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0.535 0.94     +0.405 (75.70%)
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** Price Targets are adjusted for Bonus Issue, Shares Split & Shares Consolidation (where applicable).
Date Open Price Target Price Upside/Downside Price Call Source News
10/12/2018 0.595 0.68 +0.085 (14.29%) HOLD AmInvest Price Target News
16/11/2018 0.665 0.85 +0.185 (27.82%) BUY MIDF Price Target News
16/11/2018 0.665 0.80 +0.135 (20.30%) HOLD AmInvest Price Target News
16/11/2018 0.665 1.05 +0.385 (57.89%) BUY Affin Hwang Capital Price Target News
30/08/2018 0.855 1.04 +0.185 (21.64%) BUY MIDF Price Target News
14/08/2018 0.91 1.20 +0.29 (31.87%) BUY Affin Hwang Capital Price Target News

Price Target Research Article/News (past 6 months)
10/12/2018  AmInvest Tune Protect Group -VSS for leaner workforce in line with digital aspirations
16/11/2018  MIDF Tune Protect Group Berhad - Long Term Prospect Intact
16/11/2018  AmInvest Tune Protect Group - Stronger topline but dragged by higher management expenses
16/11/2018  Affin Hwang Capital Tune Protect - Affected by a Weaker 3Q18
30/08/2018  MIDF Tune Protect Group Berhad - Compelling Growth Story for the Long Term
14/08/2018  Affin Hwang Capital Tune Protect - Turning More Upbeat

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yfchong Abt time to go....
09/12/2018 08:37
Flintstones Not looking good. VSS done. RM 4 mil expenses will be reflected in coming quarter
10/12/2018 09:16
chesslim 记住,当别人恐惧时你要贪婪。
10/12/2018 22:59
yfchong Improve.. Digital transformation
11/12/2018 07:25
kyy_superinvestor last vchance, grab be4 it fly
11/12/2018 09:39
warchest Digital transformation is a shitty marketing gimmick by Tony. He is not an insurance man, Warren Buffet yes.
11/12/2018 10:19
Flintstones Yes, digital transformation is not a competitive advantage. Every big insurance player is doing digital transformation. Tell me AIA, Prudential, Allianz are not doing?
11/12/2018 10:21
yfchong Last call LSKA
11/12/2018 10:23
shpg22 TUNEPRO only thrived on hypes (IOT, Digital transformation and other techno shit), but financially unable to perform. MAINTAIN fair price at 0.50
11/12/2018 10:29
kyy_superinvestor i am at top now...shit...someone help me pls
11/12/2018 16:56
Alex Chan Later drop till 0.3...0.2...we as shareholder can wear Digital seluar dalam attend Agm 2019
11/12/2018 23:04
kyy_superinvestor Privatise lo if that low
12/12/2018 07:55
trulyinvest Tp 0.68 only. Y need privitised. Dreaming ka
12/12/2018 08:10
Victor Yong Another failed IPO in addition to Airasia X, many investors have been burned :)
12/12/2018 08:22
kyy_superinvestor someone just help me push it up 6.17 so that i can escape...thx
12/12/2018 08:25
yfchong No eye see..
12/12/2018 20:04
yfchong Cp target 45 cts
13/12/2018 09:38
Alex Chan 0.20 queue buy
13/12/2018 10:05
firehawk Alex Chan 0.20 queue buy

Very Good strategy! Very Smart! MAKE SURE don't buy anything above 0.20!!! let other stupid people buy :D :D :D
13/12/2018 11:01
Alex Chan From Rm2.+++ we heard Tunepro use the word DIGITAL..i bought 0.93 now still stuck..now wait 0.2 sapu many avearage down.then bet privatise
13/12/2018 11:33
vincent27 my hands very very burn now after touching this flaming counter
13/12/2018 15:05
shpg22 Warning already given since 1.60+. But more anchovies marching into the burning furnace. Some smart one know to cut loss and bail.
13/12/2018 15:13
runningbear Selling this counter. Useless company.

Profit keep going down. Share price going down. Hold for what?
13/12/2018 15:14
Silent 88888 luckily i cut loss @.8 if not can find a tall building jump edi
13/12/2018 15:28
Alex Chan Buy this stock,not only burn hand,cock also burn
13/12/2018 19:34
kyy_superinvestor Tunepro got so scary meh
13/12/2018 21:34
trulyinvest Tis sorhead kyy superinvestor realy bad luck. Buy penta, trap n cut,loss. Bought tuneprotrct, trap. Bought peca, trapped oso. Buy armada, almost bankrap. Pls dun folow him
13/12/2018 21:48
kyy_superinvestor I no buy Armada la....
13/12/2018 22:18
kyy_superinvestor But Penta I earned a lot last time....just lost recently coz reenter...cheer
13/12/2018 22:18
Flintstones Yup. I listened to management mentioning "digital" from RM 2 all the way to 50 cents
13/12/2018 22:59
yfchong Cool
13/12/2018 23:03
loonginv lol, 指路明灯
13/12/2018 23:06
yfchong Uncle Tony.... Need to do something
14/12/2018 09:11
Alex Chan Call tony play video Mh17 all the time tunepro website..let people know important of buy insurance...slogan:This is the maybe last flight in your life,think about your family..
14/12/2018 10:30
Alex Chan Insurance is need human touch to persuade buy..Digital is not Geylang chicken,u can deal just throw eyesight
14/12/2018 10:34
Alex Chan Pay me hak cipta of my Slogan
14/12/2018 10:35
shpg22 Fatso tony would like to thanks u all fools for the support.
14/12/2018 12:58
yfchong DJ timber
15/12/2018 08:17
kyy_superinvestor Stay calm and hold until my last breath
15/12/2018 15:19
SamuelLuke Fatso TF is an idiot ....too much of manipulation causing the damage in share price !!! Idiot fool now everyone can fly holland!
17/12/2018 09:40
firehawk Cheap Sale again .... may be someone sell and wait to buy back below 20sen :D
17/12/2018 09:54
Alex Chan The Worst Finance Stock...
17/12/2018 10:54
JokerJ All counter dropping recently, just stay positive.
if you have holding power, just hold it, otherwise, cut loss la...
if your purchased price is 0.6-0.8, should not have much danger.
investment need patient...
17/12/2018 17:24
kyy_superinvestor Patient will pay....shares is not sole paper but a valuable paper instead.....backed with nta....
17/12/2018 21:28
Alex Chan 0.4 on the way
18/12/2018 09:05
shpg22 omg...still got so many fools around. Even hardcore like Holdingking & SamuelLuke already bailed.
18/12/2018 13:00
davidkkw79 Homeless !
18/12/2018 14:06
naruko really? .525 omg
18/12/2018 15:05
shpg22 This is what i said back in April. Now it become reality.

shpg22 Wait for another few month 0.55 also can get. By that time ur ball also shrink and chicken out...haha
13/04/2018 18:11
18/12/2018 15:20
Alex Chan 来来来..Digital digital..0.5 duwan?0.4, have digital insurance
18/12/2018 16:54

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