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0.985 1.04     +0.055 (5.58%)
* Average Target Price, Price Call and Upside/Downside are derived from Price Targets in the past 6 months.
** Price Targets are adjusted for Bonus Issue, Shares Split & Shares Consolidation (where applicable).
Date Open Price Target Price Upside/Downside Price Call Source News
20/03/2019 1.02 1.12 +0.10 (9.80%) BUY PUBLIC BANK Price Target News
15/03/2019 1.13 1.12 -0.01 (0.88%) BUY PUBLIC BANK Price Target News
06/03/2019 1.00 0.98 -0.02 (2.00%) HOLD HLG Price Target News
27/02/2019 0.955 1.12 +0.165 (17.28%) BUY PUBLIC BANK Price Target News
27/02/2019 0.955 0.97 +0.015 (1.57%) HOLD KENANGA Price Target News
27/02/2019 0.955 0.87 -0.085 (8.90%) HOLD HLG Price Target News
30/01/2019 0.76 1.52 +0.76 (100.00%) BUY PUBLIC BANK Price Target News
30/01/2019 0.76 0.81 +0.05 (6.58%) HOLD KENANGA Price Target News
30/01/2019 0.76 0.85 +0.09 (11.84%) HOLD HLG Price Target News
03/12/2018 0.81 1.30 +0.49 (60.49%) BUY KENANGA Price Target News
03/12/2018 0.81 0.88 +0.07 (8.64%) HOLD HLG Price Target News
30/11/2018 1.00 1.52 +0.52 (52.00%) BUY PUBLIC BANK Price Target News
30/11/2018 1.00 1.30 +0.30 (30.00%) BUY KENANGA Price Target News
30/11/2018 1.00 1.10 +0.10 (10.00%) HOLD HLG Price Target News

Price Target Research Article/News (past 6 months)
20/03/2019  PUBLIC BANK Uzma Berhad - Gaining Momentum
15/03/2019  PUBLIC BANK Uzma Berhad - New Indonesian Contract
06/03/2019  HLG Uzma - Better Outlook Ahead
27/02/2019  PUBLIC BANK Uzma Berhad - Looking Forward To 2H
27/02/2019  KENANGA Uzma Berhad - Strong Sequential Recovery In 2Q19
27/02/2019  HLG Uzma - Expecting Stronger 2HFY19
30/01/2019  PUBLIC BANK Uzma Berhad - Strengthening Foothold
30/01/2019  KENANGA Uzma Berhad - Increases Stake in Setegap Ventures
30/01/2019  HLG Uzma - Another 15% Stake in SVP
03/12/2018  KENANGA Uzma Berhad - 1Q19 Dragged by Operational Hiccups
03/12/2018  HLG Uzma - Stay Conservative
30/11/2018  PUBLIC BANK Uzma Berhad - Disappointing Start
30/11/2018  KENANGA Uzma Berhad - 1Q19 Below; Hit By Overhead Costs
30/11/2018  HLG Uzma - Disappointing quarter

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newrookie Waitng for goreng up or goreng down. Bought at 56c & 64.5c
31/01/2019 10:02 AM
James Ng https://klse.i3investor.com/blogs/general/192137.jsp
[转贴] [UZMA BHD:某些项目的收入减少,较高的运营支出] - James的股票投资James Share Investing
31/01/2019 12:08 PM
zhangliang oil price up globally likely to go to 80 sens?
04/02/2019 5:44 PM
amet2017 TP rm 2
04/02/2019 6:49 PM
kenie 23 Jan 2019 UZMA KUMPULAN WANG PERSARAAN (DIPERBADANKAN) (185,600 units Disposed)
14 Jan 2019 UZMA KUMPULAN WANG PERSARAAN (DIPERBADANKAN) (157,600 units Disposed)
8 Jan 2019 UZMA KUMPULAN WANG PERSARAAN (DIPERBADANKAN) (891,100 units Disposed)
UZMA LEMBAGA TABUNG HAJI (26,263,200 units Disposed)
4 Dec 2018 UZMA KUMPULAN WANG PERSARAAN (DIPERBADANKAN) (182,200 units Disposed)
08/02/2019 11:09 AM
Yusuf Isa Who cares about disposed & scandal?? It's up we call profit & if down we call opportunity. I bought at 64.5. Now we call what? Profit lorrr..
08/02/2019 11:37 AM
SK1200 Thank you uzma
14/02/2019 9:06 AM
unice Who grab during last 2week sell down will enjoy the profit return
14/02/2019 10:01 AM
Ir Fan Ting Uzma skyrocketing
14/02/2019 10:33 AM
fattycat yeah~~ bought yesterday 0.78
Hit and run :p
14/02/2019 10:37 AM
BREW8909 uzma skyrocketing.. what's happening? did I miss any news?
14/02/2019 11:04 AM
fattycat yeah~~ 0.91
20/02/2019 3:28 PM
michaelwong Unbelievable uptrend !
20/02/2019 9:39 PM
ytk666 Buy!
24/02/2019 8:54 PM
fattycat My uzma fly ~~~'
25/02/2019 10:30 AM
ytk666 Will break rm1 this week.
25/02/2019 10:44 AM
abang_misai Can happen anytime

ytk666 Will break rm1 this week.
25/02/2019 10:44
27/02/2019 11:52 AM
fattycat Alamak drop so much today @@
27/02/2019 12:09 PM
abang_misai All switching to Dayang
27/02/2019 5:06 PM
abang_misai At present, only Dayang has a "wow" result.
27/02/2019 5:21 PM
ChefSaham can try carimin...today start technical rebound
27/02/2019 5:22 PM
First_Oil uzma profit is seems squeezed but still profitable. rm 1 is still reasonable price PE below 15
27/02/2019 7:04 PM
ciaksai QR worse than Dayang, Penergy.
01/03/2019 6:20 AM
haohaohao Not much can earn at dayang and penergy, switching uzma
02/03/2019 6:04 PM
revathi There are few more Oil and Gas counters like UZMA which are going to performs well and you can make handsome profits.for levels contact in telegram @revathi_4
04/03/2019 7:30 PM
zhangliang more legs to go. Will break RM1...
04/03/2019 11:03 PM
Sebastian Sted Power Uzma will be next after coastal good show today
05/03/2019 11:00 AM
Simple man dont think it will able to stay above RM1.00. I will return back to RM0.70. Good luck
05/03/2019 9:44 PM
zhangliang clearly broke RM1, close at RM1, tomorrow will continue the ride. Next R1 is RM1.05 before RM1.12
05/03/2019 10:56 PM
Yu_and_Mee Which oil stock not yet goreng? I think all up more than 40% except sapnrg because too liquid to goreng.
13/03/2019 5:37 PM
slts sealink can give u 50% return
any where uzma tp 1.30
plenty of room to move up
13/03/2019 7:06 PM
keeyau I think sleep enough. Is time to move !
14/03/2019 2:23 PM
Yu_and_Mee Sell uzma!
14/03/2019 5:38 PM
witchjaz KUALA LUMPUR (March 14): Uzma Bhd has secured a two-year contract for the provision of directional drilling services from Indonesia’s Pertamina Hulu Energi Onshore North West Java (PHE-ONJW).
14/03/2019 8:25 PM
BryAn Sia @Yu_and_Mee Sell? Are you sure?
14/03/2019 8:32 PM
Yu_and_Mee i didn't sell my 5,000 shares. i saw people love to scream sell and talk bad, i just make them feel happy only. 5,000 shares, sell with few cents profit for what? i will sell if uzma move like dayang.
14/03/2019 8:34 PM
digi_three tomolo fly one lorr buy buy buy
14/03/2019 8:54 PM
Ehome009 Uzma has secured a contract and likely to go berserk tmr. See what Destini has exhibited today after securing contract from Shell.

O&G counters will take turn to rock and roll after one another....
14/03/2019 9:06 PM
LearningInvestor http://malaysiastock.biz/Company-Announcement.aspx?id=1127656
14/03/2019 9:12 PM
fathbursa Lai lai, tomorrow gonna boom !!!
14/03/2019 11:26 PM
mylinuxbsd this report will make uzma fly UZMA BHD: (MYR1.05) Latest job win reflects its capability; will share price extend its run?
Maybank IB Retail Research

Uzma’s 95%-owned sub-subsidiary PT Cougar Drilling Solutions Indonesia (effective interest of 90.25%) was awarded a 2-year contract to provide directional drilling services for PT Pertamina Hulu Energi Onshore North West Java. The project has an extension option but is subject to the approval of SKK MIGAS, an institution established by the Government of Indonesia to manage upstream oil and gas business activities.

There is no firm value for the contract as the execution of the contract is depending on work orders. But this development is positive as it reflects Uzma’s capability in securing jobs. This project aside, the group is also engaged by various oil and gas majors such as Petronas Carigali S/B and Murphy.

With oil price staying firm, the outlook of O
15/03/2019 10:08 AM
rockycleft KYY bot Daya got recently? Yakah? Hahaha
18/03/2019 5:02 PM
Ehome009 Uzma secured another contract from PTTEP Siam Limited. This is the 2nd contract secured barely few days after getting a contract from PT Pertamina Hulu Energi Indonesia.

Another gap up tmr is expected but could it last?
19/03/2019 8:01 PM
ytk666 Limit up.
19/03/2019 10:29 PM
JUUN Good News!!!

20/03/2019 9:19 AM
witchjaz KUALA LUMPUR (March 20): Upstream oil and gas services provider Uzma Bhd’s shares rose 3.03% this morning after its unit MMSVS Group Holdings Co Ltd was been awarded a three-year contract to provide onshore hydraulic workover services.

At 9.06a, Uzma added 3 sen to RM1.02 wiith 618,700 shares done.

The contract — awarded by PTTEP International Ltd, PTTEP Siam Ltd, and PTTEP SP Ltd — commenced on March 1 and is valid until June 30, 2022 with a one-year extension option, it said.
20/03/2019 9:39 AM
JUUN https://klse.i3investor.com/blogs/PublicInvest/198697.jsp
20/03/2019 11:05 AM
zhangliang Hv been winning contractssss back to back
20/03/2019 2:07 PM
zhangliang we still like this upstream player!
22/03/2019 10:26 AM
mylinuxbsd Going down to RM 0.90 today. Good luck.. hope there is support at this level.
22/03/2019 11:38 AM

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