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07/11/2018 0.415 0.73 +0.315 (75.90%) BUY PUBLIC BANK Price Target News

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07/11/2018  PUBLIC BANK E.A. Technique (M) Berhad - Calmer Waters

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Arnold76 Any good news?
24/04/2018 19:26
AllWin Back to back profit after no additional cost.. Hope price can back to where before the additional cost..
15/05/2018 09:39
Arnold76 Anybody know if this company can't fulfill Bursa 25 % public listed in September. What will happen? Will this company delisted in Bursa???
19/05/2018 09:05
moon2388 FSO Mekar Bergarding still moored at pasir gudang. Have to wait for its sail away for finalisation of the contractual settlement.
26/06/2018 20:31
moon2388 FSO MEKAR BERGADING set sail already !
28/06/2018 06:58
darren173173 This eatech still can buy in now?
08/07/2018 12:07
cricketlast Hi Guys,

Can anyone clarify the deal between EATECH and HESS on the FSO Mekar Bergading?

Extract of 22 May 2018 announcement:

"E.A. Technique have agreed to deliver and fully handover the FSO Mekar Bergarding at Malaysia Marine and Heavy Engineering (“MMHE”) yard in Pasir Gudang such that HESS may complete the final phases of construction, transportation, and installation of the facility." ...........

"Total costs are still to be finalised due to ongoing negotiations with sub-contractors, but the Settlement will reverse a portion of the provision for foreseeable losses. "......

How much exactly is EATECH getting from HESS? From my understanding it will be equal to the cost of construction by MMHE + some of the losses incurred by EATECH with regards to the project.

Is this right? Thanks appreciate the input.

10/07/2018 16:12
Lokmanhakim Ahmad http://www.theedgemarkets.com/article/ea-technique-sees-improved-financial-performance-fy18
17/07/2018 12:44
targetinvest Since eatech already take in all the cost overrun in the earlier financial quarter, any sum that they can retrieve back is an added bonus to the financial statement
14/08/2018 15:50
targetinvest the contractual settlement should be able to life eatech higher
14/08/2018 15:51
targetinvest By end of August will know result
14/08/2018 15:56
targetinvest now price is best to go in!!
14/08/2018 15:57
targetinvest Every quarter 3 cent eps.. this counter can go rm 1.20
17/08/2018 00:14
snwong13 .
Result released
28/08/2018 19:24
Primeinvestor Wow superb good numbers! Tomorrow limit up?
28/08/2018 21:03
apolloang this stock tipu me last quarter,open high then drop one,bought at 45cts and cut loss at 40cts,then drop to 36cts.me dare not buy already this counter,that Johor goons control one.beware
28/08/2018 21:08
TzuVun Lee Write a comment..明天敢敢買入,
28/08/2018 21:58
Uncle_Lim for trade tomorrow ok, invest not so nice. =) in tomorrow
28/08/2018 22:07
apolloang open high then fall just like last quarter
29/08/2018 09:23
apolloang sindora and the Johor goons the big crook controlling here.if u buy a lot they will press it down
29/08/2018 10:07
ding dong let see today...
30/08/2018 07:22
YouBuyIBuy Why keep dropping?
05/09/2018 13:49
La_Marco Lousy counter... keep dropping
07/09/2018 17:36
ding dong buy some more...
07/09/2018 22:21
toktaktok today or tomorrow
25/09/2018 13:27
toktaktok jeng jeng jeng
25/09/2018 18:07
trap44 This time sure fly 52 weeks new high
02/10/2018 15:23
trap44 Really FLY FLY FLY :D
03/10/2018 16:40
rationalspeculator trap44 what's ur tp?
04/10/2018 09:20
trap44 TP 0.70
04/10/2018 10:07
trap44 aim to 2 yrs high chart
04/10/2018 10:09
trap44 this quarter EPS 16.50 should be no problem
04/10/2018 10:11
Rosmah Ali Momentum indicators such as RSI and stochastic are hovering around the overbought territory, suggesting a possible retracement. More notably, yesterday’s candlestick formed a bearish pin bar which suggests further selling pressure ahead.
Support levels can be identified at RM0.400 (S1) and further below at RM0.360 (S2). Conversely, should the buying momentum pick up, we look towards RM0.465 (R1) and RM0.560 (R2) as resistance levels.
04/10/2018 10:12
trap44 still very strong right?
05/10/2018 15:14
pang72 https://www.theedgemarkets.com/article/mhb向ea-technique索赔3022万美元
06/10/2018 10:39
pang72 Some time I don't have the answer for good stock?
06/10/2018 10:39
pang72 Good stock always will drop.
06/10/2018 10:39
n00b123 Stay away from this counter.. Heavy sell down.. I guess many is trapped at high price

17/10/2018 09:18
n00b123 Going up and down like roller coaster everyday... Big fish eat small fish
17/10/2018 10:15
Fiona33 Potential Momentum Stock Buy on further uptrend above RM0.515 Target price RM 0.57

For Daily stocks updates and Target point with Technical & Fundamental analysis
whatsap at 60 1157968095 to join group
23/10/2018 09:34
n00b123 I've noticed desperate sell down due to pre-budget announcement.. Don't bother to chase.. Just queue on low price.. 0.35-0.38...you might get to buy low
31/10/2018 08:35
Luke91 this counter can start pump le
07/11/2018 21:20
Luke91 0.6 pump .
08/11/2018 09:28
Luke91 0.55 pump pump
08/11/2018 14:25
genius Tomorrow 0.60
08/11/2018 19:54
Luke91 pump pump^^.. gogo..^^ those who havnt buy 0.46 cut lose if tomorrow buy
08/11/2018 20:25
genius 0.7 coming
08/11/2018 21:27
n00b123 Finally rebounding... When is the anticipated release of Q3 report?
09/11/2018 07:11
Luke91 eatech is time lo 0.53
09/11/2018 15:28
n00b123 Rally is over..
12/11/2018 09:27

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