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pillay15 Profit has dropped tremendously. Student numbers are down due to too many competitors.. Not sure whether SEGi can sustain itself in the long term. Do not forget 2 things: 1. They wanted to take it private at RM1.75 but failed. It is now more than 6 months. 2. A couple of stockbroking firms have set the price at 95 sen. Consider these before your next step.
06/03/2014 9:08 PM
784223467 massive accumulation detected.
06/03/2014 9:58 PM
tjhldog SEG may scale higher after closing at its highest price in more than three months. Traders may opt to purchase the stock if it stays above MYR1.55 today, with a close below MYR1.50 as a stop-loss. If the MYR1.60 resistance is broken, the price target would be at MR1.70. However, note that the stock could trend lower if it fails to stay above MYR1.55, while downside risk will increase if the stop-loss is triggered.
07/03/2014 12:23 AM
pillay15 There is discussion on ESOS taking place. Not sure if there is link between the accumulation and ESOS.
07/03/2014 6:18 AM
ChanKengChungKuantan From million of shares traded everyday from 28/2 to 35,900 as at 11.08am today, what is wrong in this stock? Pure churning?
07/03/2014 11:09 AM
cindylim I am afraid so, judging by the way the stock is traded when only big blocks changed hand at different intervals. Pure sign of churning
07/03/2014 4:10 PM
100000310560684 Owner buy maybe another round of privatization move
13/03/2014 7:14 PM
100000310560684 Wait and see.
14/03/2014 5:55 AM
sangharimau Beware : churning counter
02/04/2014 5:46 PM
L Lim Kean Yong strong support rm1.5 no worries :)
18/04/2014 5:03 PM
mrk2ca Support at rm1.40..
30/05/2014 5:40 PM
L Lim Kean Yong any comment on this counter?
11/10/2014 3:35 PM
logitrader http://www.klse.my/stock/entitlement/dividend/9792.jsp
09/12/2014 3:00 PM
logitrader http://www.klse.my/financial/quarterResult/YoY/quarter/9792/31-Dec-2014.jsp
27/02/2015 1:20 AM
11/03/2015 5:15 PM
logitrader http://www.klse.my/entitlement/116047.jsp
10/04/2015 5:08 PM
logitrader http://www.klse.my/financial/quarterResult/YoY/quarter/9792/31-Mar-2015.jsp
13/05/2015 10:04 PM
logitrader http://www.klse.my/financial/annualReport/9792/31-Dec-2014.jsp
19/05/2015 8:26 PM
logitrader http://www.klse.my/meeting/104433.jsp
19/05/2015 8:31 PM
Michael Tan second interim dividend soon? anyone?
12/02/2016 9:33 PM
supermix2 supermix2 D7zul Buy @ 1.49
21/05/2015 19:47

Friend zul, this counter had already been down more than 10 cents since last month. So how come next?
Declare dividend pun tak naik, adoi sakit gigi.
05/03/2016 6:55 PM
spectre007 D7zul stuff are nonsense... he already kena suspended
05/03/2016 11:08 PM
D7zul supermix2, u quote what i post last year? middle of june15 SEG give 0.07 dividen & price adjusted..

spectre007, if u hv nothing good to say, say nothing at all..
& if u think my stuff r nonsense.. stop reading my post.. tq
29/03/2016 7:10 PM
spectre007 Wah after come out from jail... berlagak pulak
29/03/2016 8:05 PM
D7zul spectre007, if someone say u r nonsense, would u b nice to him?
29/03/2016 10:18 PM
D7zul Flag flag again
If u think getting me banned is going to stop me from posting, think again.
I'll register again using other email. I've done it b4, i can do it again
29/03/2016 10:28 PM
Iraways gaining momentum...see u tomorrow
16/06/2016 8:37 PM
Affandi Yesszaa, go SEG go
17/06/2016 10:14 AM
yuanlong57 Circular on Capital Reduction and Repayment officially announced at Bursa, yet response so tepid. Capital repayment of 0.15 sen per share. Something is not right.
06/10/2016 12:52 PM
Jacky Yip 它削资 : - RM0.15,然后回退十五仙,27/10/16 明天开特别股东大会。
26/10/2016 11:23 PM
Unicorn Undervalued
24/11/2016 6:04 PM
culbertlim Wtf is this stock
04/03/2017 6:47 PM
culbertlim Why no people here
04/03/2017 6:47 PM
culbertlim And why so low one must be a stupid stock
04/03/2017 6:47 PM
Murad Ahmad Can buy?
13/04/2017 12:41 AM
zombie321 cool, 10% raise
14/04/2017 9:18 AM
pang72 Hii stocks are moving...I am catching the mother...
14/04/2017 2:45 PM
15/04/2017 10:51 PM
stlf BUY NOW !!!
03/05/2017 4:21 PM
whitesheep catch the fishes when still early !!!
22/05/2017 10:08 AM
mrk2ca Even the chairman missing in the egm..
25/05/2017 4:03 PM
yknobel Any SIFU can commend this stock , after bonus issue the price will drop to what level
03/06/2017 8:28 AM
leslieroycarter 02-Jun-2017 22-Jun-2017 BONUS_ISSUE Bonus Issue 5 : 7 Dividend Detail
30/06/2017 10:19 AM
leslieroycarter EPS 1.1c , after bonus 5 for 7 , what will b the price after ex?
theoretically 40.5c
if EPS 1.1/12=0.09c
Then , it should b trading below 10c....
30/06/2017 10:27 AM
leslieroycarter or worst still below 5c...
30/06/2017 10:34 AM
Stan Yeow rubbbish stock
04/07/2017 3:32 PM
whitesheep time to rebound ... heading to 77cent
25/07/2017 1:58 PM
Pgraduate Edu stock but focus on education is near to zero..all previous stock plan the last 12 years meant to benefit One person only
16/12/2017 1:18 PM
marketlurker if seller dont want to sell low, price will go holland. nobody want to buy 1.5 cents higher than last price lol. ever heard kassim baba story meh?
05/09/2018 4:39 PM
shpg22 Luckily this stock is low volume otherwise will drop to 0.20 with this kind of financial performance.
15/01/2019 11:08 AM

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