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Listing Date:Sep 04, 2017
Maturity Date:Apr 19, 2018
Issue Size:40,000,000
Exercise Price:MYR 4.80
Ratio: 6:1
Underlying Stock:VITROX
Avg Volume (4 weeks):0

Additional Info

Announcement: [Aug 30, 2017] Listing Information & Profile for Structured Warrants
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nihility warriors & fighters, thematic play on automation is coming back..

1) Budget 2018 end of Oct 17 - beneficiaries for automation & robotic development
2) Upcoming earning 2H , end Nov 2017 - double digits growth as per CEO statement

look look see see....don't put ourselves under to many stress,
no expectation, no stress
11/10/2017 9:48 AM
nihility 2 ticks progress since 11/10/17

Don't get demoralize if the volume of warrants is not as great as other hot play. What matters the most is the movement of the underlying.

We have CA to CF, today Macquire joining with CG.

From CA to CF , no volume traded except CD & volume/value traded was almost negligible compared to the underlying.

Theoretically, when the underlying volume & value traded was >>> compared to CW, the CW should perform effectively. When everyone going after the mother share, the babies will move along. When everyone going after babies, mum will stall & eventually the babies will stall.

Now have to use the imaginary paper trade not to "hai si lang" as per advised by our fellow friend pita beri.

Kinder garden imaginary paper trade experiment on the following catalysts:

1) 10/10/17 till 29/10/17 , riding on budget 2018 - beneficiaries for automation & robotic development. Catalyst No.1

2) 29/10/2017 till 30/11/2017 , riding on the double digit growth figure as per CEO's statement for 2H 2017. Catalyst No.2

kikikikiki.......fighting IB on paper trade.....don't laugh.....paper trade only.....don't expect.....paper trade only.....it would be a si bek safe sparring ground with 2 visible catalysts
12/10/2017 7:29 AM
nihility steady steady....jai jai lai....

good bye to warrior who left us at 0.135......kikikiki......happy RM 300 gain

our imaginary fight with IB continue......
12/10/2017 11:42 AM
nihility waseh waseh...imaginary trade going to kick ass HengYuan-CH & PetronM-CF beri beri soon....
12/10/2017 11:50 AM
nihility 2 more weeks before budget 2018.....add oil add oil add oil mummy vitrox.....

don't let imaginary trader down...
12/10/2017 11:52 AM
nihility keep it this way mummy vitrox..... staying at the top gainer list is one of the parameter I am looking for the friendly sparring battleground......

after break.......see if mummy movement can dismiss the warrior parking at 0.15.....

yes, 22100 units......we see you there....kikikiki
12/10/2017 12:39 PM
nihility waseh waseh mummy vitrox........

aiyo, our peng you cancelled order at 0.15.....:), hahahaha

imaginary trade.....paper trade.....4 ticks today.....kakikong kakisong......
12/10/2017 4:18 PM
nihility mummy loosing strength .....no worry....just a paper trade.....

we take the blow......that is what a tai chi practitioner are trained for.......we take the hit....lai bah....
12/10/2017 4:39 PM
nihility mummy ending RM 4.86, traded value around : RM 6.98M

Activity for CWs spotted today :

CD : value traded RM 53,585.00
CG : value traded RM 19,734.00

Total CWs value traded = RM 73,592.00

RM 74,000.00 / RM 6,980,000 = 1.06%.........means alot of ppl going after the mummy.....this is what the warrant player want......with more ppl going after the mummy, the babies movement will be efficient with lesser cw players.......

boh kia si , paper trade only mah.......we die die hold until end of Oct 17.....after that look see look see holding till Nov 17
12/10/2017 5:07 PM
nihility Salam 1Malaysia......so damn boring lor......paper trade paper trade...

boh hai si lang......

our friend Ooi Kok Hwa manyak kuat tambah minyak, kikikiki
13/10/2017 2:16 PM
nihility I see, our fighter with 22100 units yesterday who canceled order at 0.15 took profit today at 0.16....congratulation !

kong hei kong hei
13/10/2017 2:17 PM
nihility at least 2 more warriors taken profits

a) at 0.15 - 500,000 units
b) at 0.16 - 60,000 units

a new warrior took position at 0.16 @ 39,000 units

good luck warriors
13/10/2017 2:21 PM
nihility the catalyst remains the same

1) Budget 2018 end of Oct 17 - beneficiaries for automation & robotic development
2) Upcoming earning 2H , end Nov 2017 - double digits growth as per CEO statement

gambling warrant ? really gambling? or trading ? really trading ? not pure luck ?

if ham sai warrants also you leverage or on gearing, of course = gambling lor......if you win also on luck lor....if lose, dai sei lor

gearing / leverage play should be more stringent play compare to pure value investing becoz you can't afford to wait - time value will get destroy

the short term catalyst like project awarded how many milions or billions won't work on warrants. you can try it yourself, see how bad you will get burn.

only the strong thematic growth plays will sustain the momentum warrant play....

at present, with 2 visible catalysts.....Vitrox CWs are the low risk leverage fighting ground for fighter looking for sparring ground

with not many ppl playing, it is an ideal condition......only fighter vs IBs

alternate from CD and CG if you may.....honestly, at the moment....RHB slightly better than MacQuire
13/10/2017 2:35 PM
nihility a lot of bystanders dare not initiate any position due to high PE.....this is norm.....

have a thought , wah !!!! PE so high , how to go in ???? ki siau meh ??? well, this is the mentality of the value investor......value investor only buy in discount....

if you are growth investor, we look at the PE / G ratio.....anything below 1.0 is justifiable because the growth investor pay the current price at the high PE and expecting the coming quarters growth earning to lower the PE ratio...

look see look see http://www.investopedia.com/terms/p/pegratio.asp

don't get blinded by only PE ratio......
13/10/2017 2:48 PM
nihility 0.125 to 0.165 imaginary paper gain.....chow chow 30%
13/10/2017 2:54 PM
nihility forget about the support at the moment , focus on resistance


refer to Kenanga TA guide

R1: 5.52
R2: 5.93

if R1 is hit, the CD should hit the following:-

(CD x 6) + 4.8 / 5.52 = 113% ( expecting some discount moving forward / reduction in premium )
CD = 0.24

0.24 / 0.17 offers around 41% gain

if R2 is hit, the CD should hit the following:-

(CD x 6) + 4.8 / 5.93 = 112% ( expecting more discount moving forward / reduction in premium )
CD = 0.305

0.305 / 0.17 offers around 79% gain

is above possible ? we have 2 visible catalysts - budget 2018 on end Oct 2017, double digit earning growth at end Nov 2017
13/10/2017 6:19 PM
nihility ying & yang co-exists for the balance.....

you know how to buy, you must know how to sell

if you think you have earn enough, do not hesitate to realize profits

other ppl words are not important, most important is the voice within yourself.....don't feel sorry for ppl, don't feel sorry for me....

those who are on risk on mode, continue to ride on the catalysts.
16/10/2017 10:20 AM
nihility collect on weakness, hold beyond T+3.....in another 7 trading days , budget 2018 will be unveiled.
17/10/2017 1:39 PM
nihility MacQ playground slightly well maintained.

Anyway, tqvm for the sparring ground RHB. Imaginary training to end.
11/11/2017 9:35 PM

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