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Brian Loke why suddenly up so much?
04/07/2014 10:39 AM
speakup Star newspaper say FSBM inching towards PN17 (just like Gpacket)
28/09/2014 2:47 PM
logitrader http://www.klse.my/financial/quarterResult/YoY/quarter/9377/31-Dec-2014.jsp
25/02/2015 11:26 PM
鹅麟依旧≈ 扫地僧 Dear Fighters,

........................ A projected 100% share price gain counter, FSBM.............................

Happy trading!
02/04/2015 4:28 PM
bibibubu Hi duitKWSPkita, long time no see, any recommended share? Mr xxx calling ?
03/04/2015 11:30 AM
willc48 If it is go PN17, the price will not go up. Something is cooking in FSBM that they might strike a major project. As for Greenpacket, going into PN17 is quite impossible as the majority shareholders is TM now. Greenpacket P1 will probably to be sold 1st before going PN17. P1 is something that TM needs which is gem to TM wireless technologies .
23/09/2015 3:52 PM
otai7111 byk kuat tidur laa....
06/10/2015 5:12 PM
tgpaih what happen to this counter? any expert??
28/10/2015 4:25 PM
joe79 pehh melompat
25/04/2016 11:51 AM
weechai dun waste on this counter...
19/05/2016 4:13 PM
kt99 rocket soon
24/06/2016 5:55 PM
kyosan buy..TP 0.28...
13/03/2017 4:39 PM
Crazy11223 Future RM34
30/05/2017 9:41 PM
Michael Lee Ah yo no hope la ! Forget about this counter! We are investing to help to pay the Father/Son & daughter's salary only. When the share price was at RM26, they alrdy sapu all the money !. Better cash out for a little bit of money for your 'Bak Kut Teh' lo
02/06/2017 12:04 PM
kyosan got 1 contract they waiting to pocket...which one is it... btw.. theyre within budget 2018 allocation , education sector ,as their system was cover education system.
31/10/2017 5:06 PM
Nafster wtf
08/11/2018 3:20 PM
Syndicates bila nak buka trading?
16/12/2018 12:25 PM
tonyS what happen is still cannot issue FY18 annual report? PN 17 or immediately delist? How come cannot issue report? Something big hiding?
17/01/2019 2:27 PM
IbrahimBinFareed what is happening here?
17/01/2019 2:37 PM
Syndicates Always giving fake hope, those who kena good luck loh. Might get delisted someday. Those kena but don't take responsibility of it and ran away karma will find you soon loh. Nothing to laugh. Selfish
30/07/2019 11:44 AM

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