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20/03/2019 0.315 0.36 +0.045 (14.29%) BUY JF APEX Price Target News
27/02/2019 0.32 0.36 +0.04 (12.50%) BUY JF APEX Price Target News
27/02/2019 0.32 0.41 +0.09 (28.13%) BUY AmInvest Price Target News
03/12/2018 0.305 0.38 +0.075 (24.59%) BUY JF APEX Price Target News
03/12/2018 0.305 0.47 +0.165 (54.10%) BUY AmInvest Price Target News

Price Target Research Article/News (past 6 months)
20/03/2019  JF APEX Titijaya Land Berhad - Looking Beyond FY19
27/02/2019  JF APEX Titijaya Land Berhad - Expecting Better 2HFY19
27/02/2019  AmInvest Titijaya Land - 1HFY19 earnings fall by 34.9% YoY
03/12/2018  JF APEX Titijaya Land Berhad - A Languishing Start
03/12/2018  AmInvest Titijaya - A flattish 1QFY19 , sees stronger earnings ahead

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alexsee 60% titijaya, 20% AIA and others funds.. 20% ikan bilis .. non stop selling by funds? looks like 0.25 - 0.28 is possible soon..
26/09/2018 9:49 AM
villa1668 Wondering how many people afford to buy property now. Once property completed, a lot in vacant position.
26/09/2018 6:06 PM
Calvin882 I think people still need to buy properties. Titijaya direction in building affordable properties may suit well to the current market conditions
26/09/2018 7:06 PM
1519378884747574 Diu lei la..see which area lo they build the property. In pj area. Sure sapu habis
26/09/2018 7:10 PM
Daily8 Banking loans are hard to approve for young buyers. How Titijaya going to service the loans? This is very dangerous. Once they exhausted the cash flow, bank EBEIT will be high.
26/09/2018 10:40 PM
Calvin882 https://www.thestar.com.my/news/nation/2018/09/28/construction-costs-expected-to-go-down-by-5percent-due-to-sst-exemption/
28/09/2018 5:50 PM
jacklintan Company buys back so many shares, means this share is going to rise up and good value!!!!! It is time to rise up soon!!!! Buy or you will regret!!!!
02/10/2018 10:17 AM
Calvin882 It's clearly undervalued now. Risk or going down is minimal
02/10/2018 1:32 PM
1519378884747574 Titijaya Land Bhd plans to launch three projects in the financial year ending June 30, 2019 (FY2019), with a total gross development value of RM838 million.

Riveria City at KL Sentral is a mixed-use development comprising retail, office suites and serviced apartments.

“We are launching Phase 1, which comprises 784 office suites in the heart of the city. The GDV for this development is RM320 million,” says Titijaya Land Bhd executive director Charmaine Lim in an email interview.

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“The second project is Phase 2 of 3rdNvenue — 422 serviced apartments with a GDV of RM338 million. This development offers luxury living and a modern, metropolitan lifestyle. It is in a premium location in Embassy Row, Jalan Ampang,” Lim says.

Phase 1 of 3rdNvenue was launched last year and is about 70% taken up. The freehold development with a total GDV of RM2.1 billion will offer 2,500 serviced apartments, small office/home office units and retail lots in four towers of 42 to 48 storeys.

“Lastly, we are looking to launch a new development in Bukit Subang at Shah Alam called Damaisuria. It comprises serviced apartments, retail lots and shop offices in an urban park environment targeting young, urban folk who appreciate a natural environment and exclusive spaces,” she says.

“The GDV of the first phase of 370 serviced apartments and 20 double-storey shops at Damaisuria is RM180 million,” she says, adding that more details will be revealed soon.

For FY2018, Titijaya Land has achieved a revenue of RM399.03 million.

“It is 4.8% higher than the RM380.75 million achieved in the same period last year,” says Lim. Net profit for FY2018 was RM72.9 million, slightly lower than the RM76.74 million in FY2017.

“Titijaya Land is optimistic about its long-term growth and prospects, based on our strong competitive position and solid demand for the affordable residential properties we offer,” says Lim.

“We are confident of the company’s future performance, given that most of our land bank is located in prime growth areas, which are well developed and [close to] public transport.”

Titijaya Land currently has 208 acres of land worth RM12.1 billion in GDV in the Klang Valley, Penang and Sabah to be developed over the next 10 years.

Titijaya Land was founded in 1997 by group managing director, Tan Sri Lim Soon Peng. Its early projects include 2-storey terraced houses and 3-storey shop offices in Taman Bukit Cheras, Kuala Lumpur, and 2-storey terraced houses, residential lots and low-cost apartments in Klang.

Today, the group’s portfolio includes Casa Tiara, E-Tiara, Tiara Square Business Centre, First Subang, Subang Parkhomes and Subang SOHO in Subang Jaya and Mutiara Bukit Raja in Klang.

“Going forward, Titijaya is determined to continue building innovative, quality properties in the best locations, deliver our projects on time and provide excellent customer service to all of our customers,” says Lim.
04/10/2018 7:00 PM
Calvin882 Their developments are mainly consist of affordable housing project at prime location. Believe they still can stay afloat in this tough market condition. That's why the management buy back shares at daily basis
05/10/2018 7:52 AM
Jolin Lai Chi Pet coming budget is good for property sector................
05/10/2018 12:10 PM
why_no_dividend SBB no more bullets? Why lower price buy lesser?
07/10/2018 12:39 PM
Calvin882 Today no need SBB to support. The price go up by itself. Good indication.
08/10/2018 7:31 PM
Hwai Hooi company buying back?
09/10/2018 3:11 PM
Calvin882 Seems like technical rebound
09/10/2018 7:48 PM
villa1668 Forget about Titijaya, many property counters better than this.
09/10/2018 9:03 PM
shpg22 Agreed. Titijaya is actually not cheap in term of valuation. IBHD, LBS, MATRIX, TAMBUN is of better value.
10/10/2018 12:59 AM
Frankie Tay sudah banyak hari ada buyer beli naik , lepas itu ada penjual bodoh jual tekan dia turun, siapa penjual bodoh tu?
12/10/2018 9:37 PM
alexsee huge selling pressure.. 0.2 coming ??
15/10/2018 4:38 PM
ivan9511 run , ada problem , still very expensive
15/10/2018 4:54 PM
Daily8 Monday, 15 Oct 2018


TITIJYA LIM PUAY FUNG (15,625,000 units Acquired)

TITIJYA TITIJAYA GROUP SDN. BHD. (15,625,000 units Acquired)

TITIJYA LIM PUAY FUNG (15,625,000 units Acquired)

TITIJYA LIM POH YIT (15,625,000 units Acquired)

TITIJYA LIM SOON PENG (15,625,000 units Acquired)

TITIJYA LIM SOON PENG (15,625,000 units Acquired)

TITIJYA LIM POH YIT (15,625,000 units Acquired)
15/10/2018 6:05 PM
Calvin882 Buy back like crazy also drop like that? Something is not right.
15/10/2018 6:17 PM
Frankie Tay Yes, agree Calvin882, have stupid seller push down.
15/10/2018 8:34 PM
shpg22 Titikaya, Titijaya both sounds like abang adik kompeni only.
Left to right pocket izzit??
15/10/2018 11:49 PM
Calvin882 https://www.thestar.com.my/business/business-news/2018/10/20/unsold-completed-units-on-the-rise/
21/10/2018 6:59 AM
villa1668 Director buy back shares doesnt mean the share price will rebound, i dont like this counter personally.
26/10/2018 12:20 PM
shpg22 The price looks relatively cheap compare to its adjusted multi year high of 1.35. But in term of valuation it is not. Don't be fooled.
26/10/2018 3:57 PM
JaBerry Latest good news titijaya got dividen.
31/10/2018 6:35 AM
Calvin882 What's that.. 0.0025??
31/10/2018 8:00 AM
Calvin882 Only 0.8%
31/10/2018 8:11 AM
alexsee repeating same pattern on 30/8 just b4 bad result out..insider throw again? testing 0.28
26/11/2018 3:50 PM
Kawelegen Economy is bad at the moment just this morning a pak cik at kedai kopi told me staff of a construction co (not Titijaya) not getting paid for 3 months.
30/11/2018 8:34 PM
Rukawa Net profit is flat compared to previous financial year Q1.
Refer to the explanatory note in the financial report, there are effects of adoption of MFRS 15. Last year Q1 earnings is revised to 11,967K, this quarter is 11,734K. Flat profit as stated in the performance review.
01/12/2018 12:15 AM
Rukawa MFRS 15 is having big impacts on how and when (timing!) the revenue and earnings being recognized. Try google and spend some time to understand.
01/12/2018 12:26 AM
mawiLegend In malay words titi is jambatan..can we call TITIRUNTUH? or TITI LINGKUP?
08/12/2018 5:39 PM
shpg22 Downgrade TITIJAYA to 0.18 inline with its poor result.
08/12/2018 5:50 PM
pakabu Titijaya Land currently has 208 acres of land worth RM12.1 billion in GDV in the Klang Valley, Penang and Sabah to be developed over the next 10 years

12/12/2018 10:04 PM
villa1668 Buy this better buy other property counters.
15/12/2018 2:38 PM
James Ng https://klse.i3investor.com/blogs/general/188213.jsp
[转贴] [TITIJAYA LAND BHD:对未来业绩持谨慎乐观] - James的股票投资James Share Investing
30/12/2018 1:07 PM
alexsee when is your turn?? this whole year will ding dong ding dong at 0.3 - 0.32??
16/01/2019 9:56 AM
Jasonlow http://www.klsescreener.com/v2/news/view/506141/%E9%87%8D%E6%96%B0%E8%BF%9B%E5%86%9B%E5%B7%A5%E7%94%A8%E4%BA%A7%E4%B8%9A-%E5%B8%9D%E4%BA%BF5%E4%BA%BF%E9%94%80%E5%94%AE%E6%9C%89%E6%9C%9B%E8%BE%BE%E6%A0%87
25/03/2019 5:03 AM
Jasonlow 重新进军工用产业·帝亿5亿销售有望达标
25/03/2019 5:03 AM
Jasonlow 艾毕斯研究会晤帝亿置地管理层后表示,该集团旗下主要产业项目如The Shore、3rdNvenue和Riveria City的认购率正在改善,带动其2019财年上半年销售达到2亿5800万令吉。


25/03/2019 5:04 AM
Jasonlow http://www.klsescreener.com/v2/news/view/507441/cover-story-upcoming-mrt-line-may-lift-property-values
26/03/2019 2:33 AM
Syikin Haris Stock buy back
07/04/2019 12:21 PM
joni another poor manage PLC
15/04/2019 10:00 AM
xcuteboy Y this counter still sleeping?
22/04/2019 5:53 PM
Klse_faizan Stock buy back sure sleeping
22/04/2019 6:12 PM
xcuteboy So many of share buy back did by this company.. Anyone gt any news to update for this counter?
22/04/2019 10:52 PM
Tim2812 Mana bossku?
24/04/2019 1:16 AM

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