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Date Open Price Target Price Upside/Downside Price Call Source News
13/02/2020 3.75 4.95 +1.20 (32.00%) BUY Rakuten Price Target News
13/02/2020 3.75 4.95 +1.20 (32.00%) BUY KENANGA Price Target News
18/12/2019 4.36 5.00 +0.64 (14.68%) BUY HLG Price Target News
12/12/2019 4.32 5.05 +0.73 (16.90%) BUY MIDF Price Target News
12/12/2019 4.32 4.28 -0.04 (0.93%) BUY KENANGA Price Target News
12/12/2019 4.32 5.00 +0.68 (15.74%) BUY HLG Price Target News
12/12/2019 4.32 4.28 -0.04 (0.93%) BUY AmInvest Price Target News
02/12/2019 4.18 5.05 +0.87 (20.81%) BUY MIDF Price Target News
02/12/2019 4.16 4.80 +0.64 (15.38%) BUY KENANGA Price Target News
02/12/2019 4.18 5.00 +0.82 (19.62%) BUY HLG Price Target News
02/12/2019 4.16 4.90 +0.74 (17.79%) BUY AmInvest Price Target News
29/08/2019 4.14 5.05 +0.91 (21.98%) BUY MIDF Price Target News
29/08/2019 4.14 4.80 +0.66 (15.94%) BUY KENANGA Price Target News
29/08/2019 4.14 5.00 +0.86 (20.77%) BUY HLG Price Target News
29/08/2019 4.14 4.80 +0.66 (15.94%) BUY AmInvest Price Target News

Price Target Research Article/News (past 6 months)
13/02/2020  Rakuten BIMB Holdings - All Is Well
13/02/2020  KENANGA BIMB Holdings - Fee-Based Income Likely Higher
18/12/2019  HLG BIMB Holdings - To Undergo Restructuring Exercise
12/12/2019  MIDF BIMB Holdings Bhd - Restructuring Details Is Finally Out of the Bag
12/12/2019  KENANGA BIMB Holdings - Post-Restructuring Details
12/12/2019  HLG BIMB Holdings - To Undergo Restructuring Exercise
12/12/2019  AmInvest BIMB Holdings - Unlocking the value and enhancing net asset per share of Bank Islam
02/12/2019  MIDF BIMB - Boosted by Syarikat Takaful
02/12/2019  KENANGA BIMB Holdings - Strong Financing in Q3
02/12/2019  HLG BIMB - A Well-Oiled Machine
02/12/2019  AmInvest BIMB HOLDINGS - Strong Earnings Contribution From Syarikat Takaful
29/08/2019  MIDF BIMB Holdings Bhd - Strong Income Growth
29/08/2019  KENANGA BIMB Holdings - In Line With Financing as Guided.
29/08/2019  HLG BIMB Holdings - Chugging Along
29/08/2019  AmInvest BIMB Holdings - Stronger ROE for 6M19 with Positive JAWs

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paperplane The long-awaited restructuring exercise of BIMB HOLDINGS BHD, which includes the transfer
of its listing status to Bank Islam Malaysia Bhd by end-September 2020 and a RM800mil cash
call, has been announced. Bank Islam will be the fourth Malaysian bank since 2016 to assume
the listing status of its parent BIMB, following in the footsteps of peers such as Alliance Bank
Bhd, Affin Bank Bhd and RHB Bank Bhd. Currently, Bank Islam is wholly owned by BIMB – the
country’s eighth-largest banking group by market value. Lembaga Tabung Haji (TH) is the
controlling shareholder of BIMB with a 53.8% stake, followed by other top owners, namely, the
Employees Provident Fund (12.5%), Permodalan Nasional Bhd (5.4%) and Skim Amanah
Saham Bumiputera (21.5%). In its filing with the stock exchange yesterday, BIMB announced
that its proposed corporate restructuring would involve five components, allowing the group to
“unlock significant value for shareholders”. BIMB will place out new shares to raise RM800mil,
which together with RM122.2mil internally-generated cash, will be utilised to fully settle its
outstanding sukuk worth RM922.2mil held by TH. “The proposed sukuk redemption is expected
to result in finance cost savings of RM52.8mil per annum based on the effective profit rate of
6.25% per annum. The placement shares will be placed to investors to be identified at a later
date. For illustrative purposes only, assuming a 5% discount to the five-day volume weighted
average price (VWAP) of BIMB shares up to and including Nov 15 of RM4.30, the illustrative
issue price would be RM4.09 per placement share. “Based on the intended gross proceeds
(RM800mil) and the illustrative issue price, the placement shares to be issued pursuant to the
proposed placement are 195,599,022 BIMB shares, representing 11.1% of the issued share
capital of BIMB, ” it said. The second component of the banking group’s restructuring exercise
is the scheme of arrangement (SOA) to settle BIMB’s outstanding warrants, which will be paid
using internally-generated cash. BIMB will pay 26 sen per warrant, based on the five-day VWAP
of the warrants up to and including Dec 10. The SOA is expected to incur about RM110.9mil,
but is subject to change according to the number of outstanding warrants as at the entitlement
date. Upon the completion of the private placement and SOA, BIMB will also undertake an
internal reorganisation to dispose of its 100% stake in its leasing subsidiary, Syarikat Al-Ijarah
Sdn Bhd, and stockbroking subsidiary, BIMB Securities (Holdings) Sdn Bhd to Bank Islam.
12/12/2019 10:58 AM
Kadir paperplane...thanks
12/12/2019 11:07 AM
AlgoQuant BIMB Holdings - Post-Restructuring Details
Author: kiasutrader | Publish date: Thu, 12 Dec 2019, 11:54 AM

Losing out on Takaful contribution. Post-restructuring, the new entity will lose a chunk its top-line (9MFY19 contribution from Syarikat Takaful (STM) is 34%) as Bank Islam will become a full-fledged banking entity with STMKB to be stripped of from the new entity. Assuming the exercise is completed by end 3QCY20, we estimate that our FY20E earnings will be shed by ~29%. At a book value of RM5.32b and shares of Bank Islam at 1.96b (post-restructuring), we estimated that ROE of the new entity will be at 10.5% with a book value of RM2.71 per share.

(link to the above Kenanga research report - https://klse.i3investor.com/servlets/staticfile/375605.jsp)

As the upside for BIMB and BIMB-Wa is limited perhaps investors in this forum would like to switch and invest directly in the actual growth driver to BIMB's results which is Syarikat Takaful Malaysia Keluarga Berhad (which has declared record high dividends of 20c ex-date 18 Dec 2019)
12/12/2019 4:58 PM
Kadir Look at bimb peers aft restructuring...where r they now, that's a guide
12/12/2019 5:29 PM
gemfinder No gap down consider lucky...
12/12/2019 6:00 PM
Kadir Shld b up first
13/12/2019 9:56 AM
GLNT Buy BIMB-Wa at RM0.23 can get 13percent return in less than a year. Can BIMB fly to RM5 fr current levels.
13/12/2019 4:37 PM
GLNT Risk-Free money 13% return
13/12/2019 4:37 PM
Davidl I prefer 20% if any
13/12/2019 10:57 PM
Matcha Green Tea What are the chances of the risk free 0.26 cent WA settlement become uncertain?
15/12/2019 12:44 PM
GLNT Davidl, BIMB is worth RM5.40? Ok....
16/12/2019 9:47 AM
Kadir GLNT...must hit 4.55 + first
16/12/2019 12:52 PM
Kris Wong Win-win for BIMB-WA. If restructuring successful, risk free 26 sen. if not successful, WA price likely to recover strongly to previous higher level !!!
17/12/2019 9:31 AM
Syndicates don promote lah. more u promote less profit u gain. we should coorporate, dont buy until it drop till 20% discount
17/12/2019 11:14 AM
techlee229 Details of the long awaited restructuring have been announced
Bank Islam will finally take over the listing status
Split of the Group, between Bank Islam and STMB
Shareholders will get the chance to own STMB directly
Maintain earnings forecast for now as some details yet to be determined
Maintain BUY with unchanged TP of RM5.05
17/12/2019 1:49 PM
Kadir techlee229.... technically agreed
17/12/2019 5:18 PM
Kadir Already going to test 4.5
18/12/2019 11:08 AM
Kadir Am thinking of switching from asb to bimb..since asb div is low this yr n next .. probably
19/12/2019 11:39 AM
Kadir asb is the bumiputera fund.
19/12/2019 11:40 AM
damiantreez looking good
23/12/2019 5:18 PM
nickthebest Whats with BIMB and its warrant?
25/12/2019 10:16 AM
Multibagger https://m-bagger.blogspot.com/2019/12/success-of-bimb-restructuring-minority.html

Just my thought
28/12/2019 12:23 PM
taitaumau Announcement says the Proposed SOA is not conditional upon other proposals (The Proposed Placement, Proposed Internal Reorganisation, Proposed Distribution and Capital Repayment and Proposed Transfer of Listing )

If SOA is voted down in CCM, will BOD proceed with other proposals as planned ?

If yes, it makes no sense for warrant holders to cast against vote during CCM.
29/12/2019 10:37 AM
Multibagger I am puzzled why the internal reorganisation and transfer of listing is not conditional upon SOA, imagine if SOA is rejected, does it mean warrant holders will then hold unlisted warrant in a shelf company?
29/12/2019 12:59 PM
Multibagger Will SC allow that?
29/12/2019 1:00 PM
davidkkw79 Of course SC will allow it, now this Islamic government whatever it got related to islamic things sure will just allow it. Law is useless in Malaysia.
31/12/2019 11:35 AM
Kadir Some still accumulating this stock
13/01/2020 3:57 PM
Kadir Amanahraya trustees accumulating
14/01/2020 12:25 PM
Kadir Logic..In Msia..Islamic banking n insurance instruments will still b around n in demand. Just that need consolidation n adjustment to further grow
16/01/2020 12:28 PM
Kadir Throw me to the lion, I will return the king
16/01/2020 12:43 PM
Kadir For me...a tycoon is better than many goons
16/01/2020 1:13 PM
Kadir Shld rebound
17/01/2020 9:38 AM
MM78 What happened, the share dropped drastically yesterday?
17/01/2020 6:20 PM
Tedinvestor This counter had low trading volumes.
20/01/2020 10:37 AM
Guardize drop everyday ..... huge potential ahead
20/01/2020 9:57 PM
Tedinvestor Low volume counter does not attract me to buy. Affin too trading low volume.
21/01/2020 12:25 PM
aliahkaumuthu the share drop because of the dividend reinvestment plan?
21/01/2020 2:52 PM
Guardize depend takaful qr this week. huge potential ahead
21/01/2020 2:59 PM
keithtrade Yes I think mainly due to dividend re-investment plan, but still glad I took that option as I got more shares at a far lower price through that option but that explains the drop
22/01/2020 11:10 AM
tai yee Drop in price due to reduction in OPR?
22/01/2020 4:25 PM
damiantreez OPR cut. Maintain BUY.
23/01/2020 10:36 AM
zKingDB haha...such bank can just close down....
24/01/2020 11:01 AM
Nangkabusuk Wow keep dropping, apa sudah jadi??
03/02/2020 11:14 AM
Kadir Fear factor
03/02/2020 5:03 PM
Kadir U turn
04/02/2020 9:57 AM
Kadir New hope fr good set of result this month
07/02/2020 10:26 AM
Nangkabusuk Wow another dip, wonder what happened?
12/02/2020 3:34 PM
Sohai Trader BNM signalled that another OPR cut may take place..... All banking stock tenggelam hari ni
12/02/2020 5:20 PM
Kadir Wow
14/02/2020 3:47 PM
CUTLOST Foreign fund not happy when the rate cut, invest usa much more better.Yields from fixed-income instruments dropped because interest rates started to come down.
16/02/2020 9:48 PM


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