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Last Price Avg Target Price   Upside/Downside Price Call
7.46 13.45     +5.99 (80.29%)
* Average Target Price, Price Call and Upside/Downside are derived from Price Targets in the past 6 months.
** Price Targets are adjusted for Bonus Issue, Shares Split & Shares Consolidation (where applicable).
Date Open Price Target Price Upside/Downside Price Call Source News
15/10/2020 8.00 18.30 +10.30 (128.75%) BUY HLG Price Target News
08/10/2020 14.80 18.30 +3.50 (23.65%) BUY HLG Price Target News
02/10/2020 13.52 15.60 +2.08 (15.38%) HOLD PUBLIC BANK Price Target News
28/09/2020 14.10 18.30 +4.20 (29.79%) BUY HLG Price Target News
22/09/2020 11.94 18.30 +6.36 (53.27%) BUY HLG Price Target News
12/09/2020 10.68 17.00 +6.32 (59.18%) BUY CIMB Price Target News
07/09/2020 13.48 14.58 +1.10 (8.16%) HOLD MIDF Price Target News
07/09/2020 13.48 18.30 +4.82 (35.76%) BUY HLG Price Target News
07/09/2020 13.48 14.32 +0.84 (6.23%) HOLD AmInvest Price Target News
05/09/2020 13.40 17.00 +3.60 (26.87%) BUY CIMB Price Target News
26/08/2020 14.98 15.60 +0.62 (4.14%) HOLD PUBLIC BANK Price Target News
26/08/2020 14.98 15.35 +0.37 (2.47%) HOLD MIDF Price Target News
26/08/2020 14.98 17.10 +2.12 (14.15%) BUY KENANGA Price Target News
26/08/2020 14.98 17.75 +2.77 (18.49%) BUY HLG Price Target News
26/08/2020 14.98 20.00 +5.02 (33.51%) BUY BIMB Price Target News
26/08/2020 14.98 15.74 +0.76 (5.07%) HOLD AmInvest Price Target News
26/08/2020 14.98 22.80 +7.82 (52.20%) BUY AffinHwang Price Target News
04/08/2020 18.50 22.80 +4.30 (23.24%) BUY AffinHwang Price Target News
27/07/2020 14.20 17.10 +2.90 (20.42%) BUY KENANGA Price Target News
27/07/2020 14.20 17.75 +3.55 (25.00%) BUY HLG Price Target News
27/07/2020 14.20 20.00 +5.80 (40.85%) BUY BIMB Price Target News
27/07/2020 14.20 15.74 +1.54 (10.85%) BUY AmInvest Price Target News
25/07/2020 13.80 16.40 +2.60 (18.84%) BUY CIMB Price Target News
15/07/2020 13.50 16.37 +2.87 (21.26%) BUY HLG Price Target News
14/07/2020 13.00 15.50 +2.50 (19.23%) BUY RHB-OSK Price Target News
13/07/2020 12.90 15.00 +2.10 (16.28%) BUY CIMB Price Target News
08/07/2020 10.72 14.00 +3.28 (30.60%) BUY KENANGA Price Target News
07/07/2020 10.80 14.00 +3.20 (29.63%) BUY KENANGA Price Target News
07/07/2020 10.80 11.69 +0.89 (8.24%) BUY HLG Price Target News
07/07/2020 10.80 13.00 +2.20 (20.37%) BUY CLSA Price Target News
07/07/2020 10.80 12.51 +1.71 (15.83%) BUY AmInvest Price Target News
26/06/2020 8.15 8.80 +0.65 (7.98%) HOLD PUBLIC BANK Price Target News
17/06/2020 8.46 10.95 +2.49 (29.43%) BUY UOBKayHian Price Target News
09/06/2020 9.00 10.22 +1.22 (13.56%) BUY HLG Price Target News
03/06/2020 8.50 11.20 +2.70 (31.76%) BUY KENANGA Price Target News
03/06/2020 8.50 10.80 +2.30 (27.06%) BUY AffinHwang Price Target News
28/05/2020 9.00 8.11 -0.89 (9.89%) HOLD HLG Price Target News
27/05/2020 8.70 10.00 +1.30 (14.94%) BUY UOBKayHian Price Target News
22/05/2020 8.45 8.80 +0.35 (4.14%) HOLD PUBLIC BANK Price Target News
22/05/2020 8.45 9.00 +0.55 (6.51%) HOLD MIDF Price Target News
22/05/2020 8.45 9.60 +1.15 (13.61%) BUY KENANGA Price Target News
22/05/2020 8.45 10.00 +1.55 (18.34%) BUY BIMB Price Target News
22/05/2020 8.45 9.72 +1.27 (15.03%) BUY AmInvest Price Target News
22/05/2020 8.45 9.50 +1.05 (12.43%) BUY AffinHwang Price Target News
12/05/2020 6.00 7.20 +1.20 (20.00%) BUY KENANGA Price Target News

Price Target Research Article/News (past 6 months)
15/10/2020  HLG Economics & Strategy - The Second Wave
08/10/2020  HLG Gloves Sector - Rising Cases to Sustain Demand Trajectory
02/10/2020  PUBLIC BANK PublicInvest Research Headlines - 2 Oct 2020
28/09/2020  HLG Traders Brief - Potential 3Q Window Dressing May Spur KLCI Towards 1513-1530 Zones
22/09/2020  HLG Traders Brief - Wild Swings Ahead With Crucial Support At 1474-1484 Levels
12/09/2020  CIMB CIMB Research maintain OVERWEIGHT on GLOVE. A firm grip in the storm. THKS TP RM9.20/RM24.30/RM17.00/RM13.50
07/09/2020  MIDF Kossan Rubber Industries Bhd - ASP Growth May Plateau Next Year
07/09/2020  HLG Kossan Rubber Industries - Still Upbeat on Near Term Outlook
07/09/2020  AmInvest Kossan Rubber - Expecting ASP To Increase 25% QoQ in 3QFY20F
05/09/2020  CIMB CIMB Research maintain BUY on KOSSAN. Target price = RM17.00
26/08/2020  PUBLIC BANK Kossan Rubber Industries Berhad - Supported By ASP Hike
26/08/2020  MIDF Kossan Rubber Industries Bhd - Boost From Higher ASP and Volume
26/08/2020  KENANGA Kossan Rubber Industries - 1HFY20 In Line, Solid Earnings Ahead
26/08/2020  HLG Kossan Rubber Industries - Good Delivery, Proposed 1-1 Bonus Issue
26/08/2020  BIMB Kossan - All-Time High Earning, More To Come
26/08/2020  AmInvest Kossan Rubber - A Stellar 2HFY20F in Store With Higher ASP
26/08/2020  AffinHwang Kossan (BUY, Maintain) - Earnings Have Yet to Peak
04/08/2020  AffinHwang Kossan - ASPs Likely to Continue Upside Surprise
27/07/2020  KENANGA Kossan Rubber Industries - ASP Hikes More Pronounced in 2H 2020
27/07/2020  HLG Kossan Rubber Industries - Expected Rosy 2Q Onwards
27/07/2020  BIMB Kossan - Greater Expansion Plan and ASP to Boost Earnings Further
27/07/2020  AmInvest Kossan Rubber - New Capacity Planned for 1H2021
25/07/2020  CIMB CIMB raised KOSSAN target price to RM16.40
15/07/2020  HLG HLIB ups target price for Top Glove to RM31.31, Hartalega to RM20.12
14/07/2020  RHB-OSK RHB raised KOSSAN target price to RM15.50
13/07/2020  CIMB CIMB raised KOSSAN target price to RM15
08/07/2020  KENANGA Rubber Gloves- Quantum Earnings Leap, Multi-year Re-rating
07/07/2020  KENANGA Kossan Rubber Industries- Sustained ASP Lift-off
07/07/2020  HLG Kossan Rubber Industries - Acquisition in Meru, Klang
07/07/2020  CLSA CLSA: GLOVE supply shortage forecasted throughout the next 3 years. TOPGLOV (RM28) HARTA (RM20) KOSSAN (RM13)
07/07/2020  AmInvest Glove Sector - Expecting a stellar 2H2020
26/06/2020  PUBLIC BANK Rubber Gloves - Fundamentally Strong But Priced In
17/06/2020  UOBKayHian Rubber Gloves – Malaysia - 1Q20 Report Card ~ Prelude to Earnings Windfall
09/06/2020  HLG Kossan Rubber Industries - Expecting a Strong 2HFY20
03/06/2020  KENANGA Kossan Rubber Industries - ASP Lift-off
03/06/2020  AffinHwang Kossan- ASP Hikes to Drive Earnings Starting 3Q20
28/05/2020  HLG KOSSAN RUBBER- Covid-19 to be Reflected in 2Q Onwards
27/05/2020  UOBKayHian Rubber Gloves – Malaysia - Overweight the Sector on Better ASP & Demand Visibility
22/05/2020  PUBLIC BANK Kossan Rubber Industries Berhad- Stronger Performance Ahead But Priced In
22/05/2020  MIDF Kossan - Earnings Driven by Higher Demand for Gloves
22/05/2020  KENANGA Kossan Rubber Industries - Solid Earnings Ahead
22/05/2020  BIMB Kossan- Riding strong on the Covid-19 train
22/05/2020  AmInvest Kossan Rubber- Expecting ASP to improve further
22/05/2020  AffinHwang Kossan - Price Increases to Lead Earnings Growth
12/05/2020  KENANGA Kossan Rubber Industries - Higher ASPs’ Impact Under-appreciated

Bonus Issue, Share Split or Share Consolidation announcement
Announce Date Ex Date Subject Amount/Ratio
25/09/2020 09/10/2020 Bonus Issue 1.0000 : 1.0000

  13 people like this.
22/10/2020 4:38 PM
kd88 AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine trial Brazil volunteer dies, trial to continue
22/10/2020 4:49 PM
Pimpsnwhoreshere @morpheous61 get a life, grow up n pick a more worthwhile field of interests hahha
22/10/2020 8:20 PM
HamsterHuat Tomorrow another red red day for Kossan?
22/10/2020 9:13 PM
Mabel @supersinginvestor @aimhigh.
To say mabel talk sense is an overstatement..
Unker believe a good investor look at profits n results n gains...
Never attached or emotional about investments..mabel is too attached to her stock so not a good investor sheay just may make money but opportunity cost makes her lose alot more..
Hope she dont hear me...
22/10/2020 3:06 PM

I say unker...

How do you know I have not taken profits?

I started invested in the Fantastic Four since early this year..

Few round already to lock profits...

Usually I don't sell all...will collect when it dips and the cycle repeats...

22/10/2020 10:42 PM
Mabel It's all about timing and patience...

Don't play contra and short term here. Play short term at counter penny stock. But everyone do the opposite play short term here and became a dumb long term at penny stock after got burn with penny stock syndicate...

As always, pick something that is very close to your heart and most importantly, do your own research..

All the best!

22/10/2020 10:46 PM
Mabel The peak for glove price has yet to come. Lock your profits if you have to. But don't sell all and by all means, avoid CWs. There already too many CWs. You may think you spotted a good deal and other investors are dumb to buy mother share instead of warrant. Just wait till IB press down the price and you lose all money in the CW. You will know who is dumb in the end. We already seen this happen recently. Learn from that mistake.

22/10/2020 11:59 PM
RiverOfSilver AstraZeneca shares slide after Brazilian health authority says volunteer in covid-19 study dies

23/10/2020 8:08 AM
inPeace https://www.theedgemarkets.com/article/remdesivir-hydroxychloroquine-found-not-effective-covid19-treatment

Remdesivir, Hydroxychloroquine found not effective in Covid-19 treatment

Antivirus medicines such as remdesivir have been found to be ineffective in treating Covid-19 patients as well as not helpful in reducing death cases of the outbreak.

Health director-general Tan Sri Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah said clinical studies by the World Health Organization (WHO) Solidarity trial proved that anti-malaria medicine hydroxychloroquine as well as lopinavir and ritonavir are not effective in treating the disease
23/10/2020 8:33 AM
NoNonsenseHere -
"gLoVe Is A BubbLE" "wiLL BuRsT"
Burst what? You can lie but the numbers never lie.

Gloves going to burst?

Glove supply will not meet demand in next three years

The Big 4 Glove companies can't even meet the demand for the next 3 YEARS.
Meanwhile, hotels will remain closed for years, airlines have nowhere to go to and banks CANNOT lend.

Genting LOST RM786 million in one quarter and will continue to incur losses.
Supermax GAINS RM1 billion (28 Oct QR expected) in one quarter and will continue to grow.

Maybank market cap (80b) is THREE TIMES larger than Supermax (26b) but Supermax defeats Maybank's profits.

Supermax's Own Brand Marketing in North America:

Supermax's Canada OBM Aurelia Gloves™: https://aureliagloves.com/about/

Supermax OBM Mask BeyondMask™: https://mybeyondmask.com/
23/10/2020 1:48 PM
NoNonsenseHere -
Hartalega only made 220 million last quarter. Supermax made 400 million last quarter.
Next week, Supermax projected profits are RM1 billion but Harta's next quarter expected to do only RM500 million.

Supermax always has TWO TIMES the profits of Harta. But Harta's market cap is TWO TIMES larger than Supermax. Says something. Supermax is a growing company.
23/10/2020 1:49 PM
kachan Next week all glove can limit up. All price is discount now. Cant go down anymore. Faster buy today for next week bigger profit.
23/10/2020 4:23 PM
NoNonsenseHere -
Supermax is expected to do RM1 billion PAT next week's QR.
That translates into EPS 74 before the bonus issue.

Since it's after the bonus issue now, it is EPS 74 ÷ 2 = EPS 37

Find me a company that can do EPS 74 in ONE QUARTER like Supermax.
23/10/2020 7:31 PM
kachan Feel on Monday and rest of the week all glove can up up up. Quickly on monday morning buy before it fly or going miss the big train ride. Cant drop anymore. kossan is a tank.
24/10/2020 12:15 AM

Indexs has made a very strong recovery from Sept 10 (3,067) lows, however this recovery can now be slowing down based on 2 interpretations we are observing.

The first one shows a potential flat correction in the making for wave II, after completion an ext 5th wave move for 39-days long, where we are looking now for a three wave a-b-c rebound into wave B even back towards 4,322 levels. We believe this simple zig-zag A-B-C correction would trade between range 3,960 - 4.923 before bullish wave III taken over.

Then we have another wave count #2, that shows a potential top formation in wave 3 of I, where correction for wave 4/I on-going. Support for a wave 4 correction can be at Fib Ratio of 23.6/38.2 that comes in at 4,138/3,992 level so watch that area as potential reversal zone. As such, this wave 5/I could be impulsive to kick in anytime this week, target to retest the highest done 4,322 (August 6, 2020) and beyond.

Huat Huat AAARRRR!! Happy Trading and Stay Cool!!
24/10/2020 4:02 PM
Rosen Stella Sell all other stock and hoot glove this Monday, good hedging, the only sector to fly in such situation, safe investment heaven. All in glove and sell other!
24/10/2020 6:45 PM
newbie8080 Uncertain Times Call for Extraordinary Investment Decision

24/10/2020 11:51 PM
NoNonsenseHere -
Vaccines not working, hotels bankrupt, airlines bankrupt, construction companies bankrupt, travel agencies selling fish now, universities begging for students, energy not used, banks cannot lend.

Meanwhile the only stocks thriving on Bursa are Gloves with BILLIONS of ringgit of PROFITS because of great companies like Supermax and Top Glove.

25/10/2020 5:41 PM
DreamKaiser Wow!!!
25/10/2020 7:30 PM
DreamKaiser Walaweyh!!!
25/10/2020 7:30 PM
DreamKaiser Agong rejects proposal for 'darurat'!!!

25/10/2020 7:31 PM
DreamKaiser Big gap up coming up tomorrow
25/10/2020 7:31 PM
DreamKaiser Quite possible
25/10/2020 7:32 PM
DreamKaiser Let's just see how Mr. Market responds
25/10/2020 7:32 PM
DreamKaiser Hopefully very positive
25/10/2020 7:33 PM
newbie8080 New Glove Catalyst-Hong Kong battling potentially deadly superbug

25/10/2020 9:52 PM
Pgraduate123 Friday meltdown, kossan only dropped 7 sen.
No darurat, Monday should up 70 sen instead
25/10/2020 11:06 PM
kachan Can feel monday all glove can limit up. Buy first before IB buy.
25/10/2020 11:56 PM
goldenluck16 The top 4 glove prices are manipulated by the IBs to due to the massive losses incurred when they issued the CWs before the Covid-19 pandemic. So they will short the shares and buy back when it drops to their target price. Their contra sell and buy strategy saved them a lot of money for the pay out when the CWs mature. So do not chase high. LET THEM DO IT.. Buy when there is a prolonged dip in the prices. Never buy for contra purpose, you can't beat them in their game.
26/10/2020 11:02 AM
supersinginvestor Apple1234 where u la..
Bankrupt aldy n kena ban ah...
U died of shock see kossan go up ah...
Hahahaha apple1234 is a loser piece of shiit
26/10/2020 11:18 AM
Abba84 Topgloves aredy 5 dys.down..any advis when to enter..goldenluck? Tq
26/10/2020 1:52 PM
supersinginvestor Any stock now all wait n see...too many issues coming this week n next best is to stand clear till next week thursday....better safe then sorry for longterm investor
26/10/2020 2:05 PM
gloveharicut https://klse.i3investor.com/blogs/gloveharicut/2020-10-26-story-h1535475991-Najib_Facebook_Post_comments_on_GLOVES_What_s_the_message.jsp
26/10/2020 2:08 PM
MasterYoda Apple1234 kena covid ady lah,this kanina try to teach Masteryoda play stock,your bulu kote grow a few pcs more then come talk to me lar sohai ke ke ke
26/10/2020 4:47 PM
kachan See IB start buying today. Price cant go down anymore can feel starting tomorrow glove will uptrend. Who sell today will regret btw still got chance to buy tomorrow morning who miss the train today.
26/10/2020 6:41 PM
Keyman188 Are you sure !!!

Maybe we all not sure but you seem like very sure !!!
26/10/2020 6:45 PM

The bull has making a fabulous reversal today with choosing the Count#2 wave path which we posted 2 days ago.

In 1h chart today, indication for a completed wave 4 of I unfolded from the low of 3,912 (Fib retracement ratio 38,2 - 3,935) level, with a sharp degree rebound on wave 5/I which probably underway.

Trade this rebound that to see potential rally for glove sectors towards to test previous ATH at 4,520 or even higher target to 4,570 and 4,976 (Fib ratio of 161,8 and 261,8) level possible before bulls lose control and bears take over for wave II correction.

Huat Huat AAARRRR!! Happy Trading and Stay Cool!!
26/10/2020 7:37 PM
DreamKaiser Waah!
26/10/2020 9:15 PM
DreamKaiser Up 7 sen!
26/10/2020 9:15 PM
DreamKaiser Okay also la
26/10/2020 9:16 PM
DreamKaiser Boleh juga la
26/10/2020 9:16 PM
DreamKaiser Still green also what
26/10/2020 9:16 PM
DreamKaiser Other gloves all struggling but Kossan still up
26/10/2020 9:17 PM
DreamKaiser Very good
26/10/2020 9:17 PM
DreamKaiser Excellent
26/10/2020 9:17 PM
DreamKaiser Well done
26/10/2020 9:17 PM
DreamKaiser Congratulations
26/10/2020 9:18 PM
DreamKaiser Keep rising
26/10/2020 9:18 PM
DreamKaiser Good luck
26/10/2020 9:18 PM
MasterYoda Average new U.S. infections hit record, expert warns of 'exponential spread' https://www.cnbc.com/2020/10/26/average-daily-new-coronavirus-cases-in-us-hit-all-time-high-as-health-officials-warn-exponential-spread-is-coming.html?__source=iosappshare%7Ccom.apple.UIKit.activity.CopyToPasteboard
26/10/2020 10:58 PM

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