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0.845 0.77     -0.075 (8.88%)
* Average Target Price, Price Call and Upside/Downside are derived from Price Targets in the past 6 months.
** Price Targets are adjusted for Bonus Issue, Shares Split & Shares Consolidation (where applicable).
Date Open Price Target Price Upside/Downside Price Call Source News
30/08/2018 0.875 0.90 +0.025 (2.86%) HOLD Malacca Securities Price Target News
30/08/2018 0.875 0.80 -0.075 (8.57%) HOLD BIMB Price Target News
30/08/2018 0.875 0.53 -0.345 (39.43%) SELL AmInvest Price Target News
10/07/2018 0.715 0.90 +0.185 (25.87%) BUY Malacca Securities Price Target News
10/07/2018 0.715 0.54 -0.175 (24.48%) HOLD AmInvest Price Target News
09/07/2018 0.70 0.80 +0.10 (14.29%) BUY BIMB Price Target News
04/06/2018 0.59 0.90 +0.31 (52.54%) BUY Malacca Securities Price Target News
24/05/2018 0.68 0.90 +0.22 (32.35%) BUY Malacca Securities Price Target News
24/05/2018 0.68 0.80 +0.12 (17.65%) BUY BIMB Price Target News
24/05/2018 0.68 0.60 -0.08 (11.76%) HOLD AMMB Price Target News
15/05/2018 0.80 1.05 +0.25 (31.25%) BUY MACQUARIE GROUP Price Target News

Price Target Research Article/News (past 6 months)
30/08/2018  Malacca Securities Econpile Holdings Bhd - Moderating Earnings Growth
30/08/2018  BIMB Econpile - A dim outlook
30/08/2018  AmInvest Econpile Holdings - FY18 net profit grows 8% YoY
10/07/2018  Malacca Securities Mplus Market Pulse - 10 Jul 2018
10/07/2018  AmInvest Econopile Holdings - Lands RM122mil piling works for Pavilion Damansara Heights
09/07/2018  BIMB Econpile - Positive surprise kick-off for FY19
04/06/2018  Malacca Securities Mplus Market Pulse - 4 Jun 2018
24/05/2018  Malacca Securities Econpile Holdings Bhd - Value Emerging
24/05/2018  BIMB Econpile - Earnings impacted by higher input cost
24/05/2018  AMMB Econpile Holdings - 9MFY18 net profit grows 13% YoY
15/05/2018  MACQUARIE GROUP Econpile’s Target Price Revised to RM1.05

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Jackynck Downtrend from 95 cents to 75 cents, stil got profit to earn???
06/09/2018 11:45
T800Terminator 0.75 support broken.
06/09/2018 11:59
stockholm999 piling work cut cost, 四千万 cut+ed
06/09/2018 12:02
stockholm999 65cent then can all in
06/09/2018 12:03
YF24 Nice stock when downtrend u must buy more , buy low sell high not buy high and then cut loss .....
06/09/2018 12:17
makemesomemoney alot auntie uncle got shaken off by the sinchew article ?
06/09/2018 12:36
ewawa Just check back the previous share price after ambank gave tp then u knw wat happening dy...
06/09/2018 12:48
AmstrongKL Everyone also want to buy low sell high. The problem is buy low, goes lower and lower and lower and lower. Where is the support? NTA 27¢. You go figure out yourself lah. :/
06/09/2018 12:54
ewawa If u really no confident on Econbhd, u better don buy it...Don buy the share that can make u isonia when the share price drop...It is my concept...As a value investor, u should feel happy if the share u like drop without fundalmental change..
06/09/2018 13:19
AmstrongKL Well said. But the problem is all ikan bilis chasing all the way to bottom. Why not just wait for it to bottom, then only "invest"? I also no need to wait long time. :p
06/09/2018 15:00
dg14 no hope liao
06/09/2018 15:10
Jackynck Should set cut loss price n rebuy bac at lower price instead of let it drop without know how deep it wil drop.. u wil definitely cut loss too if it drop so deep but u dy suffer big loss..
06/09/2018 15:15
ewawa Armstrong kl
The problem is we don knw when is the bottom...U look back the volume of trade from 21/8 ...then U will knw the price of share down is because of ikan bilis panic sell...Most of it is small volume pull back...
06/09/2018 17:11
Darren Khor the ghosts appear in the dark, fading away upon the dawn. when the price up they will go back to their graveyard.
06/09/2018 20:27
Darren Khor bought warrant 500k share at 0.15
06/09/2018 22:11
Yael Jasper Waiting for dividen soon. This time can cover back some capital loss. Not bad.
07/09/2018 11:34
jordanmaggie61 This quarter is making very good profits, the best ever!
07/09/2018 11:38
YF24 Today closing neutral should be best i think will rebound on next week
07/09/2018 12:37
Data5000 Buy mother
07/09/2018 12:48
langkawi12k Top Shareholdings:The Cheng Eng
07/09/2018 14:21
tsaihoo Today close red...next week can touch below 0.7. construction counter sentiment still very week . It might prolong till October or next quarter o financial. Good luck with brave heart
07/09/2018 14:42
turbofast Diam la st*pid
07/09/2018 22:26
Daily8 agreed with turbofast. @tsaihoo, you traded and you sold. Better to be considerate. Are you reporting based on the company future outlook, or just the price movement which didn't give you few cents profit in your daily pocket?
08/09/2018 19:55
Bulldozerstyle Contra loss few k all sure bash
08/09/2018 22:05
RainT Econpile is niche construction company doing piling .....hope all understand

It's not pure construction company

Provide piling only but don't build infrastructure or property
09/09/2018 12:07
davors dont be surprise if this counter drop below 0.60
11/09/2018 15:41
Daily8 you throw, they collect
11/09/2018 16:27
YF24 Tomorrow rebound 0.785 -0.82 - 0.86 TQ : )
11/09/2018 20:26
tsaihoo Mayday mayday....below 0.7..
12/09/2018 09:27
cksingh only the bravehearts can sustain this time. patience is virtue. keep buying
12/09/2018 11:20
Kembara_Capital keep buying.
12/09/2018 15:42
Kembara_Capital We should see the light at the end of the tunnel very soon
12/09/2018 15:43
JaBerry Alrd down trend
12/09/2018 18:08
geary Ha... Added....A.C....@<0.75...!!!
12/09/2018 18:36
Kembara_Capital keep buying
13/09/2018 15:17
tsaihoo Yup... construction counter look come back...I enter back this counter. @0.74..
14/09/2018 13:12
Vivian Hee LGE still spinning roti canai


It’s ‘difficult to make hard decisions’ on controversial US$20 billion East Coast Rail Link project, Malaysian finance minister says, because the negotiators are so ‘cooperative … not like those arrogant superpowers’


13 SEP 2018

Malaysia may hope to drive a hard bargain as it reviews the terms of a controversial Beijing-backed US$20 billion rail project, but it’s finding it tricky because Chinese negotiators are “so nice” and professional, Malaysian finance minister Lim Guan Eng said on Thursday.

“They have been very understanding and cooperative and we want to record our appreciation. And they have behaved really professionally and not like those, what do you call, arrogant superpowers,” Lim said on the sidelines of the CLSA Investors’ Forum in Hong Kong.

“We are very appreciative of the Chinese attitude, very positive. When they are so understanding and positive, sometimes it is so difficult to make hard decisions when the other side is so nice.”

The comments are the latest from the country’s newly minted administration to reassure Chinese investors that bilateral ties are healthy, despite the axing of major projects involving mainland Chinese companies.

Addressing the same forum, Anwar Ibrahim, the reformist icon who will succeed Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad, offered similar reassurances.

Anwar repeated the government’s mantra that its rethink of the infrastructure projects was aimed only at reducing ballooning national debt, and not at slighting Beijing.

There has been rising speculation that while China has publicly accepted this reasoning, it may be quietly seething – especially after Malaysia this week cancelled US$2.3 billion worth of Chinese-backed pipeline projects. Lim firmly denied there was any bad feeling.

He said the US$20 billion East Coast Rail Link to be built by China Communication Construction Company (CCCC) remained under negotiation – with both governments involved in the talks.

Mahathir believes the project as it stands is too expensive and not commercially viable.

After his visit to Beijing in August, Mahathir said China’s top leaders had given their assent for talks to cancel the project.
17/09/2018 01:15
Vivian Hee http://www.sinchew.com.my/node/1793802/%E6%9E%97%E5%86%A0%E8%8B%B1%EF%BC%9A%E4%B8%AD%E5%9B%BD%E4%BB%A3%E8%A1%A8%E5%BE%88%E4%B8%93%E4%B8%9A%E2%80%A7%E2%80%9C%E8%B0%88%E5%88%A4%E4%B8%9C%E9%93%81%E8%AE%AE%E4%BB%B7%E6%9C%80%E8%89%B0%E9%9A%BE%E2%80%9D















17/09/2018 01:16
myuptownboy strong come back towards 80sen
18/09/2018 15:18
M168 moving...
18/09/2018 15:44
astalavista Naik mendadak tiba2
18/09/2018 19:23
tsaihoo Turun mendadak tiba2 juga..hehe
19/09/2018 12:58
cksingh tsaihoo. you sound like a super newbie. Anything that goes up must come down . It will be down forever also. It will rebound. Take it easy my friend.
19/09/2018 14:00
tsaihoo Yes...is true. I'm noob and newbie. Thasks your advise sifu.
19/09/2018 15:16
taylorswift This is a good stock to buy. They declare profit and the price keep going down. Funny isn’t. Construction must go on .. wait for the budget announcement.
19/09/2018 19:59
lazycat on the way back to RM1 kikiki
20/09/2018 16:43
RainT after Budget 2019, share price will drop even more
20/09/2018 22:01
lazycat rally b4 budget , u no dare buy u'll miss boat
20/09/2018 22:08
Yael Jasper Thanks for the profit, earned huge profit to buy stuff hehe
21/09/2018 10:43
geary Hahaha...Huatarrr....!!!....What is low n what is high...use your intuition n read the charts...But before you begin...better have tons of knowledge n experience...n not garbage bags... hehehe...where can learn from institution of hard knocks... hahaha...!!!
21/09/2018 16:26

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