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28/11/2019  KENANGA Parkson Holdings Bhd - Seasonally Weakest Quarter
29/08/2019  KENANGA Parkson Holdings Bhd - FY19 Within Expectations

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Hidup_Anwar Parkson must fire workers, close outlets until Anwar PM no 8?
28/11/2019 10:24 AM
ks55 Parkson Malaysia going to close shop.
How come you don't know?
Still think PRA going to make money?
01/12/2019 11:45 AM
ks55 Siapa cakap Parkson Malaysia tak mati?
Jika tak mati pun hanya tiggal separuh nyawa sahaja.
Mati enggan hidup segan.
01/12/2019 11:45 AM
ks55 怕胜慢慢死?
01/12/2019 11:46 AM
ks55 PHB Annual Rpt 2019
Read carefully Auditors' Report. Any red flag to chase you away?
Too high risk to have so many red flags raised by the Auditors.
Up to you to digest as to the future of this 怕胜

01/12/2019 11:49 AM
i3lurker The reason I just stopped going to Parkson is because the staff there is very efficient.

All you need to do is just buy any item just once at Parkson.
Efficient staff will make 100% sure there is no more stock of the saleable item.
Next time you go to Parkson, staff will say out of stock and they have no idea when will be in stock and cannot make booking so sorry...
The next next time you go to Parkson, staff will say we do not sell this item and had never ever sold it before.

over a period of time, Parkson does not sell anything worth selling.
Anything worth selling is not sold at Parkson.

I give up and now go 100% Isetan where they sell everything..
01/12/2019 11:53 AM
ks55 https://klse.i3investor.com/servlets/stk/annqtyres/5657.jsp

Latest QR lagi teruk.
Everyday low as what Tesco marketing slogan.
Tomorrow will be lower still.
Very soon will be like Giant close down half the stalls.
Finally like Hankyu totally disappear from Malaysia.
01/12/2019 11:55 AM
AntiPondan Who so afraid of ks55? Shall I name them?
02/12/2019 7:37 AM
stupidddtrump Don't be fooled or conned , someone is secretly collecting your cheap ticket. The company is at the corner for turning around, it is almost there.
02/12/2019 3:22 PM
stupidddtrump Vietnam market maybe booming in the next 10years, but not now or next few years. Chopping Vietnam operation can turn around the company even faster. Vietnam need another 5-10years to raise the living standard. Parkson products are still too expensive to their earning power.
02/12/2019 3:25 PM
Jeffreyteck ...“The board of directors of Parkson Retail Asia Ltd (the company) wishes to announce that following the Notice of 3 Consecutive Years’ Losses released by the company on Oct 7, 2019, the Singapore Exchange Securities Trading Ltd (SGX-ST) has notified the company that it will be placed on the watch-list with effect from Dec 4, 2019.... We will never see this action here as we are free market, at your own risk.

Already highlighted poor performance in Da Nang more than 2 years ago based on own observation, hardly got customers, next door is another shopping area with many customers.

At not so old age cannot perform, chances to be able to perform at old age is dim. Anyway, good luck as speculative play may able to push up and down.
03/12/2019 11:22 PM
Leesk WC and childrens need to out from the management of PARKSON
04/12/2019 9:50 AM
ks55 According to Parkson in its August disclosure, MMSB's solicitors had given an undertaking to the court that it would not file any winding up petition against PCSB until after a decision had been made on the injunction application. But after the injunction was filed, PCSB had received a legal letter from MMSB alleging wrongful termination of its lease and claiming about RM77.9 million for reinstatement charges, rental charges for the lease period, double rental and ancillary charges.

M-Square sues Parkson for RM 77.9 million.
There may be winding up petition again Parkson Malaysia.
How come you don't know?
04/12/2019 10:16 AM
yoyo M-Square could not even generate customer flow for PCSB, every day only handful of small cats.
Not sure who breach contract first.
04/12/2019 1:01 PM
ks55 Posted by ks55 > Apr 28, 2017 09:33 AM | Report Abuse

PRA gone down from S$1.76 to 10 cent.
If it is good, it won't drift downwards non-stop since listing in SES.

How dare you compare Parkson with other retailers in Malaysia?
Who is the owner of Parkson Stalls in Malaysia?

Don't be misled by stupid idiots that Parkson is cash rich (probably now is 'cos recent disposal of asset in Beijing, but the money is held by PRGL not PHB).
Don't be misled by idiots PHB net asset is 2.70, just find out how much is its goodwill, and how this goodwill arises.

I wish to reiterate Parkson is good buy only at 50 sen and below..........


Now PRA is at 0.8 cent, really 一文不值
Parkson at 22 sen, believe is grossly overpriced

Parkson Malaysia is closing down all its stalls when PRA declared insolvent.........
06/12/2019 11:50 PM
Junqi Close shop better still
NAPS 1.7
So each share is entitled fof Rm1.7
Better dead than alive
08/12/2019 8:56 AM
yoyo seems is really a uphill battle of Parkson
09/12/2019 11:11 AM
kyosan boss, monitor tesco volume....might spike, u know the latest news on Tesco uk want to dispose tesco thailand malaysia, i believe...parkson mgt will not see that asset go to others...tq
09/12/2019 12:30 PM
Leesk Parkson don't have monies to buy Tesco
10/12/2019 2:10 PM
Parkson18 Shareholders here very lousy. One good news also cannot see? I so long no posts you all cut loss is it?
12/12/2019 8:04 AM
Parkson18 Maybe when Anwar PM he allow Parkson takeover Tesco at RM 1? Parkson will merge with Tesco? Overseas retailers(incl Tesco?) 1 by 1 close not locals. Eg in past is Hankyu Jaya, Carrefour, etc.
12/12/2019 8:10 AM
Parkson18 Even PRGL now can sell groceries.
12/12/2019 8:11 AM
Parkson18 PRGL up why nobody can see?
12/12/2019 8:12 AM
newbie5354_ Ecoworld forumers said judge ks55 on buy Ecoworld at 45 sen comments how abt ks55 comments here how to judge? I need reply since I am newbie. Even ks55 condemned me.
12/12/2019 12:09 PM
newbie5354_ Tesco UK will pay special dividend after selling out? Why Parkson cannot?
12/12/2019 12:33 PM
parksonnewbie Mamee try to relist back by RTO Khee San. Why not DIY, Mydin, The Store, etc do the same on Parkson?
12/12/2019 2:46 PM
kyosan Parkson being sedut their lui by Lion group loor.... need new shareholder to know where's the expenses go...with $1bil+ revenue every qtr this parkson...
13/12/2019 9:33 AM
Kedahan PRA, PRGL up nobody from i3 know?
19/12/2019 3:38 PM
Hidup_Anwar WC got seat beside Anwar when CNY? 21.5 sen Parkson happy with Tun/LGE?
20/12/2019 3:34 PM
Hidup_Anwar Stock mkt bad how can Parkson biz good logical?
20/12/2019 3:35 PM
Hidup_Anwar If make RM 100K from stock market spend RM 1K more in Parkson possible? Under Tun got hope or need Anwar PM?
20/12/2019 3:42 PM
lambsauce PKNS sues Parkson over alleged failure to pay rent for retail space in Bangi mall

26/12/2019 5:46 PM
Jeffreyteck A closer looks:
Positive: looks like abundant cash. High NTA hopefully not like london biscuits which turned into negative just in one quarter.

Negative: Faded business potential as retail market landscape changed totally but management and bod is too slow in response. HK business (HK parkson used to be above HK80, now less than 0.70) is expected to hit badly by non stop riots and significant weakening economy arising from the riots. Ability to raise MYR 2.1 b in HK is not a good news. Spore parkson is already under the watch list due to 3 years consecutive losses. Business in other countries most likely with poor if not poorer results. Management and bod incompetent to deliver under the current environment. As in Selangor, already highlighted as above.

Nonetheless, price is low for trading opportunities.
27/12/2019 8:26 AM
Leesk parkson only have bad news , no good news.REALLY NEED A CHANGE OVER MANAGEMENT. William Cheng and family members should not in management. let professional run the show
27/12/2019 10:38 AM
5354_ MyTown Parkson closing after CNY nobody hear?
27/12/2019 4:40 PM
Leesk it is bettered for William Cheng to liquidate Parkson rather than closing down store one by one on slow death.
27/12/2019 5:02 PM
yoyo I chao first at 18.28% loss... will come back again if got improvement sign
28/12/2019 11:44 AM
Smallretailer Better be quick to run away.coming opening dont know how far down will go
28/12/2019 11:20 PM
PH_1_term Parkson to shut MyTOWN store?
30/12/2019 12:46 PM
PH_1_term Good govn will provide more jobs unlike PH.
03/01/2020 12:10 PM
i Alien company re strategy all the retailing in malaysia, focusing on profitable location, close down losing profit one, BUT should add more feature like online shopping/ Rebrading Parkson as high class mall.
03/01/2020 1:20 PM
newbie5354_ Nobody read TS Cheng Yong Kim bought more? Most here before cut loss?
16/01/2020 2:52 PM
Hidup_Anwar William Cheng can advise Anwar be PM asap coming CNY? Kimanis loss still not enough?
20/01/2020 2:53 PM
poorkid China man made poorer by virus(Coronavirus) not Parkson why nobody think? Buy more.
28/01/2020 10:16 AM
poorkid Wear more jacket, cloth, shirt can prevent coronavirus attack especially for China man. PRGL should gain.
28/01/2020 10:32 AM
Thinkcarefully NAPS is 1.7. True or not.Anyone can confirm?
Then better close shop and distribute to shareholders
31/01/2020 8:22 PM
IloveMalaysia Bought at 18-18.5. Nobody think China man must wear more shirt to protect from Coronavirus?
03/02/2020 9:34 AM
lion188 Lion Group to invest RM100mil in several projects in Sabah
10/02/2020 9:03 PM
ubaL taM ParkChanHo_son
10/02/2020 9:14 PM
Jeffreyteck London bis NTA used to be above $1, only a quarter turn into negative. As for this, cash seems to be alright but prospect remains dim whether got virus or without. Chief is too old in short.
15/02/2020 11:48 AM

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