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Market Cap: 252 Million
NOSH: 355 Million
Avg Volume (4 weeks):1,248,000
4 Weeks Range:0.48 - 1.01
4 Weeks Price Volatility (%):
52 Weeks Range:0.48 - 1.30
52 Weeks Price Volatility (%):
Average Price Target: 1.22
Price Target Upside/Downside: +0.51
Stamp duty exempted for year 2020

Financial Highlight

Latest Quarter | Ann. Date 31-Dec-2019 [#2]  |  21-Feb-2020
Next QR | Est. Ann. Date: 31-Mar-2020  |  23-May-2020
T4Q P/E | EY: 11.76  |  8.50%
T4Q DY | Payout %: 7.04%  |  82.84%
T4Q NAPS | P/NAPS: 0.29  |  2.45
T4Q NP Margin | ROE: 12.09%  |  20.81%


Date Subject
28-Mar-2020 世康反弹上挑80仙/敏源
25-Mar-2020 PublicInvest Research Headlines - 25 Mar 2020
25-Mar-2020 Mplus Market Pulse - 25 Mar 2020
24-Feb-2020 Scicom (MSC) - Decent Earnings, Maintain BUY
11-Feb-2020 Trading Stocks - Scicom (MSC)
15-Jan-2020 M+ Online Technical Focus - 15 Jan 2019
30-Dec-2019 Scicom (MSC) Berhad (KLSE) #RTable - CashRich Series - YAPSS
30-Dec-2019 Trading Stocks - Scicom (MSC)
30-Dec-2019 Stocks on Radar - Scicom (MSC) (0099)
28-Dec-2019 世康反弹迈向RM1.35/敏源
17-Dec-2019 SCICOM - AGM 股东大会详情 (我们在RM1.01已经买了)
17-Dec-2019 Technical Buy - SCICOM (0099)
09-Dec-2019 新合约在手·希世康明年料更好
06-Dec-2019 Daily Market Update - 6 Dec 2019 (SAMCHEM, SCICOM)
06-Dec-2019 M+ Online Technical Focus - 6 Dec 2019
27-Nov-2019 世康试叩RM1.23/敏源
27-Nov-2019 Daily Technical Highlights – (KAWAN,SCICOM)
26-Nov-2019 Scicom (MSC) - Strong Earnings Recovery
26-Nov-2019 Trading Stocks - Scicom
26-Nov-2019 Scicom (MSC) Berhad - EMGS Segment Showed Improvement

Business Background

Scicom MSC Bhd is a Malaysia-based investment holding company. Principally, it is engaged in the provision of customer contact center services within the business process outsourcing (BPO) space. The company operates through two segments namely Outsourcing services and Education. Its Outsourcing services segment comprises of BPO services which offer multi-lingual, multi-channel customer care, technical support help desks, consultative sales and associated fulfillment. The company’s Education segment includes educational and industrial training services primarily focused on customer care in the service industry. It provides services to clients geographically across Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, the United Kingdom, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, and China.
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Zulfattah pls expect the press statement officially from scicom by tmrw
24/02/2020 9:47 PM
Zulfattah scicom is doomed this time around. No one can save them anymore.
24/02/2020 9:47 PM
Zulfattah i will share the summons here tmrw afternoon
24/02/2020 9:48 PM
stockist https://www.thestar.com.my/news/nation/2020/01/20/education-malaysia-chairman-charged-with-money-laundering-involving-rm150000
25/02/2020 12:11 PM
stockist Pencuri kena tangkap cuba songlap yang besar?
25/02/2020 12:11 PM
Zulfattah Scicom ceo told the staffs yesterday that he can handle the case. So hope that Scicom will inform Bursa on this development, as required by the law
25/02/2020 3:10 PM
Zulfattah So if Scicom Bhd has to pay back the RM200 million it has earned from EMGS all these while, will it affect its earnings and share price?? Im concerned
25/02/2020 3:44 PM
Zulfattah EMGS has send a summon to Scicom Bhd on 07/02/2020 for the following:
1. To declare the contract signed on 01 Nov 2012 as null and void.
2. To claim back all the money paid to Scicom from 2012 until now, estimated at RM200mil.
3. To claim back Operational Cost of RM24mil.
4. Interest at 5% from judgement date.

Hope Scicom can handle this matter.
25/02/2020 7:52 PM
Zulfattah Anyone wants a copy of the summons, pls leave your email address. Tq
25/02/2020 8:42 PM
WLiang777 hi Zul, pls send a copy of summons to wailiang777@gmail.com tq
26/02/2020 2:39 PM
ask888 share at alicesmith8882020@gmail.com tq
26/02/2020 3:12 PM
alvinlee_33 Thanks Zul. Please share it to mustafa.mm.8210@gmail.com
26/02/2020 4:38 PM
Zulfattah Sent guys. Pls check. Tq
26/02/2020 7:53 PM
WLiang777 Thks. Zul it needs permission(from you ?) to read the content.
26/02/2020 9:28 PM
Zulfattah Yes of course, I will approve all.
26/02/2020 9:42 PM
sciwalker The emgs case was already there for so long since two years ago. There is no need to panic.
26/02/2020 10:39 PM
sciwalker https://www.theedgemarkets.com/article/legal-cases-nearterm-impact-scicom-unlikely-be-significant
27/02/2020 11:33 AM
sciwalker Just trying to say that this emgs case is not new. I don't know what your agenda is, but it seemed to have some ulterior motive.
27/02/2020 12:34 PM
ask888 share at alicesmith8882020@gmail.com tq
27/02/2020 12:46 PM
Zulfattah https://www.google.com.my/amp/s/sg.news.yahoo.com/amphtml/brief-scicom-msc-bhd-says-152604703.html
28/02/2020 11:34 AM
Zulfattah This time its serious coz EMGS has sued to terminate the visa contract plus claim back RM300million
28/02/2020 8:40 PM
hoonghoong528 Zulfattah, u r new account and just wan spread the new for scicom?
29/02/2020 12:16 PM
nokia8250 Share price dead, forum also dead?
03/03/2020 11:43 AM
WLiang777 FYI on EMGS
04/03/2020 9:27 AM
Zulfattah This stock is as good as gone lah with these kinds of negative news
04/03/2020 9:47 AM
lloydlim Selling pressure seems well absorbed, time to accumulate.
05/03/2020 12:29 PM
Zulfattah Stock bungkus!
10/03/2020 8:51 PM
scaramooch zulfattah,,,,,, you talk NONSENSE,,,,,,,,
8 years SCiCOm provides service .... no noise,,,,this service assist who....KDN,,,, Immigration,,,,u hear noise from them,,,?
then suddenly the new chairman has an issue......same guy kena charge by MACC.....yes very credible....lol,,,clown,,,,,
look at the quality of Scicom board.....i think they are more than capable of handling this.....
yes Zulfattah.......and then u will no longer appear on this forum.....
11/03/2020 7:09 AM
Dangel Downtrend towards 0.75!
11/03/2020 3:11 PM
Zulfattah The fact is Scicom has been sucking emgs dry, thats why emgs finally sued them to reclaim all fees paid so far, estimated at RM300million. If that doenst tell u something, then i wish u good luck lah. Its your money and its your decision to buy this junk stock, not my problem laar
15/03/2020 12:11 PM
Zulfattah https://www.bursamalaysia.com/market_information/announcements/company_announcement/announcement_details?ann_id=3031855
15/03/2020 12:13 PM
scaramooch Zulfattah.....still trying your luck....... go away......you are talking nonsense....fake n more fake views..... the truth will emerge....8 years KDn gets service no issue now emgs got issue.....once the truth is known i hope they look for u n ur co conspirators for creating a false market......
16/03/2020 8:16 AM
Dangel Director keeps buying recently!
16/03/2020 1:30 PM
mf sell
16/03/2020 1:33 PM
Zulfattah Scaramooch dont suck up for few pennies they throw at u like bones. U shld read up the original contract dated 2012, then u will know how scicom has been sucking emgs dry, if u want i can email that original contract to u. Anyway the truth has emerged finally, and it will hit them hard, as hard as to close down this company scicom once and for all!
17/03/2020 4:40 PM
Zulfattah Anyone wants the original contract signed between emgs and scicom dated 01 November 2012, please leave here your email address and I will email asap. Pls do read and make your own conclusion.
17/03/2020 4:42 PM
theintinvestor theintinvestor@gmail.com email me ..thanks
18/03/2020 4:57 PM
dolexif300 dolexif300@provamail.com email me as well, thanks in advance
19/03/2020 4:09 PM
rookie95 hzhining@hotmail.com email me as well, thanks
19/03/2020 5:26 PM
Zulfattah Email sent. Tq
20/03/2020 2:56 PM
theintinvestor @Zulfattah thanks received..i have gone through the contract..and there is a profit sharing scheme for the student visa processing with EMGS... wondering what is the issue? maybe u can explain further how is the contract unfair,etc.
20/03/2020 11:17 PM
Zulfattah theintinvestor u have to read the docs on the legal suit taken by emgs against scicom to get the answers to your questions, will email that to u as well. Thanks
21/03/2020 5:46 PM
theintinvestor @Zulfattah okay..thank you!
21/03/2020 6:20 PM
Stncwsss Up 20%? Monday drop 30%
21/03/2020 6:24 PM
scaramooch dear readers of this forum ..... rest be assured i am not a paid troll ..... that is what this Zulfatt is... someone w a personal agenda w lots of snake venom.....
many of you understand business..... so if i have a 15 year contract and i deliver my services annually over 8 years and there are no complaints over that period either by the contracting party EMGS...or the user ..Home ministry.....why suddenly start proceedings and want all your money back.....just I'magine if we could really get away w such nonsense.....really boleh land then...
EMGS today itself is subject to internal issues....strange .....google...
there is more to this than meets the eye....events to come i am sure will prove this.
we don't know who Zulfatt is ...he is a newbie to this form.. w only one agenda ...venom...
....if he is genuine n has our interest at heart please identify yourself...
the board is there clearly identified n surely if u ask will address your concerns .... 3 ex top bankers including a deputy governor of bank negara...
..... all deemed FIT and PROPER. persons..... apa lagi mau Zulfatt..

So people.......please lets not let this unidentified troll continue to mislead us.....unless of course he identifies himself .....then u got our respect...
22/03/2020 6:04 PM
Zulfattah This contract was done in 2012, during BN’s time, we all know how govt contracts are pre-arranged during corrupted BN time, now the best part is EMGS themselves are accusing SCICOM of obtaining the contract thru dubious means ie corruption. Imagine their biggest client, who is their biggest revenue, is now accusing them of corruption. Not me accusing btw.

Now its comes back to this basic question, why cant EMGS run the visa processing system on their own, of coz they can, anyone out there can build similar system for emgs and emgs can run it on their own. So why the need to outsource? Absolutely no reason, other than to profit unnecessarily.

Btw Scaramooch, the CEO of SCICOM knows me well, im sure u can ask him the next time u meet him to collect your ‘payment’ cheque. Dont forget to ask ya.
26/03/2020 9:46 AM
stockist Hey zulfattah or what ur name. r u paid assassin? Stop kacau scicom share price la. Emgs oredy lost court case in December. Tell whoever paying u to argue in court, not in forum hahahaha
26/03/2020 6:31 PM
scaramooch zulfartah......read my posts...... there have been criticisms over the years....
what we can't allow are trolls like u....
now u say u are known by the ceo ....so it it is VERY CLEAR you have a PERSONAL AGENDA.
SO AS THEY SAY.......SUDAH LAH >>>>>B..... OFF!!!!!
27/03/2020 9:52 AM
Zulfattah Stockist are u given some bones too for barking?! Btw emgs never lose any court case in december, and btw this is a new case filed last month. Hope u are literate to read and know facts. Hahahah
27/03/2020 11:51 PM
Zulfattah Scaramooch just because im known to the ceo, that means got personal agenda? So since u are known too by the same ceo, can we conclude u have a PERSONAL AGENDA too??! So now u can go wiggling your tail to your paymaster leo lah haha
27/03/2020 11:53 PM

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