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Market Cap: 84 Million
NOSH: 510 Million
Avg Volume (4 weeks):414,129
4 Weeks Range:0.15 - 0.18
4 Weeks Price Volatility (%):
52 Weeks Range:0.125 - 0.205
52 Weeks Price Volatility (%):
Average Price Target: 0.49
Price Target Upside/Downside: +0.325

Financial Highlight

Latest Quarter | Ann. Date 30-Jun-2018 [#4]  |  19-Oct-2018
Next QR | Est. Ann. Date: 30-Sep-2018  |  28-Nov-2018
T4Q P/E | EY: -10.14  |  -9.87%
T4Q DY | Payout %: 0.00%  |  - %
T4Q NAPS | P/NAPS: 0.17  |  0.97
T4Q NP Margin | ROE: -1.48%  |  -9.57%


Date Subject
14-Jan-2019 Hidden Gem Of Penny Stock
11-Jan-2019 KTC (0180) - A package of hope
13-Nov-2018 Daily Market Update - 13 Nov 2018 (TALIWRK, KTC)
27-Sep-2018 Daily Market Update - 27 Sept 2018 (MUHIBAH, KTC)
24-Sep-2018 董事应说明辞职理由/MSWG
20-Sep-2018 PublicInvest Research Headlines - 20 Sept 2018
20-Sep-2018 Mplus Market Pulse - 20 Sept 2018
19-Sep-2018 StockAlliance - KTC " the top-tier CPG Distributor" in East Malaysia
03-Sep-2018 KTC (Kim Teck Cheong) - All time high Revenue + Net Profit

Business Background

Kim Teck Cheong Consolidated Bhd is engaged in the distribution and warehousing services of third party consumer packaged goods in East Malaysia.
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darksoul loss gao gao in this counter... fxck
23/10/2018 12:16
speakup my friend bought 30sen!
23/10/2018 12:17
davidkkw79 In early i oledy questioning the integrity of managements and giving warning
23/10/2018 12:17
3579753 I am God
23/10/2018 22:14
bunuhsateman Labish + holaNd ShArE !
24/10/2018 10:09
Bolehman hahahaha going to habis soon for this Company's share! It is really amazing that a company with this type of business model can be listed..... What a joke. What kind of fundamentals does it has actually? It really amazes me why it can be listed in the 1st place....!

Remember guys this Company is ONLY a distributor for other companies products and only 10% of the products are its own and only some kind of simple joker product (hahahaha) that can be very easily made by others.

The moment the product owners are not happy with them for any reason they can simply just take the distributorship away and what is going to be left with this Company..... Nothing, nothing at all.

There is NO unique product that it actually makes and owns, only some distribution points and ONLY located in east Malaysia. How can we expect such a company's revenue to grow and how much growth can it make in the long run, not to mention in the short run.

Additional point in fact is that its profit margins are ALWAYS dictated by the principal product owners and can be SQUEEZE anytime to fit their needs. This can be easily and clearly seen in the gross revenue yet tiny net profit.

Final point,.... there remains alot of questions on how the owner manager runs this company to a point where their integrity is being question and dubious accounts preperation.

To me this Company is like the Naked Emperor in the story of the Emperor's new cloths hahahahaha......... Sell Sell Sell Selll Selllll............
24/10/2018 18:50
darksoul koyak...
25/10/2018 15:07
andrw anyne already see ktc interview in focus paper???
02/11/2018 11:40
darksoul andrw can share?
02/11/2018 13:36
3579753 http://www.focusmalaysia.my/Focus%20View/ktc-must-explain-bigger-loss-variance

KTC must explain bigger loss variance
03/11/2018 02:38
3579753 http://www.focusmalaysia.my/Mainstream/unusual-resignation-at-ktc

Unusual resignation at KTC
03/11/2018 02:41
3579753 https://www.straitstimes.com/asia/se-asia/former-sabah-chief-minister-musa-aman-expected-to-be-charged-with-corruption-over
05/11/2018 19:34
bunuhsateman KTC is going to HOLAND soon... , sell before too late !!!!!!!!!
09/11/2018 12:32
darksoul Wat happen today? Good sign of qr report?
12/11/2018 15:58
bunuhsateman KTC is going to HOLAND soon... , sell before too late !!!!!!!!!
13/11/2018 11:16
Yap KimTeck KTC appointed many heavy directors and paying huge sum of director fee and remuneration packages and i am curious of theirs performances and this could reflect in current share price from listed (RM 0.38 ) to (RM 0.17). ??? who ever attending the shareholders meeting on 30 Nov 2018. Pls raise our concerns and ask for their business plan on how to bring share price up. Thx
16/11/2018 09:02
andrw their AGM comg. sure thg good news comg too.
23/11/2018 11:52
darksoul so so only
29/11/2018 17:22
andrw eh anyone see alrdy their result? i see more profit wor
30/11/2018 12:50
darksoul Andrw i expect 5m o. Any good news from AGM?
30/11/2018 13:50
getonwithit Cash flow still bad
05/12/2018 08:37
steven_c Even though cash flow still looks unimpressive but comparing it end June 2018, it’s a big improvement. They are managing cash flow now. Hopefully next quarter will be better.
05/12/2018 10:27
getonwithit Steven What do u think of the 6 million of ipo proceeds being redirected for working capital use?
05/12/2018 23:52
steven_c After reading their quarterly statements ending Sept 2018, on page 11, they are going to use the proceeds of the remaining 6 million as working capital primarily focusing on their bakery products in Sarawak. It was intended to be used to acquire warehouses in Sibu, Kuching and Miri. However, since they have already acquired Popular Trading Sdn Bhd for 6 mil using internally generated funds, they don't need to acquire additional spaces in the above mentioned locations. Perhaps, that is why they are re-allocating the proceeds to working capital. If they really are going to use the proceeds to improve their bakery line, adding new production line or increase marketing activity, then generally i am ok. However, i would love to see improvements from that section in the next quarter or so. Hopefully, it works out well moving forward.
06/12/2018 09:10
andrw buying new equipment means expansion on productivity right. can see their revenue on bakery also increase. suppose to be good la in few more quarters. they still have my trust
06/12/2018 11:52
CuriousInvestor Generating revenue but still no profit enough for the investor, how are we going to trust them ? The directors got paid millions a year but the investors 0 . Show the investors some sincerity and we will trust you . When your company didn't any make money , the directors should at least get a pay cut until the company are in the right direction . You know there is this chinese saying, "..suffer together in bad times and prosperous together in the good time..this is heng dai " hahahaha !
10/12/2018 15:00
darksoul drop like hell!
10/12/2018 15:15
steven_c Generally many executive directors tend to pay themselves ridiculously high, even when companies are not performing. What concerns me the most with respect to KTC is actually the amount of debt to equity ratio (in general term, the gearing ratio). As per the annual report 2018, page 112, it is stated as at 30 June 2018, their gearing ratio stood at 255%! In my opinion, i will regard that as being relatively very high. I can understand if for that year they have made losses due to write-offs, earlier termination of contracts with some agencies, closure of govt convenience stores resulting return of goods to be either impaired or written-off but i hope they will be able to manage their receivables and take care of the debt level. The increase in debt level are mostly banker's acceptance, overdraft, etc which are mainly indicative of cash flow management not effective enough (Long credit terms to creditors but short credit terms from debtors).

Looking at Q1 for 2019 quarter report, i observe some improvements to the cash flow management and i hope the management can continue to show better improvements and hopefully see positive cash balances from operations rather than financing activities.
10/12/2018 17:56
andrw they also made higher revenue for their Q1 compare to last quarter. looking at it, if they get more agencies to work with them, i beleive ktc can make higher profit
11/12/2018 10:26
yungcrystal so mean it will raise?
13/12/2018 15:15
steven_c Yungcrystal, this will be very subjective as price is what ppl (investors) are willing to pay for value of something. Value, will more often be tied to company's revenue, earnings, debt level and cash flow. Some may even seek external benefits for value such as Dividends, Free Warrants, Bonus Issue, etc. Business-wise, KTC's earnings has only started to show a positive trend against the previous quarters which they were in the red. However, despite that, their they showed a topline growth in which revenue grows from quarter to quarter. For long term investors that bought into KTC and still holding their shares, they would have a long term view of business growth is visible. Many will argue that KTC's main weaknesses are negative cash flow, relatively higher gearing and mistakes made in the past. Those arguments are also valid, which is why we see their share price being punished to very low levels. However, lessons are learnt, changes to top management are made and last 2 quarters we are seeing turnaround in earnings from red to black. What remains now will be their cash flow management and gearing level. Thus, it is too early to say if their price will rise in next few months, at least i will need to see next few quarter results to see improvement in the above.
14/12/2018 12:14
andrw great explanation Steven_c
14/12/2018 15:42
darksoul keep dropping... lolz die gao gao in this KTC
14/12/2018 17:01
getonwithit Steven if u don't mind sharing how long have you been holding ktc ?
14/12/2018 19:54
yongch When business wrong investments then turn red Xbox difficult to face shareholders then said need long term turnaround la...talk positive revenue la ...talk east talk west after spend big money for own shiok!!!tp0.10!!!!
15/12/2018 11:31
steven_c Getonwithit, i have held it since 2015
17/12/2018 09:29
darksoul Drop non stop...
18/12/2018 14:44
getonwithit Steven noted, same with me . My annoyance with This company is exactly what Yongch said(but since holding a little bit only I didn't sell off yet). Anyway I happen to see ur comment on vs industry too : are you a shareholder there as well? If so do you mind sharing your perspective to anyone considering looking at that company?

Btw I think we shld also note that during bad times companies with high debts face double the trouble (ie sapura, ktc , armada) .
18/12/2018 21:53
steven_c Getonwithit, i share the same frustrations with you and yongch, to be honest. I can understand the external market sentiments are not good and very bearish thus affecting our local equities. However, it is frustrating to note Dexter Lau keeps making errors running the business, tax computations, failure to note overdue receivables, impairment to returned goods (even write-off) due to the shut down of retailers and others. Even though he presented his reasons for this unfortunate events, but it should not be happening since he is actually relatively highly paid. We would expect him to have better foresight and management. In addition, he is considerably young compared with his peers so there can be doubt on his experience to manage all that. So, i do agree with you.

Having said that, i still remain invested because the business is supposedly a resilient one which deals with consumer goods and the brand under their stable are strong names. I am making a peer comparison between KTC and Harisons (both in east malaysia) and should KTC also benchmark against Harison, there is much potential for KTC to grow. In fact, since they are aggressively growing, i will give them more time to show their worth and value. Investing is all about finding either a raw diamond that takes time to shine (but might also be a piece of useless stone) or finding a high carat diamond that is way under-priced. Like many here, i am hoping KTC is a valued raw diamond.

On VS, i am not a shareholder but i am following this company. What I am trying to look at is if there are bright prospects for me to enter. However, i need to look through their financial statements and read up on any analysts reports (i ignore the "buy", "sell" and "TP" calls) to understand their business strategy and outlook. My only main concern is that they may depend on one large customer for their sales. It can be a risk there.
19/12/2018 09:16
darksoul steven ur comment very prof
19/12/2018 10:48
steven_c Darksoul thanks for your kind words. I am actually here to also learn from all of you on your views to KTC. I am also concerned about something that i may have overlooked about KTC. I must thank all of you for sharing your kind views and i am hopeful we can make money together from the market. :)
19/12/2018 13:53
Iambuyingshares thank you steven_c
21/12/2018 09:50
Benthen106 Holand stock... no future
23/12/2018 18:14
andrw i trust ktc still have future
26/12/2018 10:21
andrw https://www.thestar.com.my/business/business-news/2018/12/22/a-package-of-hope/
26/12/2018 11:01
yungcrystal Thanks @steven forthe sharing
26/12/2018 11:35
darksoul Let c for the qtr, will prove it
26/12/2018 13:14
Kim Collect2.. =)
10/01/2019 17:08
TakeProfits Steven_c, great writeups. It's a pity share price of KTC down after IPO. But all investments are a risk, even we have current information and even after we research the company thoroughly well. It looks like a rough diamond and with new distributorships, and managing their finances well, let's hope it can do well. I am not in this stock but may consider buying this stock for the longer term..Those attending the coming AGM, should ask managem that they should be prudent and careful with their finances and constant oversight of the business. Costs control AND lastly, Directors fees and salaries of top management should be cut during bad times especially when they are going through a rough time. They cannot bleed money from the company. THESE ARE THE MATTERS THAT NEEDS TO BE HIGHLIGHTED AT THE AGM, TO KEEP MANAGEMENT ON THEIR TOES.
As with all kinds investments there are risks of undercurrents that we do not know. Let's hope the future is bright in the coming quarters and years into the future.
15/01/2019 22:35
andrw great advice u got thr @takeprofit. looking at their performance this past 3 months can see thy r trying to fix their price as well. lets just hope our trust in thm will same like their profit.
25/01/2019 11:31


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