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Last Price Avg Target Price   Upside/Downside Price Call
1.63 1.76     +0.13 (7.98%)
* Average Target Price, Price Call and Upside/Downside are derived from Price Targets in the past 6 months.
** Price Targets are adjusted for Bonus Issue, Shares Split & Shares Consolidation (where applicable).
Date Open Price Target Price Upside/Downside Price Call Source News
29/04/2022 1.64 1.92 +0.28 (17.07%) BUY RHB-OSK Price Target News
28/04/2022 1.59 1.72 +0.13 (8.18%) HOLD PUBLIC BANK Price Target News
28/04/2022 1.59 1.55 -0.04 (2.52%) HOLD KENANGA Price Target News
28/04/2022 1.59 1.95 +0.36 (22.64%) BUY HLG Price Target News
28/04/2022 1.59 1.74 +0.15 (9.43%) HOLD AmInvest Price Target News
22/04/2022 1.55 1.92 +0.37 (23.87%) BUY RHB-OSK Price Target News
27/01/2022 1.54 1.72 +0.18 (11.69%) HOLD PUBLIC BANK Price Target News
27/01/2022 1.53 1.60 +0.07 (4.58%) HOLD KENANGA Price Target News
27/01/2022 1.54 1.75 +0.21 (13.64%) BUY HLG Price Target News
27/01/2022 1.53 1.65 +0.12 (7.84%) HOLD AmInvest Price Target News
21/12/2021 1.59 1.75 +0.16 (10.06%) BUY HLG Price Target News
27/10/2021 1.67 1.70 +0.03 (1.80%) HOLD KENANGA Price Target News
27/10/2021 1.67 1.84 +0.17 (10.18%) BUY HLG Price Target News
27/10/2021 1.67 1.85 +0.18 (10.78%) BUY AmInvest Price Target News
27/08/2021 1.70 1.72 +0.02 (1.18%) HOLD PUBLIC BANK Price Target News
27/07/2021 1.68 1.72 +0.04 (2.38%) HOLD PUBLIC BANK Price Target News
27/07/2021 1.68 1.70 +0.02 (1.19%) HOLD KENANGA Price Target News
27/07/2021 1.68 1.88 +0.20 (11.90%) BUY HLG Price Target News
27/07/2021 1.68 1.85 +0.17 (10.12%) BUY AmInvest Price Target News

Price Target Research Article/News (past 6 months)
29/04/2022  RHB-OSK IGB REIT - a Great Start to the Year; Maintain BUY
28/04/2022  PUBLIC BANK IGB REIT - Better Performance
28/04/2022  KENANGA IGB REIT - 1QFY22 Within Expectations
28/04/2022  HLG IGB REIT - Starting Off Above Expectations
28/04/2022  AmInvest IGB REIT - Lower rentals rebates to tenants; stable occupancy rates
22/04/2022  RHB-OSK REITS - Not There Yet; Maintain NEUTRAL
27/01/2022  PUBLIC BANK IGB REIT - In Line With Expectations
27/01/2022  KENANGA IGB REIT - FY21 Within Expectations
27/01/2022  HLG IGB REIT - Resilient Results as Expected
27/01/2022  AmInvest IGB REIT - Less attractive yield spread
21/12/2021  HLG REIT - Gradual Recovery
27/10/2021  KENANGA IGB REIT - 9MFY21 Broadly Within
27/10/2021  HLG IGB REIT - Slower Than Expected Recovery
27/10/2021  AmInvest IGB REIT - Light at the end of the tunnel
27/08/2021  PUBLIC BANK PublicInvest Research Headlines - 27 Aug 2021
27/07/2021  PUBLIC BANK IGB REIT - Still Struggling
27/07/2021  KENANGA IGB REIT - 1HFY21 Broadly Within
27/07/2021  HLG IGB REIT - Hit by Phase 1 Restrictions
27/07/2021  AmInvest IGB REIT - Slower recovery from reimposition of lockdowns

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onward price is attractive at this level. Seem it's already at bottom. Will start to accumulate some
28/01/2022 9:36 PM
fortunefire foresee will drop below 1.50
07/02/2022 11:47 AM
investortrader88 Just noticed my queue buy matched at RM1.50 today.good luck guys
08/02/2022 7:10 PM
goldenhope what happen to igbreit ? drop below 1.50
09/02/2022 9:27 AM
LukeSkywalker what is happening to this counter? did i miss any news?
09/02/2022 12:00 PM
cascade IMO, the recent down trend could be due to omicron case surge, and also the upcoming rise of interest rate, where people will have less pocket money to do shopping.

However the good news is, the upcoming dividend payout is going to be 0.0217sen, so if it can maintain same payout for all quaters, it would still yield to a handsome 5.8% dividend rate, which is much higher than conventional FD rate.
09/02/2022 6:50 PM
fortunefire New low today. Foresee will go lower than 1.45.
10/02/2022 2:48 PM
Mini2021 good to buy more for dividend
10/02/2022 2:51 PM
fortunefire Retail REIT is groomy now...
10/02/2022 4:22 PM
Kenzotaj why drop.. Got dividend leh
10/02/2022 4:26 PM
ocpd IGBREIT tracks MGS, which tracks US10Y ... so good luck coming forward
11/02/2022 1:29 AM
LukeSkywalker is IGB Commercial REIT diluting the assets and value of IGB REIT?
11/02/2022 9:33 AM
Calvin882 Would be bumpy for reits in the coming months
11/02/2022 10:45 AM
cascade EPF's accumulating recently
18/02/2022 3:31 PM
Calvin882 Even lower after dividend
21/02/2022 1:25 PM
Calvin882 Everyday boost on economy recovering and yet this one at multi year low.
23/02/2022 8:11 PM
pretty When want to trend reversal? Not yet finish dropping?
24/02/2022 3:29 PM
i3kyan dropped almost everyday
24/02/2022 4:50 PM
jeffchan1901 the drop in price is expected due to C19 cases going up everyday. you must understand that fund managers dont want to lose their job due to factors outside their control. they are taking precaution. these fund managers can be local or foreign. just hold and in time recovery will take place. the economy cannot forever keep falling. Q1, 2022 will see price increase as malls started getting heavier foot falls. the only reason it falls other than C19 is the possible upcoming election which almost always affect share price. Unless you company relies on using O&G, the war in europe would not negatively affect much. yesterday was just a knee jerk reaction. steady guys and you will be rewarded. like I always said before, someone is shaking the durian tree to see which durians can be collected. hold on to your durians and remember why you bought the durians in the first place.
25/02/2022 10:16 PM
LTInvestors Keep buying. happy to see it drop. just collect when dip :)
28/02/2022 11:11 AM
Kenzotaj retailer selling to buy palm oil.. I think
28/02/2022 11:13 AM
bryanxtan Just collect the dip
03/03/2022 11:35 PM
goldenhope Price drop, midvalley footstep decrease badly ?
03/03/2022 11:54 PM
Calvin882 Ironically the price drop when people are getting less concern on Covid
04/03/2022 11:21 AM
KKP05 Omg..I brought 1.38 it drop to 1.36
04/03/2022 11:39 AM
Calvin882 1.38 was a very good entry
04/03/2022 3:59 PM
soon2795 EPF slowly acquiring..
07/03/2022 6:00 PM
Hazmi90 Reit sekarang paling stable ... I love IGB
14/03/2022 11:11 AM
flyhub888 1.20 coming
20/03/2022 11:49 PM
fortunefire TP 1.30
21/03/2022 9:42 AM
pooter otw back to RM 1.60
25/03/2022 12:01 PM
cascade Yesterday went back to MV office, quite a lots of people and more new shops opening inside the mall, feel very confident to top up, some more border opening very soon
25/03/2022 9:23 PM
jeffchan1901 aiyoh, you all want to guess whether this counter good or not, look at who's buying up the shares. even the director is buying up a lot of the shares, if she is confident as she is working at MV, and access to all foot fall data, financials, why be scared? Look, even EPF also grabbing lots. why you all not confident like them? you think this is Serbak meh?

like Chinese proverb, in times of trouble, there is danger and opportunity.
27/03/2022 9:28 AM
pooter Robert !!! Robert!!
30/03/2022 10:37 AM
pooter 1.60
14/04/2022 6:25 PM
unline very nice, going up steadily
18/04/2022 11:50 AM
unline PETALING JAYA: Innature Bhd is expected to post stronger financial results for the fourth quarter of the financial year ended Dec 31, 2021 (Q4’21) onwards driven by the strong recovery in mall traffic in light of upcoming festivities.

Additionally, the majority of its store based across its three operating countries have resumed full operations.

In a report yesterday, CGS-CIMB Research opined that InNature was one of the few major cosmetics and personal care retailers that remained profitable during the 2020-2021 period amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

This is attributed to its early investments in beefing up its omni-channel distribution system that helped shore up sales despite the various lockdowns and store closures.

It also had better cost management as it could negotiate better rental rebates and shuttered seven non-performing stores.

Accordingly, InNature experienced a smaller decline in revenue than the personal care retail sub-sector, the research house said.

^ by right this is good for igbreit also
18/04/2022 11:58 AM
snowball2000 Very quiet here....
27/04/2022 2:56 PM
pooter i tot 1.60 this week
27/04/2022 5:53 PM
investortrader88 https://www.theedgemarkets.com/article/igb-reit-1q-net-property-income-rises-nearly-73-rm1077-million-declares-251-sen-dpu
27/04/2022 6:30 PM
snowball2000 This QR is a beauty to behold. IGBREIT is back!
28/04/2022 4:12 AM
snowball2000 1.60.....
28/04/2022 9:16 AM
Calvin882 IGB Reit should worth much more than this.
28/04/2022 3:13 PM
snowball2000 @Calvin882
Yes, agree fully. Just happy to see the confirmation in its recovery from latest results... ;)
28/04/2022 3:38 PM
cascade Next dividend payout 2.51sen, ex-date 13/May, payment date 30/May.
29/04/2022 12:16 AM
sakthi many people shopping
06/05/2022 10:00 AM
sakthi mid valley full of people
06/05/2022 10:00 AM
speakup pavillion kl also full of people
sunway pyramid also full of people
06/05/2022 10:05 AM
Calvin882 Malls full of people due to EPF withdrawal and shopping for raya. Lets see how is the condition after this.
06/05/2022 4:04 PM
SmallCapAsia Malaysia is ready to treat COVID-19 as endemic. Analysts are bullish on this stock and 6 others as the country opens up.
Read more: https://www.smallcapasia.com/7-interesting-stock-ideas-for-may-my/
18/05/2022 10:04 AM

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