPS is Syariah compliance. Currently proposed ICPS had submitted for Syariah approval and estimate by Nov will gets approval
23/09/2020 3:58 PM
AlfI3 It will take 'quite a while' for all the RI requirements to b complied with b4 to enroute for d capital raising exercise. U guys think can it b carried out prior to 1st half 2021?
26/09/2020 7:37 AM
Sailangking what is tp
27/09/2020 12:03 AM

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