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1.43 1.93     +0.50 (34.97%)
* Average Target Price, Price Call and Upside/Downside are derived from Price Targets in the past 6 months.
** Price Targets are adjusted for Bonus Issue, Shares Split & Shares Consolidation (where applicable).
Date Open Price Target Price Upside/Downside Price Call Source News
26/04/2022 1.55 1.95 +0.40 (25.81%) BUY HLG Price Target News
25/04/2022 1.53 2.36 +0.83 (54.25%) BUY RHB-OSK Price Target News
25/04/2022 1.52 2.00 +0.48 (31.58%) BUY KENANGA Price Target News
13/04/2022 1.54 1.95 +0.41 (26.62%) BUY HLG Price Target News
12/04/2022 1.57 1.80 +0.23 (14.65%) BUY UOBKayHian Price Target News
26/01/2022 1.72 2.45 +0.73 (42.44%) BUY HLG Price Target News
24/01/2022 1.75 1.85 +0.10 (5.71%) HOLD KENANGA Price Target News
24/01/2022 1.74 2.45 +0.71 (40.80%) BUY HLG Price Target News
11/01/2022 1.86 2.45 +0.59 (31.72%) BUY HLG Price Target News
27/12/2021 1.74 2.00 +0.26 (14.94%) BUY Rakuten Price Target News
27/12/2021 1.73 2.00 +0.27 (15.61%) BUY KENANGA Price Target News
27/12/2021 1.73 2.45 +0.72 (41.62%) BUY HLG Price Target News
16/12/2021 1.72 2.45 +0.73 (42.44%) BUY HLG Price Target News
09/12/2021 1.77 2.00 +0.23 (12.99%) BUY Rakuten Price Target News
09/12/2021 1.77 2.00 +0.23 (12.99%) BUY KENANGA Price Target News
18/10/2021 2.08 2.00 -0.08 (3.85%) HOLD KENANGA Price Target News
09/08/2021 1.56 1.75 +0.19 (12.18%) BUY Rakuten Price Target News
09/08/2021 1.56 1.75 +0.19 (12.18%) BUY KENANGA Price Target News
19/07/2021 1.50 1.28 -0.22 (14.67%) BUY Rakuten Price Target News

Price Target Research Article/News (past 6 months)
26/04/2022  HLG CTOS Digital - Bullish Tone
25/04/2022  RHB-OSK CTOS Digital - Recovery Fuels Growth; Maintain BUY
25/04/2022  KENANGA CTOS Digital Bhd -1QFY22 Within Expectations
13/04/2022  HLG CTOS Digital - Still a Big Thumbs Up
12/04/2022  UOBKayHian UOB Kay Hian Upgrades CTOS to 'buy' as Recent Steep Share Price Retracement Creates Investment Opportunity
26/01/2022  HLG CTOS Digital - FY22F Growth Prospects Intact
24/01/2022  KENANGA CTOS Digital - 4QFY21 Within Expectations
24/01/2022  HLG CTOS Digital - Strong Showing Despite CCRIS Suspension
11/01/2022  HLG CTOS Digital - Imminent Growth From Juris Acquisition
27/12/2021  Rakuten CTOS Digital - Acquisition Spree
27/12/2021  KENANGA CTOS Digital - JurisTech and BOL Acquisitions
27/12/2021  HLG CTOS Digital - Two Acquisitions and One Private Placement
16/12/2021  HLG CTOS Digital - The Credit Reporting Giant That Keeps Growing
09/12/2021  Rakuten CTOS Digital - Increased Stake in RAM
09/12/2021  KENANGA CTOS Digital - Additional 3.5% RAM Stake
18/10/2021  KENANGA CTOS Digital - Rich Valuations
09/08/2021  Rakuten CTOS Digital Bhd - Boosting Its Regional Footprints
09/08/2021  KENANGA CTOS Digital - Growth Is Apparent
19/07/2021  Rakuten CTOS Digital Bhd - Supercharging Its Database

  4 people like this.
Mayleow777 2 times drop to 1.32
08/03/2022 11:18 AM
cheeseburger 1.28 is the next support.
08/03/2022 11:43 AM
Mayleow777 Vey soon it will hit 1.28
08/03/2022 11:59 AM
Newbie_123 CTOS will struggle to even reach listing price. no QoQ growth and the credit market have matured since their inception. I'm afraid it has touch its ATH at TP2
08/03/2022 1:31 PM
abwwmdtif Ctos do credibility checking. Haha doesn't has credibility on its own. The price action selling pressure doesn't make sense at all.
08/03/2022 3:02 PM
abwwmdtif Who in losing position. Plz file a complaint to bursa plz.report it.
08/03/2022 3:08 PM
abwwmdtif Who can keep piling at ASK with big block while buying volume so little? How they get the shares to sell! Manipulation.
08/03/2022 3:10 PM
Yt Chong crazy, from rm2 above and now 1.30
08/03/2022 4:20 PM
mikey2021 very sad..im still holding at 1.7 ..... i think will go down to 1.1...
08/03/2022 4:47 PM
abwwmdtif @mikey2021 me too... still holding... from green to red....
08/03/2022 5:30 PM
cheeseburger already sold when it was 1.73 right after EGM was approved.
08/03/2022 5:53 PM
Yt Chong either hold or cut loss.
08/03/2022 5:58 PM
kong73 Penny stock soon - no big deal la this credit reference business
08/03/2022 8:41 PM
birkincollector haha thanks CTOS...
09/03/2022 9:17 AM
Yt Chong ctos ctos! main apa leh...
09/03/2022 10:31 AM
abwwmdtif main ikan bilis.
09/03/2022 11:02 AM
ctos88 Ctos price is making the fund managers who took the placements at 1.58 look like fools
09/03/2022 12:08 PM
Yt Chong big project coming maybe? lol
09/03/2022 12:10 PM
Chachambo 'CTOS Digital raises stake in Thailand's BOL to 24.825%'


Plus the Juristech acquisition, I'm positive on the PP, it won't translate to immediate revenue growth, but it shows they have desire & hunger for growth, rather than settling as just a credit reporting agency.

Having a small stake in Thailand also bodes well for the future, because the high-speed rail from Thai to China will begin operating in 2026, Thailand's economy will be much stronger than Msia in the next decade.

But as this is a high-PE counter, Ctos' share price will be under pressure as long as the Ukr-Rus war is on-going.
09/03/2022 4:19 PM
rr88 Oops! 1.33/1.35 ka yesterday, below 1st day listing price? Didnt realize it bcause i oredy kicked it out fr my favourite list.

What happened to 2.03/2.04 when i called it market top? He he...

I told you that thamby owner cost is very cheap something like 27 cents. You terkangkang, he can still sell to you with superb profit.

09/03/2022 10:38 PM
winter8899 The fund managers who took the placements are a foolish lot. That is why I never buy any unit trust. Creador very smart to stuff it to them at 1.58.
10/03/2022 9:51 AM
ctos88 Some of these fund managers are nothing more than glorified punters. Many retail uncles and aunties are smarter than them. Sick joke buying at 1.58.
10/03/2022 10:47 AM
nasi88 The stock never saw daylight after the placement. Creadtor are the clever ones.
11/03/2022 10:03 AM
sriweld No shortage of gullible fund managers around.
12/03/2022 10:39 AM
brennan 1.59 oledi
17/03/2022 12:12 PM
amiruddinaaziz7 so quiet
31/03/2022 9:55 PM
cheeseburger https://www.theedgemarkets.com/article/rhbaxiata-grab-sunway-ytl-tipped-digital-banking-licence
05/04/2022 1:05 PM
cheeseburger BANK Negara Malaysia is understood to be on track to announce this week the five winners of digital banking licences in the country.
05/04/2022 1:06 PM
babanono Post removed. Why?
07/04/2022 6:22 PM
mikey2021 makin turun..aduh
12/04/2022 4:05 PM
lordfish30 will go up... just wait
12/04/2022 4:06 PM
firehawk too high valuation ... many better than this!
12/04/2022 7:45 PM
ViWizard nice, 1.63 coming
21/04/2022 4:29 PM
bosskufanboy steady la, on the way already
21/04/2022 5:15 PM
Chachambo https://www.theedgemarkets.com/article/ctos-reports-62-jump-1q-profit-names-erick-hamburger-new-ceo-dennis-martins-april-30

"CTOS Digital Bhd’s net profit soared 62.3% to RM12.48 million for its first quarter ended March 31, 2022 (1QFY22) from RM7.69 million last year"

"Revenue rose 12.4% to RM42.7 million, from RM38 million. Share of profits of associates grew 45.8% to RM2.4 million, contributed by CTOS' 49% stake in Juris Technologies acquired in March, and higher profit from Business Online Public Company Ltd"

"The group's earnings per share (EPS) rose to 0.6 sen, from 0.4 sen. CTOS keeps to its 60% dividend payout ratio by declaring a first interim dividend of 0.325 sen per share that will be paid out on June 10, 2022"
22/04/2022 9:02 PM
TehBeng HLG buycall cTOS wow
26/04/2022 1:28 PM
TehBeng big player still inside, will just park money here see if any drama
26/04/2022 1:29 PM
bosskufanboy no drama, but get in at your own risk
26/04/2022 2:56 PM
Juliette0331jooley Ctos since last time no story but steadily improve.
26/04/2022 4:31 PM
CurryBento Management remains bullish on its outlook during the post-results conference call yesterday.

Overall, top-line growth trajectory is expected to stay robust and profit margins are seen to expand in

upcoming quarters. As for the delay in tax incentive renewal, we are not particularly worried

since this is not idiosyncratic to CTOS alone and the approval process is typically a lengthy one.

Separately, we are positive on the additional 9.1% stake increase in RAM, considering it is a

fair and accretive deal. All in, our forecasts were unchanged.

We still like CTOS for its market leadership, strong economic moat, and highly scalable business model.

Retain BUY and FCFF-TP of RM1.95, based on an implied 52x FY23 P/E.
27/04/2022 1:45 PM
Hemsley Good time to collect this counter? Will digital banks boost CTOS revenue?
28/04/2022 11:13 AM
CurryBento morning 1.55 T.T, and now 1.53 d
28/04/2022 12:40 PM
TehBeng BANK Negara Malaysia is understood to be on track to announce this week the five winners of digital banking licences in the country. In the first half of 2021, some 29 applicants submitted their bids.

Front runners in the bid are said to include the 60:40 joint venture (JV) between RHB Bank Bhd and Axiata Group Bhd via its fintech arm Boost; a JV between Grab Holdings Inc and Singapore’s telco group Singapore Telecommunications, or Singtel, with a consortium of investors that includes the Kuok Group; and a consortium led by Sunway Bhd.

Also tipped as a front runner is YTL Corp Bhd, which has reportedly submitted a bid with Singapore’s Sea Group.

It is understood that the central bank is also seeking one consortium that could meet the criteria for the provision of Islamic financial services in the country, in order to cater to this segment while also incorporating Islamic finance as one of its key vehicles to advance sustainability-related efforts.
06/05/2022 12:55 PM
loneranger3211 before closing CTOS shoot up 1.53 and drop immediately?
06/05/2022 5:09 PM
Juliette0331jooley As long not a big waterfall, Ctos still good and share price in the safe zone
11/05/2022 10:27 AM
TehBeng safer price now
13/05/2022 1:09 PM
Datuk_Ma Going to ipo price soon.

Good luck
15/05/2022 8:28 PM
TehBeng KUALA LUMPUR (April 25): Kenanga Research has upgraded CTOS Digital Bhd to "outperform" (OP) at RM1.52 with a higher target price (TP) of RM2 (from RM1.85) and said the company’s 1QFY22 normalised PATAMI of RM16.9 million (+3% y-o-y) and interim dividend of 0.32 sen are both deemed to be within expectations.

In a note on Monday (April 25), the research house said it anticipates progressively healthier earnings in the coming quarters fuelled by both organic and inorganic growth in the company’s credit information and analytics solutions divisions.

“Following the recent share price weakness, we believe current levels present a buying opportunity.

Kenanga said CTOS is likely to continue benefiting from the increasing demand for credit information checks and analytics capabilities.

“We believe demand for such services will only increase as a consequence of economic recovery and lending needs,” it said.

The research house said the recent acquisition of stake in RAM Holdings, BOL and JurisTech is poised to deliver inorganic growth while still staying true to the firm’s core business line.

“The ongoing integration of JurisTech into the group could materialise into scalable end-to-end digital lending solutions.

“Upgrade to OP with a higher TP of RM2 (from RM1.85),” it said.

Source: TheEdge - 26 Apr 2022
17/05/2022 12:58 PM
Juliette0331jooley Buy more in discount
17/05/2022 6:27 PM
lordfish30 today will goes up .... online insurance
18/05/2022 9:07 AM

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