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UniC hahaha.
02/11/2016 10:03 PM
jwyap seen that all contra had been clear, time to move 3 rd wave
03/11/2016 7:06 AM
lee77 hope we all in the right boat
03/11/2016 8:54 AM
invest1010 uncertainty in US election, are we still on the right boat?
09/11/2016 11:11 AM
lee77 Wait for next coming qr report..see how..
Ready in the boat..
09/11/2016 5:22 PM
lee77 Why selling cheap???
23/11/2016 2:02 PM
jwyap Quarter report will release soon, so welcome to another high
24/11/2016 9:43 AM
Cakes Moon Worth to buy in tomorrow?
28/11/2016 5:29 PM
jwyap http://www.bursamalaysia.com/market/listed-companies/company-announcements/5272313
28/11/2016 5:58 PM
lee77 Good result .. hope fly again ...
28/11/2016 7:54 PM
Aizai TP 0.72
28/11/2016 9:47 PM
jwyap second wave right now
29/11/2016 8:53 AM
lee77 Qr is good. Profit increasing.. revenue increasing.. NTA aldo increasing
But why the share can not price up???? And very low volume
30/11/2016 1:09 PM
lee77 Lagi kena tipu.....
30/11/2016 5:12 PM
jwyap iweak market
30/11/2016 9:08 PM
invest1010 Hopeless
19/12/2016 4:56 PM
Rex Ang Mari liao
20/12/2016 6:47 PM
lee77 Any thing is going wrong???
28/12/2016 5:23 PM
6044 There are buyers coming in at 0.405 and is holding well at this price. Somebody is slowly buying and i predict very soon it will move up with news.
29/12/2016 10:07 PM
lee77 But nobody want sell at 0.405..
05/01/2017 11:50 AM
lee77 Faster wake up....
11/01/2017 12:55 PM
averose 3 consecutive quarter report mention that their profit increase due to other income. any idea where does it coming from?
12/01/2017 11:38 AM
upshare (Company No. 286457-V)
Quarterly Announcement For The Quarter Ended 31 December 2015
In the 4th Quarter 2015, Wong Chee Kong & Poh Hock Leng propose a settlement and after
numerious negotiations, both parties had on 29 January 2016 agreed on final settlement
sum of RM5.0 million; of which upfront payment of RM1.0 million been received on 06
February 2016 and the remaining RM4.0 million will be settle in 10 equal monthly
12/01/2017 1:46 PM
jwyap that is the one of the good news, so far i think its profit for year 2016. is about RM 7milion, but but but another BEST NEWS is its land under value more than RM 45milion. haha. Paragon will be a star of the year 2017..
12/01/2017 11:07 PM
lee77 No ppl want to sell at 0.445.
Look like the price is slowly climb up..
Once good news come.. sure the price will up to sky...wait and hold.
13/01/2017 2:12 PM
tbchua If excluding this settlement, what is the EPS ?
14/01/2017 12:50 AM
supergreat price and volumn increase . any good news?
07/02/2017 3:13 PM
Rex Ang ini kali lah..haha
07/02/2017 3:28 PM
lee77 0.60..coming.
07/02/2017 3:31 PM
jwyap if revalue rm 1 +++++
07/02/2017 5:04 PM
char1234 slowly
08/02/2017 1:27 PM
char1234 xcellent close........slowly
08/02/2017 5:13 PM
cstrader Next week no more slowly. In fact Friday TURBO.
08/02/2017 7:38 PM
lee77 Go down.
10/02/2017 12:27 PM
jwyap up up up away.
12/02/2017 11:43 PM
invest1010 Sleep 2 days
15/02/2017 6:21 PM
cstrader New wave TP 70 cts
23/02/2017 7:04 PM
jwyap When result is out.
23/02/2017 10:43 PM
jwyap hahaha coming now. rm 0.645. upup
27/02/2017 3:47 PM
RepcoLow2 flying or killing
28/02/2017 12:48 PM
bjgdila123 sell sell omg
28/02/2017 1:14 PM
RepcoLow2 Jwyap - kindly answer for this "flying or killing"
28/02/2017 4:09 PM
Rex Ang paragon si liao
06/03/2017 3:09 PM
Han Xian what happen to this counter?? why drop so many???
11/09/2017 10:39 AM
supersamy hmm..lets c how high will it go tmr
14/03/2018 10:51 PM
kyosan guyss...this counter should limit up on March liao...this stock will surely cross the red sea....why? read latest material litigation....u will know what i mean.... don't let the stock alliance clean the unit first liao..
10/04/2018 11:04 AM
Jordan Khoo apa macam?
13/04/2018 4:12 PM
Lim Tek Wai Faster wake up....
13/04/2018 4:53 PM
LimKL1 Faster wake up....
13/04/2018 4:54 PM
kyosan wake up loo...need more synergy...sigh
01/06/2018 12:50 PM

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