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2.28 2.24     -0.04 (1.75%)
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Date Open Price Target Price Upside/Downside Price Call Source News
12/06/2019 2.30 2.40 +0.10 (4.35%) HOLD KENANGA Price Target News
31/05/2019 2.30 2.42 +0.12 (5.22%) HOLD MIDF Price Target News
31/05/2019 2.30 2.40 +0.10 (4.35%) HOLD KENANGA Price Target News
31/05/2019 2.30 2.25 -0.05 (2.17%) HOLD BIMB Price Target News
27/02/2019 2.18 2.21 +0.03 (1.38%) HOLD MIDF Price Target News
27/02/2019 2.18 1.90 -0.28 (12.84%) SELL KENANGA Price Target News
26/02/2019 2.18 2.25 +0.07 (3.21%) HOLD BIMB Price Target News
28/12/2018 2.11 2.25 +0.14 (6.64%) HOLD BIMB Price Target News

Price Target Research Article/News (past 6 months)
12/06/2019  KENANGA Spritzer Bhd - Staying Hydrated
31/05/2019  MIDF Spritzer Berhad - Upward Price Revision Partially Mitigate Rising Costs
31/05/2019  KENANGA Spritzer Bhd - 1Q19 Above Expectations
31/05/2019  BIMB Spritzer - Profit boosted by festive sales
27/02/2019  MIDF Spritzer Berhad - Higher Raw Material Costs Impacted Earnings
27/02/2019  KENANGA Spritzer Bhd - FY18 Below Estimates
26/02/2019  BIMB Spritzer - No fizz in the still
28/12/2018  BIMB Spritzer - No water, no life

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sl3ge so quite here..
20/12/2015 5:56 PM
ddsoon757 Hi, HK wong, can let us know where you get tht info...can show? thank you very much
Hk Wong: Spritzer is indeed very honoured to be affirmed by the US Army of the high quality and safety of her natural mineral water
04/11/2015 11:30

Hi, Shinado... i support you & agree with your views,,,,wait QR....shld be Good > 8m..
hopefully. consider production cost of bottles reduce and revenue increase..
21/12/2015 12:45 PM
aaroncjs http://www.spritzer.com.my/spritzer-plant-selected-by-us-army-to-supply-bottled-natural-mineral-water/
22/12/2015 1:11 PM
sl3ge finally moving..
06/01/2016 9:01 PM
MadMax This stock is a must have stock. Believe me.
29/01/2016 11:50 AM
happ12 wonderful stock...gem..now around the world lack of natural water
01/02/2016 8:04 AM
greatful Yeelee and Spritzer, which one better?
23/02/2016 9:01 PM
RonnieKimLondon Spritzer is trading at 12X earnings.

Spritzer is the market leader in premium mineral water in Malaysia. A regular bottle costs RM2.60-2.80 while F&N's Ice Mountain costs RM1.50-1.80. Dasani is chaeper at RM1.30.

Spritzer has constructed a new plant in Johor.The southern region and Singapore have tremendous potential.
09/03/2016 11:19 PM
kakashit I like Dasani filtered, sweet in taste but not raw as mineral water.

If the water too raw my stomach will stir
19/03/2016 5:41 PM
happ12 this is really gem
04/04/2016 8:24 PM
RainT This is good counter
Water is resilient business
10/04/2016 11:39 PM
RainT Buy water better .....buy spritzer
All people need water
15/04/2016 11:16 PM
RainT Why today drop 4%?
22/04/2016 1:48 PM
RonnieKimLondon The latest development in the food & beverage industry in Thailand is that soft drinks could cost up yo 25% more in Thailand. The National Reform Steering Assembly's health panel approved a proposal to increase taxes for non-alcoholic drinks with high sugar content.

This sugar tax on soft drinks has been imposed on soft drink bottlers in US. We expect this sugar tax to be imposed in ASEAN countries over the next couple of years.
08/05/2016 5:44 PM
moneySIFU Unbelievable performance from Spritzer, well done.
23/05/2016 5:09 PM
chooweeteh Tats right. High sugar content drinks should be taxed. We welcome a culture with no soft drinks but plain mineral water to curb rising health issues with improved life styles. That to me is the most basic of investment, we mobilize our capital in a way that can bring benefits to society.
26/05/2016 2:22 PM
da4444 Anyone can explain spritzer business model? ie. who is their main customer etc. I am looking forward to invest in this counter
02/06/2016 4:37 PM
chooweeteh Yee Lee is the Holding company of which Business involves distribution and trading. As a subsidiary, the company enjoys wide distribution network that is important for Consumer products.
02/06/2016 8:41 PM
kk123 Its an expensive mineral water
02/06/2016 8:51 PM
chooweeteh Personally i wont mind as it is Drinking Water. In ten to twenty years if our society can adopt plain water drinking habits and be more healthy conscious, then this company would be seen as alternative to F&N.
02/06/2016 9:27 PM
da4444 Thanks guys for info. Drink more spritzer ya ;)
03/06/2016 4:24 PM
RainT Qtr report out??? Drop 5% ??
10/06/2016 12:00 PM
heata anyone know whats wrong with spritzer? drag down by klci?
13/06/2016 9:14 PM
LYL1 ha ha just ESOS sell out, cause their employee need money
14/06/2016 10:43 PM
LYL1 company still strong, cause still earn a lot of money
14/06/2016 10:43 PM
RainT Sales and profit grow every year since 2012 until now.
Water is important basic needs.
So this counter still a good counter to contimue hold
16/06/2016 6:52 PM
RainT 4th quarter result out
5.5cents dividend
28/07/2016 10:29 PM
Alex Tan http://www.valueinvestingstock.com/single-post/2016/05/12/What-I-Learned-From-Spritzers-Factory-Visit-1
04/08/2016 10:57 PM
Gainvestor http://gainvestor10sai.blogspot.my/2016/08/yeelee-little-red-riding-bull.html
YEELEE - Little RED-Riding-BULL
15/08/2016 1:10 AM
moneySIFU Drink Cactus also can, it's also product of Spritzer, cheaper.

Posted by da4444 > Jun 3, 2016 04:24 PM | Report Abuse
Thanks guys for info. Drink more spritzer ya ;)
15/08/2016 1:42 AM
gaban88 hot weather org minum byk air....x cukup bajet nk bli spritzer....one day i will buy..
01/09/2016 9:39 PM
Mgician collection mode ..
12/10/2016 4:59 PM
RainT Wait drop more
Then only collect
13/11/2016 10:54 PM
Wawai Samah collect =)
24/01/2017 6:45 PM
necro gg
20/02/2017 9:31 AM
wan7075 adui, why spritzer latest qr so poor?
27/02/2017 7:09 PM
峰中奇缘 Mineral water producer Spritzer Bhd announced that FMR LLC, part of United States-based Fidelity Investments, has emerged as a substantial shareholder after it acquired 38,100 shares in the open market.
This boosted FMR's holdings in Spritzer to 9.25 million shares, equivalent to a 5.07% stake. FMR's share acquisition in Spritzer was part of a simple portfolio of investments, the company said.
Headquartered in Boston, Fidelity Investments is the fourth largest mutual fund in the world, with presence in eight other countries across North America, Europe, Asia and Australia.
14/03/2017 11:08 PM
gnail Result so poor because it is result for one month only
20/04/2017 9:32 AM
Peggy Method More info.

03/05/2017 11:42 AM
i3longterminvest Anyone got read about spritzer from this blog?

25/07/2017 11:45 PM
limkokthye 2 bottle mineral water spritzer 500ml as dividen
26/08/2017 11:19 AM
amsterdam monday sure down,
new share private placement 27 million (15%)
22/09/2017 11:12 AM
necro free money but effect only seen after 5years
23/09/2017 12:03 AM
GalGunAmmo Uptrend with increasing price and volume. Interesting.
06/11/2017 4:33 AM
rumblexxa high liquidity with spritzer?
28/01/2018 4:49 PM
michellebee7 Spritzer 2.32 today
21/08/2018 7:45 PM
johnbrooks I thought spritzer very big company.... Share not liquid at all..
10/01/2019 11:19 AM
Varcity Greetings, VarCity will be visiting three listed companies during our Engage & Exchange #3 session. You can now ask questions to the management of Spritzer via VarCity. Kindly post the questions in the poll and get a feedback from the management.

09/02/2019 11:43 PM
Varcity Value Investing Idea #3 - Spritzer Berhad (7103) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oX5JMyYPg48
18/02/2019 12:39 AM
novice2017 Yee lee delisting, would it affect Spritzer?
26/04/2019 2:53 PM

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