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3.26 5.34     +2.08 (63.80%)
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Date Open Price Target Price Upside/Downside Price Call Source News
05/06/2018 3.57 3.50 -0.07 (1.96%) HOLD Affin Hwang Capital Price Target News
31/05/2018 3.33 4.30 +0.97 (29.13%) HOLD PUBLIC BANK Price Target News
30/05/2018 3.97 4.30 +0.33 (8.31%) HOLD PUBLIC BANK Price Target News
30/05/2018 3.97 5.50 +1.53 (38.54%) BUY KENANGA Price Target News
30/05/2018 3.97 3.89 -0.08 (2.02%) HOLD AMMB Price Target News
06/04/2018 5.09 6.20 +1.11 (21.81%) BUY PUBLIC BANK Price Target News
06/04/2018 5.09 5.65 +0.56 (11.00%) BUY KENANGA Price Target News
06/04/2018 5.09 5.95 +0.86 (16.90%) BUY AMMB Price Target News
05/04/2018 4.98 5.95 +0.97 (19.48%) BUY AMMB Price Target News
26/03/2018 5.05 6.20 +1.15 (22.77%) BUY PUBLIC BANK Price Target News
26/03/2018 5.05 5.25 +0.20 (3.96%) HOLD MIDF Price Target News
26/03/2018 5.05 5.50 +0.45 (8.91%) HOLD KENANGA Price Target News
26/03/2018 5.05 5.98 +0.93 (18.42%) BUY HLG Price Target News
26/03/2018 5.05 5.95 +0.90 (17.82%) BUY AMMB Price Target News
26/03/2018 5.05 5.85 +0.80 (15.84%) BUY Affin Hwang Capital Price Target News
15/03/2018 5.00 5.86 +0.86 (17.20%) BUY Affin Hwang Capital Price Target News
12/03/2018 5.00 5.95 +0.95 (19.00%) BUY HLG Price Target News

Price Target Research Article/News (past 6 months)
05/06/2018  Affin Hwang Capital Gamuda - (HOLD, Maintain) - Challenging times
31/05/2018  PUBLIC BANK Gamuda Berhad - KVMRT3 Mothballed
30/05/2018  PUBLIC BANK Gamuda Berhad - HSR Scrapped
30/05/2018  KENANGA Gamuda - Cancellation of KL-SG High Speed Rail
30/05/2018  AMMB Gamuda - KL-Singapore HSR shelved
06/04/2018  PUBLIC BANK PublicInvest Research Company Update - Gamuda Berhad
06/04/2018  KENANGA Gamuda Berhad - Bags KL-SG High Speed Rail PDP
06/04/2018  AMMB Gamuda - Lands PDP for KL-Singapore HSR North
05/04/2018  AMMB Gamuda - What if Gamuda wins MRT3 turnkey contract?
26/03/2018  PUBLIC BANK Gamuda Berhad - Strong Earnings
26/03/2018  MIDF Gamuda Berhad - Bright Prospect Beckons
26/03/2018  KENANGA Gamuda - 1H18 Above Our Expectation
26/03/2018  HLG Gamuda - On Track at the Midpoint
26/03/2018  AMMB Gamuda - 1HFY18 net profit grows 26% YoY, bullish on MRT3
26/03/2018  Affin Hwang Capital Gamuda - Earnings Acceleration
15/03/2018  Affin Hwang Capital Company Update – Gamuda (BUY, Maintain) - Twist and Turns
12/03/2018  HLG Gamuda - Summons From Tenaga

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Ooi Teik Bee Posted by stockraider > Jun 4, 2018 12:05 AM | Report Abuse

limit down once tun M scrap ecrl

Ans :
Do you know your facts well ?
Gamuda refused to take ECRL job.
Please check the above statement.
04/06/2018 00:07
nekosan is about sentiments. gkent no do hsr also sink 20 cent.
04/06/2018 00:11
nekosan means no more lrt mrt projects for next five years. gamuda can help build more cheap house
04/06/2018 00:11
WD40 Good morning
04/06/2018 09:21
04/06/2018 13:58
davidkkw79 http://www.theborneopost.com/2018/06/04/pan-borneo-highway-project-must-go-forward/amp/
04/06/2018 19:01
cheated Why still got balls to cheat? YTD Gam-We drop >50% never inform? Dif in 2018 is BN govn falls. Why your past performance must repeat when BN no more?

Otb . I have sold Gkent long time ago. You can check my comment on Gkent page. Shameless scammer liar

Ans :
Assume I started with RM 100,000.00.

2013 - 104% ROI - My total value is now RM 204,000.00.
2014 - 61% ROI - My total value is now RM 328,440.00.
2015 - 129% ROI - My total value is now RM 752,128.00.
2016 - 22% ROI - My total value is now RM 917,596.00.
2017 - 87% ROI - My total value is now RM 1,715,905.00.

I end up with almost 16 times my original investment value. CAGR or Compounded Annual Growth Rate is 76.56% over the period of 5 years which is very impressive.

GG_Liang is blind all the times, the earlier profit can afford to cover all losses.
2018 is not ended yet, talk cock ?

I bought Gamuda-WE < 0.50, even I sold at 0.74 still made a lot of money. My profit alone, you need to work for many ... many ... years.
Even I lost money in 2018 now, it is less than 3% of my total profit made since 2013.
The profit I made from Hengyuan alone is enough to cover for 2018 loss. I still sleep very well at night. I still continue to buy cheap bargain stocks now.

In 2016 stock pick competition, my portfolio was down > 60% in early part of 2016.
Finally, I still made 22% gain in 2016.
Please check my records in I3.

Want to attack me, wait for 31/12/2018. It is still too early to jump the gun.
05/06/2018 04:39
Ooi Teik Bee Posted by cheated > Jun 5, 2018 04:39 AM | Report Abuse

Why still got balls to cheat? YTD Gam-We drop >50% never inform? Dif in 2018 is BN govn falls. Why your past performance must repeat when BN no more?

Ans :
No need to cheat, do you make a lot of money in 2018 crash ?
If you are also losing money, no reason to laugh at me.

I just want to remind you that my cost on Gamuda-WE is < 0.50, I still make profit on Gamuda-WE.

Please do not talk cock story here.

Want to attack me, wait for 31/12/2018. It is still too early to jump the gun.
Do not attack me on Gamuda-WE, it is the wrong stock to attack me.

Thank you.
05/06/2018 09:00
newbie4444 OTB sound like ex-PM NajXX? No wonder people voted BN out. If got RM 1.7 million why still in Gam thread? Should buy new ctr instead.
05/06/2018 09:00
Nikmon something brewing....why can't break below RM3.6???
05/06/2018 15:14
Nikmon someone just bought around 2 million worth share at 3.61.........what is the good news?
05/06/2018 15:28
lala23 dont understand why many attack OTB. the man did not harm anyone or attack any stock or person. and his emails are always factual. unlike someone else who spews business sense bullshit and attack other stocks to prove his ego
05/06/2018 16:07
lala23 anyway is Gamuda cheap enuff now?.
05/06/2018 16:08
signalmw look Gamuda this price every time in this 15 years critical issue
05/06/2018 16:24
Nikmon wow, going to break 3.61....shark just clear it with RM3 million
05/06/2018 16:37
Nikmon Gamuda remains hopeful of reviving the MRT3 project, and understands that the estimated RM45bil cost of the project could be scaled down to RM20-22bil.
Read more at https://www.thestar.com.my/business/business-news/2018/06/05/affin-hwang-maintains-hold-on-gamuda-amid-order-book-challenges/#Iw4hFWAZWfC2jhrf.99

can be don't by kicking out Gkent....
05/06/2018 23:26
Joeyliew The share price should be at least 4.00
06/06/2018 14:21
Kendo Ken Hz TA tp 4.8
06/06/2018 15:21
Nikmon DBS Vickers upgrades Gamuda to buy; price target RM4.73

07/06/2018 11:52
Kendo Ken Hz If not gamuda who else can handle good jobs in msia, buy buy niw
07/06/2018 19:56
Kendo Ken Hz Never hesitate at all
07/06/2018 19:57
RainT Useless gamuda

Not hope ...share price cannot up
08/06/2018 16:36
Ron90 pity when the electronic trading system can be manipulated by unscrupulous traders. By whim and fancy they can push the price down 9 cents in just seconds..
08/06/2018 23:09
signalmw why not put downmore
09/06/2018 15:52
Jason When Gamuda QR supposed to release?
10/06/2018 16:15
kingcobra THIS MONTH.....23RD
10/06/2018 20:48
propsushi Sentiment not too good for construction sector. Gamuda will take more hits in the short term
11/06/2018 10:43
huntertee Doesnt look good
11/06/2018 16:03
shlang17 11 Jun 2018 5:24PM GAMUDA DATO' LIN YUN LING (1,500,000 units Transacted)
11/06/2018 17:51
chamlo Gov't can't stomach RM5.9b cost for double-tracking project
11/06/2018 21:58
220runner 3.40 is cheap enough to buy it now?
12/06/2018 09:17
DO RE MI 11-Jun-2018 Insider EMPLOYEES PROVIDENT FUND BOARD ("EPF BOARD") (a substantial shareholder) acquired 1,392,100 shares on 06-Jun-2018.
11-Jun-2018 Insider EMPLOYEES PROVIDENT FUND BOARD ("EPF BOARD") (a substantial shareholder) acquired 746,000 shares on 06-Jun-2018.
11-Jun-2018 Insider EMPLOYEES PROVIDENT FUND BOARD ("EPF BOARD") (a substantial shareholder) acquired 398,900 shares on 06-Jun-2018.
11-Jun-2018 Insider CHAN KONG WAH (a company director) acquired 20,000 shares at 3.460 on 11-Jun-2018.
11-Jun-2018 Insider CHAN KONG WAH (a company director) acquired 10,000 shares at 3.470 on 11-Jun-2018.
11-Jun-2018 Insider DATO' LIN YUN LING (a company director) was dealing with company shares on 08-Jun-2018.
12/06/2018 12:25
qmtronic country in big debts. The main reason PM in Japan is to seek soft loan. PM said will review big projects incl ecrl, mrt3 and hsr just to give a "nice and sweet talk" to japanese. Hsr logically benefits singaporeans more than the malaysians when singaporeans able to come out from "tiny box". PM wont use people's money, income tax and gst to bail out singaporeans. So far singapore didnt care about malaysians and they dont care to build new bridge at all.
12/06/2018 14:47
Ron90 hcl is good, just need to review the cost, take out all the under-table n commission, should be ok.
12/06/2018 15:27
chamlo HSR, MRT3 cancel why chase high?
14/06/2018 05:15
pakatan_harapan2 Stop hiding behind debt definitions to deceive public, Najib told
14/06/2018 05:28
Kendo Ken Hz Hsr still on, delayed, good for gamuda
14/06/2018 16:09
pjflower build ETS double track will do. do we really need to travel so fast? we do not need so high speed with such an expensive cost. better get Gamuda to do double track, solve the problem.
19/06/2018 09:29
godhand this is gamuda we are talking about
19/06/2018 09:30
Anti_debt LGE your RM 1 trillion debts is fake news?
19/06/2018 14:01
M168 pjflower, the double track southern stretch is already in progress for a year by YTL
21/06/2018 18:18
hng33 Expect gamuda upcoming Q3 result to deliver stronger result as MRT2 underground work is expect to reach 30% completion after tunnel drive have commence in 1 Mar. The above ground in which gamuda earn 6% PDP fees is also expect to reach above 20% completion.

Gamuda land is also expect to deliver stronger profit after achieved record sale in Vietnam, Singaporeans and Australia, sale to break record above 2.5 billion

Splash offer solution is on track toward completion before deadline next month July 2018

Penang transport master plan also on track to seal agreement before deadline next 2 month Aug 2018

22/06/2018 12:05
hng33 based on higher progressing billing from MRT2 and stronger property sale, Gamuda upcoming Q3 result should be able breakout EPS 10sen + declare interim dividend
22/06/2018 12:09


22/06/2018 22:12
Ron90 this company is not in a bad shape, right? so why afraid to load in a big way??
22/06/2018 23:07
oranje If they dont push Gamuda back to above RM 4 EPF and ASB will be negative 5% next year

After all projects , heavy sell down EPF oredi annpunced investment loss 12% or RM 6 Bl latest quarter

Negative 5% means your funds will be worth 95% hahhaha

Of course some black hearted people will be very very very happy

IS PM and FM one of them ?
23/06/2018 12:08
oranje RON 90 and Hng 33 to be CEO and new deputy CEo
23/06/2018 12:08
oranje 5% write off and ZERO Dividend

Dont you miss serial brikin bag NAJIBGOR already ?
23/06/2018 12:09
ckh823 hahaha. recently bad news keep coming out. MRT2 need to reduce cost but how to reduce. Will it affected gamuda revenue, time will tell all the things. All because of the prediction and people are panic about the future of this Company. Instead of looking on their future where something we are uncertainty, how about present, the Company still operating, everyday still generating the revenue. Now, the good news is SPLASH issue seem is a urgent matter that need to resolve immediately. Most important is Gamuda owns 40%on it. https://klse.i3investor.com/blogs/kpsstrongbuy/162285.jsp. Coming quarter report as at 30 April, it's happened before election, seem won't be a big loss or gain, a consistent grow on this Company. However, it's a last hope for the management to push up the share price. Expected the coming announcement will released some good news that could burst up the share price. On the other hand, please take note that the director Chan Kong Wah is keep buying the share. As mentioned by oranje, EPF definitely want to ensure this Company share price won't drop to far from their acquisition price. Most important is the fundamental of this Company is stable. Don't miss this hidden gem before it back to RM4.
23/06/2018 13:32
Championmbsbnsimecw Orange tell us to buy airasia cw will huat big he said, better pay attention, research n buy
23/06/2018 16:59

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