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1.72 2.24     +0.52 (30.23%)
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Date Open Price Target Price Upside/Downside Price Call Source News
22/02/2019 1.83 2.22 +0.39 (21.31%) BUY HLG Price Target News
17/01/2019 1.75 2.32 +0.57 (32.57%) BUY HLG Price Target News
16/11/2018 1.78 2.32 +0.54 (30.34%) BUY HLG Price Target News
15/11/2018 1.56 2.19 +0.63 (40.38%) BUY HLG Price Target News
07/11/2018 1.59 2.19 +0.60 (37.74%) BUY HLG Price Target News

Price Target Research Article/News (past 6 months)
22/02/2019  HLG Formosa Prosonic Industries - Earnings Dragged by Higher Operating Cost
17/01/2019  HLG Formosa Prosonic Industries - Tuned to Hit the Right Notes
16/11/2018  HLG FPI - HLIB maintain BUY rating with higher TP of RM2.32 ~Singing a higher chord than expected~
15/11/2018  HLG Formosa Prosonic Industries - Beneficiary of Strong Industry Boom, Weak RM and Ongoing US-China Trade War
07/11/2018  HLG Formosa Prosonic Industries - Sonic boom

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micheal42 Yes , rev the engine again. There is no need to panic. Margin call was the reason for the fall over the last few days. Final year results anytime between now and 28th february, 2019.

Huat huat loh
21/02/2019 5:21 PM
hush_puppies If the result is good and announce of great Div, then I guess the price would reach the TP soon =D
21/02/2019 5:36 PM
Angel of KLSE 大马股仙 Luckily not yet sell. Very kanjeong wait for result
21/02/2019 6:43 PM
Heavenly PUNTER http://www.bursamalaysia.com/market/listed-companies/company-announcements/6070737
21/02/2019 6:46 PM
PotentialGhost Kcchong GG
21/02/2019 6:54 PM
JayC Good news is 10 cent dividend
21/02/2019 7:01 PM
pang72 Lucky sold
21/02/2019 7:24 PM
lizi This round i predict wrongly, i thought there will be good earning but so so dividend....it turned out to be the other way round.
21/02/2019 7:27 PM
SuperPanda will back to 1.60-1.70 is it?
21/02/2019 7:27 PM
Angel of KLSE 大马股仙 Lucky sold? Not lucky bought meh? Lets see tomorrow people sell or buy
21/02/2019 7:28 PM
amet2017 10 cents of closing price today equates to 5% divident. Not bad. Still making profit and not negative profit
21/02/2019 7:30 PM
spectre007 I've been receiving 6 sen and 8 sen for the past 2 years and now 10 sen.. Solid..
21/02/2019 7:37 PM
John Angel bad results , i just bought at 2.00 today ..how about tomorrow?
21/02/2019 8:34 PM
Penguin88 This quarter is an indication of further weakening profit in the coming quarter. Strengthening of RM is definitely not in favor of FPI. RM is expected to appreciate this year. So watch out guys.
21/02/2019 9:18 PM
ehtan game over
21/02/2019 9:32 PM
apolloang profit down yet give 10cts div to support the price a bit tomoro or else will down a lot
21/02/2019 9:36 PM
Heavenly PUNTER mati kiao kiao
21/02/2019 9:49 PM
Woolei RM0.68 netcash per share is good.
but Divident drop from 16.6 to 14.8 this year.
eventhough revenue is 21% higher than last year, but EBITDA is flat with - 0.1%

management blame it to higher USD exchange rate and wages.

if PE<10 is a safe price to go in, but current price is quite attractive, let see if tomorrow it drop or not
21/02/2019 11:14 PM
PotentialGhost Will another case KESM at least back to 1.00
22/02/2019 12:40 AM
4444 Profit drop why chased so high? Bursa mata buta?
22/02/2019 2:22 AM
spectre007 Will eventually go back up to 1.90+...panic selling.. :) still a solid stock
22/02/2019 9:24 AM
Angel of KLSE 大马股仙 Oh my god, fall like shit flushed into toilet hole.
22/02/2019 9:28 AM
dreamscape1 The latest QR is not good and although I am tempting to sell, I still think this is a good company. The net asset and cash balance increase YoY although revenue dorp. Tough decision.
22/02/2019 9:29 AM
PotentialGhost This niama fpi 1.40 also no worth it la, must drop below 1.40 .
22/02/2019 10:08 AM
GLNT Higher dividends are a sign of confidence la. Woolei, dividends didn’t drop. How did you calculate?
22/02/2019 10:22 AM
spectre007 Even if u bought at 1.80..dividend of 10sen yields 5.55%..and don't need to wait 1 year.. Get in April.. Which FD gives you that
22/02/2019 11:07 AM
apolloang but after ex dividend down,only getting your money back make no different
22/02/2019 11:08 AM
rosetan https://klse.i3investor.com/blogs/fpi_/194539.jsp
22/02/2019 11:41 AM
Woolei @GLNT, thank for correction, 'EPS' drop from 16.6 to 14.8 this year
22/02/2019 1:13 PM
Dickyyou Profit drop 40% 1.85? Should be below 1.5.
23/02/2019 11:42 AM
GeorgeToh HLIB Research 22-Feb-2019 TPRM2.22 :-
We continue to like FPI for its (1) ongoing expansion plans; (2) strong balance sheet (net cash per share of 67.8 sen or 34% of market cap); (3) generous dividend yield of ~6%; and (4) synergic partnership with global EMS leader (Wistron).
10 cents dividend ex date in 1 month+ time i.e. 03-Apr-2019. Share price can up to RM2 (with 5% Div yield).
24/02/2019 4:11 PM
Yi Heng 10 sen dividend make investors struggle either want buy or not...if just 5 sen dividend, this stock sure drop..
24/02/2019 7:56 PM
handsomejs not a very bad result , but investors no confidence, government act nothing
26/02/2019 3:11 PM
riskabsorber 1. INTRODUCTION

Pursuant to Paragraph 10.09(1)(b) of the Main Market Listing Requirements of Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad ("MMLR"), the Board of Directors of Formosa Prosonic Industries Berhad (“FPIB” or “the Company”) wishes to announce that FPIB Group has in the ordinary course of its business entered into Recurrent Related Party Transactions (“RRPTs”) with Wistron Corporation ("Wistron"), a company listed on the Stock Exchange of Taiwan, which is a major shareholder of FPIB. The collective consideration of such RRPTs has exceeded the percentage ratio of 1% for the period from 11 February 2019 to 26 February 2019.

Related Party : Wistron
Transacting Party : FPIB and/or its wholly-owned subsidiary, Formosa Prosonic Technics Sdn. Bhd. (“FPT”)
Nature of Transaction : Sales of speakers by FPIB and / or FPT to Wistron
Amount of Transactions : MYR5,636,744.80

Is that mean that the amount of transaction is exceeded by 1% from these 2weeeks (11 Feb -26 Feb)?
28/02/2019 4:05 PM
Yi Heng don understand what the announcement talking about lol
28/02/2019 7:22 PM
Vorster89 10cent dividend on the way
22/03/2019 6:33 PM
Yi Heng yeah, the highest dividend paid over the past years, well done fpi
23/03/2019 11:42 AM
GeorgeToh last day to earn 10 cents dividend is by tomorrow 02-Apr, coz Ex-Date is 03-Apr (Wednesday)
01/04/2019 1:37 PM
tokohM worried earn div but later ex-date, drop some more
01/04/2019 3:32 PM
spectre007 Could happen.. Last time when I bought 97 sen.. Gave 7 sen dividend.. Drop to 80 sen.. So better buy after dividend. It will sure go back up
01/04/2019 5:39 PM
Angel of KLSE 大马股仙 Meaning today better sell?
02/04/2019 9:11 AM
tokohM i also think so.
02/04/2019 3:34 PM
MoneyMoneyHome2019 Why the share price just drop to 1.70 after dividend?
03/04/2019 10:11 AM
m3379 So it drops
03/04/2019 10:11 AM
dreamscape1 It is normal for stock price to adjust as much as the distributed dividend. It is more a adjustment than drop. I’m kinda surprise it didn’t drop further like last time... it is definitely weird... hmmm...
06/04/2019 10:51 AM
Vorster89 uptrend , good support
06/04/2019 11:11 AM
RIZ074 @dreamscape1 yes it's weird.
08/04/2019 7:11 PM
spectre007 Not wierd I think. It is showing symptom of strength. I held this stock for 4 years. Usually drop further after dividend but this time I think the lowest it went was 1.69. Think this stock will exceed rm2 closer to the upcoming qtr results.
10/04/2019 11:28 PM
antonb Dividend really good. Received today. A stock to hold.
19/04/2019 10:34 AM
antonb wonder if the AGM got any goodies?
19/04/2019 10:37 AM

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