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Date Open Price Target Price Upside/Downside Price Call Source News
14/11/2019 0.17 0.14 -0.03 (17.65%) SELL PUBLIC BANK Price Target News
14/11/2019 0.17 0.17 0.00 (0.00%) HOLD MIDF Price Target News
14/11/2019 0.17 0.10 -0.07 (41.18%) SELL AffinHwang Price Target News
12/11/2019 0.17 0.17 0.00 (0.00%) HOLD MIDF Price Target News
21/10/2019 0.16 0.17 +0.01 (6.25%) HOLD MIDF Price Target News
03/09/2019 0.175 0.19 +0.015 (8.57%) HOLD MIDF Price Target News
23/08/2019 0.185 0.14 -0.045 (24.32%) SELL PUBLIC BANK Price Target News
23/08/2019 0.185 0.19 +0.005 (2.70%) HOLD MIDF Price Target News
23/08/2019 0.185 0.14 -0.045 (24.32%) SELL AffinHwang Price Target News

Price Target Research Article/News (past 6 months)
14/11/2019  PUBLIC BANK Airasia X Berhad - Irrational Competition To Continue
14/11/2019  MIDF AirAsia X - Another Round of Losses But at a Lower Level
14/11/2019  AffinHwang AirAsia X - Continue Bleeding, Downgrade to SELL
12/11/2019  MIDF AirAsia X - Enhancing Return of the Most Profitable Route
21/10/2019  MIDF AirAsia X - Capacity Management Continues
03/09/2019  MIDF Air Asia X - Rebalancing Its Fleet
23/08/2019  PUBLIC BANK Airasia X Berhad - Disappointing Quarter
23/08/2019  MIDF AirAsia X Berhad - Yield Pressures Remains
23/08/2019  AffinHwang AirAsia X - Another Quarterly Loss

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Good123 sesiapa yang tengok graf untuk meramalkan harga akan naik, memang tak siuman. :) belum muflis lagi Kira baik. rugi besar berterusan
07/12/2019 8:17 PM
Good123 aax, tune pro, kegagalan Tony yang dahsyat dalam korporat Malaysia. IPO rm1 , kini penny stock :)
07/12/2019 8:18 PM
Victor Yong aax, tunepro, failure from tony. airasia was a monopoly in the domestic budget airlines in malaysia in the beginning, now no more.
09/12/2019 9:23 PM
Victor Yong even airasia fell to 1.6+ masakini. no longer a budget airlines monopoly in the malaysian market
09/12/2019 9:24 PM
Victor Yong airlines stocks are affected by oil price, currency fluctuation, natural disasters, government to government relationships, wars, etc ... sensitive industry... high beta stock, high volatility... high risk high return, not for retirees or those need steady yearly income / dividend for their old age
09/12/2019 9:27 PM
Victor Yong AAX has been losing money non-stop for many quarters like pos malaysia, cash call or right issue is possible :)
09/12/2019 9:28 PM
靓女 phoon phoon only seen as a high volatility stock now,
10/12/2019 9:47 AM
Good123 bila mau minta right issue, cash tak berapa banyak lagi, bukan?
10/12/2019 8:41 PM
Mabel I don't think Tony can keep his promised for AAX..

Anyway, I will still keep this stock as it's helping everyone can fly...
11/12/2019 11:53 PM
Bornwinner The more I had waited for the more disappointed I will get from this stock
16/12/2019 1:15 PM
legolandinjohor No need to wait anymore, back after feb
17/12/2019 6:48 AM
hiduphidup Post removed. Why?
17/12/2019 9:17 AM
Tiong Kung King Zien AAX merupakan syarikat yang paling lemah dalam pengurusan dalam sejarah. Tiket mahal pada hari perayaan tapi masih rugi? Apalah conpany kah, kalah pada pengurusan kedai runcit. Sudah berapa tahun pemegang saham tunggu keajaiban untuk kembali pada harga ipo menjadi terus hampa dan kecewa saja. Walaupun aax terus rugi tapi ceo terus makan gaji buta saja sudah berjuta. Tony hanya tahu bergembira dengan bini korea saja apa lagi dia tahu sekarang. Rm1.20 pun baru kira tak rugi bukan untung lagi. Tutup saja aax bagi peluang peniaga asing saja sebab malaysia hanya tahu cakap saja malaysia boleh! Boleh rugi sampai 15cent pun tak malu....
18/12/2019 2:56 PM
chimchim Maybe hard to feed the feipo rafidah ka?
23/12/2019 5:05 PM
Picanto Sell AAX, keep Airasia...
24/12/2019 5:37 PM
Jeffreyteck Stock take on what corporate leader said in early 2019:
Fernandes: AirAsia X to see best ever year in 2019
How true or the reverse is the truth.

Happy new year everyone.
25/12/2019 8:47 AM
Ron90 Tony keep on criticizing MAS as lost making airline, when MAS had to subsidized lots of thing and had to follow government policy to maintain social security... not like AAX, purey private entity.. still rugi lagi teruk !!..:-p
28/12/2019 2:02 AM
zhen wei & JP Shareholder rich , can right issue anytime.

Joke only.
28/12/2019 2:06 AM
KSUSAINATHAN Tony is a selfish and fake businessman
30/12/2019 12:41 PM
Sales Luckily sold all at 0.235sen and bought TDM at 0.21sen. You guys still hold this stock?
30/12/2019 5:15 PM
legolandinjohor Don't know who being trap again
31/12/2019 5:04 PM
staind86 Waiting for Tony to announce 2020 will be the bestest year for aax. History will repeat itself.
31/12/2019 10:29 PM
thesteward Good price to enter 155
02/01/2020 12:33 AM
thesteward Next year aax will rebound .
Myr has strengthen n lots of it’s debt are in usd
Expect a good q soon
02/01/2020 12:39 AM
thesteward Kekeke
02/01/2020 6:41 PM
legolandinjohor Y so fast enter???
02/01/2020 8:58 PM
zhen wei & JP AirAsia , tune the flights due to low occupancy. Cut of unnecessary aircraft reduce leasing .
Appropriate to increase multiple stop?
05/01/2020 2:46 AM
Jeffreyteck Believe is waiting time for cash call as cash is simply to low to fuel huge current liabilities. TP remains 12.
06/01/2020 1:23 PM
Pcmont123 Drop drop drop.... Shit
06/01/2020 3:29 PM
lschin I sent email to below on 29 Dec

to redeem my free ticket, until now no reply from them. I have sent more than 10emails also no reply, any other method to redeem ?

And where should I complain ?
08/01/2020 9:30 AM
zhen wei & JP They will email to you if registered with over 10,000 units held.

If you buy 10.000 unit x 0.155
33.3% of value return as ticket.

This year free rocket tickets ??
08/01/2020 12:07 PM
lschin I already get the email on july 2019, now I want redeem, they never reply.
08/01/2020 5:50 PM
kit6518 Ischin Can still request for redeem ah?
09/01/2020 11:06 PM
Conan kanina share wasted my money in this share.... have to chase out all the political link people from this company.. when the company doing good all dog will go there for bones.... now screwed up..
10/01/2020 12:14 AM
ov123 Just a matter of time before the next cash call.
10/01/2020 12:46 PM
lschin kit6518, I received this email on July 2019 : We have verified the provided shareholder details. Kindly be informed that you are entitle to get one (01) free ticket on AirasiaX flight and the complimentary ticket must be claimed before 30th June 2020 (Travel Period would be 20 July 2019 to 30 June 2020).

I started sent email to AAX (aax_shareholder@airasia.com & clientsupport@airasia.com) on 29 Dec to redeem my ticket, total sent out about 10 emails, but never get reply from them. The share price already rugi, now seem my free ticket also gone.
10/01/2020 12:52 PM
lschin OK, AAX team replied me already and said black out, need change to other date.
10/01/2020 1:35 PM
limkokthye wait for 10sen
16/01/2020 9:04 PM
Ron90 where is Tony Fernandez??...would like to see him keep on criticizing MAS for loss making airline business....not like AAX kan,,,2019 would be the best performance year. , which become the worst and downfall of AAX..

so its correct when all MAS workers were against Tony fernandez of taking over MAS..otherwise habis songap duit MAS
16/01/2020 11:26 PM
Elaine Tan Insider news :YES CONFIRM- ECRL (mentakab to Maran) will drop in to Ageson7145 new subsidiari, it a joint venture company. clean all the shares now before its too late guys! cheers
17/01/2020 9:14 AM
neemdom Aax taking over Mas
17/01/2020 5:30 PM
Meena https://www.routesonline.com/news/38/airlineroute/288828/thai-airasia-x-expands-krabi-china-scheduled-charters-in-1q20/
18/01/2020 10:42 AM
Jeffreyteck Another fine for continue imposing processing fees. Really no idea where gone wrong. Such a simple matter also unable to ensure compliance. Anyway liquidity and profitability remain in doubt.
20/01/2020 6:54 PM
john1102 yes, loss money counter
21/01/2020 3:16 PM
rizerlee @jeffreyteck

when the money they collected from processing fees is much higher than imposed penalty , do you think they will stop collecting it ?
21/01/2020 4:46 PM
limyuwei 1) AirAsia Group is in the process of consolidation

AAGB, through AirAsia Bhd (AAB or AK), is in “the process of acquiring” AirAsia X Bhd (AAX or D7). This will see both airlines merge into one airline operation, retiring AK and D7 and only using one IATA code AK.

This enlarged group will serve the low-cost market, covering domestic and international segments, from short to long haul. This is also the crucial step in merging with MAB to form the enlarged MergedCo.
22/01/2020 2:07 PM
Conan clientsupport@airasia.com
aax_shareholder@airasia.com is there ticket to be redeem here????? anyone tried?
23/01/2020 4:37 AM
Springtime How come AAX don't drop. They got lots of flights to China. I want to buy it at 10sen
24/01/2020 12:08 PM
yongch Good news!过春节送大礼,这红小孩打算与风争谈婚论嫁了,大户开始慢慢收入等消息扑光!!!!Heng Ah!Ong Ah!!Huat Ah!!!!!!!!TP0.57!!!
24/01/2020 5:42 PM
legolandinjohor 別開心太早,假如真的有了眉目,先起的應該是WA,wa 不動,目前現況不會改變
25/01/2020 12:24 AM

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